Prince Harry got BetterUp to be the official mental coaching tool for Invictus

More than a year ago, Prince Harry joined BetterUp as their Chief Impact Officer, providing ideas and guidance for the company and significantly raising the profile of the life-coaching mental health-intensive company. Partially because of their newly raised profile, BetterUp’s valuation skyrocketed throughout 2021, and they expanded their business throughout North America and Europe. Now Harry has put BetterUp together with Invictus Games, as BetterUp has become the official mental fitness coaching tool of Invictus. From BetterUp’s press release:

Today BetterUp®, the human transformation company and inventor of virtual coaching, and the Invictus Games Foundation announced that they are forging a new partnership, making BetterUp the official mental fitness coaching tool of the Invictus Games Foundation. As part of this new partnership, BetterUp will offer 1:1 coaching, live group programming, community support and personalized assessments created and designed by PhDs and behavioral scientists that will support, encourage and guide members of the Invictus community made up of service members from around the world who have suffered life-changing injuries or illnesses.

“At its heart, the Invictus Games is about empowering every single person around the world. It’s a worldwide display of resilience, determination, and community for which each of us can draw inspiration. I couldn’t think of a better new partner for the Invictus Games Foundation than the mental fitness platform BetterUp. The mind is like a muscle: it needs to be honed, trained, rehabbed, and coached. The men and women I served with understand this, the Invictus community knows this, and now the world is beginning to see it too. I’m honoured to bring the work we do at BetterUp to Invictus and look forward to expanding the support systems that service members and veterans depend on to achieve remarkable feats,” said Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, Chief Impact Officer at BetterUp, and Founding Patron of the Invictus Games Foundation.

The partnership will provide BetterUp access for the Foundation to support and encourage the recovery journey of wounded, injured, and sick veterans and service personnel from around the world via the online platform We Are Invictus. The Foundation will provide access to 500 members at no cost to the individual. The two organizations share a commitment and passion to support the veteran community through actionable programs and resources. In December of last year, BetterUp announced their Impact commitments, including their commitment to the Pledge 1% – donating 1% of equity, staff time, product, and profit to communities and organizations that can make a positive impact on the world. The military and veteran community and their families were a key focus of the impact commitment made by the company.

[From BetterUp]

The press release includes glowing quotes from Dominic Reid (Invictus CEO) and Alexi Robichaux (BetterUp CEO) about this new partnership. This is complete synergy for Harry – his “day job” with BetterUp working perfectly with Invictus. Interestingly enough, it’s not just about free mental fitness coaching for Invictus warriors either – BetterUp has also made a significant commitment to supporting and hiring veterans and military family members in the workforce. BetterUp is also hosting a “conversation” for Invictus competitors, families, supporters and more at The Hague.

Of course, the Salt Island loonies are criticizing Harry for… providing free mental coaching to veterans. And for the corporate synergy of pairing BetterUp with Invictus. Nevermind pairing Netflix with Invictus. It strikes me that Harry has wanted to do this for years, find better ways to help veterans’ mental health and find better ways to highlight and promote veterans’ stories.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Invictus video and BetterUp video.

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  1. Chica71 says:

    Top CEO! That’s what mission, vision and execution looks like.

    • iforget says:

      Top CEO 😀 I forgot about that! hhahahhahahah

      Yeah Prince Harry has leadership quaities in spades. Duchess Kate could take some pointers.

  2. blackfemmebot says:

    Harry has always had a head for business and synergetic partnerships. So glad to see him being able to fully spread his wings and help people at the same time. I’m sure his BetterUp year-end bonus is gonna be a good one.

    • Julia K says:

      Maybe Diana was right, Harry would have made the better king. Is this the root of the bad blood between brothers?

      • Colby says:

        No doubt about it IMO – Harry would have been so much better.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        No maybe about it. Harry always had the better qualities for king.

        And in a way yes this is the bad blood between brothers. William was raised as all heirs are. Godly perfection. Nothing the heir does is wrong and it is everyone’s job (especially the spare) to fall on their swords to prevent the heir from facing consequences of their own actions.

        William with that understood Harry as a scapegoat. Why does a scapegoat need respecting? And how dare Harry marry a gorgeous, hard working, educated woman. How dare he not fall on his sword for his brother constantly as he suffers each time.

        Harry has the life he deserves now. And it seems William is getting his.

      • Becks1 says:

        Its more complicated than that IMO. Harry NOW would be a better king than William (would any Harry fan want that for him though?). But if Harry had been born first, and William second? Who knows how Harry would have turned out? I think his nature is better than William’s, but nurture plays a huge part.

      • Sushi says:

        Mother is allways right. She call Harry Good King Harry.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ @Becks1 “But if Harry had been born first, and William second? Who knows how Harry would have turned out? I think his nature is better than William’s, but nurture plays a huge part.”

        IMO, Harry’s personality and the training he got from his mother likely would have pushed him to rebel against being coddled. Plus, Harry is too kind and caring to have sat back and allowed a younger brother to be constantly thrown under the bus. The same can’t be said for William, as we know.

  3. Snuffles says:

    Look what Harry can do when not constrained by archaic royal protocol and rules!

    They are absolutely SEETHING on Salty Isle because none of their evil machinations are working.

  4. MsIam says:

    The loonies are mad that Harry is doing something beneficial with results rather than a vanity project like The Early Buttons Center or Moonshot, lol. If TOB and Keen just went all in with an already established organization, they would get more press, results and respect. Plus Harry has spent almost 10 years working on Invictus and probably the same amount of time advocating for mental health, so he’s put in the work.

    • Em says:

      They’ll always be mad but social media isn’t reflective of real life. That’s why no matter how many ppl scream online that they hate billionaires it doesn’t affect their business or stop them from making money

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ MsIam, the loonies on Salty Island of Pettiness will always be angry, appalled, aghast, furious, and insulted with every step Harry, and Meghan more so, of each and every step. It’s a colossal merry-go-round of being throwing temper tantrums everyday.

      At the end of the day, no ONE f-ing cares!!! Least of all Harry and Meghan!!

    • SunnyW says:

      Early. Buttons. Center!!! Am dead.

  5. Em says:

    I like how he’s carrying all his partnerships along, I think that’s what the point of being a patron is instead of making once in a year visits / cutting ribbons etc. that’s why most of their patronages are disappointed that they were given to other royals. I could see Meghan doing the same for the National theater, it’s a shame that they weren’t allowed to continue with their patronages

    • Debbie says:

      Don’t forget that William and Kate also bring a shrug and “a smile” to their patronage. That’s got to be worth… something, right?

  6. Over it says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, a round of cheers for the better, smarter, kinder, thoughtful, brilliant, loving man that Is Prince Harry.
    Other brother???????????????????????????????????? Oh never mind, eventually I will think of something nice and truthful to describe him.

  7. BothSidesNow says:

    All I can say is bravo to Harry, Duke of Sussex!!!!! Bravo 👏 👏👏

  8. equality says:

    With this type of power to bring attention to a company, I wonder how many offers H&M have turned down. If they were “money hungry” like the BM loves to claim, they would be out there shilling all kinds of things. Instead they carefully select what they represent.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Great point @ equality!!! You know that many Fortune 500 companies are looking very closely at wanting to work with Harry and Meghan. They have probably been fielding offers since they officially dumped The Firm.

      • Absolutely! I still remember that funny Mark Cuban video shortly after Sussexit, where he emphatically stated that he would love to work with them no matter what they did or sold because he knew it would be a hit, and then was like, “why, did you hear anything?” to the interviewer lmao!

  9. VivaAviva says:


  10. Cessily says:

    He really is making the BRF look like they have not graduated from early years classes, and the rags are seething like helicopter parents who birthed a lazy less than mediocre child.

  11. Amy Bee says:

    Good for them. I can’t imagine how much work Harry and Meghan do behind the scenes.

  12. Guest says:

    Bravo! This is how it’s done. BetterUp and Invictus partnering make perfect sense. Also, the BM keeps harping on about the Netflix cameras following H&M. Last year it was announced that Archwell’s first show for Netflix would be a documentary on the Invictus Games:

    Also, the article clearly states that:
    The Invictus Games Foundation will serve as an executive producer. The project will provide “significant funding to the organization,” according to Netflix, supporting the group’s work ahead of the Games at The Hague.

    • Debbie says:

      What business is it of the British Media what Prince Harry is up to in his work? One would think that they would have more than enough to keep them occupied, especially as the Cash For Honours case against Charles’ foundation/charity and Prince Michael of Kent (I think) are still pending. If nothing else, Andrew’s actions should keep them busy enough.

  13. windyriver says:

    The RF (and Firm as a whole) with all their fragile egos, have been so afraid of ending up with another Diana. With everything they’ve done to prevent that (especially shown with Meghan’s treatment), to keep the focus and attention on those royals deemed most important and worthy of notice and acclaim by virtue of their places in the hierarchy, they’ve ended up with one anyway. It’s Harry.

    • SunnyW says:

      Perfectly said. And what’s wild is, he was in front of them the whole time!! Learning and growing and working hard, being charismatic and caring, connecting with people. But they (RF, courtiers) just dismissed it, because working hard and earning your stripes is an alien concept to them, not worthy of respect at all. It’s hierarchy and whiteness, or nothing. And they still don’t get it. Psychosis.

    • SunnyW says:

      I also want to know, why are the BRF so comfortable saying “our heirs can be outshone by charismatic, charming confident spouses, we can’t have that!” Isn’t it embarrassing to be so insecure? Maxima is charismatic and bright (in dress and in intellect), I don’t see Willem-Alexander losing his shit over that, I think he’s happy he found a capable partner. Same in Denmark, Mary has tons of her own projects. Why is the BRF so pathetic with all this “outshining” stuff? Why do they think it’s something to be taken seriously? The only Diana/Charles lesson they should have taken is “don’t marry someone you don’t love.” Of course, William did exactly that, which is just nutty to me. Talk about drawing the wrong conclusion from a situation.

  14. Harla says:

    When I see how Harry connects people with the resources they need to be the best that they can be, it just makes me so happy! Personally, I find Harry and Meghan to be huge sources of inspiration, from their attitude towards community, compassion and action, to Meghan’s sense of style and fashion they really are the whole package!

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Harla, I agree 100%! I’m so glad they found each other because I don’t think Harry would be living his best life if he’d married one of their aristo set. But I’m so happy for both Harry’s Dan Meghan and their sweet children (and Doria!). I’m happy they escaped the royal cult and are living their best lives. And I love that they prove time and time again that service truly is universal.

    • SunnyW says:

      Don’t forget their sweet and obviously written in the stars love story 🥰🥰🥰

  15. Becks1 says:

    This partnership just makes sense. I feel like BetterUp will have a lot to offer the IG community. Harry knows what he’s doing with all his business and charity organizations.

  16. Merricat says:


  17. Connie says:

    The Doolittle’s do very little. Harry making William look like a weak 40 year old. No one can tell Harry what to do or hold him back. The British press already has eggs on their face. The Sussex are the only ones doing charity work. That firm needs to leave the Sussex alone. To attack the Invictus aka Military is a big “NO NO!” How stupid can this people be. They have been coming for Meghan since2016. They created this mess. Now they are going to far. Jackasses

  18. C-Shell says:

    @Petra, I remember when the USAF partnering with BetterUp happened, and at the time it reminded me of the partnership Harry facilitated between UK Defense and the mental fitness app (HeadFIT). He’s solidly in this space and the BetterUp/IG partnership is a slam dunk. The Saltines and Derangers are twisting themselves into knots trying to represent this as a way for Harry to scam money from the poor veterans. The delusion is real and deep.

    ETA – well, we lost @Petra, but I’m still impressed by how Harry has been engaged with veterans’ mental fitness on both sides of the pond. This is just like a perfect piece of the big Sussex puzzle coming together.

    • Perta says:

      @C-Shell the delusion is real and deep. It’s sad when so-called journalist/rota hid the truth, but the saddest is people not doing their own research into what Prince Harry’s goals are from the start.

  19. Perta says:

    An excellent partnership between the Invictus Games and BetterUp. Here is another tool the veterans/athletes can use if needed. Since late 2021, BetterUp has a partnership with US air force.

  20. Mai B says:

    To the BM and RF
    Cry today, cry tomorrow, cry forever 🤣🤣😅

  21. kskpamuk says:

    the way hazza knocks it out of the ball park every dam time!

    • Debbie says:

      I can’t wait for Invictus to begin, and I’m not even into sporting events. I’m looking forward to seeing H & M most.

      #Mai B: You said it! I would also add “Eat dirt!” to the BM and RF – but I’m petty that way,

  22. Mimi says:

    It would be more impressive if he sold their services to an organization he isn’t involved in personally . How much are the Invictus games paying Harry’s company? Was it a competitive bid?

    • MsIam says:

      We have no idea whether Invictus is paying for the tool or not. We know the veterans are not paying. Boeing is one of Invictus sponsors, it could be they are covering the cost. Or it could be that is the sponsorship that BetterUp is providing. Its free publicity for them and help for the veterans.

    • OnionBlossom says:

      My thoughts exactly. This is all very nice, in writing, but how’s is it not a conflict of interest? I know I’d be miffed if the head of an organization I’m part of started making us use the other products he/she shills.

    • Eish says:

      It says in the article. This is part of betterups charitable arm donating services to orgs/people who need them. Just as they donated services to commonwealth youth..
      There is literally nothing wrong with this but some of you are so invested in finding fault with Harry you can’t celebrate veterans who have gone through trauma finding tools to better their health.

      • equality says:

        Really. It’s right there in the article; they didn’t even have to click a link. Just needed to actually read and comprehend.

      • MsIam says:

        Exactly. As many outright grifter there are in the remaining family, they dare find fault with Harry arranging for people to benefit from free services. Go be outraged about the other Windsors, why dontcha!

      • Petra says:

        @Eish, People tend not to read an article when stupidity is the game. People will post on an issue without getting or checking the facts when trolling outrage is the purpose. As C-Shell posted #18 under this post, Prince Harry has done the same in the UK with HeadFIT

    • Gee says:

      Are you a troll? Bc you sure do sound like one. BetterUp is the largest mental fitness platform right now and is more than able to offer their services to aid in instilling mental fitness in veterans. Which other company do you suggest to be able to handle the complexity and scale of the number of participants in the Invictus family? It’s called a synergistic partnership. Something very common in M&A deals. Educate yourself and quit coming at Harry. Smh!

  23. Flowerlake says:

    Now this is good news.
    Am happy to see all the positive changes the Invictus Games will make.

  24. blunt talker says:

    These Invictus veterans will get another 15 minutes of fame added to their resumes to help them adjust in life outside the military-Prince Harry is showing how it is done without using any royal ties to pull off a great project-He is the one doing the work behind the scenes to get things done-I am sure Meg helps if necessary-Harry really does have a work ethic and the world will get to see it.