Andrew Garfield will take a break from acting, he’s inspired by Simone Biles

Andrew Garfield is wrapping up promotion on his FX-for-Hulu limited series, Under the Banner of Heaven. He’s coming off a very productive era of his career – just in the past year, he’s had this limited series, The Eyes of Tammy Faye (he was excellent in that), Tick Tick Boom (for which he was Oscar-nominated) and Spider-Man: No Way Home. So as he’s promoting UTBOH, he’s talking about how he’s about to take a big break from acting. He needs to go to the well and replenish.

His time off: “I’m actually really happy and excited to be very quiet and very still and take some time to just be. It feels very important right now, especially after a lot of output, a lot of being out in the world, and giving a lot of energy to things that I’m very passionate about, but I have to kind of refill the well so that I can carry on authentically carry on without it feeling like I have to keep up with the Joneses in some way. Like it’s so tempting to live in that way of just always onto the next thing. But actually, and I know it’s a privilege that I get to even consider that, to actually take time.”

Who inspires him to take time for himself: “But I’m very inspired by Simone Biles and I’m very inspired by her saying, nope, I’m not going to do that vault. I’m going to endanger myself if I vault today. I find that really an incredible example. And Kendrick Lamar, who hasn’t put out an album in a while, and I know he’s got one coming out in the middle of May, which I’m so excited for, but I really admire anyone who can forego the temptation of having to be always on the up and up. Someone who can really be on their own rhythm, bang to the beat of their own drum.”

Authenticity: “So that’s what I’m looking forward to. And I don’t know. Because honestly, if I pretended to know it would be a disservice to me and to an audience as well. So I want to make sure I make things that feel genuine and authentic to myself and hopefully connect in a deep way to an audience.” When asked whether his “stillness” is an actual vacation or just a break, the Golden Globe winner says, “Yeah, I mean, I hope that I can go on vacation. It’s more just, even getting on a plane right now feels like too much. I kind of want to lay down and just think and not think and watch other people’s work and just be really, really, really kind of… and listen to music and be with friends and eat burgers, you know, just kind of be a person.”

[From People]

Referencing Simone Biles and Kendrick Lamar, that’s amazing. Seriously though, it’s really something that Kendrick has basically been “away” for years now. I’ve heard that he’s focused on his family and it’s not like he was just in the studio, year after year, and nothing worked. Kendrick was just away from it all and focused on his kids. As for Andrew… he doesn’t sound burned out, but he sounds like he knows himself well enough to know that he’s going to start to get burned out very soon if he keeps working on back-to-back projects. I honestly wish more actors understood that they can take a year off and Hollywood will still remember them. That they don’t need to be in everyone’s face all the time. It sounds like Andrew has realized that.

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  1. Cat says:

    He was just on the view and said while he is taking a break it’s not a long one. Last year during tick tick boom promo he said numerous times he wants a family and during that time he had a serious girlfriend so seems like this plan has been in the works for a while but now he’s single.
    He also said on the View his worst fear is being alone for the rest of his life. Poor guy.

  2. girl_ninja says:

    I really have come to enjoy this man and think that he may be the best “Chris.” 😉 I appreciate what he shared about taking break and him referencing Simone and Kendrick. It’s also notable that he and his girlfriend broke up this year too. Taking some time away sounds quite smart and I would like to take some time away with him if he would allow it.

  3. Lucía says:

    “I honestly wish more actors understood that they can take a year off and Hollywood will still remember them. That they don’t need to be in everyone’s face all the time.” So much this!!! People are always thrilled when their fave actors come back after taking some time off. They should use that in their favor.

    • Mummsie says:

      well, if you are white, male, and straight, you certainly have the option to disappear for a while and get anger management, go to rehab or rescue kittens for a year…

    • Mee says:

      Yeah Nicole Kidman needs to take a break too. She’s been in a lot the last few years. I used to look forward to her work, but after The Undoing I actively avoid it now.

  4. Truthiness says:

    Glad he is referring to Simone Biles’ inspiring strength and accurate assessment of the risks involved. A lot of people had morally reprehensible takes during the Olympics.

  5. Krista says:

    Can’t argue with the man… look, if I could, I’d be taking holiday from work because it’s stressful. We all need a break, especially when our work is our passion (as mine is… teacher here) and it’s something we throw our whole selves into. I’m learning boundaries this year (14 years in and just learning to prioritize this… worked overseas for awhile and learned that work/life balance can happen and the pandemic reminded me of that).

    He also spoke about the text meme of him going around. Admitted he was texting friends… but then stayed quiet on the topic. Didn’t insert his two cents and said everything that needed to be said had been said and he didn’t feel it was his place to speak on the matter. I appreciated that. We don’t need to hear your thoughts on everything and every topic just because you have a platform and audience. I like that he sits back and is able to be an active listener when the time warrants but is able to support and recognize/use the privilege and position he has (and doesn’t take it for granted).

  6. JFerber says:

    It’s so rare to for a man to express admiration for a woman (who is not directly in his life). As a teacher, I always noticed boys would mostly talk about men being their heroes. It was the girls who talked about women heroes, as well as men. I really thought he was excellent in The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Surprised he wasn’t nominated for that role, though I know he was nominated for another one. I wish him rest and peace of mind.

  7. AnneL says:

    He’s so gifted. I read UTBOH and I didn’t know they were making a show out of it. I’m looking forward to that. It’s not as good as Krakauer’s first book that I read, “Into Thin Air,” but it’s still quite good.

  8. Swordspoint says:

    I always enjoy reading his interviews; he always seems like he’s thought about issues on more than a superificial level, and expresses his thoughts well.