Is Keanu Reeves engaged to his longtime girlfriend Alexandra Grant?

OK! Magazine is taking a big swing here by taking Keanu Reeves off the market. The tab claims that the internet’s favorite boyfriend was surreptitiously scouting diamond rings to place on Alexandra Grant’s finger. The story, as OK! tells it, is that after filming back to back films in Europe, where Alexandra was with Keanu, he realized he never wanted to be without her and asked her to marry him as soon as they got back to LA. And to place a cherry on this already sweet story, apparently it was a long talk with old friend Sandra Bullock that convinced Keanu now was the time to ask Alexandra to be his wife.

Keanu Reeves tried to keep a low profile on March 31, when he was spotted in L.A. eyeing diamond rings at a boutique jewelry store. But a source tells OK! it was the sign his fans have been waiting for: After four years of dating, the Matrix hunk, 57, is ready to tie the knot with his girlfriend, Alexandra Grant.

“Keanu popped the question after they returned home from Europe, where he was filming back-to-back movies, and she was there the whole time to support him,” spills the source. “That’s when he realized he can’t live without her.”

“It was a heart-to-heart with Sandra (Bullock) that finally inspired him to put a ring on it,” dishes the source, “and he’s so happy that he did.”

“Keanu’s been to hell and back,” notes an insider, “but now he finally has this wonderful woman to share his life with.” Adds the source: “Alexandra is a huge light in his life. Everyone can see how she fills him with joy.”

[From OK! via Dlisted]

The story makes sense. Keanu and Alexandra have been together for many years. They seem to match each other’s vibe beautifully. Everything we’ve heard is how well they complement each other. Making movies back-to-back is exhausting, And Alexandra likely took time away from her own work to be with him for an extended period, so I don’t doubt they’re each other’s world. It’s the other parts of the story I question. I’d be surprised if Sandra B was pushing someone to get married. Maybe if Keanu came to her waffling about it, but otherwise she more like a “you do you” kind of person. And, I’m truly shocked any of this got leaked, which is why I have doubts. If Keanu and Alexandra wanted to keep this quiet, they would have. They’ve done it before and if they wanted to marry quietly, they would and we’d find out about it several months after the wedding.

However, I want this to be true, so I am clinging on to some hope that it is. Maybe Keanu and Alexandra don’t care if people know. They wanted the proposal quiet, which it was, and now they don’t have an issue with people finding out so they’re fine with their friends spilling. They would have a groovy wedding. Unfortunately for us, it will probably be a very private affair and we won’t see any of it. But, as the article states, they both deserve happiness and if they’ve decided that is a lifetime together then congrats. May they have many happy years together.

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  1. Belle says:

    I am not convinced! I see him not being apart of that societal standard, somewhat beyond that. But if they are- good for them…

    • Lex says:

      It would be for different reasons than usual due to their age so it’s still cool. Sometimes you just want that extra bond with the one you love

  2. agirlisnoone says:

    I think dark lipstick doesnt suit her. She looks lovely with the lighter make up on.

  3. Amy T says:

    If it is, Mazel Tov! They’re long-term, seem solid and it would probably be a legal and public bow on an already beautifully wrapped package.

  4. Genevieve says:

    SB might not have ‘pushed’ him to do it, but she might have asked him just the right question(s) to cause the light to come on for Keanu. Sometimes that is all it takes.

  5. Jessamine says:

    Lol I think “push” could even be a conversation about how good they are for each other and how much happier they seem together and then Keanu going “gosh you’re right, I’m gonna marry that girl!” … convos with good friends can be clarifying

  6. Iforget says:

    Whatever the case is I wish them both all the happiness in the world! Keanu is a gem and definitely earns the title of the internet’s boyfriend 😁

  7. Songs (Or It Didn't Happen) says:

    Good for them if they are. Good for them if they aren’t. Just, good for them in general.

  8. Jais says:

    Idk if I believe this but wish them the best either way.

  9. Bettyrose says:

    If it’s what works for them, I wish them all the best. But if they’re comfortable in their LTR, sometimes is best to not change a good thing. Two people who aren’t planing to have children and don’t need to share health benefits … marriage can complicate things. Your taxes GAH! It’s not super romantic after the vows are said and done. But I’m the marriage grinch right here.

    • Julia K says:

      Came here to share the same thoughts! Be happy with the good relationship you have, don’t mess it up.

      • Lena says:

        I think the same thing. I’ve been married for years so maybe I shouldn’t be giving advice to my girlfriends about it but I say unless you’re planning to have children, why? Maybe if you still have kids at home it gives you more authority being a step dad/mom than a live in BF/GF but these two don’t have any complications like that. I say do a commitment ceremony like Aniston did. Not that OK Knows anything probably.

    • teecee says:

      It’s also a good move to solidify rights if one partner has a medical emergency, etc. Or to establish someone as an heir, especially since without children there’s no obvious choice. (Not just for money, but to make decisions about your artistic work as well after you’re gone.) Of course there is separate paperwork that can do all this, but barring unusual circumstances that always seemed to me a way to be married without actually being “married” and signaled trouble in the relationship.

      • Hrefna says:

        Absolutely. And as well as the estate planning and next of kin reasons to marry it may well be easier for them to travel together in these Covidy, politically unstable times if they are married. Getting visas, arranging quarantines and such. Especially since they may not have a citizenship in common. She is American, but while Keanu should be eligible for American citizenship through his father I have no idea if he’s claimed it and there are sources that say his only citizenship is Canadian. Maybe they want to get her a Canadian passport too?

  10. Mimi says:

    Wish him/them nothing but the best! He’s such a gem of a person ☺️☺️

  11. TIFFANY says:

    As someone who has had a crush on Keanu since the 80’s, I am mature enough to be happy for him. 😃

    Seriously, I would love to see the wedding, clothing, good, cake, all of it.

    I, like many others, want the best for Keanu.

  12. Relly says:

    My goodness, I love her hair. I always told myself I wanted to go gray gracefully, but I was picturing something elegant like she has. My gray is yellow-y and curls up on itself and just looks hideous.

    • Hrefna says:

      Have you tried one of those blue or purple tinted conditioners? They make grey hair less yellow and more silver. Alexandra’s hair definitely is grey hair goals, I stopped dying mine in the pandemic and I’m trying to embrace my grey. The right conditioner helps!

      I hope this story is trueish. I’m a sucker for a grown up romance. I’m sure the parts about Sandra Bullock are made up, she says herself she only sees Keanu once a year and I’m sure she doesn’t poke into his famously private private life. But he was papped at Irene Neuwirth, it was just Alexandra’s birthday and they were just photographed coming back from a fortnight in Costa Rica, so if they want to be engaged I hope they are engaged, and if they don’t want to be engaged I hope they find all the speculation amusing rather than upsetting.

  13. Browniecakes says:

    The trip to the jewelry store coincides with A’s birthday on April 4. I think this may be birthday bling and not an engagement ring. (Denial denial denial!) I am two days younger than Keanu. He is timelessly handsome.

  14. lunchcoma says:

    I would be very surprised. He’s 57, she’s 49, neither of them has ever been married, and neither of them has any living children. My assumption is that they’re very happy and that neither of them is interested in that sort of thing. And if they were, I think they’d do it quietly and not leak about it.

    Also, while Sandra and Keanu really are friends, I struggle to picture her giving that particular relationship advice or him listening to her on that subject. Her own experience with marriage wasn’t exactly happy. That sounds like one of those details that gets thrown into a celebrity story to have one extra famous name to highlight.

    • LIONE says:

      Why are you surprised? Is there a law that says you have to be younger, have children or been married before?

      My aunt married for the first time when she was 51. No children. No marriage before. Her husband had none either and was 58 when they married.

      And even though Keanu might have been opposed the idea of marriage before, he could have changed his mind.
      People change and grow throughout their lives. It’s weird to me that people seem to think we stay the same and have the same needs and wants when we’re older.

      I don’t believe Sandra B had anything to do with it though. That sounds made up. And also the part of “he’s been to hell and back”. He went through something very traumatic a long time ago. Media mentioning it still, after so many years, grinds me.

  15. ArtMaven says:

    I thought this happened years ago?

  16. Case says:

    That would be happy news. But I imagine if they’ve been together a long time and are happy as they are, there’s no real need for them to formalize it.

  17. GR says:

    I would love to see what kind of dress she’d pick – her style is so fabulous!

  18. HeyKay says:

    Am a big fan of Keanu.
    I was so excited when the above photo was first posted, they are both styled in black, PLUS he is holding her hand!
    Keanu rarely does PDAs, and I knew they were pretty solid for him to be hand holding in a pic. 🥰
    I wish them both many years of good health and happiness, married or not.

    100% of me hopes to get a wedding photo, if/when it happens. I picture Keanu all happy with a big old goofy Ted smile.
    Team Keanu

  19. Lux says:

    Keanu is a class act and would never propose unless he meant it. He’s always been the picture of sincerity and Alexandra Grant seems like a beautiful woman of substance — his equal in many ways.

    Not to thread-Jack (but also because it’s not covered on Celebitchy yet) but the news of his engagement is sadly juxtaposed with his costar Ali Wong’s divorce! Was shocked/not shocked when it was announced, especially after watching her new Netflix special.

    • LIONE says:

      I agree! After watching Ali Wong’s Netflix special(s) this is no surprise.
      I know stand up is stand up, but it’s always based on some realistic factor and the way she spoke about her (ex) husband… Wow.. I would be so hurt.

  20. LIONE says:

    I’ve never felt so secure about a coupling than I do with these two. What a match!
    I wish them a lifetime of happiness!