Roman Polanski tries Paris Hilton route to freedom: released from jail to hospital

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Last week we heard that director Roman Polanski, who was sitting in a Swiss jail await extradition to the US for raping and sodomizing a 13 year-old girl in 1977, was “depressed” in prison. His lawyer begged Swiss officials to set bail for Polanski, explaining that the 76 year-old was “dejected,” “tired” and “in an unsettled state of mind,” which of course is not typical when a person has to deal with incarceration. Our hearts bled for the rapist, and it looks like he’s received a temporary reprieve from jail. On Friday Polanski was taken to a hospital outside Zurich to undergo tests for an undisclosed condition. It’s unclear at this point whether he’s still there.

Polanski’s lawyer, Herve Temime, confirmed reports that his 76-year-old client was having tests.
He said last week that Polanski was “worn out”.

The Oscar-winning director of Chinatown and Rosemary’s Baby was arrested in Zurich, where he was due to attend a film festival, on Sept 26 on a US warrant over child sex offence charges dating back to 1977.

He has been regarded as a fugitive by US authorities since he fled the country a year later after admitting to unlawful sexual intercourse with 13-year-old Samantha Geimer.

The Swiss newspaper Blick reported on its website that Polanski was taken to a hospital in the Zurich area on Friday morning.

It quoted a legal source in Bern who said the hospital stay “was probably nothing serious”.

Polanski had to stay in bed in hospital for a day or two to treat a medical problem which pre-dated his arrest, the source said, without elaborating.

The French consul-general, Jean-Luc Faure-Tournaire, said on Friday he was concerned about the health of the director, who has dual French and Polish nationality.
Mr Faure-Tournaire visited the prison in Winterthur, near Zurich, but did not say if he was able to meet Polanski.

He said the Swiss authorities had behaved “very properly”.

The Swiss authorities have opposed bail for the director and referred the matter to the tribunal court in the town of Bellinzona, where an appeal has been lodged.
Mr Faure-Tournaire said a final decision on whether Polanski would be released on bail was expected “in the next few days”.


I used to live in Switzerland and have gone to the hospital for a couple of minor issues. I haven’t been to the specific hospital outside Zurich where Polanski is receiving treatment for his aversion to jail. The hospital I went to was amazing though. There was no wait and both times I was there I had the best care in the nicest facility I’ve ever experienced. (Switzerland has other issues like most places, but the hospital was great.) Given how clean and well run the country is, I would assume that most of the hospitals are excellent like the one I went to. Even if they’re closer to US hospitals, does Polanski deserve to go to the hospital instead of being locked up? Hell no. Put him back in jail where he belongs.

Paris Hilton had her sick pass revoked after she tried to pull the same stunt. She ultimately went to jail for over 40 days for violating her DUI probation. This guy did something much, much worse and has lived a life of luxury for over 30 years. It’s time he faced justice. There’s also no way he should be allowed to be out on bail. He’s been on the run for decades and it’s not like he can be trusted to stay in Switzerland while he awaits extradition.

"Che Tempo Che Fa" - Italian TV Show

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  1. Dobben says:

    Agree wholeheartedly. I can’t believe the celebs who are supporting him. Makes me sick.

  2. Laura says:

    Emma Thompson, too??????


  3. Firestarter says:

    It makes me sick ANYONE supporting him.

    The more this goes on, I am certain nothing will come of it. Between his “illness” and supporters, this matter will go by the wayside.

    He is a pedophile, plain and simple. I hope people who are supporting him, realize they are supporting pedophilia.

  4. SBK says:

    Sorry I’m going to have to disagree.
    Roman Polanski did something reprehensible agree, and he’s going to rightfully face justice, but IF (and I stress if because he could well be faking it) he has sever depression, or some other problem he deserves treatment.
    People are very quick to let emotion get in the way, and show no sympathy for criminals, but jail is the punishment we give them, not abuse.
    I know I’m going to cop abuse from someone for this, but I know I’m right.

  5. Celebitchy says:

    @SBK – how many people do you think get severely depressed when faced with prison/jail, and how many of them have the resources and clout to get hospitalization for it – in any country? I would say it’s well less than 1%. Of course people should get treatment for depression and/or medical issues in jail, but how often do they get a reprieve and get to go to the hospital for it? This is yet another example of celebrity justice being much different than regular justice.

  6. barneslr says:

    SBK, he SHOULD be depressed. He raped a child and it looks like he FINALLY, after all these decades, might pay the price for it. A pedophile is depressed? Sorry-can’t shed any tears about that.

  7. SBK says:

    Well I don’t think that’s reason to be against Polanski getting treatment, but more of a reason to be for improving treatment in prison.
    And as far as celebrities getting treated differently, well yeah they do, it’s hardly a new occurrence, it’s fundamentally tied to the whole notion of celebrity.

    You saying of coarse people should get treatment for jail, yet you’re against this man receiving it. Basically because he’s getting fair treatment here when other get unfair treatment you should taint the system further by denying his fair treatment.

    And I want to be clear this isn’t about the whole Polanski case. The guy raped a girl and fled the country. He’s going to jail and that’s what should happen. I’m just talking about this story.

    And something else to think about.
    Yes are instances where celebrities are unjustly given better treatment, but there is another side to that coin. They are rebuked for their follies en mass.
    Elements can be seen in this case. Most people who commit crimes of this nature go to jail, but relatively quietly that don’t have people all other the world wish death upon them.

    Again I’m not defending his behavior or being brought to justice I’m just sick of all the hysteria around this case.

    I also do think he’s faking this all, my argument is based upon the assumption it is something genuine.

  8. Firestarter says:

    @SBK- I doubt he suffered from severe depression until he got caught (save for when Tate and his unborn child were murdered 30 yrs ago). I am tired of people in positions of power claiming they suffer from depression the minute they are caught for a crime. Madoff is depressed in prison too it has been reported, where is the sympathy for him? They said Michael Vick was depressed when he went to prison. Prison is not a club med, and people should n’t expect it to be. You are there to be punished for a crime/crimes tyou committed, not to have fun and enjoy yourself.

    Days ago he was working from prison on completing the movie he was working on. Funny how all of a sudden he is so depressed, he requires medical treatment.

    No sympathy here. I am sure I will called names for being so unsympathetic.

  9. lin234 says:

    Why don’t you save your breath for someone who deserves it? This old man inflicted abuse to another human being with no regard to how she would FEEL afterward. Why should it matter that he get proper treatment if he’s depressed or not?

    SERIOUSLY, why are you so outspoken about such a silly issue for a disgusting man? There are millions of good, honest, hard working people without health insurance and therefore they don’t have access to decent health care.

    Criminals deserve basic to sub-par health care. What they don’t deserve is using up additional resources from people’s taxes for said health care. This isn’t an emotional outcry. From a logistical standpoint, it would make more sense to cut health care funding for criminals and use the money for something worthwhile like the educational system for kids. There is little reason to take such good care of people who have little regard for the safety of others. Rather, it does make sense to invest in the future generation.

    In the prison system, one of the most heinous crimes is sexual abuse against kids. Pedophiles fear for their life in prison because they are the scum below the scum.

  10. barneslr says:

    “You saying of coarse people should get treatment for jail, yet you’re against this man receiving it.”

    I never said that. I just said that I have no sympathy for him and that I think he SHOULD be depressed considering the evil he has committed against a child (and probably other children, as well).

  11. SBK says:

    I didn’t even mean to respond in such depth, I made the origional comment and then didn’t realize how long my subsequent reply was.

    I don’t care about Polanski much at all, but I can’t stand stupidity and there is a lot of stupid comments revolving around this debate.

    Anyway that’s all I have to say, I painted a false impression of passion for this subject.

    lin234 why would I talk about national healthcare in a Roman Polanski story because it they an indirect connection.
    Besides I’m completely uneducated on America’s health care debate and wouldn’t think to debate on it because I’d look like a fool.
    I’m from Australia and don’t really have any problems with health care (which is a public/semi private system of healthcare)

  12. Lauram says:

    I think celebitchy’s point is that he should be receiving such treatments at the jail. If he has a serious ailment, then of course he needs to be hospitalized, but not for depression. It’s fundamentally tied to the whole notion of jail.

    I think we all understand how spending time eating jello and watching tv in a nice hospital room instead of a prison cell might be preferable to him, and how he might feign/exaggerate an illness to achieve this.

  13. Bete says:

    I’m not justifying Polanksi, but being barbaric, sinking to similar depths by depriving medical treatment isn’t going to make his crime vanish. For those of you raving on and on about what criminals deserve and so forth, there are worse criminals in America, the serial killer types, and they’re much-much worse compared to Polanski. In today’s courts, he can make a case for his mental state way back when. He hasn’t raped anyone since that time, so that would count for something as well.
    I agree that he is nothing short of a pedophile (being into girls that are considerably young, however his first wife – Sharon Tate – wasn’t a teenager, so something must have gone wrong somewhere), but come on…you people have a free pedophile walking the streets and his name is Woody Allen.
    Getting it on with the adoptive daughter you knew since she was 9? What is that? He should have been jailed, but he was a cunning SOB, he waited until Soon-Yi was of age.
    Personally, I think that since the victim has moved on, Polanski should compensate her financially and that’s about it. If she is big enough to move on, then who are we?
    Jailing Polanski is just going to waste more tax payer dollars that can be put to more positive things. It’s not as though he is a danger to society, a serial rapist or a sexually sadistic killer. It’s not like he denied it. He pleaded guilty at the time.

  14. lin234 says:

    “Well I don’t think that’s reason to be against Polanski getting treatment, but more of a reason to be for improving treatment in prison.” Did you not write that?

    Never in my statement did I mention the American health care system. Instead, my main point is: “Criminals deserve basic to sub-par health care.” Which is in direct contraposition on your stance on treatment in prisons.

    It doesn’t matter what country you’re from. Where do you think money comes from for improving health care in prison? From tax payers of course. It cuts into programs that are more deserving. There is always a shortage of funding in some area so I can’t understand why in the world you would want improvement on that particular issue.

    You can’t stand stupidity? That’s not saying much.

  15. Bina says:

    So let me get this straight: if Polanski fell down the stairs and broke his leg, you’d say he shouldn’t go to the hospital but should be treated in jail for his ailment? Or is it because it’s depression which isn’t a “real” disease after all, but is all in your mind? At any age depression can exacerbate any other physical ailment, and let’s not forget that he went into the hospital for a pre-existing condition – NOT depression. However, even if he was suffering from ONLY serious depression – and psychotic symptoms can arise with severe depression – the appropriate place for his treatment would be the hospital, not his jail cell.

    And for those of you who justify his not receiving appropriate medical treatment because OTHER INMATES in jail look down on pedophiles and mete out their own form of justice on them, including beatings, assaults, and even murder – wow. Let’s let all those inmates out and put them in charge of the justice system, since you have so much faith in their powers of judgment when it comes to legal matters.

  16. susieqinBA says:

    Sounds like the same stunt he pulled when he was convicted – wanted to go to a place for mental treatment did not serve the whole 90 days (90 days sentenced for raping/sodomizing a 13 child – that is a slap on the hand and saying (in a soft child-like voice), “Now, Johnny don’t do that again!”). Came out of that treatment after half the time, said that he would not do that again, ran away to France and was dating a 15 year old girl. I know depression myself – the guy is probably depressed because he’s not getting his way. The guy is really “wimping” out – he’s gonna take off.

  17. gg says:

    “… [W]where Polanski is receiving treatment for his aversion to jail” lol.

    Newsflash – jail is depressing because it’s jail. He’s an escaped felon and pedophile and should be treated like anybody else, first and foremost. And since it’s pretty easy to fake this, and the fact that he’s been living the high life free as a bird most of his life, I think that’s even more reason to keep him jailed and treat him there, which is certainly possible, because he would be a high flight risk.

    This also reeks of payola and having friends in high places.

    SBK, whether his depression is fake or genuine, I simply cannot toss out the very salient fact that a human being was seriously violated as a child and I cannot sympathize with Mr. Jet-setting Moviemaker on the lam. Guess how many people in jail are depressed? Probably all of them. His depression is just him FINALLY beginning to deal with the horrible things he’s done to an innocent child.

    Saying “I know I’m right” at the end of one’s personal opinion is not a very compelling argument.

    SBK, try putting yourself in the victim’s shoes – how would you like to be drugged and raped as a child and then have to live your whole life with the fact that this selfish pig got no retribution for abusing you, and heaped on top of that, to be forced to see his name and smug face attached to big movies every few years??

    No, for me, I would have to take the side of the abused, because I really despise sexual abusers. As do most mentally healthy people.

  18. Firestarter says:

    gg- Great post!

    Bete- Just because he has not done the same thing to another person doesn’t mean he should go on with his life as he has been. He fled his original punishment, plain and simple. Anyone who does that should have to serve their time. If it were anyone else, we would be demanding such.

    His victim has moved on because she has already been financially compensated by him. A pedophile/rapist/molester is still a pedophile/rapist/molester, no matter how much time has passed. He is the same man who committed those crimes 30 yrs ago, the only thing is he avoided punishment and he is older. In fact we do not know for sure that he hasn’t raped/molested/committed pedophilia since, do we? He may have become a more skilled and successful cover up artist at it over the years.

    I do agree with you regarding Allen, but if the victim in the matter never pressed charges, then there isn’t anything one can do after the fact, considering the two now live together and have been for a number of years.

  19. fizXgirl314 says:

    I’ve always said this… Our country is turning into a bunch of whining pansies… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i’m depressed somebody treat me… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..

    this is going to lead down to a slippery sloap of satin sheets for prisoners…

  20. lin234 says:

    @GG well put!
    @ Bina:
    Seeing how there are no other comments regarding how other prisoners view pedophiles than the one I wrote, I assume that last comment of yours was directed at the statement: “In the prison system, one of the most heinous crimes is sexual abuse against kids. Pedophiles fear for their life in prison because they are the scum below the scum.”

    I added that last comment as a mere known fact. In no way was there any implication about my “faith in their judgment.” Nor was it meant to be a legitimate reason of what inmates deserve or don’t deserve. Please read more carefully next time and do not fabricate on theories that aren’t there.

    My main point was that: “Criminals deserve basic to sub-par health care. What they don’t deserve is using up additional resources from people’s taxes for said health care.”

    Don’t put any other words in my mouth.

  21. Raven says:

    The article said that he was being treated in the hospital for a condition that pre-dated his arrest. Seems pretty clear cut. It also seems like if it could have been treated in prison, it would have been.

  22. Bina says:

    @ lin234

    Is there some official legal ruling out there about which crimes are “the worst” in the prison system, or are you talking about the inmates’ self-created hierarchy of crimes and their heinousness? If the former, a citation would be great; if the latter, then you said exactly what I thought you said in the first place.


  23. Kevin says:

    I just like saying his last name..Polanski, Polanski, Polanski,,,,Pooooolaaaaannnnnskiiii. “Hey Baby, show my Polanski some respect!” Polanski….the act of skiing with a pole in your hand…Polanski.

  24. lin234 says:

    @ Bina:

    lol What in the freakin world do you think your on? This is just a site for celebrity gossip. I’m stating something commonly known in law enforcement. I was responding to another comment that was entirely different from whatever topic you think you’re on. I stand by my main point and you can think whatever you want.

    Support people like Polanski all you want. I could care less about people like him.

  25. Lindsay says:

    I think depression is common enough in prison, the doctors there see it a know how to treat it, they can even put them on suicide watch. The only difference is he has a lawyer that can argue for his release. Even if he broke his leg he would be let out for an x-ray and cast and then back in the infirmary.

    I know depression is a real illness and can cause terrible side affects, but mild depression is fakeable and caused by the huge transition. Maybe if he was despondent, not eating, attempted suicide (a real attempt, not being put on suicide watch), couldn’t get out of bed, and the doctors there decided it was more than the could comfortably take on then is would be appropriate.Even then for a short stay while they did a diagnosis and figured out a medication regimen.

  26. Lindsay says:

    Of course there are inmates’ self-created hierarchy, it doesn’t always depend on the crime, seniority, gang affiliation, strength, and how they fit in. Crime against lids are the only crimes I know of that directly effect their place in the hierarchy. It is why many of them aren’t placed in the general population.

    Letting other inmates run the correction system is overly dramatic. Hierarchies are common in high schools, should we let the popular kids run those? And it shouldn’t effect any treatment inmates should receive in jail. I didn’t see that being implicated in the comments.

  27. barneslr says:

    “there are worse criminals in America, the serial killer types,”

    Hmmm…I consider pedophiles to be pretty much on the same level as serial killers, actually. I certainly think both deserve the death penalty.

    “He hasn’t raped anyone since that time, so that would count for something as well.”

    You have no idea whether or not he’s raped anyone since that time. It’s widely rumored that he had a “relationship” with 15 year old Natassia Kinski years ago. That certainly counts, IMHO. Who knows how many other children he’s molested? Not you.

    And even if he hasn’t, it counts for NOTHING. It doesn’t make him less guilty of the crime he was convicted of.

    “It’s not as though he is a danger to society”

    Really? Child molestors are not a danger to society?

    If you really believe that, you are as sick as he is.

  28. gg says:

    Kevin I can’t really laugh at his name, he’s too heinous to me. I don’t find a comedic use for the name “Bundy” either.

    It is on record his dating teenagers after he admitted his guilt, and then fled to Europe to escape jail, continuing to abuse young girls.

    It’s likely BS, his excuses.

  29. s.f.k. says:

    being a child-rape survivor myself, i think it’s the depression of the victim that matters, not the one of the attacker. if the attacker wishes to avoid depression, he should go take zoloft and sort his life out, not pin little girls down and brutally rape them up the ass. i wish i could watch my attacker sit and wallow in the pain and agony he caused himself, but instead i see a famouis man who did the same thing be treated as gently as a victim himself.

  30. Kevin says:

    GG… I think Hitler sounds funny too. I don’t link it to the person, obviously. I’m easily amused.

  31. Mary Stevens says:

    In 1976 he began an affair with fifteen year old Nastassja Kinski while they were filming Tess of the d’Urbervilles, one which did not end until the completion of the movie. So what he’s being pursued for now is not his only brush with statutory rape, and there are, no doubt, other instances which have been concealed. No sympathy. This is most likely a pedophiliac syndrome at work in his life. Too bad it never caught up with him until now.

  32. jeannified says:

    It will be interesting to see if bail is set for him, and if he “escapes” justice again…with the help of the Swiss this time! I hope not!

  33. SBK says:

    @ gg, me putting myself in the victims shoes doesn’t mean anything, and hehashing his crime doesn’t mean anything. Infact putting myself in the victims shoes is worse – all it will do is cause me t give emotional ridiculous answers. And that’s my point.
    People try to punish people based on emotion.
    We and a civilized world can’t and shouldn’t do that.

    Whether a prisoner received medical treatment isn’t taking the criminal or victims side, it’s we have a standard of care set, the facts crime has no play in the matter, the rest of his life without freedom is his punishment.

  34. jule says:

    I work in law enforcement, the child sex offenders are called “skinners” and cannot be left in general population, they will get killed. Its a fact, having been involved with law for the last 10 years. Women abusers are next of that hierarchy…..

  35. Bina says:

    Julie, I’m well aware of the inmate-created hierarchy, but the point I was trying to make was that I’m not sure rapists, murderers, and other criminals are very good at making moral judgments. I’m sure they have the psychological need to assure themselves that there are people who have done worse things than themselves, and creating this hierarchy is a way of reinforcing that. That is all.