Brown: The royal family would ‘crumble’ if Duchess Kate decided to leave

I’m enjoying the comments about how Tina Brown likely sourced The Palace Papers heavily within the Middleton family. Carole Middleton, to be more specific. I’ve long believed that Carole has cozy relationships with certain journalists and biographers, and that there are many times when there’s a separation between Camp Middleton and Kensington Palace. You know what I mean? Camp Middleton is about ensuring certain narratives about Kate’s waity years and the current state of her marriage. Kensington Palace is more focused on general Kate embiggening, like the Early Years crap. Sometimes Camp Middleton works in concert with KP, sometimes not. I believe The Palace Papers is sourced within KP and Camp Middleton. I bring this up because Camp Middleton is very big on “Kate is the savior of the monarchy” and “Superkeen is the peacemaker, the one true force for good in this dark world.” This is because Kate must be seen as indispensable and, even more than that, un-divorceable. Speaking of…

The future of the British monarchy rests on the “slim shoulders” of Kate Middleton, according to author Tina Brown. Brown, whose new book on the royals, “The Palace Papers,” drops today, believes the royal family would fall apart if it weren’t for the Duchess of Cambridge.

“If for any reason, she thought like Meghan, ‘I’m out of here, I can do much better,’ it would be a disaster,” Brown told The Post in an exclusive interview. “It would, I think, crumble at the moment without her because she’s the only modern, beautiful woman who’s well-educated, substantial in herself, who’s actually wanting to commit herself to the rigors of this institution. Not many young women could do that.”

Brown said that Kate required “a lot of care and strategy to end up married to William.”

“They were madly in love all the way through but … making it from the loving girlfriend to the future queen, that’s an obstacle course. And it’s like snakes and ladders. At any moment she could have stepped on the wrong square and had a snake.”

Brown believes Middleton’s mother Carole was “very critical in that. Her mother helped her avoid the snakes on the board.”

She also praises William for picking Kate as his partner, saying he was smart to wait for 10 years before proposing.

“He was absolutely sure she could handle it before they married,” Brown said. “She was trained. Nobody was deluded like Meghan was, it seems.”

[From Page Six]

Meghan was not “deluded,” my God. The worst thing you could say about Meghan in that sense is that she was a bit naive, and that HARRY didn’t do enough to prepare her for how bad it would be, but even then, who could have predicted that people would be that openly racist and violently nasty? I didn’t predict it. As for Indispensable, Modern, Substantial Kate… she’s literally none of things. Especially indispensable. As others have pointed out, William would be shocked at how easy it would be to dump Kate. How smoothly people would take his side and say “Kate never belonged in the first place.” That being said, of course Carole has kompromat on William. I would imagine the Windsors have tons of kompromat on the Middletons too. Ah, true love. A marriage of equals.

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  1. Sim says:

    This is all gonna blow up in their faces so bad when Williams problems really start to surface.
    Everything that’s hidden eventually comes to light. Disparaging and harassing a women who’s minding her business eventually gets old when the real tea is right in front of you.

    Harry and Meghan really were in a nest of vipers.

    • Andrew's_Nemesis says:

      I think this is the writing on the wall. A warning shot. If Buttoned Mutton doesn’t get exactly what she wants out this situation, the Middletons will pull the ripcord on PWT’s secrets. Their disaster of a marriage is an open secret at this point. I would even bet money (which I never do, wholly disapproving of gambling) that once Old Brenda hops the twig, the divorce will be rolled out. And in order for PWT to keep his ‘caring dad’ motif, he’s going to have to pay through the nose for Kkkate’s silence.

      • Selene says:

        The nicknames y’all come up with are hilarious. Baldemort, Buttoned Mutton, Cain… y’all are the cleverest, truly! I laugh my ass off thinking about these.

      • MerlinsMom1018 says:

        “hops the twig”
        I give you ALL the props!!!!!

      • Andrew’s_Nemesis, you don’t seriously think that any scandal about the Cambridges [any one of the 5 of them] would make any difference at all do you? Look only to Andrew to see how little difference truly awful scandal makes to any of the accepted members of the BRF. This is a long tradition that stretches from Henry VIII to the present. Scandal means nothing to them. And apparently means nothing to the British public either.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        I agree nothing matters. William is the first born, THAT is the sole requirement to be king. Doesn’t matter if he’s a cheating husband, or lazy, or racist, or anything else. This is how monarchies work, and the British people like it that way.

        That said, William isn’t going to dump Kate. He gets to live his life however he wants, Kate will never outshine/out work him, and he won’t have to admit to being wrong in picking her. He has no incentive to divorce, he can live his life freely while pretending to be perfect with a perfect marriage.

      • Andrew's_Nemesis says:

        Ah, Ann-Pearl, but Kate is female. And that’s enough for the 1950s-era press. She’ll be excoriated and demonised purely because of her gender.

      • Trimdownmnrchyboring says:

        Team Kate definitely is throwing subtle threats: carefull willie, dont fck with waity katie because she could … i cant wait to see what’s next for these two besides implosion. They will veil threat each other like this through the press and royal commenters for how long

    • KFG says:

      Exactly!! This is why they’re screaming and crying that Harry has to come back. Without Harry to actually do the work, be the face, and give the monarchy substance, no one cares about keen and baldy. His dirt is already coming out and so is hers. She’s obviously a racist as is he, and they seem to hate each other. They don’t have any dirt on M&H to sell bc the sussexes run a tight ship and CH is showing them who is in charge. If the RR want to sell papers they’re going to have to start dishing on the cambs. It’s obvious from TB book that baldimort is about to divorce kkkate. No one insists on their importance this much unless there is a serious threat. I think the flop tour was supposed to be her last trial to show her worth and she failed. Then she isn’t pregnant so no good press. Add in her overall laziness, how much the ton and toffs hate her and her family, and her declaration that she wouldn’t be working for at least 10 years, and chuck is done with her ass too. TB is backing a loser and that was her only source. Lolol her description of them is contradicted by her interviews and by the book about baldimort. Like seriously she looks insane. Her book is going to flop and she’s more upset that H&M denied her access to them and their friends.

    • ELX says:

      I want to know what Tina Brown was promised for typing up this drivel. Does Carole get a cut of the royalties? A mega-bucks ‘big’ biography of Kate? Maybe Miss Tina’s betting on the inside track to a post-divorce exposé? Brown’s not dumb and an ex-HRH Duchess would have a lot to get off her chest.

      • Lionel says:

        I think she’s hedging her bets. If the marriage endures, we get the status quo. If they divorce and the monarchy crumbles, she gets to say “I predicted this!” and be seen as a royal seer.

    • [insert_catchy_name] says:

      To be honest, all these Tina Brown interviews have been giving me a weird vibe. At first I thought that maybe the Queen is really on her last legs and no one is talking about it. But all these veiled threats about “the monarchy will fall if Kate leaves”, like she’s some frickin’ crow in the Tower of London makes me think that some serious s&%t about William has come up, and he’s being blackmailed through the media. The drama if it was revealed would sell a lot of papers, so if I really want to put my tin hat on, I’d say the current strategy is to maintain the journo’s access to the the drip drip drip of royal gossip.

  2. Izzy says:

    The photo edit: second to none.

  3. Jais says:

    It’s the way Carole’s talking points are so desperate and extra…the future of the monarchy would just crumble without Kate…that makes me think, girl you’re in danger!

    • Chloe says:

      I mean Brown describing Kate as modern is definitely a stretch but i do tend to agree that kate has become more important for the monarchy especially after harry and meghan left.

      She is the only relatively young royal that garners any mass interest. And more than that: people are extremely soft on kate. Not just the royal rota but ordinary people. For some reason criticizing kate is just a bridge to far for the general public.

      • equality says:

        It didn’t used to be too far when she was “waity Katy” and “lazy Katy”. It’s just since they have had Meghan to vilify that the tide turned for Kate. It would be easy enough for the media to turn that back around.

      • Chloe says:

        @equality: okay but will the rest of the general public join in? With Meghan these tabloid narrative stuck because she has a genuine group of haters and people are happy to believe what is written about her. And let’s not even pretend that this is not true. With Kate (like i have written above) for every bit of criticism people are very quick to come to her defense.

        Despite the lazy kate narratives back in the day she remained one of the most popular royals so yeah.

      • Nic919 says:

        If the media turns on Kate the good opinion will easily change. They were able to do it to Diana and she had a large following, but many turned on her for no longer being a royal. Only her death brought in the deification because at that point she was no longer an issue for the royals.

      • Becks1 says:

        I’m not sure at this point she garners mass interest. I think she garners the MOST interest out of the royals, but the royals that aren’t in California are all pretty boring, Kate’s clothes are pretty boring at this point, she doesn’t have the iconic moments that Diana had, etc.

        But any rate, she doesn’t have to have the “genuine group of haters” that Meghan has in order to be cut loose from the Firm. People won’t turn against her the way many (at least online) turned against Meghan, because she’s white, but the press can certainly turn against her. People may not be anti-Kate but I don’t think you’d see people rise up as “pro Kate” either besides the derangers and Camilla Tominey.

      • equality says:

        There aren’t really so many pro-Kate people as there are the haters who only defend her in relation to Meghan. If she had those who were pro-Kate they would also be building up and donating to her charities like H&M supporters do. If it came down to Kate versus Will (the actual heir) with the right propaganda (her awful family especially Uncle Gary, her flashing, stalking Will to get the crown, running off beloved brother PH….) Kate would be toast. Meghan had an excellent reputation before the RF and the BM.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      No way is William going to let that narrative stick. Expect retaliation in moments, with some event in which she is not invited or is scorned, or some Dumb Dan Wooten article in which Bulliam is painted as stoic and unflappable and the rock of his family, even when Kate is away on her solo keens.

      • MrsH says:

        Why do you think William won’t let this narrative stick? This isn’t the first time this narrative has been trotted out and he’s done nothing to reign it in yet. He should have the power as the blood Prince and FFK but it sure as hell seems with each new article, interview, and book that it is the Middletons that have the power in that group —- and they have him by the b*lls.

      • Becks1 says:

        He benched her for the statute unveiling. That was a HUGE snub for her in my opinion and that came after Philip’s funeral, lots of articles about how she was the rock of the monarchy, and finally an article where Carole was described as a better mother or something than Diana. And she was very publicly benched as a result.

        It’s also possible that if they’re living separate lives and a divorce is imminent, that he doesn’t care too much what Tina Brown says about Kate.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        William doesn’t seem to mind most of the “Kate is Great” narrative. I think it’s because having people praise Kate reflects well on HIM for choosing her. But he seems to put his foot down when Kate’s embiggening comes at his own expense. So as punishment for the prior stories where William is so very fragile and Kate is really the future king (maker), William banned her from the Diana statue unveiling, and refused her a 40th birthday party.

    • Catlady says:

      William is Kate’s problem and no one in the BRF wants that to change. If she leaves someone else will have to suffer his tantrums..

  4. SnarcasmQueen says:

    Modern, well educated, committed to rigor…..

    Katie Cambridge???

    Hahahahahaha okay

    • equality says:

      It’s fascinating how the royals manage to gaslight people into believing that their lives are “rigorous” and that they do actual “work”.

      • SnarcasmQueen says:

        Right. A handful of appearances for a few weeks with a undercover vacation between is not work.

        And I’m still dying over well educated. The Windsors and their married ins are the least educated royals in Europe. The Russian pretenders are better educated, ffs!

      • M says:

        A guy who used to work for the palace has stated that the royals are masters at convincing people that they work extremely hard when the reality is they work for a few hours a couple weeks out of the year then take months off at a time. They intentionally throw in an appearance or two when they take extended breaks so they can avoid the negative press that comes with taking months off. Then they make it appear that they actually have full time jobs. Even the Queen at her busiest would barely qualify as a casual employee in a normal company.

    • FeministYeah says:

      Not old, not small bus material, accepting of a cheating husband and being a prop.

      That’s what they meant with modern, educated, and rigorous.

      • Charm says:

        RacistTinaBrown sure is bending over to earn her coins! Not even kHATE believes she’s BullyBoy’s equal. She said publicly and out of her own mouth that she’s his assistant.

    • The Recluse says:

      They’re laying it on thick these days. So much treacle. Enough to make one puke.

  5. SarahCS says:

    I love the final ‘marriage of equals’ comment. They certainly deserve each other and we know she’s only in the job because no-one else would have him and she WANTED that. Yikes.

  6. equality says:

    I think Meghan would have been okay with the press saying rude things about her; she wasn’t prepared for the racist things and the HUGE difference between her coverage and that of any other royal. When you are getting more vilified than the adulterers and sex traffickers for things like eating avocadoes, the color and style of clothes, and touching your own abdomen, it gets a point across. I think she expected KP to back her up also since they managed to back up Kate over ridiculous things like botox.

    • TOM says:

      The BRF were the unprepared when it came to someone like Meghan. They are the ones who needed training and practice.

      The BRF are an old-fashioned group of professionally hidebound inbreds. Harry brought to the Firm an “unsuitable” woman: American, biracial, divorced, actress. None of these are value-added according to that family.

      With hard work on themselves, some of them could come along. Maybe.

      I’ve never understood how anyone expected better toward Meghan from them.

      • Christine says:

        I expected better because I thought the British public would be thrilled to see Harry so in love, finally. I didn’t see any of this coming, he was their favorite son, and they reciprocated by trying to drive the love of his life to her death, or at the very least, a continent away from Harry.

        I’m not sure how you reconcile that, if you are Harry.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah Meghan made two things VERY clear in the interview (I mean she made a lot of things clear but these things always stick in my mind)

      1) Rude and racist are not the same thing
      2) They were willing to lie to protect others but not to tell the truth to protect her.

      But yeah, she was just “deluded” and wasn’t prepared for the “rigors” of the institution.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Becks, ITA. I don’t think Meghan was deluded and came in thinking all of her coverage in the British press would be glowing. She’s not stupid, and her friends warned her. But the way she was attacked was absolutely UNPRECEDENTED— the long-term coordination with the palace and the blatant racism were never experienced by a royal bride before. With *zero* pushback from the palace, when Meghan knew that the palace had defended Kate plenty of times, issuing statements “correcting” something that had been printed about Kate. They never did that for Meghan, not even once. It’s not a fair comparison.

        It annoys me so much when people try to say, “but Kate was trashed in the tabloids, too!” because there is just no comparison between Waity’s treatment and Meghan’s. None at all. Meghan was up against racists from day one.

      • Christine says:

        Word, Lorelei. There is zero comparison between pointing out Cannot’s obvious botox and what has been done to Meghan. BP defended Cannot FROM A BOTOX RUMOR, and left Meghan to twist in the wind for lovingly touching her baby bump, a thing that most pregnant women do without even thinking about it.

        Don’t even get me started on avocados and murder earrings.

    • ncboudicca says:

      exactly, @equality. As an actress, I’m sure she put up with plenty of rude comments from casting directors, producers, etc. That can be a fairly abusive industry and I’m sure she has developed a pretty thick skin in order to handle it. Racism and deliberate sandbagging by the group that was supposed to support her, completely different story. The Windsors are terrible people.

    • Nic919 says:

      The attacks coming from within the family were the problem here.

  7. OSTONE says:

    Kate knows where all the bodies are buried. She will tolerate infidelities as long as William is discreet, her goal is to become Queen.

    I still say they will live separate lives but definitely remain together. William only has the “family man” image going for him.

    • Becks1 says:

      So this is what I think is meant when they talk about how the “future of the monarchy” rests on Kate’s shoulders. It’s not that a divorce would destroy the monarchy. It’s not that William’s image must remain as the perfect family man. It’s not even about an ugly divorce per se, to the extent “ugly” means fights over custody and financial arrangements etc.

      It’s about what Kate knows and what she would be willing to spill if she wanted to do so.

      That said, Harry knows way more about the Firm than Kate and they didn’t seem compelled to keep him in the fold, so if I were Kate, I wouldn’t hang my hat on that.

      • windyriver says:

        I actually think they’d be better off if they cut Kate loose.

        If Harry had stayed and married some “acceptable” non-entity, what clearly appears to be a defacto separation from Kate would likely have been okay for Will. But Harry married to a beautiful woman who loves and fulfills him (I don’t think Will cares particularly about her accomplishments), and the global interest and respect they command, is driving him crazy. Twenty years down the road, Kate is a a millstone around his neck. I still believe when they married both W&K agreed on working as little as possible, and while Kate holds steadfastly to that decision and refused to develop any useful skills, I believe Will is now enamored of his position as FFK – it’s the main way he has of competing with Harry.

        I think he’s chomping at the bit to rebrand himself as senior statesman, an integral part of the decisions being made as TQ’s role fades, to look like he’s doing more. And that’s not going to happen with Kate, who’s spent two years putting out PR about how she’s the one who’s the lynchpin of the monarchy. I don’t think the perfect family man is that integral to his image anymore – as the new royal order begins to emerge he has other options.

        Will doesn’t even immediately need a new partner; he could do a lot with a divorced dad image, helping to train the next heir, etc. Anyway, just one theory among all the others!

      • notasugarhere says:

        What the Midds could spill on William pales to what the BRF and govt could do to the Midds. Gary’s ‘business’ and where he got the money. How the Midds made money illegally off selling client info. Mummy Carole and Kate targeting and manipulating Poor William after Diana’s death. They’d be the new Hewitts, perhaps even driven out of the UK by the tabloids. If William decides to cut her loose, she’s cut loose. NDAs in place and palace lawyers ready to sue if the Midds or Uncle Gary start leaking. A sign of this? The rape charges against Pippa’s FIL have surfaced again.

      • Becks1 says:

        @nota that’s why I think if there is an ugly divorce, it would be bad for the monarchy. And even though Kate knows lots of royal secrets, if the press isn’t willing to print those secrets, does it matter? An ugly divorce would be, well, ugly, but it would still end in William’s favor.

        @Windy I think that’s a pretty good theory actually. If they had a deal as to what their working lives would look like, and right now its not that William wants to work more, but he wants to be taken more seriously, and Kate is still going down slides and calling it work…..that could be an issue for him.

      • TangerineTree says:

        @windyriver I believe Will is now enamored of his position as FFK – it’s the main way he has of competing with Harry.

        I agree. It is all he has left to work with, since he basically did nothing for years. And being FFK is not a bad “fallback.” He is trying to change his image – not saying it’s going well, but it’s a start. Dumping his wife would really refresh his image.

      • Nic919 says:

        I agree with this as well. W and K were fine with doing little when Harry was picking up the slack and they would get credit for a lot of it. Once Meghan entered the picture and was as dynamic as Harry and getting media attention, William did not like it and he wants to play the FFK more, but kate is still pretty mediocre and she only thinks that copying Meghan work look and more Diana cosplay will be enough.

      • windyriver says:

        @Becks1, don’t think it would necessarily be ugly. The cleanest approach would be moving Kate out after TQ passes, under the guise of not being up to the task as Princess of Wales. She gave them an excuse when it was reported she wouldn’t be working much for the next 10-15 years, instead raising her children. They’ve been together 20 years, married for 10, they tried, but circumstances change, people change, etc.

        I agree with @nota; the RF apparatus could really bring the hammer down on Kate and family, who are covering up serious behind the scenes dirt. Warn them any divorce settlement would be at risk if she and they didn’t play ball. Look at what they were able tp do to Meghan, whose only negative in her background is that some of her family are cheap grifters.

        Meghan’s main transgression (racism excluded) was being too good at her job. Kate’s problem is the opposite. It was a big mistake not improve her skills over time. Once Will becomes POW, so simple to say Kate isn’t up to the requirements of the position. She’s left herself wide open. Pictured recoiling from the local official during the ugly Caribbean tour. Embarrassment with Jill Biden. Triviality of the Danish visit. That five simple questions on her signature issue took years, with no follow up since. And imagine if the DF analyzed the cost of Kate’s wardrobe over the years.

        I also think Will could be more inclined to “work” (make appearances) if he’s seen as more serious and statesman like. Competing with Harry is one of his few discernable interests, and Harry is very visible. And if Will is able to attract a partner he’s proud of, who he wants to show off, like Harry does Meghan…The next year or two should be very interesting.

      • Startup Spouse says:


        I am going to calculate the ROI on Kate’s clothing budget versus her actual impact. I bet it will be a really interesting number – especially after this last tour. I could update it in real time… and be the only one holding her to any sort of accountability metric.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        windyriver, why wait until he’s Prince of Wales? I think after he gets his hands on the duchy money that Chuck has now it would enable W to divorce K. No reason to make her Princess of Wales.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Windyriver – oh I don’t think a divorce would necessarily be ugly. I said in one of these recent posts (I cant remember if it was today or yesterday) that the divorce COULD be ugly but it could also very smoothly and relatively quietly and I think it kind of comes down to what happens behind the scenes. I think Carole at least will fight any legal separation with everything she has but if/when the Firm chooses to bring the hammer down, as you said, it will end things in William’s favor. And I definitely think there will be a deal struck behind closed doors – go quietly and we’ll be nice, make this ugly and we wont be.

        Some people on here think that a Cambridge divorce would be hugely damaging for the monarchy and I don’t think it necessarily would be mainly bc of the reasons you laid out in your post – it almost feels like we have a preview of the possible reasons, right? Kate just wants to be a mother, she wants to move to Berkshire to be close to her parents, she doesnt want to work, royal work just isnt for her, etc.

        Thats all IF a divorce happens at all. I go back and forth re: how likely I think it is.

  8. Houlihan says:

    Did she… did she seriously refer to a 40 year old as a “young woman?” Good Lord, the way these Saltines juggle Embiggening and Infantalizing Kate would make PT Barnum’s jaw drop. Even in an institution where the average age is 60, it’s bizarre.

    • SarahCS says:

      Now that I’m 43 I WANT that statement to be true but I’ll be honest with myself and accept that it very much is not. They write whatever nonsense suits the narrative that day and it need have nothing to do with reality.

      • C says:

        It’s still pretty young. What’s weird about them applying it to Kate isn’t the idea that she’s still a young woman, it’s their insistence she’s this blushing ingenue who’s finally blooming. Language as if she were indeed 19.

      • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

        Closing in on 40 and I also want that statement to be true, lol!!

  9. Haylie says:

    No one will care if Kate leaves, and she’d have to be dragged out kicking and screaming so these Middleton threats don’t land.

    We only have to look at all Kate’s flops to see that she’s not beloved or respected. She’s totally replaceable.

  10. Chic says:

    No outsider will ever again be more important than the blood royals.The constant marketing and (re)branding of KKKate after all these years even month is proof positive that she’s dispensable.

  11. Blindsources says:

    Lordtttttt phew don’t even know what to say but bless her lord! Smh
    I have a feeling it’s gonna be a rough winter for the Cambridge’s. There’s just too much deifying….somethings gonna break…’s so weird.
    Anyone else feel it?

    • Em says:

      It might not be now but these authors are gonna eat their words trust me

      • Blindsources says:

        I really believe it!! I also think because they are propping the Cambridge’s as perfection when the dam breaks the fallout will be worse.

    • Houlihan says:

      YES! I think they’re panicking about the combo of the struggle tour and the Queen’s declining health, and that’s making them even more skittish about how Harry’s biography’s release date is a-coming.

    • MellyMel says:

      Oh I definitely feel it. But I think it’ll happen once the Queen passes. I think the whole family is gonna be going thru some things when Liz is gone and it’s gonna be a mess!

  12. Em says:

    “She was trained” so Kate is now is canine? Thank Goodness Meghan was deluded enough to leave a toxic situation that was killing her. Now she has a gorgeous mansion, two healthy babies, a husband who loves her and a shit ton of money. She won’t have to beg for handouts to send her children to the best schools and she can afford to wear whatever she’s wants. I would like to be that delusional

  13. caitlin says:

    “She’s the only one who’s actually wanting to commit herself to the rigors of this institution”,…

    What??!! Tina, I think you meant that she’s the only one who’s actually wanting to commit herself to the rigors of shopping, travelling and self-care. The only context Kate knows “rigor” is her devotion to exercising

  14. Lorelei says:

    “Substantial in herself”

    Could we have some examples of this, please?

    • Christine says:

      Even just one would be impressive. This is a woman, who is supposed to be in service to the Commonwealth, and she has done nothing of substance in two decades.

    • Roo says:

      How quickly you forget! Why there’s loads of examples:

      the Early Years Research Center and Downstairs Powder Room,

      the Anzac Biscuit Magical Mystery Bicycle Ride,

      the Every Five Years Sashay Down the BAFTA Aisle,

      the Condescending Colonial Jeep Ride and Awkward Dancing Tour, and

      the SmartSet Meghan Project That She Clearly Inspired.

      • Christine says:

        the Hold Still initiative, where she creeps around London like the Pink Panther, hiding books in bushes.

  15. SnarcasmQueen says:

    Also, I am beyond tired of these two being framed as young. They are not old, no, but as a 40 year old woman myself, late 30s, early 40s is neither young nor old. It should be established and practiced, especially if you’ve been in your role for ten years

    It does her no favors to keep framing this woman as some kind of young, untried thing who is merely learning, one shaky step at a time when so many of us her age have established careers, sometimes for the second time and some of us have even raised children to adulthood.

    When will this woman be allowed to be grown? Then again, if we admitted she was grown, we’d have to hold her accountable for being a work shy nothing who can barely dress herself much less ably and competently represent her country or the royal family.

    • Becks1 says:

      I am 40 as well and I would never call myself “young” at this point. I don’t call myself old, I guess I’m firmly middle-aged, but I just don’t refer my age really all that much….I’m just a woman, lol. If someone called me a young woman I would be vaguely insulted because I would feel that it was patronizing.

      • iforget says:

        I’m 33, and unless it were someone in their 70s+ I think I would feel patronised if I were referred to as a young woman. I’m on my second career and in school for a third, I’ve been working full time since I was 15. I know that’s not the norm but even if I went to uni and graduated and then started working, I’d still be over a decade into the workforce. Certainly no excuse to be ‘learning’ and ‘finding my voice’ or ‘finding my footing’ or whatever other infantalising things they use with her.

  16. iforget says:

    AGH I’m doing this again! So apparently…

    ‘she’s the only modern, beautiful woman who’s well-educated, substantial in herself, who’s actually wanting to commit herself to the rigors of this institution’

    She’s modern? Okay I guess she was born in the 80’s like me, I suppose that makes her ‘modern.’

    Beautiful woman? Okay sure, not to me because her personality shines through, but she was a cute gal back in the day. I hoped we were past the point of needing to be beautiful in order to represent your country or your job but okay.

    Well-educated? Well, technically yes. And this is possibly my biggest gripe with her. I had such high hopes for her, being a university-educated woman married into the family, and I believe first uni educated woman to marry the future monarch. Despite this (and her art history degree!!!), she asked if Faberge eggs were still made, asked if you could test the smell by smelling it, and has not asked an interesting question in over a decade in the RF. It took her 10 years to come up with 5 questions about nature vs nurture and completely bungled the survey metrics. Her stance on mental health is problematic at best, frequently alluding to her beliefs that if you’re not rich enough or you have mental health issues, you shouldn’t have kids and it’s your fault if your kids are struggling.

    Substantial in herself? Are you freaking kidding me!? There is nothing of substance. She is as plain as plain can be, where anyone can project whatever personality or trait onto her. This is by design. If you don’t take a stance on anything, don’t speak about anything, don’t have any substance whatsoever, you can lay claim to whatever soundbite is necessary depending on how the wind is blowing that day. She is frequently out of her depth in any situation where she is not surrounded by sycophantic yes-men. See the ‘fab 4’ summit, the recent round table talk with Jill Biden, her ‘learning tour’ to Denmark where she was late for every engagement, and the list goes on.

    Wants to commit to the rigours of the institution? In some ways, yes. She will do ANYTHING for the crown. She did anything for the ring, including being publicly called Waity Kaity, privately called the Mattress and the Limpet, and being abandoned on Christmas just before her 25th birthday. She is willing to be humiliated by her husband so that she can have that crown & title of PoW. She isn’t willing to put in any actual work, but she is happy to be a doormat to her husband. However, as for the rigours of the institution? As in, actual work? I have yet to see her do a full-day’s work without a zillion concessions. Either, she shows up late, doesn’t research, doesn’t read her notes, doesn’t contribute anything, or if she does, she gets weeks of days off and even vacations.

    I have a real hard time with respecting people who are in positions of power, particularly ones they freaking asked for, and not doing something good with it.

  17. Eurydice says:

    What, no reference to her sturdy, middle-class roots? I don’t think it’s praise to say Kate needed a lot of care and strategy to “end up” being married to William – it’s just a summing up of how the Middletons planned their way into the RF. I agree that it would be easy to discard Kate, but I don’t see why he would want to. William might have an affair here and there, but he doesn’t seem like a particularly passionate man who has an overwhelming love waiting for him behind the scenes. And there’s no way Kate will kick up a great fuss after all that “care and strategy.”

    As for Meghan being “deluded,” that’s the obligatory slam which ends any story about the RF. But when I think about it in hindsight, I could say that anyone who thought the RF would welcome a WOC into their circle and would support her against the BM was delusional.

  18. Tessa says:

    Diana worked was dedicated and popular.she was still let go by the firm sorry Tina kate would be let go if will wanted it

  19. FeministYeah says:

    First of all, you couldn’t pay me enough money to marry such an ugly-on-both-sides man. Second of all, even if you could, like the BRF apparently can, I’d put that money to good use and look fucking RESPLENDENT. Whats the fucking point of all that money and fame if you’re gonna look MISERABLE and/or PETTY in every photo you take? The only time I see her beaming is when she’s looking at yt children.
    Idk what other people see but when I look at Kate, I see a tired, wrinkled young woman (she just turned 40, ffs). What’s the difference between her and any other rich mom of 3? None. Aren’t (future) queens supposed to look unattainably beautiful? For someone that demands we look at her so damn much, she needs to do something about her skin.

    • Emma says:

      Royalty isn’t about beauty or any kind of merit. It’s about B.S., packaged and sold to a gullible public

      Diana was beautiful, aristocratic, virginal, charismatic, and highly gifted — and even SHE wasn’t enough for this self-obsessed, jealous family. There’s no way a woman could win with them.

      Even Phillip — born royal and a descendent of Victoria! — wasn’t good enough because he was “foreign.” (And poor.) Never underestimate the cruelty of wannabe imperialists.

  20. Jay says:

    Again, the big difference here is not just that Meghan ( and her husband) left the clutches of the RF, but that she had the skills, interests, contacts, and confidence to leave.

    But Kate? Never had a job, still learning her role and growing in confidence, can’t string a coherent sentence together Kate?

    Kate, the Middleton family’s ticket out of the upper middle class to the aristocracy near adjacent?

    Kate, the mother of three heirs to the throne who she would likely not get custody of unless she was willing to blow the whole thing to pieces?

  21. JMoney says:

    I’ve said it before but an official divorce between W&K will never happen. The monarchy is that stupidly fragile that something such as an official divorce between these two uncharismatic ppl would undo it.
    The reason why an official divorce will never happen regardless of how W&K feel about each other is one simple reason: Carole Middleton. Carole has always put W needs before her own daughter and its been reported over the years how Carole always sides with W when W&K fight (much to K’s chagrin). Carole does this b/c she knows that if W&K divorce, her “status” however little it may be, would be gone and that cannot happen. And William likes Carole for this and why he vacations with the Middletons and why the Middletons can get away with so much. W trusts Carole to keep K in her place and observes the hierarchical structure (W at the top) both publicly and privately. Hence W has his duty family (Middletons) and what I assume is his “love family” much like his father and Grandfather before him.

    • Em says:

      She won’t leave but it will be another Charlene situation. Don’t be suprised at unexplained absences at events and for long stretches of time

    • C says:

      The monarchy would be fine.
      And I don’t think he’s nearly as close to Carole or the rest of them as they used to be. There’s been a sea change it seems to me.

      If they don’t divorce it’ll because of Kate clinging on and William being too lazy and petty to do anything else but stay. Which normally I think is what will happen but these puff pieces always make me wonder.

      • Nic919 says:

        Not being seen at the James Middleton wedding and possibly not even attending essentially confirms that Carole doesn’t have the hold over William that she once did.

      • SnarcasmQueen says:

        I don’t see William divorcing simply because being single would bring more pressure attention on him than he wants.

        The only way they divorce is if William has someone to marry but who would? No one else wants the job, either that of FFQ or as the wife of that petty, jealous tyrant who can’t stand for anyone to outshine him even a little.

      • C says:

        I can see it being very glamorous for him honestly. He would be one of the most eligible bachelors in the world and I don’t think a second wife would be subject to the pressure of the first wife.

      • Lady D says:

        …unless she’s biracial. That island will never change.

      • C says:

        Oh yes, but don’t be silly, William would never marry anyone who wasn’t lily-white! Remember how the palace had his first girlfriend at St. Andrews checked out to make sure she “wasn’t a Muslim or anything”.

  22. Sam says:

    “She’s the only one who’s actually wanting to commit herself to the rigors of this institution” well considering the coverage of her has been like 80% positive since she got married, its easy to do that when you don’t have abuse heaped on you day in day out for years.

    Didn’t they have a meeting with the press to back off on Kate, if they did the same for Meghan instead of conspiring against her , then everything would have been very different

  23. Mina_Esq says:

    I hate it when they bring up her “slim shoulders”. It’s so gross. Also, Meghan didn’t leave her husband ffs. She and her husband jointly decided to leave the royal life. With Kate, it’d be a matter of her leaving William.

  24. ABritGuest says:

    Lol I can see why Camilla Tominey was praising this book. Her source Carole is a prominent source for Tabloid Tina.

    As Kate is such a substantial woman why can’t Tina focus on her & careful William instead of deluded Meghan & impetuous Harry? Surely she can highlight Kate’s achievements & why she’s so important to the monarchy? And surely she shouldn’t claim that Harry & Meghan’s star power is needed at the jubilee? Mona Kate should be enough.

    • MsIam says:

      Ok, I say “Mona Kate” should be her new, official nickname! I’m dying over here!

      • kirk says:

        Based on the many CB pics showing scary bug-eyed open-mouthed guffaws, I’m going with Mona Hyena.

  25. Nic919 says:

    Kate is the opposite of modern and supposedly that is why that family likes her. They didn’t want another modern woman like Diana, who had opinions and used her voice. They wanted a silent doormat who stood behind her royal husband. That’s what she is at least publicly.

    • Lorelei says:

      Calling Kate “modern” is, on its face, absolutely preposterous. Kate is a lot of things, but she’s a throwback, not the least bit modern. She’s valiantly trying to brand herself and her children as basically Victorian. In the year 2022.

    • notasugarhere says:

      The royals never wanted Kate, which is a big reason why William finally married her. He wanted to stick it to his family with someone completely unsuited to the job. Now he regrets that and wants to move on. The royals would have wanted someone like Sophie – have a nominal career, be perceived as modern, show up, do your work, don’t make waves. Kate being a throwback and lazy is never what the BRF wanted.

      • Julia K says:

        True, he also was feeling pressure to marry and Kate was the only one at the finish line. I agree he realized she was unsuitable but all she really needed to do at that point was get pregnant and produce an heir. I don’t think he was imagining what the future looked like with her; the Middletons treated him with royal deference and assumed she would, also.

  26. Alexandria says:

    Don’t think they will divorce and the firm won’t crumble because of divorce. When the children’s popularity take over as the next young, fresh thing, the press cycle will repeat.

    Anyway this institution can crumble but the country will go on. It will take a while to get used to, but ordinary people have other things to worry about like Brexit.

  27. HK9 says:

    That photo of Kate in the red & white dress – talk about getting the face you deserve.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      Her real face is also in her first royal portrait. Smug and older than her photoshopped image.

  28. Digital Unicorn says:

    Hahahaha – sure Carol(e). As usual you are overplaying your hand, Khate is a nobody to the family – she is totally dispensable and we all know they are separated and the more I see stories like this the more I believe that they WILL eventually divorce. If William wants her gone she will be gone – they are waiting until TQ passes and Chuck’s been coronated (Chuck will never allow a divorce to overshadow his coronation).

    All these stories do is confirm that she has lost control of the Middleton family meal ticket – William is not doing what Ma wants him to.

  29. Sofia says:

    Like I said yesterday, the establishment has placed the monarchy’s future on William’s shoulders* and there’s a thought that if he falls, so does the monarchy which means protecting William’s image as much as they can – including Kate. And a divorce would be disastrous in their eyes but if they can find a way to have William walk away from it relatively drama free and he wants to to walk away then they will do so. Another badly handled divorce is not something the establishment wants.

    As for surviving the rigours or whatever, well Kate will do whatever it takes to make sure she makes it to queen consort. So she’ll keep quiet when William cheats, she won’t go writing any books or giving interviews, she’ll continue to show no personality, she’ll never complain about the monarchy or the royals or the courtiers or whatever etc etc. So in a way, yes she was and is still willing to be in the institution no matter what it takes.

    • Becks1 says:

      She is definitely willing to be in the institution no matter what it takes. It’s William that’s the wild card IMO. But I said something similar yesterday – a badly handled, ugly divorce would be really bad for the monarchy. But a relatively drama-free one, where Kate goes quietly to live in the country near her parents? That would be okay-ish.

      I think its clear that they live separate lives AND that they can’t stand each other in public, and the latter is the part that makes me think a divorce is more likely than some think. Is William going to want to go on international tours with Kate for the next 40 years? He can barely stand to be with her for an hour engagement.

      But, I think everything depends on William’s image like you said, and if he can divorce her with his image relatively unscathed, he’ll do so. If he can’t, then he’s stuck with her. And I think Carole would make sure that he’s stuck with her.

      • Nic919 says:

        William used to have a more pleasant public face with her but there has been a recent shift. It coincides with the desperate Middleton peacemaker stories and the total lack of presence at the most recent Middleton wedding.

        I am tracing it to the change in zoom rooms to Sandringham. Something happened behind the scenes for that change and after that when public appearances did happen, that’s when the disdain from William became much more obvious.

      • Dillesca says:

        Brown has made several comments about how important the Cambridges’ marriage is to the future of the monarchy– while it is important to PW’s image and the monarchy is in desperate need of any positive PR, this whole narrative is DEFINITELY coming from Camp Middleton. For it to be stated so plainly (as opposed to prior comments like how Kate is a calming influence, etc.), there must be some movements behind the scenes that are making someone nervous (sure, separate housing going ahead, but I do wonder whether wild card PW is thinking of pulling the chute all together) And then that snakes and ladders comment is added in as “hey Monarchy, Kate’s got dirt on y’all”

      • Sofia says:

        The reason why I don’t think it’s as likely as people think/want is that as we’re discussing, it would have to be done in a way that makes William look good.

        And I’m honestly not sure what spin will make him look good. He’s not some super hard worker doing 400 engagements a year so they can’t say “well he’s working so hard and Kate’s not even doing 150 engagements a year and that’s a huge issue between them.” William is not nice or charismatic so trying to put him in a sympathetic light is going to be difficult and he doesn’t have the option of “married to someone too young/it was an arranged marriage/he had a *real* love (even if it’s not accurate)” because W&K met at 18, were on/off during that time, married at 28/29 and justified the 10 year wait as “William was making sure Kate is the right choice/she’s prepared for the role”.

      • Jais says:

        @becks1- “It’s William that’s the wild card IMO”
        Agree 100%. It all really comes down to what he wants and thinks he can do.

      • Lorelei says:

        I still harbor a hope — and I know the likelihood of this ever happening is basically zero — that Kate will all surprise us one day. Pull a Katie Holmes; no one ever expected her to leave Tom and certainly not the way she did, with secret plans and burner phones— she was as stealth as a ninja and had her new life locked down before she walked away from him. I understand the situation with Kate’s children is different; they’re considered the “property” of the Crown or whatever— but once they’re old enough that she knows she has established relationships with them and that the BRF can’t do anything about it, I would die if she wrote the tell-all to end all tell-alls. Sure she’d be sued for breaking her NDA, but book sales would be able to pay whatever legal fees she incurred.

        Anyway, I know this will never happen, but a girl can dream.

      • notasugarhere says:

        @Sofia. All William has to do it blame Kate and Carole. They hunted him, they manipulated him when he was vulnerable after his mother’s death. Led him astray with drugging Uncle Gary. Or spin it as W&K are friends who never should have married, Uni romance that should have ended at Uni except for Carole’s manipulative ways. He can lean heavily in to Kate’s complete unfitness for the role, blaming her for his laziness because she cannot handle more work or higher-level assignments. All the years of her own statements about ‘being taken care of’ and playing the infantilisation angle will work against her.

        @Lorelei. Kate doesn’t want to leave. All she and mummy are planning are ways to force William not to divorce her.

      • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

        I hope the institution isn’t evil and sociopathic enough to do it, but another scenario I could see working for William’s purposes is if Kate and the kids had some kind of unfortunate ‘accident’, and he could start over with somebody else.

  30. Harper says:

    Is Tina gone yet? Her 15 minutes for the Palace Papers has to be almost over. Tina is outing herself journalistically as the equivalent of a Daily Fail or Sun reporter, as much of a sycophant as Wooten.

    As far as CarolE not letting Kate step on a snake, she and Kate made a major mistake by attempting to ice out Rose Hanbury, a Marchioness, someone heavily connected to the who’s who of the aristocracy and whose family will always be intricately tied to an important role in the royal family. The resulting publicity outed the cheating going on in the Cambridge marriage in a way that was never done before. Absolutely CarolE and Kate wish they could have a do-over on that one. Does Tina go anywhere near the Rose story in the book? Haven’t heard so.

    CarolE has also been extremely busy speaking to the press in the past year about skipping over Charles in the line of succession and propping up Will & Kate over C&C. Even the current US Magazine has a cover story saying William is telling people that he may not be king after all, felt he should be a co-King with Charles but that idea was rejected, and felt blindsided by Camilla being named Queen Consort and had a huge fight with Charles over it. Look at all the whining about Kate’s life that went on in the Tatler article and the ensuing clean-up that went on. Tina turned a blind eye to all the snakes that CarolE and Kate have stepped on in the past few years because that does not fit her narrow narrative of Middletons Good–Sussexes Bad.

    • MsIam says:

      Lol at William telling people he may not be king! He’s been telling people he will be king since he was four years old. He probably goes around saying that he will be king like some kind of wind up toy. He’s trapped just like Harry said.

    • Lorelei says:

      Screaming at the idea of William suggesting he and Charles be “co-kings” 😭

  31. Talita says:

    Lol she’s never leaving

  32. Becks1 says:

    LOLOLOLOL. Carole sure did have a nice chat with Tina Brown, didn’t she?

    • kelleybelle says:

      No shit, Sherlock! lol She could walk 50 feet in any direction and still not have a clue what to do. It’s shocking to see how much she has really aged when they don’t retouch her photos.

    • C-Shell says:


      I’m envisioning CarolE, Tina and Katie Nicholl surrounded by empty wine bottles, concocting this fan fiction. The hyperbole has a distinct whiff of alcohol fumes, it’s so OTT.

  33. Over it says:

    Kaiser, I choose to see that you wrote that the Middletons have contempt for the Windsors and the Windsors have even more contempt for the middle class mediocre Middletons. Lol
    Oh please Tina, you hsbe have got to remove your head from Carlos’s ass at some point
    She and Kate don’t fart rainbows so please stop trying to make Kate magical. No she is not hard working or dedicated to her patronages nor is she nice or kind hearted. William doesn’t love her and I bet he never did. He just lost the will to fight her stalking after so many years of being stalked. She can wait 20 more years and that love still won’t be found.
    It William dumps her it won’t make a difference. Her job is done she already produced an heir and two spares for Willy. They will just move her out to the suburbs or country and let her live out the rest of her life with her button collection and her Aga

  34. Amy Bee says:

    Tina has really drunk the KP/Middleton Kool-Aid.

  35. Bettyrose says:

    Tina Brown was editor of the New Yorker. The NEW YORKER. The first woman in that role. And now she’s a mouth piece for Carole Middleton writing fan fiction about Kate being a modern woman? I don’t understand any of this.

    • Merricat says:

      They must have offered her a lot of money. She left The New Yorker to take a job with the Weinsteins, so we know she’s more interested in cash than prestige.
      She was not loved at The New Yorker.

      • Jaded says:

        I don’t think she was loved anywhere she landed (except by the married man she was schtupping and whose marriage she wrecked). She is a cold, calculating, manipulative b*tch who is full of spite and jealousy at any woman who outshines her.

      • Jais says:

        @jaded- your last sentence just perfectly described Kate.

    • Nick G says:

      This is what gets me in the craw. I think of these royal reporters as absolutely below par, and for TB to stoop to this level is crazy. I didn’t know about the Weinsteins…must have missed a lot when my kids were young so I missed the slide downwards? Honestly what is happening to the world and half the people in it!

    • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

      Earlier in the thread, a commenter theorized that Tina is betting on getting the post-divorce Kate Cambridge gossip. And I agree. Her description of Kate is so OTT it’s absurd.

      • Bettyrose says:

        She’s sucking up to the Middletons to be on the inside for the divorce? Geebus. That adds up but mygawd have some dignity. It’s not like she needs the money.

    • Sid says:

      It is wild when you consider her Women in the World summit among others things. Brown really exposed herself with this book. Despite all the accolades (deserved or not) and having a Rolodex that would probably make a head of state jealous, she’s apparently happy to be another royal sycophant in order to help keep the British monarchy and elitist system going.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      Tina Browns constant mantra back in the day was to create “ buzz”. That’s all she was about. Apart from causing a lot of prominent writers to walk, don’t remember if she had much impact at the New Yorker. I think I might have read that magazine she did with Weinstein that lasted all of 5 minutes and only thing I remember about it was it had a weird layout. She’s always had a shallow approach to journalism and politics. The thing is they can attack Meghan all they want but the royals are never gonna generate the excitement and “ buzz” the Sussexes do, and it’s foolish to expect them too. That’s not them. The only thing Meghan did was provide contrast of their steady dullness and pettiness, lack of dynamism and their shallow work ethic, and the insecurities and jealousies that have always plagued them, with of course racism, lots of racism. Even today at their events they just plod along, head tilts in place.

  36. MsIam says:

    Kate is holding up the monarchy, but the BaRFs “need” the Sussexes “star power”? Its like Tina is trying to write two different books in one. One for the tabloids and the Firm and one for thinking folks.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      Why do they need the Sussexes star power when they resent it so much? What’s it for? They see the Sussexes as tools that speak, which is how Socrates described slaves. It’s a moot point anyway. The Sussexes are booked at least until 2025.

  37. Myjobistoprincess says:

    Possibly a relationship that started with some love. That’s possible. William was prudent, wanted to make sure that his wife was docile, nothing like Diana and after 10 years he got the confirmation that she’s just a lazy girl who really has no ambition. Harry wanted his wife to be like him and everything philantropic like his mother. Kate’s mistake was that she thought she would be doing nothing but banquet dinners, ribbon cutting and big dresses and makeup. Meghan’s mistake was that she thought there was a real family behind the monarchy and that her high ambitions and hard work would be welcome. She found only reptiles behind the monarchy. Anyway, Kate is the one that the press could be interested in, the monarchy stands on so little. Trimmed down monarchy is sooooo boring

  38. Merricat says:

    The rhetoric beggars belief. The fact is that Kate has accomplished nothing in ten years beyond giving birth. She is not equal to the task of being ffqc. Everything she has ever pointed to as validation has been temporary and shallow. She couldn’t even be bothered to prepare for a roundtable discussion with the U.S. First Lady on a topic on which she claims to be an expert. She is an embarrassment and a racist, and no amount of semantic gymnastics can hide that.

    • Lorelei says:

      NOTHING. Kate has accomplished literally nothing. (I’m not counting her children, because that’s not some special achievement.)

      Almost 11 years now and she has done nothing of note— if anything, she’s embarrassed the BRF numerous times on the world stage in the past year alone.

  39. Cel2495 says:

    Lol, is she warning her hubby not to dump her or she will spill the secrets ? Please do …

  40. Liz Version 700 says:

    The magical couple are getting testy I think. But seriously does Carole do anything besides talk to reporters?

  41. Moderatelywealthy says:

    Middleton PR seems to be covering each and every possible space there is, and I can see they working out their connections with journalists because the books will keep betting written, folks- with or without a Crown!:

    If William manages to become King, then it is all due to Kate , the saviour of Monarchy.

    If William manages to become King but without Kate, then they will point at the Commenwealth and say countries are leaving in droves because substantial Kate is not there anymore, as if the reparations/slavery issue was a non factor.

    If William does not become King and is without Kate, then he lost a Kingdom because everything crumbles without Kate.

    If William does not become King, and is still with Kate, then she will be named ” The People´s Queen” or the ” Queen of people´s heart” or whatever it was they named Diana.

  42. Pam says:

    I still don’t think there’s going to be a divorce. The Middletons have worked too hard for this, and once the Queen passes away, I suspect the Royal family is not going to want to rock the boat with any more change than necessary.

  43. aquarius64 says:

    Kate and the Midds are scared. The Queen let it be known that a mistress can become a consort by announcing future queen Camilla. Parliament is not calling for votes to remove Charles from the throne. Kate’s position is not that secure.

    How is this mess doing in the NY Times Best Seller list?

  44. Julia K says:

    He was smart to wait 10 years before marrying her?? He spent those 10 years trying NOT to marry her but no one else would have him. She won the endurance trophy, the participation award, and she will not go quietly.

    • Liz Version 700 says:

      No kidding if she waited 10 years for that cursed ring imagine how long she will drag her feet before giving it back…..

      • Julia K says:

        Good point. What happens to Big Blue? Can she keep it or does it go back to William?

  45. Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

    There are a lot of English elites who WANT the monarchy to endure, who see its existence solidifying their caste. My guess Tina Brown is one of them. And so she is writing this ridiculous Kate Cambridge hagiography that reads like Kate’s middle school diary.
    I also think that Tina is betting on getting the big post-divorce tea from Kate and Carole.

    As read everyone’s comments all the pieces are coming together:
    Kate and Carole never anticipated that Camilla would be named as Queen Consort! I mean, neither did I, but for all her plotting Carole should have had a Plan B and C lined up soon after Charles and Camilla married. QC Camilla paves the way for William to divorce Kate which is what he wants very, very much.
    William was completely out-of-line at the James Bond premiere, REFUSING to acknowledge his spangled-draped wife. He barely tries anymore to keep his contempt for her hidden in public. It’s like he resents having to pretend even for a few minutes.
    Kate ruined her chances of becoming queen when she tried to humiliate and isolate the Marchioness of Cholomdely. Her only obligation is to endure William: his moods, his infidelity. And she didn’t. She struck back at the Marchioness and she’s been in shaky ground ever since. And now with QC Camilla…she shot herself in the foot.

    • Lux says:

      I agree. Kate’s standing is completely shaky and the only thing preventing her from being replaced IS the dirt the Middletons have on William. One needs to look no further than how glowingly the Marchioness of Cholomley (or whatever the heck Rose is) is depicted in the press. If Bully got himself a competent and glamorous new aristo wife, the press will eat it up and the comparisons will never stop. Khate will still be in the spotlight because the press loves nothing better than pitting one woman against another — it’ll be a deluge of “poor mother of the future monarch crying into her pillow” stories or “duchess staying strong, proving William made a mistake.” It would sell like crazy and the only person who loses would be the Middletons.

  46. Jaded says:

    “It would, I think, crumble at the moment without her because she’s the only modern, beautiful woman who’s well-educated, substantial in herself, who’s actually wanting to commit herself to the rigors of this institution. Not many young women could do that.”

    Kate is none of this. She is a throwback, an anachronism, she got through an easy degree at uni by copying everyone else’s notes. She is vapid, self-absorbed and indolent, and the only thing she’s committed to is her kids, shopping, working out and botox. And the entire BRF is doing a fine job at crumbling on its own without her help.

    • windyriver says:

      That last paragraph is a work of art. Probably summarizes a few hundred pages full of TB’s overblown prose in this ridiculous book.

  47. what's inside says:

    Waity would never, ever leave. Just look at her past decisions. However if the monarchy crumbles, so be it. I have my coffee in hand and am observing the shenanigans. I would also love for there to be justice for Diana.

  48. AnneL says:

    Well, all of this is making me want to bang my head on my keyboard but especially the part about them being “madly in love.” Just, no. Who could look at any recent pictures of them together and believe that?! Cut the fairy tale crap, Tina. It’s so embarrassing.

  49. AmazonWarrior says:

    One of the most important things that Kate can do is to make sure Charlotte and Louis don’t end up feeling kicked to the curb like Harry. While I feel that Charles’s slimmed down RF will be unpopular with the British people, Charlotte and Louis should be encouraged to find careers that will give them purpose.

    • C says:

      Kate never lifted a finger or built a career of her own, I see no reason why she’ll encourage her children to.

      • AmazonWarrior says:

        Just because Kate chose not to pursue her own career doesn’t mean she won’t give her kids all the tools and access to professional advice to help her kids find theirs. Between Charles wanting a slimmed down monarchy and watching Harry struggle since leaving the army, I think Kate might feel differently towards her own two kids. She knows she will be judged as a mother by the British public and will want to be seen as helping all three kids.

      • C says:

        Well, the problem is, choosing not to pursue your own career because you have no motivation to, because your parents are paying cash for your Chelsea flat and paying all of your bills so you can party till 3 am, and barely even spending 15 hours a week at a 3 month job and then dropping it altogether, makes it a little difficult for me to believe Kate even has the ability to give her children the tools and access to build anything for themselves. How would she even know what they need? She can’t help her patronages. She still won’t do any substantial charity work. What kind of advice could she possibly give them that they could use?
        As long as she’s with William and they can bring Meghan into it somehow, she’ll never be judged for anything.

      • AmazonWarrior says:

        @C. Kate knows what exams her kids will need to take and what the university admissions process is like.

        Plus these kids will be going to top notch schools. There’s no way there aren’t counselors there who can help students decide on what to study and what careers to pursue.

      • C says:

        Ok, but exam help isn’t career advice.
        And yes, counselors will probably be helping them.

    • notasugarhere says:

      You’re assuming Kate can think or care that deeply about anyone but herself. I sincerely doubt she can. She’ll perceive Charlotte as her competition and Louis as the unwanted child she guilted out of William. IMO both W&K view their third child as the result of William cheating, and both of them will take it out on him in their own ways. ‘Kate chose not to pursue her own career’? She spent a decade debasing herself as a booty call. With her parents ‘money’ she could have had a flexible career and still been William’s Mattress whenever he called. She chose not to because she’s lazy, too lazy to care about her children’s futures too.

  50. TheOriginalMia says:

    Is my understanding of the word “substantial” different from Tina’s? Because there’s nothing substantial about Kate. She’s done nothing except birth 3 kids and buy dated, Victorian clothes and blah jewelry. She still can’t give a speech. At 40, she is a mediocre Duchess, who gets a pass because she’s white. Problem with that is she’s replaceable. Any English rose can do what she does and succeed.

  51. Blujfly says:

    The biggening of Kate goes beyond what the Middletons could pull off themselves. There are clearly high ranking employees of the Crown that absolutely do not want another scandal. Those elements cooperate and push the Middleton lines to also reign in William. The monarchy must remain powerful and relevant and not a “bicycle monarchy” for that lot to have jobs.

  52. Yo says:

    When I started reading this I was thinking to myself well I mean they really can’t do away with her… I was surprised to hear your viewpoint but you’re a lot more briefed on this and I generally find you to be correct on things. Separately I was also thinking the other day that if she really wanted to cosplay Diana she would have a lover in revenge for Rose. Like a protection officer or horse trainer. And how I also recently read somewhere that the “crying”
    during the dress fitting was Megan because Kate said that Harry would cheat on Megan anyway regardless of marriage. I had not heard that before and I can see why they tried to bury that on many levels!. And then I thought what would it be like if she wanted to divorce? Totally separate but just some thing I was thinking about so I don’t know this is interesting there’s definitely signs that some sort of separation is eminent without a doubt but I can’t figure out why. And now I’m thinking wow if they divorced? Wow.

  53. See I don’t think William can ever divorce her. Maybe his circle will say ‘oh she didn’t belong’ but the public won’t feel that way. The public will see a man who is cheat who broke up with the women who spent 20+ years of her life as his dedicated partner and mother of his children. Cause you know miss carole has some receipts on his cheating and will absolutely spill all of it.

    Kate is so bland and boring she won’t come off as some gold digger who was just looking for a royal husband. She will come off as a sad girl who fell in love with a prince and gave up her life for him. I’m telling you if he ever even utters the word divorce, the middletons would spin this so fast and she would have lots of public sympathy.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Stormimartini, the problem with Carole or Kate thinking that the public would care is that Kate simply hasn’t been a very big part of the monarchy. She does so little work and spends most of her time doing what? She’s simply not seen much at all. I really don’t see that there would be much difference between being married and not being married. As far as getting sympathy because of the cheating, if W plays this right he’ll get the sympathy for marrying someone who is completely incapable of being a Duchess let alone Queen-Consort. She has been her own worst enemy by being incompetent and playing least-in-sight.

  54. Andrea says:

    I still really think that all bets are off for Kate once the Queen dies. HM told William that there would be no royal divorces in his generation, but I highly doubt that Charles cares, or will care once he has the throne, and he’s afraid of confronting William and his rages anyway.

  55. Serena says:

    All Kate has done is embarrass herself, so I think that the monarchy could very well do without.
    “She was easy to train”, lol I believe all they said to her was that she only had to sit pretty and smile and wear expensive clothes/accessories. Hence why she can’t do anything and is completely irrelevant. Good training indeed lol, we’re seeing the results now.

  56. Alexander David Hooper says:

    This is all bullshit imo. Domestic terrorists play with little boys.

  57. JFerber says:

    No, they would not. It would be a breath of fresh air, really.

  58. Twinkle says:

    Oh that Tina. 😂🤣🤣 Who’s kool-aid has she been drinking?