Joe Alwyn: ‘We live in a culture that is so increasingly intrusive’

These days, I think it’s interesting that there’s more energy towards adapting bestseller books into miniseries rather than movies. Sometimes I disagree with spreading out a book’s story into a multi-episode series, but sometimes it works out. Well, Sally Rooney’s Conversations with Friends has been turned into a twelve part series for Hulu. It stars Joe Alwyn, Jemima Kirke, Sasha Lane and Alison Oliver. I watched the trailer and… I’m not really feeling it, but who knows. Twelve episodes definitely seems like a lot for what seems more like a chaotic romantic drama. Anyway, Joe is promoting the series and he’s dodging questions about Taylor Swift, as always.

Playing Nick: ‘It was a no brainer,’ London-born Alwyn says of the opportunity to play Nick – a pained, quiet actor who navigates an affair with timid Frances whilst still being in love with self-assured Melissa. ‘He’s gone through a bit of a storm and is in a place of recovery. He’s numb to the world,’ he says.

Getting the role: It took just five days after sending in his audition tapes for Alwyn to learn he’d landed the role. ‘I was so excited I went to my parents and had loads of drinks,’ he says. Despite since starring in award-winning films like Boy Erased and The Favourite, he admits he’s not immune to the ‘struggle’ involved in acting. ‘It’s such a weird job. It’s full of so much kind of confusion, rejection, ups and downs.’

Dating Taylor Swift since 2016: He still struggles to understand society’s acceptance that sharing, rather than protecting, one’s private details is the norm. ‘It’s not really [because I] want to be guarded and private, it’s more a response to something else. We live in a culture that is so increasingly intrusive… The more you give – and frankly, even if you don’t give it – something will be taken.’

[From Elle]

“We live in a culture that is so increasingly intrusive… The more you give – and frankly, even if you don’t give it – something will be taken…” I was going to make a point about how we actually live in a TMI culture where people overshare in public forums and on social media way too much, but I actually think he’s right too? There’s also a culture of intrusiveness that goes alongside the TMI culture. Not just within pop culture, but… like, at a governmental and corporate level too? As I society, we’ve just accepted that our phones are listening to us and Google keeps track of everything and that nothing is actually that secure. Anyway, I’m pretty ambivalent about Joe Alwyn in general, but I think it’s cool that he’s been with Taylor for five f–king years and he’s barely said anything about her publicly.

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  1. Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

    Oh shut up, Joe Who Dates Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift whose brand was built on singing ish about her very famous exes.

    I don’t have time for men today.

    • Laura says:

      It’s so funny when articles (not this one) are like “Taylor and Joe are so private because she’s been burned before by being public!” It’s like, it wasn’t Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Hiddleston calling the paps, so who exactly is responsible for Taylor being burned by this increasingly intrusive culture?

      • Ref says:

        Yeah, I think it’s funny because the point he’s making is the complete opposite of what Taylor used to be. She was heavily into sharing her life right before she started dating him. And if she actually changed her mind, good for her, but it’s pretty ironic.

      • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

        Exactly. And After watching the harassment campaigns against Amber Heard and Meghan Duchess of Sussex, I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR FAMOUS MEN WHO DATE FAMOUS WOMEN complain about “intrusive culture” or lack of privacy.
        Nobody but her most rabid fans could even pick him out from a line up of blonde men with similar height.
        Shut up, Joe Who Dates Taylor Swift.

  2. Case says:

    I felt very meh about the novel Conversations with Friends; Normal People was a much better read for me. I’ve also felt very meh about his acting where I’ve seen him in the past, so this show is a skip for me.

    IMO, Joe has a way of talking about Taylor a lot while still claiming he doesn’t talk about her. The “private” aspect of their relationship is not authentic to me.

    • Bobbie says:

      I liked Conversations with Friends. I thought he was good. But why does he look so young in these pictures on this post? 🙂

    • NEENA ZEE says:

      Case, I agree with you about the book. It was slow and self-indulgent and I hated the final scene and everything it implied. But I always want to see the shows that get made from books I’ve read so… I hate-watched all 12 episodes. It was literally like a scene-for-scene remake of the slow, self-indulgent book with zero adaption for moving from a written to a visual medium. It could easily have been reduced to six episodes. And just like in the book, Frances and Nick were the least interesting characters. The casting was actually pretty good for what it was… but it couldn’t hold a candle to Normal People IMO.

  3. HufflepuffLizLemon says:

    I think it’s cool that this one stays under wraps a normal amount. He’s not jumping in dumpsters to avoid being photographed, they attend events with each other but otherwise…just normal life for them.

  4. Endy says:

    I watched this series on Amazon prime and absolutely loved it. I didn’t care much for Joe Alwyn (never heard him speak) prior but I have become a huge fan. I am crazy about his voice and can listen to him read the telephone book all day. Great series it was.

    • Bobbie says:

      Yes. His voice is very sexy. A man can make up for a lot with a hot voice and kill it with a bad voice.

    • pamspam says:

      Agreed about the voice. I’d never heard him speak before this and never found him even slightly hot. The voice is a game changer – I see him very differently now haha

  5. Christine says:

    In regards to TMI culture, I think we’ve overshared to the point it’s suspicious or strange if you don’t share personal aspects of your life. Last week I had to email HR because I didn’t consent of a pic of me being uploaded to their socials. I had dodged a direct pic by the person taking photos at the event, yet they snuck one of me anyway. And they acted like I was being difficult for asking them to remove it or at least cut me out. Ridiculous.

  6. Sasha says:

    I’m watching the series now, never read the book. I think he’s brilliant in it. Very understated and convincing performance, seems to really capture the character (who I’m not familiar with but I guess what I mean is he just seems a great actor!). I’m enjoying the pace and the two leads. Jemima Kirke is great too and really persuasive as a self-assured, very charismatic character. But I can’t help but find the best friend so obnoxious and irritating!

    Also I agree with the voice thing. Feel like the internet gave him a hard time when he first started dating Taylor as he looked so young but he definitely seems like a fully grown man in this series!