Angelina Jolie signed on to a three-year development deal with Fremantle

It’s becoming more common these days for an actor or director to sign on to multi-year development projects with one studio or company. Angelina Jolie is the latest! Jolie has signed on to a three-year contract with Fremantle, a production company. They’ll make films together, and it’s not a simple “first look deal” on scripts or some kind of co-production deal. This is basically the whole kit and caboodle – Jolie will star in future Fremantle productions, she’ll produce and direct her own stuff too, and it’s not just feature films either. She’ll work on documentaries and, I would imagine, docu-series and maybe even feature series?

Director, Oscar award-winning actress and Special Envoy for the UN refugee agency, Angelina Jolie has signed a multi-year international filmmaking agreement with leading global creator, producer and distributor, Fremantle.

Under the three-year agreement, which commences immediately, Jolie and Fremantle will jointly develop a sophisticated, powerful, and internationally focused slate of feature films, documentaries, and original series in which she will produce, direct, and/or star – based on each individual project. Angelina Jolie and Fremantle share a global perspective on important storytelling, championing underserved and diverse voices from across the world.

This is reflected in this deal which also extends into local language projects in partnership with Fremantle’s production companies and acclaimed filmmaking talent operating in 26 territories around the world. This includes supporting other writers and directors regionally to help them get their projects made. Under the deal, Jolie will Produce and Direct the feature film “Without Blood”, this May in Italy. Jolie adapted the script from the acclaimed international bestselling novel by Alessandro Baricco – an unforgettable fable about war, revenge, memory, and healing. In addition to “Without Blood” Angelina Jolie and Fremantle are also working on upcoming feature projects, documentaries and original series that will be announced soon.

Angelina Jolie said: “To have the freedom to tell important stories and bring them to a global audience is at the heart of this agreement with Fremantle. I am excited to be working with such a passionate and forward-looking team that has an international perspective.”

Jennifer Mullin, Global CEO, Fremantle said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Angelina, joining creative forces in the next phase of her extraordinary career as a producer, director, actor and humanitarian. Fremantle and Angelina share the passion and ambition of telling compelling stories from everywhere in the world, for everyone in the world. We embrace and support the creative independence of our partners and look forward to working with Angelina to bring powerful and unique stories to a global audience.”

[From Fremantle’s press release]

While I’ll bet there’s a lot of money for this kind of deal, it sounds more like Angelina wanted to work with a production company with an international perspective, and one which would help her elevate the voices of international writers and directors. As in, Jolie’s priority is never just about money. In recent years, Fremantle has produced The Mosquito Coast, Paolo Sorrentino’s The Hand of God and Ole Bornedal’s The Shadow in My Eye. As for Without Blood – Jolie adapted it from the novel by Alessandro Baricco, and she’ll produce and direct it. But not star!! I wonder who she’s casting in the lead role. Anyway, she’s been wanting to direct something else for a while, I’m glad she’s found her next project. I also wonder if Jolie had it written it into her contract that she could step away from Fremantle productions for certain other projects, like if Disney called or something like that.

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  1. Pix says:

    Angelina: All I do is win, win, win no matter what…

    • BothSidesNow says:

      This is a winning partnership for both parties, but especially AJ. It’s fabulous that she has teamed up with a production company that sees the importance of creating films or documentaries that bring to light the unseen and unheard atrocities around the world.

      Watching the news last night with regards to Ukraine and the atrocities that Putin is causing, it’s exceptionally important for the world to see and hear what is happening. Whether it be children forced into marriage or the lack of basic medical care for pregnant women in third world countries. Hell, it would be great if they teamed up to expose the lack of care for WOC during delivery!

    • Sasha says:

      Hahahaha, perfect comment Pix. Angie is such a BOSS oh my god. I don’t know how anyone can’t admire this woman even if they don’t like her for whatever reason.

  2. Ennie says:

    Just last night I found a bunch of TikToks of Shiloh dancing with a small troupe. She’s good!

  3. Sammie says:

    For anyone who suggests she is just as bad as her ex in using the tabloids for smear campaigns – she literally hasn’t said a word to defend herself or defame BP through the tabloids with three weeks passing since he callously dried to discredit everything she works for. It has been radio silence. Instead she has instead continued her work and advocacy in Cambodia, independent film and Yemen.

    I admire her for that. Providing evidence and legal statements does not equal a smear campaign but is instead simple legal accountability and justice. Apologies for dragging him into her success – I’m sure she’s looking forward to the day he signs the papers and leaves her alone. Glad she’s able to make films she’s passionate about!

    • AmyB says:

      OH God, what did Pit do now? I guess I haven’t been paying as much attention to celebrity gossip since the Russia/Ukraine crisis has been dominating the news and missed this. What did he say/do to discredit Jolie’s work? This ought to be good (gets out popcorn)….

      • Sammie says:

        his latest lawsuit suing over selling her shares at the winery was constructed to discredit her, the narrative was all about AJ being in the pockets of a Russian oligarch just as the Ukraine crisis was kicking off. It was purposefully inflammatory and many comments across the internet are now calling her humanitarian work hypocritical given the sale. Which is manipulated narrative as she sold her shares ages ago and Stoli group and it’s founder operate outside of Russia due to conflict with Putin.

        Basically it was another exercise of nasty PR to defame, discredit and belittle her publicly.

      • AmyB says:

        @Sammie. I did see Pitt filed suit against her for the sale of her share of their joint winery but missed the part of accusing her being in the pockets of a Russian oligarch (massive eye roll). Calling out her humanitarian work – JFC. His abusive nature and pathetic attempts to smear Jolie, the mother of his children, knows no bounds. I just wonder and wait for the day when one of his older kids speaks publicly about this whole mess. Maddox and Pax have nothing to do with him; my guess it might be them. At this point, I refuse to watch anything associated with him.

  4. Esmerelda says:

    Looking forward to the promotional tour of this – Baricco is considered somewhat handsome here in Italy, I wonder if he’ll get a picture with Jolie.

  5. AD says:

    Outside Toxic Hollywood loads believe in her, she is a gem, a diamond in the sky! Carry on Angie live/ enjoy life as it is shortlived. She has NO time for Hatred & nastiness towards her fellow human beings!

    • Facts says:

      Couldn’t agree more! It’s just Pitt and his PR games trying to draw attention to his movie trailer three days later. He is such a loser. I want her to do a docu series on MIR and the people of the LNW. God that would be epic!
      Anyhoo he can spread lies all over, it cannot stop her! Those people that are talk about her being a fake activist have been saying that for years. She just ignores them as she should. And it’s just his jealous hating fans and paid bots🤷🏽‍♀️. Again he cannot defame her

  6. Mireille says:

    I keep harking back to when she was with Brad, she talked about doing less movies, wanting to spend time with family and focus on humanitarian missions. Now that Pitt has failed to be a supportive partner, much less a decent provider and father to his 6 kids, she’s now the primary breadwinner and has to go back into finding work in an industry and city that she pretty much loathes. Once the twins hit 18, she’s outta of L.A. But I’m happy she’s finding some middle ground here — I never heard of Fremantle but it doesn’t seem like your typical Hollywood studio. Is it even L.A.-based? I’m not well versed on Hollywood.

    • Becks1 says:

      Fremantle is HUGE. I think it owns (through a subsidiary maybe) Price is Right, Family Feud (and okay I just googled for the rest of these) – the American Idol franchise, America’s Got Talent, X-Factor and then dramas like The Young Pope and the Mosquito Coast. I just feel like I see their logo pop up constantly after tv shows lol.

      So, Angelina is backed by a huge production company with lots of $$, good for her.

  7. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    That screeching sound you hear is team Pitt literally losing their shit. No matter how hard they try, no matter how much they lie and smear and try to drag this woman down, they can’t
    Throw her to the wolves and she comes back leading the pack like the bad ass she is
    Go on Angelina ❤

  8. AC says:

    Shine bright like the diamond 💎 that you are!

  9. Jen says:

    Nothing drives your enemy crazy than silence and victory the more they try to pull her down the higher she climbs. She has a good heart so yeah she deserves all the good she gets.

    • SUNNYVILE says:

      💯exactly, love how she keeps winning. This kinda reminds me of how restless BM,palace &trolls are whenever we don’t hear from H&M. The similarities between her and Meghan are so many!