Suzanne Somers’ anti-chemo book questioned by American Cancer Society


Suzanne Somers is promoting an incredibly dangerous message according to many medical professionals and the American Cancer Society. In her latest book she argues that chemotherapy does not work for most cancers and that patients should turn to alternative medicine instead. This is something she’s believed for a long time – when she had breast cancer ten years ago, she chose to undergo radiation along with a lumpectomy. Since she’s doing okay, that’s evidence to Somers that chemotherapy is unnecessary for breast cancer. She also recently said that chemo killed Patrick Swayze, not pancreatic cancer.

Somers has some very extreme views on the lengths she’ll go to in order to remain looking and feeling young and healthy. She messes around with complex bioidentical hormones and pops over 60 pills a day. In January she was on Oprah espousing her ideals, and frankly she came off as a whack job. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt at the time, but in hindsight I should not have. She’s careful about phrasing things in terms of “this is just what I think I should do, you have to make your own choice,” but saying things like chemo kills, not cancer, shows that’s not what she really believes.

And health professionals are saying she’s downright dangerous. Here are some excerpts from the Huffington Post’s article about Somers’ medical advice.

Suzanne Somers is at it again. Less than a year after the former sitcom actress frustrated mainstream doctors (and cheered some fans) by touting bioidentical hormones on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” she’s back with a new book. This one’s on an even more emotional topic: Cancer treatment. Specifically, she argues against what she sees as the vast and often pointless use of chemotherapy.

Somers, who has rejected chemo herself, seems to relish the fight. “Cancer’s an epidemic,” said the 63-year-old actress in an interview in a Manhattan hotel a day before Tuesday’s release of “Knockout,” her 19th book. “And yet we keep going back to the same old pot, because it’s all we’ve got. Well, this is a book about options. “I’m ‘us’,” Somers adds. “I’m not them. I’ve been on the other side of the bed. And it’s powerful to have information.” The American Cancer Society is concerned.

“I am very afraid that people are going to listen to her message and follow what she says and be harmed by it,” says Dr. Otis Brawley, the organization’s chief medical officer. “We use current treatments because they’ve been proven to prolong life. They’ve gone through a logical, scientific method of evaluation. I don’t know if Suzanne Somers even knows there IS a logical, scientific method.”

More broadly, Brawley is concerned that in the United States, celebrities or sports stars feel they can use their fame to dispense medical advice. “There’s a tendency to oversimplify medical messages,” he says. “Well, oversimplification can kill.”

…Somers is now hoping for a return invitation to Winfrey’s hugely influential stage to discuss her cancer book. Her theories on chemotherapy did get one bit of attention she could have done without, though: The actress had to apologize recently when her offhand comment that chemo had likely killed actor Patrick Swayze, rather than his pancreatic cancer, made tabloid headlines. “I shouldn’t have said anything,” Somers says now. “I apologized to his family. But she adds: “We all know that chemotherapy does nothing for pancreatic cancer.”

…One criticism sure to come up with Somers’ cancer book is its reliance on several doctors who have controversial histories, including Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski in Houston, who has devised his own alternative cancer treatments and has had protracted legal battles with the FDA. But Somers defends him passionately, as she does the other doctors interviewed in her book. As for herself, she says, she is at ease with her role as celebrity health guru… “Celebrities are easy to pick on,” Somers says. “But I don’t have an agenda. I’m just a passionate lay person. And I’m using my celebrity to do something good for people.”

[From the Huffington Post]

Suzanne Somers obviously has the right to choose her own medical care, and she’s got the right to say whatever she wants about her beliefs. But because they’re potentially dangerous, it’s just as important to remember that the American Cancer Society and doctors and journalists have just as much of a right and responsibility to point out that experts disagree. They’re not calling for her silence. They’re saying she’s wrong, and that she’s putting out confusing information. We all know Suzanne Somers is not a doctor. But holy hell, I even felt myself someone swayed when watching her Oprah interview.

I have an aunt who was diagnosed with untreatable breast cancer two and a half years ago. The doctors said there was no point in giving her any sort of treatment and she had a month or two left to live. Because she had no other options, she started seeing a well-respected naturopath. Not because she chose to forgo traditional treatment options, but because she was told by every professional she saw that those options would not work for her. And she’s still alive today. There are two sides to the debate, but stories like this are beautiful miracles – and rare. Suzanne should consider herself lucky, but not necessarily consider herself science.

Here’s Suzanne and Pam Anderson out and about in Malibu on August 16th. Images thanks to .

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  1. rzrlvr says:

    Wow. Suzanne and Pamela in that third picture. i wonder if anyone ever warned them about prolonged exposure to tanning and bleaching? I have hopes that whoever has to fight with this horrible disease researches the possible treatments and takes steps to help themselves. Not rely on some sitcom/health equipment self proclaimed “guru” for fighting the battle for their life.

  2. Sigh. says:

    I think her “victory” can also be attributed to EARLY DETECTION and previous healthy living, which is always a good platform for healing/recovery, not just the lack of chemo.

    I see her foreward is by an MD. I wonder what he has to say…if he agrees with her, it would lend more credence to the argument if the DOCTOR wrote the book, and she the foreword.

  3. barneslr says:

    Most doctors currently practice what is called evidence-based medicine. That means that they base their recommended treatments on what has been well documented to work for other patients, not just on their own experience but on the experience of other physicians. It’s been a positive trend in medicine for the past several years.

    That being said, Somers is a moron. The evidence is there and it is irrefutable. Chemotherapy is a horrible thing and it is difficult for patients, but it often DOES work at either saving or extending lives. Doctors are not sadists and they want their patients to live and to be healthy. It’s unfortunate that some cancers don’t respond to the treatments, but that’s not the fault of the MDs; they are using the best tools they have available right now. I guarantee if the methods Somers recommends actually worked, they would be commonly used. I think she’s a whacko and I hope no one actually takes her ideas seriously. She’s dangerous.

  4. Sumodo says:

    @rzrlvr Yeah! Bleach, tanning, fake nails, implants — all conducive to cancer. But, advice on medical protocol from somebody who barely finished high school due to bad choices? SHUT UP, SUZANNE.

  5. Rosalee says:

    I am beginning to believe that she wasn’t acting in Three’s Company.

  6. Juruz says:

    My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, a very aggressive type that is often well hidden(Her doctors almost missed it and had she not been so persistant she would not have been diagnosed). Because of this she had to go through chemo every two weeks instead of the usual three. And I’m happy to say that today she is officially tumor free and they’re almost ready to say she’s in complete remission.

    So clearly chemo, while unpleasant, works.

    I guess what I’m saying is she needs to stfu!

  7. valerie says:

    peole just need to think for themselves….if chemotherapy wont save you from cancer, and it doesnt always do, whats the harm in trying something else? why is it “dangerous” to try new things? i don’t get it

  8. T says:

    Suzanne doesn’t have to be a doctor to learn the truth about health. All you have to do is look at the research to see that chemo and radiation do way more harm that good. Anyone who doubts this should read a couple books by Ralph Moss. Start with ‘The Cancer Industry’. Watch the documentary ‘Beatiful Truth’ about the Gerson Therapy which has cured many patients sent home to die. Just educate yourself and be your own best health advocate. You know, the one thing that really makes me believe that holistic health is the way to go when it comes to progressive diseases such as cancer is this one very important fact – SUGAR FEEDS CANCER. Yet the cancer doctors never bother to tell a patient to cut all sugar and refined foods from the diet. My father in law had prostate cancer and was so sick from chemo that he was having a hard time keeping food down and his doctor suggested ice cream smoothies. Are you freakin kidding? SUGAR FEEDS CANCER – it’s a FACT.

  9. T says:

    The documentary is called “The Beautiful Truth”. And btw, my father in law died 4 weeks into his chemo treatment.

  10. MTGirl says:

    I know some chemo survivors, and the fact that their quality of life significantly decreased after beginning treatment and never got up to the pre-treatment levels is something to remember.

    My mom is only 65, but she has already told me that if she gets cancer she is not going to put up with the expense and sickness that comes with chemo. Period.

    Personally, I think chemo will be the equivalent of when they did bleeding in the dark ages. Some day people will realize that 10 years of being sick for $29k will no be equal to 5 years of good health and happiness for free.

  11. Alex says:

    lol yeah T – I’m going to put all my trust in ONE guy (Ralph Moss) who’s PhD is in Classics and not remotely medically related *snort*

  12. Firestarter says:

    Everyone has their opinion on the subject. There is no wrong or right answer to the problem, the key lies in the individual person, their attitude, their choice of treatment, and many other factors. What works for some people may not work for others. That is why second and third opinions are important along with research and deciding what is best avenue for that particular patient.

  13. Juice In LA says:

    Its such a horrific and emotional disease which undoubtedly has touched someone in all of our lives. I have two stories.

    My beloved and young (54) smoke free healthy athletic uncle who went through aggressive radiation and chemo (at same time) was diagnosed afterwards as cancer free, only to pass away a year later when the cancer came back.

    I also have a friend whose elderly mother was diagnosed with cancer and given 3 months to live in early 2004. She resorted to holistic remedies and treatments and is with us and healthy to this day. She saw her daughter’s wedding day and the birth of her first grand baby.

    The real trouble isn’t Suzanne Somers, its that there is no absolute cure for cancer and sometimes chemo/radiation doesn’t work, though many times it does. Each person/family confronted with this terrible disease needs to make their own decisions, and my feeling is they should have as much information at their disposal as possible.

    If I ever find myself diagnosed with the Big C, I will be finding out exactly what my friends mom is doing as well as weigh the pros and cons of standard medical treatments.

  14. Sumodo says:

    @MTGirl My best friend from high school had kidney cancer and one year of excruciating chemo. She wasted away and died in pain. Another close friend had adult leukemia and a year of scary, hurtful treatments and xrays that burned her lungs so she died. If diagnosed with something as hard to treat as my pals, I will sell everything I own and go on a year-long cruise. See the world, not the inside of a hospital room, you know? Their pain was horrible, and the outcome nil.

  15. Moogirl says:

    My mother recently completed her chemotherapy cycle for mid/advance stage breast cancer. She is now in radiation therapy for 8 weeks. The chemo treatment was bad – it was painful and difficult, but she lived through it and I honestly believe that modern medicine has given her the best shot she is going to get at fighting her cancer.

    My mom recently saw the interview and articles about Somer’s message. She is now confused and does not know who to trust. Doubting her doctors and wondering if she is doing the right thing has wrecked more emotional pain and damage on her heath than the four months of chemo.

    I have a healthy respect for naturopathic medicine. But alternative treatment options need to be heard from objective experts who have patient’s best interests at heart, not a bleach blonde whacko who want to push her own agenda without thought to those who might see her unproven conjecture as fact.

  16. KateNonymous says:

    1) If you don’t treat your cancer, the cancer may kill you.

    2) If you do treat your cancer, the treatment may not work. That’s not the same as being killed by the treatment.

    3) Different cancers respond to different treatments. The fact that a particular treatment worked for Somers doesn’t mean that a different treatment will kill everyone else.

    4) Alternative treatments may work for some people on some conditions. That doesn’t mean they’ll work for everyone all the time.

    Do your research, and use your best judgment based on your circumstances. Celebrity endorsements, though, are not a basis for decision-making.

    And finally, JayBird, I’m glad that your aunt is doing well!

  17. snowball says:

    Somers is just batshit crazy. She’s as much a zealot about this “no chemo” stuff as Tom Cruise is about post-partum depression.

    Why is there no in-between? There’s no reason that you can’t do chemo and enhance it with naturopathic methods too. Isn’t that what those “cancer treatments” centers do?

  18. Whoa Baby! says:

    Go Suzanne!
    There are no long term success stories with Chemo FACT!
    Chemo ruins every organ, permanently, Radiation spreads the cancer. People’s cancer returns within 5 years 90% of the time. If the cancer returns after 5 years and you die (which people do, because the body cannot handle a second bout of chemo treatment), you are still classed as CURED on the cancer statistics! The cancer industry is worth billions of dollars, if we were all healthy, there would be no cancer industry. So who profits?
    Suzanne is spot on! 75% of oncologists surveyed would never under go their own treatment or allow a loved one to under go it. What does that tell you?

  19. original kate says:

    maybe the AMA should focus on prevention, but as the medical industry only makes money from sick people, that won’t happen. i am no fan of the AMA, or of chemo, but if i had cancer the last person i’d listen to is suzanne somers.

  20. crash2GO2 says:

    “@rzrlvr Yeah! Bleach, tanning, fake nails, implants — all conducive to cancer.”

    Tanning, OK. But how about some links directing us to research on the others?

    “Suzanne doesn’t have to be a doctor to learn the truth about health. All you have to do is look at the research to see that chemo and radiation do way more harm that good. Anyone who doubts this should read a couple books by Ralph Moss. Start with ‘The Cancer Industry’. Watch the documentary ‘Beatiful Truth’ about the Gerson Therapy which has cured many patients sent home to die. Just educate yourself and be your own best health advocate.”

    Reading a couple of books and watching a documentary are not educating yourself. Delve into MedLine if you are interested in research rather that opinions.

  21. sarah says:

    I’d like to know where a lot of you get your statistics. It’s easy to just say something and expect others to take it as fact when you have no sources to back it up.

  22. QB says:

    Radiation and the lumpectomy is what probably saved her life.

    The last person who I would listen for medica advice is Suzanne Somer or anyone who takes 60 pills a day. If she knows so much , she should know that your body haves a really complex balance and if you alter it by adding extra hormones or any other substance it can have negative consequence , maybe that wat mess up her face.

    Each person should go to their doctor and consider their options , chemo is not easy but it haves prolonged the live of many people. Is good to try alternative medicine but you should not abandon your other treatment. This alternative treatment are not to work.

  23. Petra X says:

    Whoa Baby – could you give me a link to the oncologist’s survey?

  24. Jill says:

    All I can say is: READ KNOCKOUT and then please come back and let us know what you think. Don’t judge Suzanne before you read her book. I think it is a wonderfully researched, collection of OPTIONS – something cancer patients have not have access to before.

  25. Tawny says:

    As an RN, I’ve seen many patients die after they received all the conventional cancer treatments.

    The truth is that chemo DOES NOT work for all cancers, even though it’s prescribed for all. It is effective for some types only.

    My grandmother in her 50s had cancer and refused radiation and chemo. She had a radical mastectomy. She lived to be 100.

    The point: every cancer is different. You must educate yourself and find out what will/will not work for your type and stage of cancer. Don’t blindly take your doctor’s advice.

    Ms. Somers is more right than she is wrong about cancer.

  26. Guest says:

    good for her…& to each his own.

  27. MomInNH says:

    I was diagnosed with stage 2-3 invasive Cervical Cancer at the age of 23. Chemo SAVED MY LIFE! Not herbs or taking a magical 60 pills a day. Not drinking some magical tea… Chemo. Trust me, I heard all kinds of homeopathic remedies being tossed at me, and I admit.. I tried some of them. But ended up feeling sicker and sicker.

    After the complete and utter failure of homeopathic “medicines”, I had several surgeries and procedures done, as well as radiation and chemo. Guess when the Cancer disappeared? You got it, not until after Chemo. More than 10 years later and I am STILL Cancer free.

    Hate to break it to you, Whoababy, but I belong to an entire group of 60+ women who survived the same Cancer that I did, through Chemo. Sadly I could recount for you many incidences of friends who refused Chemo and decided that they could beat Cancer just by following some ridiculous notion that no sugar/refined foods in conjunction with herbal remedies would somehow mysteriously cure them. And you know what? EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM IS DEAD!

    Not those of us who listened to our Dr’s and oncologists… the ones who did the same crap that SS is trotting out in her new book to make money off of the suffering of others? They are the people who on their death beds were telling everyone that they wished they’d undergone the Chemo!

  28. Vibius says:

    Thank god for celebs like her and Jenny McCarthy. With them, who needs doctors?


  29. crash2GO2 says:

    Whoa Baby, I’d like to see a link to that survey as well, thanks.

    Jill, why should I spend good money on a celebrity’s opinion book about cancer treatments? She is well intitled to her opinions and choices when it comes to her own treatment. But she doesn’t present any wonderfully researched material. She presents anecdotal evidence – people’s stories. And while that’s interesting, it isn’t research. And if she touts any of it as research, she is mistaken and maybe even lying. I am giving her the benefit of the doubt when I say she is probably mistaken, because unless you have a background in some kind of research science, you probably don’t know what good research is. It’s just a shame that people will die because they read her book, and are too uninformed to be able to make a good decision.

  30. TwinkleToes says:

    People, please provide links so we can comment. Jaybird, tell us more about the type of dr. your aunt went to see. Find out all you can and do a follow up piece, PLEASE! It can take the place of a speidi or kardashian article. Please!

  31. andrea says:

    celebrities are easy to pick on because, objectively speaking, truly a large percentage of them are either not very bright or educated, or just plain nuts. i’ll take suzanne freaking somers’s advice on cancer treatment seriously the same day i’ll take tom cruise’s views on mental illness seriously. NEVER.

  32. t says:

    Like Q said…Suzanne had radiation and surgery in addition to her natural treatments. How does she know it wasn’t the surgery/radiation that saved her..or at least contributed to the natural stuff saving her? If she really wants to help people she should be very clear that she had surgery and radiation too.

  33. Whoa Baby! says:

    Get onto Natural Health News run by Mike Adams. The surveys are all there, the information is all there. Everyday they mention Cancer and the evil Cancer industry. The New England Journal of Medicine conducted the survey of Oncologists. Cancer is a chronic eating disorder, just like Diabetes. Chemo and radiation will not help you, if you do not change your terrible eating habits. Also you need Vitamin D, which your skin makes, once in contact with direct sunlight. Do you think it’s a coincidence that Cancer has never been more rife. Who goes into the sun? People smear themselves with sunscreen, wear sunglasses, cover up and yet Cancer is only getting worse. Put a plant into a dark room, how does it do? The Medical Establishment sold their souls for profit a long time ago. Your health should be something you take on and learn about yourself. Doctors only became Doctors by reading, studying. I work in a Library. Knowledge will save you, listening to the Doc’s will do anything but that. The truth hurts, but that’s the way it has become. The Amish people, do not get Cancer, they do not have Autism amongst their children. They eat the way we all used to eat and they DO NOT immunise or pollute their systems either. This is also FACT!

  34. Whoa Baby! says:

    Hey even Tom Cruise is right to a point. Psychiatry is evil.
    Hell till not long ago they used to lobotomise children. Today ADHD kiddies are prescribed Ritallin. Ritallin is synthetic Cocaine. You have 7 years olds trying to commit suicide. This is modern psychiatry. Nothings changed, it’s still terrible.

  35. GatsbyGal says:

    Suzanne Somers thinks chemo is poison, but she sees nothing wrong in taking 60 pills in one day? She’s a hypocrite, and she should stop believing herself to be an authority on cancer just because she survived it. I’ve had my wisdom teeth out, does that mean I can write books about dental surgery now?

  36. Cat says:

    Well Whoa Baby, I have to say I am offended at your blanket statements bashing the entire medical industry.
    I suffer from depression and take drugs. I have known so many kind, caring professional people in the medical industry that have gone out of their way to help me. I’m offened on their and my behalf. How dare you say psychiatry is evil?
    And ‘cancer is a chronic eating disorder’? WTF???? If your prejudiced assumptions hadn’t already convinced me you were ignorant, that would have done it. There’s so much wrong with what you’re saying I wouldn’t know where to start.

  37. Nicole says:

    Whoa Baby, where’s all the evidence to back up your so-called “FACTS”? You tell people to do research and explore their options. Fine, that’s all well and good.

    But then you say, “Knowledge will save you, listening to the Doc’s will do anything but that”. I’m sorry, but if I’m going to take anybody’s advice for my health, it’s NOT going to be a random librarian on a celebrity gossip site! I’ll listen to my kind, caring, well-educated doctor, who has several degrees and years of experience in medicine.

    And Cat has pretty much summed up everything that I wanted to say about psychiatry. Except that it’s a practice which has provided relief and hope to many people around the world, including myself and my father.
    If it weren’t for psychiatry, my dad would be self-medicating with alcohol and drugs to deal with his severe schizophrenia. It saved his life and my family. Words can’t describe how happy I am to have my dad back to his true self; as the warm, optimistic man who loves his family.

  38. embertine says:

    Somers claims to have cured her cancer by alternative medicine. I guess the lumpectomy and full course of radiotherapy had nothing to do with it? Idiot. Dangerous idiot.

  39. Dani says:

    When I read WhoaBabys comment about “the Amish don’t have cancer or austism” I literally laughed out loud.

    My amish friend has breast cancer, and it runs in her family.

    Maybe you two should meet.

    Cancer isn’t caused by food, and it doesn’t discriminate just because you’re Amish. You HONESTLY believe that cancer is like “you know, I’d really love to infect this person, but I hear she’s amish, so I guess I have to leave her alone?”

    And doctors dont become doctors just by studying and reading. It’s years of hands on experience with real patients with real diseases, something you, as a librarian, don’t have and have no clue about. The fact that you said cancer doesn’t attack amish people proves it.

    If you want to believe in natural treatment, fine. If you want to believe in chemo, fine. It’s everyones right to choose the treatment they want. But to sit there and spout “facts” that you make up as you go along is just absolutely ridiculous.

    Also hilarious.

  40. jen says:

    whoa baby,
    please do not give out “advice” regarding cancer – or even anything health related for that manner. It is naive and ignorant that you think your leisurely readings at the library makes you more certified than a professional medical practitioner. The fact that you think cancer is an “eating disorder” really does nothing to convince us that you know what you’re talking about. Did you get that handy peice of info from one of the health food websites you advocated for above?
    Decades of scientific research has proven that its a combination of lifestyle AND genetic factors. Any person who gets photographed regularly can get a book deal these days, and the opportunistic maggot that is SS should be incarcerated for making money off victims diagnosed of cancer

  41. barneslr says:

    Whoa Baby, your statements are so incredibly stupid that I cannot believe that you actually mean them. You cannot possibly be serious. Admit it…you are just making those idiotic comments to pull everyone’s chain, aren’t you? Because honestly, if you really do believe those things then you are a total and complete crackpot.

  42. Firestarter says:

    Whoa Baby- All I can say is WHOA! *shakes head*

  43. Gladdy says:

    The best thing you can do if you are diagnosed with cancer is work in tandem with an oncologist and a naturopath. My best friend was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma five years ago. She’s a vegetarian, exercises, doesn’t smoke, rarely drinks and lives a very healthy lifestyle. She did chemo but also worked with her naturopath on diet modifications, took certain vitamins and herbs to strengthen her immune system, and came through it with flying colours. Her oncologist said he’d never seen anyone come through chemo as well as she did and she only missed one day of work a week. She hardly lost any hair and didn’t look sick. The point is you shouldn’t take your advice from Ms. Somers, as she’s NOT a naturopath and just gleans information from a number of sources. BTW, you should see her in person – scary, she’s so bleached, tanned, over-made up, face-lifted and dermabraded she looks like a halloween mask. And is dumb as a box of rocks when she speaks.

  44. clavier arab says:

    I am beginning to believe that she wasn’t acting in Three’s Company.

  45. clavier arab says:

    I am beginning to believe that she wasn’t acting in Three’s Company ..

  46. crash2GO2 says:

    Whoa Baby: You say you are a librarian – surely you have heard of Medline? I think you are a troll. But just in case, here you go:

    BACKGROUND: The Amish have not been previously studied for cancer incidence, yet they have the potential to help in the understanding of its environmental and genetic contributions. The purpose of this study was to estimate the incidence of cancer among the largest Amish population. METHODS: Adults from randomly selected households were interviewed and a detailed cancer family history was taken. Using both the household interview data and a search of the Ohio cancer registry data, a total of 191 cancer cases were identified between the years 1996 and 2003. RESULTS: The age-adjusted cancer incidence rate for all cancers among the Amish adults was 60% of the age-adjusted adult rate in Ohio (389.5/10(5) vs. 646.9/10(5); p < 0.0001). The incidence rate for tobacco-related cancers in the Amish was 37% of the rate for Ohio adults (p < 0.0001). The incidence rate for non-tobacco-related cancers in the Amish was 72% of the age-adjusted adult rate in Ohio (p = 0.0001). CONCLUSION: Cancer incidence is low in the Ohio Amish. These data strongly support reduction of cancer incidence by tobacco abstinence but cannot be explained solely on this basis. Understanding these contributions may help to identify additional important factors to target to reduce cancer among the non-Amish.

    Low cancer incidence rates in Ohio Amish. [Cancer Causes Control. 2009] – PubMed Result. (n.d.). . Retrieved October 22, 2009, from

    Gene associated with seizures, autism, and hepatomegaly in an Amish girl.
    Jackman C, Horn ND, Molleston JP, Sokol DK.

    Department of Neurology, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

    A genetic defect causing autism and epilepsy involving the contactin associated protein-like 2 gene (CNTNAP2) has been discovered in a selected cohort of Amish children. These children were found to have focal seizures and autistic regression. Surgical biopsy of the anterior temporal lobe of two such children revealed cortical dysplasia and a single nucleotide polymorphism mutation of this gene. The present case is that of a related but geographically distant proband with a similar phenotype but a single-base-pair deletion in the CNTNAP2 gene. This patient exhibited the additional features of periventricular leukomalacia and hepatomegaly.

    Gene associated with seizures, autism, and hepatom…[Pediatr Neurol. 2009] – PubMed Result. (n.d.). . Retrieved October 22, 2009, from

  47. T says:

    Alex – I never said Ralph Moss was a doctor and I didn’t say to put your trust in him alone. He writes about thngs that people should know BEFORE they decide on a treatment. Information is power and people need to be their own best health advocate.

    Lets use logic here… Cancer is not caused by a chemo or radiation deficiency in your body. It’s caused by years of poor diet and nutrtion and the environment with a genetic factor thrown in (that can be negated with good diet and propert nutrition and controlling your environement as much as possible. Statistics show that nearly 100% of us under the age of 40 will have some form of cancer in our lifetime so everyone should educate themselves.

    Always remember that ‘response rate’ has nothing at all to do with a cure. Doctors are taught to present treatments with certain verbiage and if you don’t know which questions to ask you will assume incorrectly that it is a cure rate or survival rate (most patients are fast-tracked into treatment without much time to research alternatives). When a doctor says that a response rate is a certain percentage he is only referring to the shrinkage of the tumor. When it comes to chemo and radiation, the amount of destruction to the immune system is enormous! It kills way more healthy cells than cancerous cells and in 95% of cases it does NOT extend your life and yet it will destroy the quality of the time you have left! Do your homework before you decide on these procedures!

    “Repeatability” is a very important word to remember concerning labs and testing! Many labs do split sample tests to check lab repeatability.

    Surgery is different. If a tumor can be removed it will help the immune system improve. The surgery will be taxing on the body but ultimately it is better to get rid of the tumor and allow the body to recover from surgery and the immune system will quickly improve with the help of diet and supplements.

    BIOPSY IS NOT A GOOD PROCEDURE! There are many top cancer researchers and surgeons who would never allow a biopsy to be done on them or their family. A biopsy could cause the cancer to mastethsize throughout the whole body. When your immune system is focused on a tumor and you slice into it without removing it – it will send your immune system into a tailspin and possibly spread the cancer. A needle biopsy is even worse because it can and will spread the cancerous cells. A study in Germany has showed that cancer patients that did not have biopsies have a much better chance of recovery and survival.

    The term ‘Alternative’ with regards to health treatments is just absurd. It’s termed so because it’s alternative to the ‘norm’ of our country today which is big pharmaceutical companies making big bucks off of every little ailment. How much of the US population do you think is on medication of some sort? It’s all about money! Do you know that it’s against the law in some states for a cancer doctor to even suggest a natural supplement to help with treatment? Why? Every drug causes side effects or health problems which require more drugs.

  48. nanster says:

    Thank you, Firestarter, for your reasonable and logical thoughts on this subject. Everyone is different, every cancer case is different and “one cure will never fit all”.

  49. Cheekemunkey says:

    Health is a personal matter. You cannot lead someone to knowledge or make them change their lifestyle if they don’t want to, or to make them question allopathic medicine. I think we all get that.

    But saying that, didn’t this post run about a month ago with the same type of readers’ responses?

    Is celebitchy running this again to incite people?

  50. T says:

    Cheekemunke – are you kidding?? You can definitely lead someone to knowledge and that will hopefully give them the will and courage to change their lifestlye.

  51. Cheekemunkey says:

    T – I wish this were true, but how many people still smoke, drink in excess, don’t exercise, are obese, use polyunsaturated oils, etc etc, when even the mainstream media tells us otherwise.

    The point I was making was to say that people have to WANT to change. And by the comments on this site, most people are still supportive of allopathic medicine (give me pills/chemicals, and cut out the diseased part).

    Cancer cannot occur if your immune system is healthy, you follow a healthy diet (read: no sugar or processed foods, alkaline pH), you have reduced your body’s toxic burden (inc. detox from heavy metals and pesticides) and you are emotionally and mentally well balanced. This isn`t based on Suzanne Somer`s book, but on my 20 yrs+ experience as a PhD prepared healthcare provider.

    I sincerely wish the best to everyone on their personal journey to health. And if you`re interested in more information, have a look at Thomas Cowen`s book, The Fourfold Path to Healing.

  52. Cat says:

    I don’t know, Cheekemunke. It seems like that statement would just instill a guilt complex in cancer patients, ie what did I do wrong to deserve this. I don’t know how helpful it is to say that living a perfect life will save one from cancer.

  53. cheekemunkey says:

    This isn’t about the blame-game, Cat.

    My original comment was about people not wanting to change or lead a healthy lifestyle despite the knowledge being available.

    My second comment included information about how to minimize or eliminate the risk of getting cancer. Information that is readily available to everyone (if you are looking for it).

    The role of Allopathic medicine (conventional healthcare) is to prescribe medication to treat the symptoms of illness, or perform surgery. That is it. Their role is not to cure or find the root cause of your problems.

    Natural healing is something anyone can do to improve their health and avoid illness. There is no money to be made. There is no industry.

    Think about it.

    Now that said, if a patient arrived at a doctor’s office with lung cancer, wouldn’t she (the MD) be obliged to advise the patient to stop smoking? Are they worried about guilt or blame?

  54. crash2GO2 says:

    “The role of Allopathic medicine (conventional healthcare) is to prescribe medication to treat the symptoms of illness, or perform surgery. That is it. Their role is not to cure or find the root cause of your problems.”

    This is so untrue! There are countless therapeutics that have been developed that address the root of diseases. Retinoids and gene therapies come immediately to mind. These are therapies that address issues at the level of DNA – inherited genetic mutations. How much more ‘rooted’ can you get than that?

  55. T says:

    I totally agree with this statement:
    “The role of Allopathic medicine (conventional healthcare) is to prescribe medication to treat the symptoms of illness, or perform surgery. That is it. Their role is not to cure or find the root cause of your problems.”

    Sure, there are acceptions but for the most part it’s how your family doctor provides care. What does he/she do if you have high blood pressure? Well, instead of checking mineral levels or other simple tests to find the problem – they write a script and send you home. Cholesterol? Same thing although cholesterol is natural and if the body is producing too much – there is a REASON! That reason is not because you’re deficient in a statin drug that WILL cause problems. Cold? Flu? Upset stomach? Script. Script. Script. Script. Script. Can’t sleep? Script (that will give you even more problems.) Chronic indigestion – Script (even though a very small percentage of people have too much acid – most of us have too little and that is the problem). Scrips for everything!

  56. cheekemunkey says:

    crash2GO2 wrote: There are countless therapeutics that have been developed that address the root of diseases. Retinoids and gene therapies come immediately to mind. These are therapies that address issues at the level of DNA – inherited genetic mutations.

    First of all, Retinoid is a chemical compound related to Vit A. If you eat a healthy diet you would be getting enough vit A and wouldn’t need a script for a patented product! (sources: raw dairy products from a PASTURE RAISED cow and fermented cod liver oil), otherwise you can take natural supplements. Most beef and dairy products originate from industrial farms which feed cattle grain – not their natural food source – and never let them outside. As a result, they become acidic and pass this acidity on to the people who eat their products.

    As far as ‘gene therapy’ goes, I would be very interested to know how has it helped you? Do you realize that toxins and nutritional deficiencies cause gene mutations which, although are not inherited from your parents, can be passed on through your genes to countless future generations (aka transgenetics).

    While we’re on the topic, here’s an excellent video on vaccinations (you might want to pay attention to the history of the vaccine theory, which is over 200 years old – from a time when allopathic physicians still believed in bleeding people and using mercury ointment – and is based on the case study of one 8 yr old child who was injected several times with cowpox and eventually died of related complications).

  57. Double Standards says:

    We have a ratio of 1 in 2 of us getting cancer in the future. The Amish very rare. Our autism rates are diabolical, the amish’s very rare. Instead of bagging people that are more right than you may think, read because it just may help you. Don’t be ignorant. Doctors kill more people worlwide with prescription medication, than deaths from illegal drugs, that’s a fact guys. You can attack and sugar coat things as much as you like, but mainstream medicine is all about profit and keeping you medicated for life.
    Psychiatry…glad to hear it helps some out there, because it also ruins a hell of a lot of lives too. You have many, many valid points whoa baby.You can tell you are well read, keep it up.

  58. Double Standards says:

    Book to read; Medical Murder.
    Movie to watch; Changeling (an accurate history of psychiatry)

  59. Whoa Baby says:

    Man, why the nastiness?
    I thought this was a decent discussion forum, a debate, just a chat.
    What’s with the name calling and nastiness?
    What are we 3?
    Not classy, at all.
    And, you know, if we were all so sure of everything medicine…Why is a majority of the world rejecting the swine flu vaccine? Why is the German government removing mercury and squalene oil (the poisons) from that vaccine, to clean it up for the military, before they receive it? Why don’t us ordinary folk….get that?
    I eagerly read all of you opinions, with no offence. Life is so much nicer without that huge effort it takes, to be angry. Breathe n bloody relax. Peace x

  60. Whoa Baby says:

    Another thing….Suzanne one of yours, she’s a Yank. We are listening to her, we have noticed her, she is a smart, classy gal, who the world is listening to. You should be proud of her, because there are a growing number of people, that have her same story. Don’t crap on your own, cos we like her.
    And, a ;life is a life, if she helps somebody, she’s ok. I am sure, if you sat n heard her story, had a coffee with the woman, you’d walk away, liking her and what she is doing.

  61. Judy says:

    I have have had 9 of my brothers and sisters die of some form if cancer. Some went Suzanes route and others did the chemo. Sorry to say they all died.
    It depends on the cancer and how far gone it is before they find it. Also your life style before and after. 2 of my siblings never ate sugar were vegans and so on yet they still got the cancer and my brother who never smoke in his life died fromm lunhg cancer and he was not exposed to 2nd hand smoke because he was allergis to smoke. SO cancer is a killer and ikf caught soon enough maybe they can cure it. That is the lon and short of it. There is no magic cure for anything, but she is making people believe that there is and that the should not folow a doctors advice. This is what they are talking about. SHre is not a doctor and her cancer was caught very very early.

  62. Cat says:

    “Natural healing is something anyone can do to improve their health and avoid illness. There is no money to be made. There is no industry.
    Think about it.”

    This is somewhat untrue. Think of all the products out there claiming to be ‘organic’ or ‘free-range’ or ‘natural source of antioxidants’. Commercialism plays on fears of oncoming disease and makes billions off of it.
    And really, I think some of you are missing the point. I believe in natural medicine, but I also am thankful we have chemo and radiation as an option. If I get sick, I will use both traditional medicine AND natural therapy to help. Some of you seem to hate traditional medicine and do not give it due respect. It has saved lives and cured people. I am very, very grateful to be living in this day and age where we have such wonderful technology. I’m glad I will have many medical options should I fall ill. Rarely do we hear of someone being told NOT to use natural remedies; the general concensus seems to be in favor of using both in conjunction with the other.

  63. Cat says:

    Sorry one more thing: I’d like to see the study Double Standard mentioned about how prescription drugs kill more people than illegal drugs. I think there’s something missing there: were the people taking medicine already ill? And did they die of the preexisting condition? If so, it’s not the actual medicine that killed them, it’s the disease. There’s a difference. It’s like saying chemo kills a person: no, the cancer did. It’s very hard to prove that the person would have lived WITHOUT the prescription or chemo. Which may be true in some cases, but can never be properly proved, ie was the weakening of the body caused by cancer, or chemo? Perhaps only desperately ill patients take chemo, given what it does to your body, and they may have died anyway.
    It’s something to think about.

  64. Oncologist are Liars says:

    My wife had stage 4 cancer(Breast, Bone, Lung) and I’m going to make a long story short. During our journey, we have lost 27 friends that have taken chemotherapy and all are dead. Most within 12 months of the treatment were dead, with some being in pretty good health before treatment. Of the 27, 17 died of some other complication not related to cancer. Let’s get the facts straight folks, even though television is in the bad habit of always letting the public know, so and so is on chemotherapy like it’s standard protocol, Chemotherapy is not and never will be the cure for cancer. To cut through the chase, my wife changed her diet completely, even to the point of not only eating all raw food (No Meat), but also drinking raw vegetables. Believe me after drinking raw brocolli and spinach juice for three years, chemo would sound like a good alternative treatment and that’s the road everyone takes. Get to the clinic and get that chemo into you as quick as you can, that is what is embedded into every americans head in the United States, we love our spareribs and red bull and that has to continue. I once was close by a chemo room that was jammed packed with half dead patients and I overheard an oncologist tell a dying chemo sickened patient to just drink red bull or a monster if your energy level drops. Please, food for the cancer. I have yet to hear one oncologist suggest to us or any other patient to change their diet. Why change your diet when they have such an array of great cancer killing drugs, and yes radiation is so safe these days (Right). I have absolute positive SCIENTIFIC proof with my wifes PET SCAN and MRI she is cancer free from head to toe. The radiologist wrote on the report that my wife has responded well to her chemotherpy treatment and there is no signs of cancer. We have been laughing for years and showed it to at least 20 oncologist and they see no humor in it, because the truth of the matter is she has had no conventional treatment, NONE. The bottom line, Oncologist are no smarter than anyone that feels like writing a book. We have been kicked out of many clinics trying to help patients by giving them good nutritional information and it angers the Oncologist. If we stick to the foods that God put on this earth for us to eat at the beginning of life, our bodies would never get any kind of disease. IT IS THAT SIMPLE and to simple to believe. Good luck on your journey and please ask questions…….

  65. Danny says:

    As always. Just follow the money.
    It doesn’t surprise me at the attack being launched on Suzanne by the “experts”. They are not trained in nutrition so anything that falls outside of surgery, drugs or chemo is sure to make them uncomfortable.
    Chemo is a crap shoot at best!!!

  66. Shannon says:

    Brava to Suzanne Somers for her courage to bring the message of these doctors WHO ARE CURING CANCER to the dying public. Shame on the critics who espouse the death machine that the cancer industry has become by ridiculing those who would challenge it. If I or any of my family are ever diagnosed with cancer you can BET we will seek out one of these doctors and say ABSOLUTELY NOT to any conventional treatment.

  67. bill says:

    ooh, quoting the ACS makes no sense– in the 90’s it was discovered that ppl on ACS’s board of directors, also ran companies that produced carcinogens! what about DCA? why is a SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN and NON TOXIC CANCER TREATMENT ILLEGAL IN THE U.S. HMMMM…if you don’t believe in conspiracies just study aspartame’s approval.