Lisa Marie Presley: LA is shallow and I want to live in the cultured UK

Lisa Marie Presley and husband, Michael Lockwood, make their way to Annabels nightclub after celebrating the Duchess of York's 50th birthday
Lisa Marie Presley has a new interview with UK’s Hello! Magazine in which she shows off her adorable one year-old twin daughters, Finley and Harper. (We can’t publish the photos here but The Daily Mail has the main one.) She seems pretty jaded, which is how she usually sounds I guess. Presley says that she loves the UK where she’s temporarily living and would like to make her move to England permanent. She also talks about her love for her daughters and her pain after the death of her ex husband, Michael Jackson. I was going to type the interview in, but then I found that The Daily Mail has most of it, save for a few quotes I added, particularly one about how LA is shallow and so temperate that Presley just doesn’t trust it.

On her one year-old twin daughters
‘They both have such a sweetness about them that it breaks our heart.
‘We want desperately to preserve their purity, love and trust for as long as we can before people and life cause the inevitable souring and contamination.
‘It is incredible that we all start out so pure, so genuine, happy and trusting.

On how LA is too sunny and superficial
‘Ah yes, my dislike for L.A. The city has really gotten dramatically worse in the last five or six years, even more shallow, if that’s even possible. I find any place that is perpetually sunny suspect and wrong, anyway. I can honestly say that I am the only person who came to England for the weather! I love the cold and the rain. To answer your question, we have fallen in love with the UK and it is our hope to live here some day.’

On how much better England is than the US
‘We have found the quality of life so much more enriching and fulfilling. The civility, the culture, the people and its beauty have reawakened me and have smoothed out some of my bleak and jagged views about people and life.’

‘Only some though – ha ha!’

On how her husband helped her get through her grief at MJ’s death
‘There have been so many layers of grief in Michael’s death, so many different aspects and angles that have at times overwhelmed me, which I am still dealing with, to be honest.’

‘I am incredibly fortunate that I have an amazing husband who has been unbelievably understanding and supportive throughout the process. He has cried with me, he has left me alone to cry if that’s what I needed. I have never met a more selfless and supportive person.’

[From Hello! print edition, October 26, 2009, some quotes via The Daily Mail]

As someone who has been living abroad for four years, in my experience there’s no ideal place to live. You’ll miss things about the US if you move overseas and if you move back you’ll miss things about the place you used to call home. There are advantages and disadvantages to just about anywhere. Just because a place seems great when you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you’ll feel the same once you move there.

There’s also the old saying “wherever you go, there you are.” For someone with an outlook as bleak as Presley, that’s doubly true. Look at Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna. They loved merry old England until they lived there for a while, and then they inevitably found things to complain about. It’s not the place – it’s you. That said, it must be awful to see your ex husband’s death and strange life discussed ad nauseum in the press and Presley deserves some credit for being honest about what she’s going through. Maybe things will look up for her as time passes.

Lisa Marie Presley and husband, Michael Lockwood, make their way to Annabels nightclub after celebrating the Duchess of York's 50th birthday

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37 Responses to “Lisa Marie Presley: LA is shallow and I want to live in the cultured UK”

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  1. 88Modesty88 says:

    Very true, CB… If you’re not happy, the place where you live won’t MAKE you happy!

    And it’s usually the silly little things that you miss most!

  2. justathought says:

    case in point: money can’t buy happiness.

  3. Bill Hicks is God says:

    The “cultured” UK. Wait’ll she runs into her first Chav…

  4. Firestarter says:

    I agree, if you are not happy in your life and with yourself, the place you live makes no difference.

    The grass is always greener some place else.

    Yes, L.A is shallow, but so is she. She has been part of that scene, so she needn’t act like she is now so above it. She has always been an unhappy person, IMO, and maybe it’s because of who she is. but she has always acted and seemed miserable inside and out.

  5. gg says:

    Salient points, all. One has to have variety I guess. I haven’t found the answer myself. One has to constntly work on one’s self.

    Not to mention, living in the UK is anything but simple for the unwealthy. Many people are suffering there from lack of work and money, etc. Seems like it’s much worse in the UK than the US. Nothing in life is that simple, folks.

  6. Pont Neuf says:

    Lisa Marie seems to be, quite honestly, an utter imbecile. She has never done anything worthy of mention besides bullying the people who were on his daddy’s payroll and lead a life of banality and idleness. Those are her two greatest merits in life.

    The UK also has its share of problems and find it interesting that, for someone as fascinated by the cultural wealth that we have, Lisa hasn’t actually bothered to read much about the bleak reality that many people have to face every day. In short, everything is wonderful when you are the spoiled rotten, outrageously wealthy daughter of a legend, and you travel to a place where most people don’t know very well the sort of individual you are.

    As for her grief over MJ’s death, all I can say is a proverbial “bitch, please!”. What they had was a contract, they looked awkward and uncomfortable every time they had to appear together in public and they forgot completely about each other after they were divorced. Then, all of a sudden, our dear Miss Presley needs to beat a dead horse to attain some semblance of relevance… How admirable!

    Let’s hope that this hag gets tired of the UK very soon and decides to go to make ridiculous displays of pretension and arrogance somewhere else.

  7. anna says:

    Bye, then.

  8. Liz Conley says:

    Yes…go then…no love loss here from anyone in “hollywood LA” who wants to move! Hollywood LA is not a depiction of what Life in the rest of the USA is…but, for some reason stinking celebrities think it is…so move! Luckily, you are rich enough that if you need any dental work or major surgery to fly back to the good ole USA and have it done properly!

  9. Firestarter says:

    @Anna- Haha! That was my original post! ITA! See ya!

  10. TwinkleToes says:

    Sour grapes. You’re right CB, you still bring yourself with you. So wise to mention that. It’s not like she couldn’t find culture here in the States. If you decide to seek culture, then you can, in even LA. I agree with the poster who said that her marriage with MJ was a contract. A contract in which she hoped to become a pop idol herself. That never panned out for her in the US so now she is bitter about it. What is it about these people whose career hopes fail and then they go bad mouthing the US in favor of England? Gwyneth Paltrow, now this one.
    Lisa isn’t charismatic, talented or very pretty and that is why she never “made it”. She should of went to university and have done something with her life but she thought she wouldn’t have to. Proof that money doesn’t mean too much, right here.

  11. Lenore says:

    As a Brit, for the benefit of any Anglophiles operating under the delusion that the UK is somehow more cultured and less shallow than anywhere else, can I just point out:

    You have us to thank for Jordan.

  12. cara says:

    she’s probably heading up a new scientology center. (‘scuse my sp today. I’m off kilter)

  13. voodoobetty says:

    I dont know about cultured as Ive lived in some pretty downright uncultured parts of the UK but the pace and quality of life, imho, is much better than that of the US. Im an American and have lived on boh sides of he pond so I speak with knowledge. Id do anything to get back to the UK now. I had to leave after a divorce. The US isnt all its cracked up to be. At least in the UK the government is geared to provide for the basic needs of its citizens such as healthcare and housing. The USA is all about what can I get for myself and screw my neighbour. And if you dont make at least 50k a year and have health insurance well, tough luck buddy. I know where you can get a nice cardboard box.

  14. Sumodo says:

    She said the same shit when she made like a banana and split from Clearwater (Sci HQ)Florida. Oh, and the paps were camping in front of her house to get bikini pics. Lisa Marie has always let her mother be the brains of the family.

  15. yadira says:

    Leonore: LOL!

  16. Tess says:

    Her closest encounter with culture occurs when she drinks cream straight up.

  17. Lisa says:

    Besides suffering from Unwarranted Self-Importance Complex, Lisa-Marie is a condescending bitch and needs to go and live in a hut somewhere.
    Culture exists in every place on this earth, it is only the uncultured Morons like her that assume it only exists in places like England.

  18. Lantana says:

    Has she looked this dumpy for awhile? I haven’t seen her lately. She looks awful.

  19. OXA says:

    Stupid cow, wait till she meets Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse

  20. londoner says:

    I must say that she is wealthy enough to really enjoy life in the UK. IE When she misses America, she can always just jet back. She doesn’t have to save up for months like me.

    Every country has its problems, but i can honestly say I love living in the UK. Personally I think when she says culture, she may mean way of life and history. Like the old buildings, historical sights, pomp and circumstance, that kind of thing.

  21. Camille says:

    She’s like the original Emo or something. Good grief.

    On the topic of moving somewhere and being happier there- it CAN be true- I speak from first hand experience. It is too long a story to bother telling here (not that anyone would care lol), but having moved to a new city from a city that I LOVED, we *hated* it in the new place, and we eventually moved back to the previous place and have been much happier ever since.
    Sometimes your surroundings CAN make a difference to your general happiness.
    I think though that LMP just sounds like an unhappy person in general. I have always thought that about her. She always seems to have a sour/unhappy expression on her face.

  22. Jaylan says:

    LA is so superficial! It’s a very good place to live because its sunny, there’s a lot of things to do blablabla… but culturally speaking it doesn’t reach UK’s great culture and history. But, can we really compare?
    LA is a new city, very modern, while UK’s city are full history, a much longer history. The cultural heritage is just uncompararble: that’s not a judgment, its a fact. However, she’s depressed and unhappy but in the bottom she’s not completly wrong.

  23. Jeri says:

    So what about Hawaii – she lived there a long time & doesn’t mention it here. The Islanders must have pissed her off.

  24. Whoa Baby! says:

    Good on her, for seeing the world as it has become and speaking out against it.
    Get out of L.A. not because of shallowness, get out because very soon it will be a very dangerous place to be. Australia and New Zealand will be the safest.

  25. Whoa Baby! says:

    Every country has the Lilly’s, Amy’s, Brittney’s Paris’s, Pamela’s Jordan’s, Lindsay’s etc. That isn’t about the country, it’s a generational thing. Girls thanks to the one’s i just mentioned think it’s cool to be trashy, the media makes these pieces of crap famous, for being whores. Can’t blame a country on that, blame the y generation, that’s what they aspire to.

  26. Kathie says:

    My I extend my humble invitation to take up residence in the UK if you think it’s a better place for you? Such an annoying whiner this girl! Oh boo-hoo there is no culture in the US, whine and whinge LA is superficial, well Madam has your passport expired? Move already and stop taking up space from the rest of us peons. My Dad used to say the cure for most folks was a dull hoe and an acre of new (i.e. unbroken by a plow) ground to work. I agree, she needs more to do and less money to spend and talking about the late MJ as though they had a real relationship, ugh!

  27. Firestarter says:

    nevermind. : )

  28. kimberly says:

    Yup LA is so generically shallow that a daughter of a famous man would move away.

    by the way the statements about the UK make her as shallow as the ones she’s trying to escape from.

    Did she not know that there are other cities in this country besides NYC and LA??

  29. Zoe says:

    I think it’s hilarious people pretend to know what Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie’s private life was about. As much as the public thinks it knows every minute detail of a celebrities life, they don’t. It’s obvious there was a lot of emotion involved and I wish her well. Lisa could care less what anyone thinks of her and I appreciate that. She has done a lot of charity work, so to say she’s never done anything is silly. Not to mention she has so much money she doesn’t really need to do much, so it’s good that she puts herself out there and contributes anyway. I lived in LA for five years and can absolutely back up her comments about LA’s superficiality and how one loses faith in humanity out there, that place has no soul. Hopefully she’ll find what she’s looking for and it appears she’s on the road to happiness so good for her.

  30. Oh Noes! says:

    her babies are cute.

    she had a weird life, and going thru the weirdness with MJ probably triggered all kinds of old stuff surrounding the death of her father who was also turned into some kind of pop messiah although he was a troubled man with a dark side….
    i can’t even imagine what that would be like.. when you’re worth billions of dollars, how do you know who your real friends are?
    and then to have $cientology take those wounds (whatever they are) and manipulate them and her. that is kinda sad. /…. but, i’m sure she has a very very comfortable life, and travel or moving would not involve a great deal of sacrifice in terms of comfort or luxury.

  31. Gregerz says:

    London’s a good laugh. I don’t mind her living there, but if I see her anywhere near Swansea I’d have to get my revolver and target the head before she got here. Saying all that she’s quite hot for an older lady ;)

  32. jess says:

    Good on her. It’s good to have a change of living in another country. It opens your eyes to the big world out there. I hope she finds what she is looking for and good luck to her and her family.

    To be honest I don’t think there is such a thing as a perfect life. I don’t think you can have everything in this world. If you do, you are very lucky and count your blessings.

  33. Irma says:

    Some of you are really rough on her. I don’t know why she seems so sad most of the time but she did loose her dad at a young age and has had to listen to the whole worlds opinion of him, his lifestyle, and rumors (true or false) all her life. Remember while personally I loved Elvis, this was her Daddy and no one wants to hear “crap” about their father all the time. Lets cut her some slack.

  34. diane says:

    lisa marie if you are looking at this. did you really love michael jackson. i hope so. i am a huge fan of his . i hope he found some happiness when he was alive.

  35. lauren dean says:

    leave her alone saddos get a life and live it and let her live hers she didnt ask to be born famous did she so leave her alone

  36. Melody says:

    She can blame her mother for moving her to LA back in the 70′s, if she had stayed in Memphis maybe her outlook on life would have been different, she would have a semblance of normal life giving the fact that her father’s side of the family would have given her the values she needed, of course LA is shallow, she needed southern upbringing like her father, he hated LA and knew what it was all about, he never forgot his roots and his upbringing, she would have been so much better off had she lived some of that.

  37. Iris Sharland says:

    I hear LM is leaving England. That’s a shame because you need to give a new country and area T I M E. She isn’t based in London but the countryside of Kent which is obviously much quieter than London and certainly hasn’t got the facilities of London. I wonder why she didn’t buy a mansion in London where she would have been on top of all the nightclubs, shops, museums, you name it and it is there. Even driving up to London is a pain on the m25 from where she is living. Oh well, I hope she finds happiness somewhere, some day.