Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt visited Jordanian SOS Children’s Village


A few weeks ago, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie traveled to Syria to visit Iraqi refugees living in makeshift homes on the border. Angelina was traveling in her role as goodwill ambassador to the UNHCR, while Brad seemed to be simply supporting her. Not only did they make the stop for the UNHCR, they did some sight-seeing while in Syria, visiting a famed Damascus site, the Khan As’ad Pasha. After the Syria visit, they stopped in Jordan and caused quite a bit of commotion by taking the twins out for an ice cream run. Fan photos of Knox and Vivienne spread throughout the world, and it looked like they had just stopped in Jordan for fun.

But ice cream wasn’t the only thing on the agenda. It seems that while in country, Brad and Angelina were also invited to visit something called an “SOS Children’s Village”. From what I can tell, the SOS Children’s Village is for orphaned, refugee or otherwise unwanted children living in a family-style arrangement amongst other kids. The SOS Children’s Village site is here, and here’s the press release about Brangelina’s visit:

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were invited to make a special visit to the SOS Children’s Village in Amman, Jordan, by Her Majesty Queen Noor. While it was Brad Pitt’s first visit to an SOS Children’s Village, Angelina Jolie was glad to return.

Children and mothers of the SOS Children’s Village in Amman were overjoyed to receive the visit of a very special friend on 1 October: UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador and Academy Award winner Angelina Jolie had decided to drop by again, this time in the company of her partner, the actor Brad Pitt. While Ms. Jolie had already visited the village in 2003, committing to covering the running costs of one family house, it was the first time Mr. Pitt had ever been to an SOS Children’s Village.

Having been invited by Her Majesty Queen Noor Al Hussein, who is the Honorary Chairman of SOS Children’s Villages Jordan, the couple stated that they were having a wonderful time in Jordan with their children, and Ms. Jolie went on to say “The SOS model of providing care for children without parental care is one of the best, as they are still in a family setting within their own country. We hope more people learn about their programmes and give them support”.

H.M Queen Noor Al Hussein introduced the SOS Children’s Villages model to Jordan in 1983, and has worked tirelessly to help the organization flourish in Jordan ever since.

“We are very grateful to her Majesty Queen Noor for all she has done for displaced Iraqis since 2003 and appreciate the dedication of King Abdullah and Queen Rania to their incredible humanitarian initiatives” added Angelina in recognition to the Royal family’s effort

In 2007, Angelina Jolie visited SOS Children’s Villages’ trauma therapy centre at the Oure Cassoni refugee camp in Chad, one of twelve camps providing shelter, food and treatment for severely traumatised women and children who have escaped the horrors in Darfur. Ms. Jolie wanted to see the situation with her own eyes and make the international community aware of the plight of the people from Darfur. Just a few months later, SOS Children’s Villages was one of three agencies working in Chad who received a one million dollar donation from the Jolie/Pitt Foundation.

Angelina Jolie promised to support the upcoming radio campaign of SOS Children’s Villages “SOS Childhood” by building awareness for the fact that childhood is at risk and that everybody should support this noble cause in every part of the world. The SOS Childhood campaign will start late October 2009 and will last till early 2010, with campaigns to celebrate the 60th birthday of SOS Children’s Villages taking place all over the world and being promoted by scores of radio stations worldwide.

Ms. Jolie, who was named a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador in 2001, has visited refugee camps all over the world, raised public awareness for the plight of refugees and displaced persons in regions of conflict and even created the Jolie/Pitt Foundation together with her partner, which donates money to humanitarian organisations seeking to relieve human suffering. SOS Children’s Villages is privileged to count such a dedicated humanitarian among its supporters and hopes to be able to welcome Ms. Jolie and her family again very soon.

[From SOS Children’s Villages Official Site]

It sounds like an interesting concept, these “Children’s Villages”. I wonder how effective they are. Their mission seems to be: “To build families for children in need, to help children shape their own futures, and to share in the development of communitiesy.” These villages are in 124 countries, caring for more than 70,000 kids, with more than 500 villages in total. Their site is very well-run, and they have a donation page.

In one other piece of Angelina news, it looks like the only thing holding up her signing on to The Tourist is the choice of director. Sources say she will officially sign on if director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck agrees to the project, which he probably will. Von Dennersmarck won the Best Foreign Film Oscar for his amazing film The Lives of Others. God, I love that movie. I hope he and Angelina get the chance to work together.

Here are Brad and Angelina with the kids. Thanks to SOS Children’s Village for the pictures.

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  1. terissa says:

    I love this couple, so much love.

  2. annie says:

    Those children are beautiful.

  3. Cheyenne says:

    You wonder what makes those lovely children “otherwise unwanted” — perhaps born out of wedlock and rejected by their families?

    Whatever reason they are there, it looks like they are being very well cared for.

  4. crash2GO2 says:

    “Those children are beautiful.”

    I agree. Our beautiful Angelina almost pales in comparison.

  5. Praise St. Angie! says:

    good for them.

    can’t hate on anyone for doing good things.

    (though, I’m sure at least ONE person will.)

  6. Mimi says:

    Seriously if any of u take 3 min of ur time to read this article u will see how this people are grateful for Angie come back to visit them and help their charity again and if after reading u still have only bad thing’s to say about her work on UNHCR u are just a miserable person… i don’t do much but i applaud who’s have the money to do it and actually do something. They could just stay in their house and enjoy the money or just donate quietly and don’t let anyone now about it and the charity wouldn’t get more substantial donations but they at least would do their part donating. But this two choose to see the places and knowing their work and the people that will be helped but are still people that condemn they for help other’s… well i just can say that miserable people in a miserable world will aways complain if we just get ride of this type of person the world would be a magnificent place. Don get me wrong everyone have the right to judge everyone and say whatever they want is a free world specially because of the internet but at last talk shit about people that deserved let the people that are few but that are doing something in peace

  7. Anaïs says:

    The children are gorgeous, I wish them the best.

  8. green- o-yera says:


  9. Kevin says:

    The Bradster probably only tagged along because he needed to score another brick of hash. That moocher Tarantino has been coming over a lot, knowing Brad is holding. JUST KIDDING

  10. Charity is Chic says:

    This is all so staged. While Angie goes to Burma to protest the military Junta and drops of $100,000 check to aid the Brumese people Brad collects a $5 million check for doing commercials for Suzuki. See Sumo Wrestler ad. Suzuki spent years financing the military Junta which oppressed the Burmese people.

    They are up $4.9 million in blood money. But that $100K convinced their fans they are ‘wonderful’.

    They are FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!!!!!!!! And their fans are STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.

  11. lrm says:

    what would be really cool is if brad took the entire 5mil and gave it back to fighting the junta. THAT would make sense. But anyway,if it’s not suzuki,then it’s not as hypocritical.
    But still…..the point is these celebs are raking it in for products and corporate america…and for themselves.
    then they throw a few dollars at a charity with publicity,and lo and behold aren’t they such a great example?
    sort of,i guess.

  12. Kaiser says:

    Charity is Chic – The Sumo wrestler ad Brad filmed was for Softbank, not Suzuki. Brad has never done an ad for Suzuki.

  13. cee says:

    They really are good people and very supportive of each other. I wish them the best.

  14. whatever says:

    Thanks for the info, Kaiser. It’s nice to see that someone looks for the facts before they run their mouths.

    I can understand that people really, really dislike them. That’s fair in the gossip world. But, when you draw conclusions based on misinformation, opinions, or speculation, then you sound like a nutter.

  15. fizXgirl314 says:

    man she’s nuts… one of these days some terrorist group is gonna kidnap her and her whole brood and hold them up for some major demands… I’d be scared… :/

    Good for her for risking her life and all but I’d leave the kids home if I were in her shoes…

  16. Mairead says:

    @Kevin ah now you know beardy wanted to up his culture points by visiting Petra :p (wearing an Indiana Jones hats and humming the theme song to himself…. ok, I’m projecting as I’ve always wanted to go there and know that when i will, that’s probably what I will do)

  17. Mimi says:

    Charity is Chic u obviously don’t read the article because if u have u would see that they actually donate 1 MILLION DOLLAR and even if was 100,000 why would bother U this is still money that they WORK to received and still donate like several artists do so i hope in the future see u being a misinform bitch and talk trash about other’s celebrity when they donate 100 thousands of dollars ore less or more too because u just LIVE TO HATE

  18. lisa says:

    Why is it fake to make money. That is life. And to help others does not mean you yourself have to take a vow of poverty. I get so sick of people who sit on their ass and judge someone eles. They are helping. And HEY.. they are not required to do anything at all. I guess Johnny Depp can live on his Island and that is just fine. I have nothing against Depp. They have earned their money. And if you don’t like if fine. Life is set up where YES people in the Entertainment field make a lot of money. but the truth is they get to keep their money just like you. They are not asking you to give a dime so stop sounding like a fool just because you have some crazy reason for not liking them.

    I am sure the people they are helping don’t give a crap about your opinion.

  19. princess pea says:

    I am glad that they do this work, but I hate seeing the pictures. It’s disturbing to me every single time that Angelina is as skinny, if not skinnier, than the malnourished people she is comforting.

  20. jeannified says:

    Love them!!! The picture of both of them with the children on the playground is GREAT!!!

  21. alex says:

    Mimi and Lisa, great posts. People like Charity for Chic, I just ignore and don’t read their posts. I don’t like to call people stupid but some people on here are just plain old STUPID and make no sense whatsoever. The only reason they come on here and post their crazy sh*t are for attention.

  22. WTF?!? says:

    Bad example, Lisa. Johnny Depp does an enormous amount of charity work from his “island”, he just doesn’t feel the need to call a press conference and exploit his family while he does it.

  23. karen says:

    Depp gives to charity w/less fanfare. He’s low key, while other celebs are more vocal. SO WHAT? It’s part of her job to raise awareness for the cause. Jolie has been doing this work for 10 yrs, which is a LONG time. No one decides to risk their lives and waste their time for 10 yrs just for pr. There are far easier ways to get pr without doing any work at all.

  24. Beth says:

    Angelina doesn’t make a big deal about her UN work. The press does. The videos that are released are from UN on their site not from Angelina. A lot of A-list celebrities do charity and it usually gets a link, blurb or not covered at all. Everytime Angelina does something tabloids, blogs, tv shows make it world wide news.

  25. Anak says:

    This charity should all be paying for the sins she commits. HOME-WRECKERS do this to stifle what they did wrong. But everyone already knows and no one else pays attention to this crazy couple. The bad thing is that if they do not get the attention they want, they will bring the kids to take some pictures! Ridiculous!

  26. redred2 says:

    Oh come on some of you. I’m not that crazy about her either, but what she’s doing here is something good & positive. She was doing this kind of stuff way before Brad. And this type of charity is about brinig awareness to it.

  27. Essie says:

    This charity is chic person goes onto EVERY messageboard where there is a post about Brad and Angelina and bring up Burma and Suzuki. I have never known Brad to do a Suzuki commercial so I have no idea what this person is talking about. The thing is, neither does he/she, apparently!!

  28. Kevin says:

    Hello Mairead, I was wondering how you were.

  29. Lil'Druid says:

    This is also Promotion for the oscars.

    She are surch LIAR!

  30. Rita says:

    Anak, please, please please stop this foolishness. It is almost 2010. Homes are wrecked from within, not without. No one from the outside can come between those in a loving happy stable relationship. You nor I or anyone else has the right to act as judge and jury about people you know nothing about but tabloid lies. Your attitude is a profound tragedy to me, you sound so terribly bitter and unhappy. For your own sake let your irrational obsession with these total strangers go. These are 2 good hearted people who appear to have a loving family with 6 small children, that is the simple truth.

  31. crash2GO2 says:

    “She are surch LIAR!”

    Well that does it, you convinced me with your cutting repartee.

  32. Rita says:

    Angelina has no film out this year, therefore how does any Oscar consideration be connected to her humanitarian work she has done for over 10 years?
    Anak: Adultery means a married person has an affair. Angelina is not married, she has not sinned nor committed adultery. Maybe you need to do some research.

    It is really sad that neither of you are able to recognize truth, but resist that and look for fiction instead.

  33. d says:

    she gets way too much credit for just showing up @ places and donating amounts of money she’d hardly miss considering she just bought a $70 million castle. in every interview she sounds like a stupid 5 year old talking about serious issues. she’s uneducated which is pathetic when trying to educate others. only thing you’d learn from her so far is how to make sad crying faces to the cameras…….. it sucks that there are people out here actually educating themselves and getting their hands dirty but this entitled over hyped overpaid hollywood sex symbol is glorified for doing nothing. but whatever, at least her insane ego trips draw some attention to refugees and other issues….she’s a horrible person though and her adopted children are nothing but exotic trophies to match her contrived saint persona

  34. xplovtite says:

    Angelina Jolie is The BEST & she is beautiful as always, God Bless her & her family.

  35. Nita says:

    All of this sounds really great, but I can’t help wondering how she has so much to give. I mean, she already has so many kids of her own. Is she taking care of them properly? I am curious as to what makes Jolie’s mind tick and one day I am surely going to analyse her!

  36. all for all says:

    SOS Children’s villages is an AMAZING organization, changing the lives of orphaned and abandoned children.

    They are fortunate to have Jolie and Pitt simply drawing attention to their work

  37. justathought says:

    Lil’Druid: I think ‘someone’ got out of the wrong side of the bed.
    Just take this for what it is:
    Jolie is a humanitarian.

  38. yeah, ok says:

    That Charity person has been on every gossip site spreading the same lie, trying to get people to hate Brad.
    Someone needs to get a grip. You hate someone that much?!

  39. TwinkleToes says:

    Do Brangeloonies have any college education? Any? I couldn’t imagine anyone who bothered going to get a higher education being so obsessed with these two and praising them so much.

  40. yeah, ok says:

    Let me get this straight. So, a person who spends a lot of her time on gossip sites is taking a swipe at others on gossip sites? That’s priceless.

    You aren’t making yourself appear more “intelligent” or “well-educated” by shooting down some lovey-dovey fans, btw.

  41. TwinkleToes says:

    I spend ineTrmittant time on here. Love th 4writers and commenters but son’t you dare think for a minute I;m a loser or unaDit, sickitrn,com whicg euikkii eqwh;;;lk bribg than vack tii girgeiiiiiiiius

  42. beachbum says:

    Charity work could be done quietly without alerting the press everytime for recognition. Charity also begins at home…

  43. 88Modesty88 says:

    I’m glad the site provided a link to SOS Children’s Villages’ website. It’s an amazing organisation — it’s sad so many people evidently know so little about it.

    And good on Angie and Brad

  44. kim says:

    Beachbum so Charity begins at home… $5 million from the Jolie Pitt Foundation along with $5 million from Steven Bing to start MIR to build homes in the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans. Last time I checked NOLA was in America. Celeb can help in America and in other countries.If you have problem with the pics email UNHCR and/or SOS.

  45. Azizullah says:

    it is realy great.last year exacly at this time Angelina Jolie came to Afghanistan and made happy alot of poor people in my country.i love Angelina so much.Aziz From Afghanistan.

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