Hypocrite Julia Roberts parks in a handicapped spot and drives an SUV

Julia Roberts says she’s trying to save the environment and decrease her family’s impact in the world through sustainable living, but she drives an SUV. Her car is said to be a Mercedes and they don’t make Mercedes SUV hybrids yet from what I could find. She was also busted parking in a handicapped spot.

Julia was out at a Malibu grocery store with her husband, Danny Moder, yesterday, and was seen with her non environmentally-friendly car parked in a clearly marked handicapped spot. Here’s the description from the photo source, Splash News:

Julia Roberts and her cameraman husband Danny Moder pick up some essentials from a local grocery store in Malibu. On the way out Danny helps his wife Julia into their mercedes SUV that was parked in a disabled handicapped zone.

Nice, Julia. You’re busy composting and making your own handcrafts but you’re driving an SUV and parking in handicapped spaces. That just makes you look like a hypocrite.

There is no excuse for parking in a handicapped spot, even for a “moment” to go in and grab something. People who don’t need the spot should walk a few more feet and save the space for someone who really needs it. When celebrities like Julia Roberts, Britney Spears, and Kirsten Dunst take up handicapped places our estimation of them drops considerably. Julia Roberts may have seemed like a sweet caring environmentally-friend mom in her latest interview with Variety, but now that she’s parking in handicapped spots and driving an SUV I’m reminded of the terrible way she treated her husband’s wife when she was trying to get her to divorce him.

There was a story in the National Enquirer a few weeks ago that Salma Hayek, even when heavily pregnant, chose to walk quite a far distance while parking at a studio lot instead of taking up a handicapped space that she technically could have used. Way to go Salma, and shame on you Julia. It looks like you haven’t changed after all.

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