Kate Hudson in Carolina Herrera at the VF Oscar Party: ill-fitting or cute?

Kate Hudson arrived at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party with Danny Fujikawa in this black, custom Carolina Herrera gown. The dress combined two of this season’s trends: an exposed corset and sculpted boob cups. The skirt was straight velvet with a taffeta overskirt. I love the skirt but I’m not crazy about the top. I love a good corset but it’s going to take me a minute to get on board with these boob cups. And they definitely don’t need to be combined with another structured element. Her styling’s good for the look, though. I like she went with bold earrings and a dramatic fringed diamond ring. The hair isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, but the dress is already too fussy, an elaborate hairdo would’ve worked against it.

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Kate Beckinsale wore a sheer, patterned Zuhair Murad Couture number to the VF party. Like the Other Kate, there were a couple of ideas going on: draped off the shoulder netting at the top with a floral print weighing down the bottom, all over a bodysuit. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a thin, plain belt around the waist. I love the draping at the top, and the bodysuit is very flattering. But as a whole, I don’t care for it, especially the arm seam ruffle and how heavy the pattern is. Kate finished it with her signature ponytail and some dangling earrings. There was too much going on. The dress was chilly, apparently, because she needed Jason Momoa’s jacket to stay warm and now we have those rumors to deal with.

A lot of women went for a classical Greek look at the Oscars and the after parties. Count me a fan. Here’s Natalie Portman channeling her inner Hera in this olive Dior Haute Couture. I love this. Not many people could pull off olive in evening wear but having it a sheer drape over a tan lining works. The bodice is fitted perfectly, and I love how it’s fashioned into the one twisted strap. Her minimal styling completes the statuesque effect. Plus the gold pops of the headband, coiled bangle and simple clutch being the only accents are just enough. Normally, that hairstyle would bore me but it’s perfect with this look.

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Katie Holmes wore a simple black Chloé gown with cutouts. It’s fine. My love of 70s fashion automatically endears me to it. I like the construction on the top of the dress. And the loosely pulled back ponytail plus minimal jewelry, while dull, is in keeping with the 70s vibe. The look is nice but not wow. It was probably really comfortable for a party, though, which makes it a smart choice. I’m not being cruel to Katie with these pics, she didn’t smile. I don’t know if she hated this look or if this was a whole thing she was going for with such a stern face.

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17 Responses to “Kate Hudson in Carolina Herrera at the VF Oscar Party: ill-fitting or cute?”

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  1. EllenOlenska says:

    Love love love Natalie Portmans whole look. Beautiful, elegant, and somewhat timeless.

  2. Seraphina says:

    The ill fitting bust on otherwise gorgeous gowns/dresses/outfits needs to stop. It does no one any favors.

  3. Southern Fried says:

    Marie Katie was sucking in to make her cheek bones more prominent lol.

  4. Mai B says:

    I like Kate Hudson’s whole look.

  5. girl_ninja says:

    I actually like Katie Holmes look best. The others did look lovely but I nothing wows me here at all.

  6. Lucy2 says:

    I like Natalie’s.

  7. Ariel says:

    I have a great dislike for sheer dresses they look like a woman is wearing a leotard (like Kate B) or big panties with lace draped over it. Get a lining, wear a real dress.
    I hope everyone enjoyed the party.

  8. Alexandria says:

    Great dress and styling for Kate Hudson. She went off track for the past few red carpets.

    I don’t like Kate Beckinsale’s lower half of the dress. She did something to her face previously but it seems to have settled. Both Kates’ faces look beautiful to me. Kudos to their make up and aesthetics teams.

  9. Harper says:

    Katie Holmes is out and about in Hollywood on Oscar night? I don’t remember seeing her mingle at these kinds of events in forever. She is just usually wandering around the streets of NYC with Suri or her phone.

    Love Kate Hudson’s look.

  10. Carmen says:

    What is with these demi-boob dresses? They all look like a disaster waiting to happen.

  11. Spaniard says:

    Natalie looked like an Olympian Goddess. Love her look and styling. Kate Hudson’s would have been perfect if her hair had been properly styled… it is a shame because the dress is elegant and suited her perfectly. Also the make up was too natural for the look.
    Regarding Kate Beckinsale, well the dress is tacky, I don’t usually like her style, so beautiful and such a poor taste for dresses.

  12. HeyKay says:

    Katie Holmes looks rough, is she pulling that face or is she high as a kite?
    Hate that sheer mess on Kate B. She generally dresses more classic beauty vs. MTV.

    I dunno, I can’t really enjoy or happily snark about this years awards.
    I will say that the Oscars have gone very downhill. Very.
    Might stop watching all together.

    The Slap, Smith vs Rock: Oh, look 2 multi-millionaires are behaving like a couple of drunk frat boys. Do.Not.Care.

  13. Thelma says:

    Hate Kate Beckinsdale’s outfit. Too much going on.

  14. Margo says:

    Kate Hudson looks great – she looks fit and healthy. Those arms!! While Katie Holmes is lovely, she looks thin but not as healthy – not shaming her! Katie has always been thin but as she ages, thin doesn’t look as good as fit, IMO. Natalie wears this look so well. Lovely. And her hubby is still a hottie!