Usher is converting to Scientology

If you thought Usher couldn’t get any more douchy after threatening to sue one of his biggest fansites for reprinting negative articles about his pregnant tranny wife that originated somewhere else – you were wrong. Usher is said to be converting to Tom Cruise’s cult, Scientology.

Usher even wants his baby to be raised in the traditions of the cult. It’s doubtful he grasps what it entails since he’s learning about Scientology by going through the gradual process of getting brainwashed and bilked out of his cash by the cult itself instead of just spending 10 minutes reading about it on the Internet like the rest of us. That means that even if Usher comes to his senses and realizes that Scientology is only going to ruin his life, he can’t really speak out against them because they’ve already gathered enough incriminating information about him in the auditing process to threaten him with for the rest of his life. Maybe that’s really why Seinfeld said it was so awesome – so they wouldn’t reveal the average gay experience he had in college.

It looks like Scientology is adding another celebrity to it’s ranks… Usher! “He’s so excited,” a source close to the singer tells Star, “He’s in training now.” The reason: fatherhood! “He thinks it’s important to raise his baby as a Scientology,” says the source. Usher, who is expecting a boy with new wife Tameka Foster any day now, is so serious that he co-chaired a $1,500-a-plate fundraiser for both his New Look Foundation and Scientology’s controversial New York City Rescue Workers Detoxification Project in Las Vegas on November 3. The project claims to help Ground Zero workers detox with the help of saunas and vitamins instead of medication. Meanwhile, über-Scientologist Tom Cruise sits on the board of Usher’s foundation, which tries to assist “underserved communities” through social programs.

[From Star Magazine, print edition, November 26, 2007]

It sounds like Tom Cruise was instrumental in getting Usher involved in Scientology since he’s on the board of Usher’s charitable foundation. Maybe Usher stupidly thought it would be good for his career.

Does this mean that Tameka has to resist the urge to yell at Usher during the birth, and will little Usher the umpteenth have to be fed barley water instead of breast milk or formula? All jokes aside, Usher is an ass but he doesn’t deserve to get sucked into Scientology. Best wishes to Usher and his family for a quick and uneventful exit from the cult that doesn’t involve intimidation or blackmail.

Usher is shown on 11/3/07 hosting “an Evening at LAX Nightclub in Las Vegas” thanks to PRPhotos.

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