‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 will focus on Penelope & Colin, not Benedict Bridgerton

While Netflix has made a lot of cuts to animation and various programming, the streamer is still committed to many of their “biggest” shows, like Bridgerton. Bridgerton will keep going as long as it’s a hit. That being said, they are making some changes. Season 3 will have a new showrunner. Season 3 will have a new Francesca Bridgerton too – the role has been recast! Hannah Dodd is in, Ruby Stokes is out. Ruby is out because she basically got a better job on Lockwood & Co. And now this: producers have decided to mix up the order of the love stories. The next book in the series focuses on Benedict Bridgerton, the bohemian artist. Now the third season will focus on Colin Bridgerton and Penelope.

Netflix’s “Bridgerton” is skipping ahead. Season 3 of the period drama based on Julia Quinn’s books will follow the Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) and Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) love story, Coughlan revealed during Sunday’s FYSEE panel.

The first two seasons followed the first two novels; Season 1 focused on Daphne Bridgerton’s (Phoebe Dynevor) love story with Simon (Regé-Page Jean), while the second dove into Anthony Bridgerton’s (Jonathon Bailey) romance with Kate (Simone Ashley).

While the third book zones in on Benedict Bridgerton’s love life, that season will likely be pushed to a later date with the fourth book’s subject, Penelope, moved up.

During the Season 2 finale of “Bridgerton,” Penelope overheard Colin, who she has been interested in for years, say that he would never marry her.

[From Variety]

I sort of get this? It was clear throughout season 2 that they were planting a lot of seeds for future seasons, including way too much time spent on g–ddamn Eloise and her poverty tourism. They also softened Benedict and definitely foreshadowed more Penelope & Colin drama. I suspect they’re doing Penelope & Colin next because Nicola Coughlan is such a major part of the show and there were fans already eager to see more of the “Polin” story. Sigh…I am looking forward to it. Even though it also feels like “okay, now we’re going to do an all-white love story.”

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  1. JFerber says:

    She is hella cute. So adorable! Please do focus on her.

  2. Angela says:

    Yawn. I didn’t bother with this Penelope/Colin boring storyline in Season 1 or 2. Both are uninteresting characters. Yet Benedict is kinda boring too. Season 3 may just be a snooze fest………

    • DrFt says:

      Yep, sounds like it. I would have preferred Pemelope and that guy working at the print shop. Give me a pure cerebral woman discovering her sexuality, give me lutte des classes, give me Hot action in back-alleys, give me philosophical debates, etc….
      These two are a snooze fest.

    • Nan says:

      I hear you. In the book, Colin is so light hearted and funny. He always had a witty comeback with a smile on his face–such a well written character. I think they missed it with character development/writing. Hoping the writing will improve and Luke really becomes Colin. Right now, I don’t see it.

      • Jennifer says:

        I love Book Colin. TV Colin is pretty damn dull. Why isn’t he charming and fun here? That’s what Pen loved about him, darn it.

    • Kaykay says:

      I am shipping them but I have to agree that they are kind of boring. I was hoping to see more with Eloise and that paper boy.

  3. Becks1 says:

    *spoilers below I guess lol*

    So, on the one hand, this makes total sense. A BIG part of Colin and Penelope’s story is the revelation that she is Lady Whistledown (it doesnt happen immediately but its the big plot of the book along with their actual relationship). So now that Eloise knows that Penelope is Whistledown, they have to pivot to her story with Colin, in my opinion, in order to make the Penelope-Colin story line make sense.

    On the other hand, what doesnt make sense about it is that there is a big gap in time after Benedict’s story (which is a year or two after Anthony’s IIRC, by that point Violet has moved houses and Anthony and Kate have a child) – so you have Daphne’s story and then Anthony’s almost immediately afterwards, and then I think about a year or two later for benedict’s (although Benedict’s takes place over about a year or so), and then there is a gap of like 8 or more years before Penelope’s story. This is mostly important bc it also speeds up the timeline for the other siblings – you have that gap, and then Francesca at least is 18 or 20 so you can do the other siblings stories pretty close together.

    Anyway so my guess is that they will tie in some big scenes from Benedict’s book and Colin/Penelope’s book (maybe have one of the big balls from the latter book also work for the masquerade ball for Benedict?) and then we’ll pick up with Benedict in the next season? But then i’m not sure how they’ll work Eloise in.

    Oh well, they’ll figure it out I’m sure lol. But all that to say that I’m not surprised they’re going out of order at this point, its been leading up to Colin and Penelope.

    • bitsycs says:

      I think they’ve really sped up Penelope/Eloise’s stories and that was always going to have to be reworked once they did that. Plus with ratcheting up The Who is Whistledown stuff which wasn’t as much in the books until book 4. So it makes sense I guess.

      I suspect that some stuff from Benedict will be interwoven and I suspect Francesca’s first marriage? Or maybe set that up for season 4.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think they’re going to have to have some overlap of the storylines, even the romantic storylines (which so far they’ve avoided doing), in order to make some of this timing work. I’m already annoyed they changed the reveal of Whistledown so much (not the audience knowing it was Penelope, but in terms of Eloise finding out and her reaction, etc.)

      • QrsGeorge says:

        @Becks1 I agree with your annoyance with how the writers handled Eloise & the Whistledown plotline. In the books Eloise wasn’t so obsessive about unmasking Whistledown and by the time it was revealed to be Penelope, Eloise had already left town for her own romance. She didn’t give two flying figs when she finally found out it was Penelope, and they continued to care for each other. What the writers did to wreck Eloise/Pen’s friendship this last season really sucked.

    • QrsGeorge says:

      The writers have messed with the timelines quite a bit. The Penelope/Colin story hinges a lot on Colin’s recent return from his travels abroad and how he’s grown from those experiences: Since the writers placed his return from journeying in the last series, it makes sense to jump right into his & Pen’s relationship now.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah, but the dumb thing about that is that he was supposed to be gone for years, not 6 months, LOL. But once they brought him home they kind of had to move on that storyline.

    • Nic919 says:

      Part of me wonders if the Netflix stuff is affecting whether or not they will get a fifth season. So bringing up Colin and Penelope makes sense in terms of how they have set it up, especially in the last season. Benedict isn’t doing much of anything right now and they have laid seeds for something to happen with Eloise, although I don’t think it will end up being the same guy that was in the books.

      The recast of Francesca also seems like a sign they will be giving her more, as this new actress looks older. They do need to sort out the time gap issues in her plot if they will generally keep to it.

    • molly says:

      I think they have to tinker with the timelines just because of the actors real ages. Claudia Jessie is 32 years old! She’s great, but she’s not a plausible teenager at this point. The Hyacinth and Gregory actors will keep aging like regular teenagers, so you can’t have Eloise trying to play 18 with little siblings so clearly 18 IRL.

      I guess they could recast folks as needed, but the family dynamic, both onscreen and off, is such a huge part of the show’s appeal. Interesting to see what they ultimately do.

    • sunny says:

      I am a little disappointed as I love Benedict and Sophie’s story a lot. Also, what makes Colin and Penelope plausible in the 4th book is the many years of distance they have between them before coming together again but I guess I get this setup in the context of the show. I didn’t really love Colin and Pen’s story when compared to the others through and so far the actors haven’t shown much chemistry so I am worried about the quality of their season.

      I don’t love the later books in the series(except Greg’s- I ADORE Greg and Lucy). I hope we do see some of the later stories.

      • Becks1 says:

        Ha! I didn’t love the later books either so I never read Gregory’s, by that point I was kind of over them, but maybe I’ll give it a try.

    • Christine says:

      This makes so much sense to me. Benedict’s story is a beginning and an end, of sorts. If you have read the books, you know what I am talking about, I’m trying not to be spoilery.

      Meanwhile, Penelope and Colin are immensely relatable, to a current audience, and they are both so fucking charming.

      I haven’t watched a full season of Bridgerton, so my opinion will vary greatly. Probably.

    • Jennifer says:

      They need to start setting up Francesca’s story already. And probably Benedict’s if they plan on keeping the year-long interval between when he meets Sophie and when they re-meet again. I could see that being plausible here.

  4. Kate says:

    I am nervous because I don’t feel like Colin and Penelope have great chemistry so far on the show. But, I guess a big part of the story line is the development of their romantic chemistry, so hopefully they will prove me wrong!

    • Ninks says:

      I feel the same. I want to like them but the chemistry isn’t there and I think the problem is Newton. He just doesn’t have the charm or charisma to match hers. Maybe it’s a problem of the writing but I don’t really understand why she’s so in love with him, he’s just bland and boring.

      • Jennifer says:

        Yeah….I don’t like the actor much either. Don’t get why they cast him other than for family resemblance.

  5. Talia says:

    I think Penelope (or rather Nicola) is getting too popular. I have no idea how many seasons she has signed for but if she is getting multiple offers elsewhere, they may want to do her season before she leaves for lead roles elsewhere

    • Beth says:

      Yes, that’s the feeling I get. They want to make sure they get her story while she has the time.
      Also four seasons of Penelope pining for an uninterested Colin might just be too much. At that point I might just start rooting for her to find someone new.

    • Nic919 says:

      I would think that she is signed on for four seasons once they got the three year renewal because originally she would have been expected to have her story in the fourth season since it’s in the fourth book.

      But I do believe that they are speeding it up due to her popularity. Also it will get pretty boring if they have a whole other season of Colin and Penelope at odds with no real resolution. I suspect this was in the works when they were setting up season two. The last episode in particular seem to have a similar aspect as when we saw Anthony get dumped by his mistress.

    • Erin says:

      I just came here to say I love her and would much rather see a season 3 of Derry Girls.

  6. Agirlandherdogs says:

    Huzzah! I’m just not interested in Benedict.

    • Courtney says:

      The Benedict book in the Bridgerton series is my least favorite, so I don’t really care if or when they get to his story.

    • JackieJacks says:

      Agreed – Benedict is the least interesting one, apart from the younger kids who just aren’t of age yet for any sort of romance lol
      And to be honest Benedict and Eloise are snoozers for me lol

    • Fancyhat says:

      Me too. Benedict and Eloise’s books were the worst so I am happy we are getting Colin and Pen next. I also hope Eloise’s story changes as it is terrible in the books.

      • Jennifer says:

        I really hope they improve Eloise’s. If Marina is still alive now, people will be hella pissed if she dies a la the book anyway.

        I know people want Benedict to be the gay one, but frankly, I’d rather pick Eloise for that. I think it’d work better for her, fits the TV character personality better (though I did like Theo, so…that’s fine too) and I do not root for her to get together with Phillip.

        The issue with Benedict’s is that “Cinderella Regency” comes out pretty depressing as a plot point. It didn’t work too well. Maybe the show will fudge that better this time.

  7. QrsGeorge says:

    Hooray!! This was my favorite of the books! So sweet and uplifting. I love Nicola Coughlan so much as Penelope; she’s just such a lovely, lovely human. I think it makes a lot of sense to move this story up one notch and do it next, since there was so much drama around the Lady Whistledown situation in this last series so it’s smart to do Penelope/Colin next to put that thread to bed. I was pretty disappointed in Season 2 with its angsty side stories and shortage of romance, so I have high hopes in season 3 bringing some much needed joy back to the series!

    • Gina says:

      Season 2 disappointed me too. I even couldn’t bring myself to watch it thoroughly. I didn’t like the main characters, Eloise annoyed me beyond repair.
      Oh, now I got it – what annoyed me the most. They brought too much artificial drama into the storyline. Clearly, the writer wanted more tension, more action to bring into “slow”, cute, intimate, romantic soap opera from the Regency Era. IMO, they poisoned it, poisoned this nice fantasy. These books are love stories first and foremost. Fantasy love stories helping to escape everyday life hardships, or for pure entertainment. Fairy tale with a hint of reality. Now it deviates from the main purpose.

      • Common sense says:

        I agree with the 2 of you. Season 1 was such a joy for me to watch. It was fantastical. It was light in all the right places and serious in all the right places. Even the side stories held their own.

        I felt like the writers and producers took themselves too seriously with the second season. The joy and fantasy of the 1st season was not there. It’s not even about the sex or greatly reduced sex scenes in season 2. The sex was an integral part of season 1 as it was a coming of age story about Daphne. So I didn’t mind that there was less sex in season 2; I was actually relieved because that would just be lazy on the part of the writers. I honestly skipped past the sex scene of the 2 leads this season because I was so not interested in them by the time it got to that stage.

        I am really hoping that the 3rd season brings back the lightness, the escapism that was season 1. I don’t even care which bridgerton they focus on because I had never heard of the books before the Netflix series. But I think Colin and Penelope have potential for an entertaining season.

      • QrsGeorge says:

        @Gina, totally agree. Season 2’s writers just went too far with adding extraneous drama and “intrigue” but turned what was originally a sweet and tender love story into the 2 main characters constantly butting heads, mired more in anger and dissatisfaction than anything else. It was depressing and really took away from the whole point that this is, above all else, a love story.

      • Becks1 says:

        I agree with you all; the side stories became too big and also too serious, it made the show less fun. I still enjoyed it overall but I definitely skipped parts when I rewatched it. I also hated what they did with Edwina and Kate’s relationship and the whole thing with Anthony – they changed it from the books to obviously create more drama between the sisters but it ended up just feeling really forced and unnatural. Like it was never explained by Anthony wanted to marry Edwina when he was so obviously obsessed with Kate.

    • Christine says:

      Colin and Penelope’s book is my favorite too. I really get you.

  8. Courtney says:

    I’m curious to see how they handle Colin and Penelope’s sex scenes, given that Nicola Coughlan isn’t a sample size. They have a great opportunity to do right by actresses who aren’t Hollywood thin, but I’m afraid they’re going to screw this up.

    • GR says:

      Agreed – it’s very cool that the cast is quite ethnically diverse, but the body types are all really thin.

    • Maggielynne says:

      Exactly! This is a different kind of diversity, which is also much needed! Women struggle so much with their body size so this is just awesome. Not that Nicola is big, she is NOT, she just isn’t sample size as you note.

      • Green Desert says:

        Great point @Maggielynne about this being a different kind of diversity. Fingers crossed that they do it right.

      • Dee Kay says:

        Came here to say this. That while both the characters are white, Penelope being larger sized is *important* diversity to show on screens. As a size 16 myself, I long for more positive representation of fat women (I don’t use “fat” as a derogatory term, but as a legitimate description of body size) — I want to see fat women (and men and n/b folks) depicted as intelligent, lovable and loved, sexual and beautiful, and as leading characters. Penelope is already a leading character and is written and portrayed as an intelligent and beautiful girl, so I am *all in* on her getting to have a romantic storyline next season!!!!!! She is — I HOPE — going to be a great example of positive representation of larger sized characters.

        (I just want to add that in my actual life, I have noticed that body size does not make any kind of difference in how much romance/love/sex a person receives. Many thin and conventionally gorgeous women have terrible relationships; many fat and unconventionally gorgeous women have wonderful relationships — I am, luckily, in the latter category. And this is why I really want media to include more positive rep of fat women — to reflect reality better!!!! Thinness doesn’t automatically save you; fatness doesn’t automatically doom you. That’s just the truth. Media perpetuates this lie that if you are thin and pretty enough, loneliness and misery won’t ever come knocking at your door, and conversely, if you are fat, happiness and true love won’t ever find you.)

    • JJS says:

      This is what I was coming here to say!!! As a plus size woman, I can’t even really think of a single good love scene with a plus size lady that I’ve watched (though I haven’t watched everything, obviously, I guess I can only think of maybe Bridget jones 2? but that made me feel weird because of how disgusting the media was implying she was and how she’d gained on purpose…. Edited to add: Was there even a good sex scene? I don’t think there was.) Are they going to suddenly shy away from their Bridgerton style because she’s a little bigger than usual? I would really love it if it was done well, but if it’s done badly — I’m cringing already. I didn’t look up this new casting but are they aging up this other sister so that they have some more ‘traditional’ sexiness to throw in?

      Side note, (is this a spoiler?) I don’t know how I would ever forgive overhearing what Colin said. I wish they would give Pen someone better than the Colin in the show, someone who didn’t constantly look past her. I hope they rework his character or something….

  9. JackieJacks says:

    I disagree about the show basically saying – let’s do an all white story now. The Penelope / Colin storyline has been teased since season 1. I think for the show it makes sense to make this pairing the focus of season 3 in light of what’s been happening between them in 1 and 2. We’ve got to see how things between these two play out finally.

    • girl_ninja says:

      It is the first Bridgerton love story that is all white. But didn’t we all know that was coming? I’m fine with it and trust the writers, after all they made me love Anthony.

    • Kelly Sunshine says:

      I also disagree with it being about doing an “all-white love story” now. I love the Colin and Penelope story and am glad that they are bumping their storyline up.

      I find that TV shows and movies very rarely portray love stories between people of different body types. It’s far more common to see interracial couples, all-white couples, all-black couples, same-sex couples (all with your stereotypical Hollywood bodies) than it is to see a “plus sized” character with a ‘Hollywood-typical’ body type. And as a fluffy person myself, I am here for it.

      • Maggielynne says:

        I just said the same thing! I love it- I feel like we rarely see any woman with even a normal body in shows/movies.

    • Common sense says:

      Yeah, that didn’t sit well with me either. What’s wrong with an all white romance? This is coming from a black South African 🇿🇦 who has watched her fair share of “white romance”. Did we honestly think and expect a person of colour as a romantic interest in each season? I am perfectly fine with Colin and Penelope.

      • Jennifer says:

        I didn’t know people were expecting people of color in every single romantic pairing either. Mostly I just keep hearing everyone yelling “Make Benedict gay!” instead.

  10. GR says:

    I’m really curious to see if they can make Penelope’s romance genuinely sexy and non-fatphobic.

  11. molly says:

    I admit that I was VERY wrong about Anthony being steamy enough to carry a season, so I’m prepared to be wrong about this too, but I have serious doubts about Colin and Penelope. I have never gotten sex appeal from Colin Bridgerton or the actor that plays him.

    Nicola Coughlan seems like a fantastic actress, so I have no doubt she’ll be great in whatever she does, but I’m fearful we’re getting some watered down love story instead of doing it on library ladders and ground pillows.

    I’m pleased the new show runner is a woman already in Shondaland though. Fingers crossed.

    • inka says:

      Molly, I get you!
      Also Anthony was make steamy by the actress who played his lover in s1. She was stereotypical in a sexual way and the whole forbidden affair.
      Colin is a nice guy so maybe this story will have different vibe.

    • Malificent says:

      Penelope is adorable — and I have faith that if the writers and showrunners don’t get it right on the first try — Nicola will speak up for her character. So far, Colin is the character I’m worried about bringing on the heat. Not because the actor is bad, but so far Colin has all of the sex appeal of that guy from your college Poly Sci class that you had to friend-zone every time you went out for a beer after finals.

  12. Sofia says:

    Haven’t finished the current season but I guess it makes sense? Penelope is popular so cash in on that while people are still interested in it. Guess they can always go back to Benedict for season 4 if the timelines still work (didn’t read the books) or just skip over him completely. I have heard some aspects of the Benedict/Sophie story do not “age well” so to speak so skipping it might be best.

    • Becks1 says:

      They don’t really….I don’t even think its a matter of “aging” (I’m not sure when these books were written, but its not like Julia Quinn is Johanna Lindsey, in terms of generations), its just a matter of a kind of typical romance trope not really playing well outside of romance novel land. I don’t know if that makes sense.

      • Sofia says:

        I get what you mean and think you make sense. That’s actually what I was trying to say. I’m aware the author isn’t super old but the Benedict/Sophie story would not work well in 2022 and beyond.

      • Jennifer says:

        Modeling Cinderella didn’t work great with Regency morality, I’ll put it that way.

    • Nic919 says:

      For a while I thought that Benedict and the dressmaker were going to be the couple. If they do that then it would be better than the book. But Benedict really wasn’t in the second season very much.

  13. Scrambled Eggs says:

    It should be interesting how they handle Colin and Penelope in Season 3 with how Lady Whistledown has been so much more destructive to the Bridgerton family directly than was ever the case in the books. Because you have the whole Marina situation; not just the pregnancy reveal and betrayal, but how Colin was tied into that, and then the betrayal of Eloise, plus all the gossiping about the Bridgerton family that was perhaps lighter but still gossip. While you can have the light romance of friends to lovers, there are bigger trust issues ahead. Now, Anthony was a right mess in season 1, and in season 2 he was redeemed/understood and was a great romantic lead, but his backstory has a lot more meat to it, and also, Jonathan Bailey is an amazing actor. So maybe Colin and Penelope can work some of the same magic?

    My hopes for season 3:
    -Whatever Eloise’s story is, I hope it’s tied deeply into the Polin story, mostly because I’m not interested in another separate subplot for her. It will also tie into the story with her and Sir Philip Crane, what with all the Marina stuff.
    -Domestic, chaotic, happy Anthony and Kate. Hoping they don’t have a baby yet and their subplot is to do with the fear of mortality with having their first child, continuing the Viscount line; more Kate backstory with the death of her mother and the fears she had that were not explored in season 1; Kate learning how to be Viscountess with Violet’s guidance; and Kate and Anthony introducing Francesca to court.
    -Benedict meeting Sophie in a ball in episode 1 and not seeing her again until season 4, and his subsequent spiral from which he will need to be redeemed in his season.
    -Minimal Featherington storyline; it all has to tie directly into the Polin story or we riot at dawn.

    • Swordspoint says:

      YES this is the only thing I care about for season 3 — I want more of Kate & Anthony being a couple. I loved their chemistry even if the storylines were ridiculously soap-opera, but I need more of them being happy together and facing challenges together… we got so little of that in the finale.

  14. emmi says:

    I haven’t read any of the books but love the show. I cannot for the life of me imagine how they get out of the hole they dug regarding Colin’s sisterly feelings for Penelope. I had hoped they would give those two a little more character development because right now it feels like they will have to work hard to get to the passionate love. Their chemistry is very much brother/sister. But I’ll definitely watch.

    ETA: Variety spelled two names wrong, why???

  15. s808 says:

    Will be skipping. I skipped her storyline in S2 as well. Her and Colin are a big bore. Call me when it’s time for Benedict.

  16. Nedsdag says:

    How wonderful. NOT!

    What is wrong with Shondaland? Why change things? It doesn’t help that Colin and Penelope are unlikeable IMHO. I was looking forward to Benedict’s season because it was a Regency-era Cinderella story. Plus, I adore Benedict. Why is he getting the shaft? It’s like filming the second book in L. Frank Baum Wizard of Oz series instead of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

    I thought about putting together a social media campaign for fans to cancel their Netflix subscriptions over this. I don’t know if this is going to work, but I know I’m not watching season 3 nor any other seasons of Bridgerton until Benedict and Sophie’s story gets the treatment it rightfully deserves.

    • girl_ninja says:

      Oh dear. Deep breaths…

      • Common sense says:

        Lol, I have come to realise that the bridgerton Fandom ( the book readers anyway) are how should I say this… passionate. They want what they want and they want it now.

    • Kate says:

      Lol I do not share your passion for Benedict and Sophie’s story but I completely admire it. I hope Netflix does you right by them in the end!

  17. AnneL says:

    I’m not excited for this right now. I don’t see any spark of chemistry between them. It’s all one-sided mooning. Maybe that’s intentional and it will all change when Colin starts to have feelings for her. I hope so.

    I think they will have to get to Eloise pretty soon because Claudia Jessie is like 32 and, while youthful looking for her age, already looks too old to be playing the role. It’s not that I don’t want to see a romance for an “older” woman, it’s just that I don’t want them trying to convince me she’s 22 when she’s 35. Maybe wait a season or two, say several years have passed and just portray Eloise is an “Old Maid” of 27 or so when her unexpected romance blooms.

    • Christine says:

      In the books both her and Penelope are considered old maids (I think they’re 27 or 28?) when they get together with their partners so that checks

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah I wonder if they’ll do that – skip ahead a few years when its time for Eloise’s story? I would say it feels like they’re going really off book for Eloise but we’ve met Phillip and Marina, and there are twins, so maybe not.

  18. Haylie says:

    Blech. Colin is a drip and Penelope is Karen Personified. I’m sick of watching her be rewarded for wrecking people’s lives for her own selfish motives.

    I’ll just go back and rewatch Harlots.

    • AnneL says:

      I LOVED Harlots but stopped watching in S3. I thought it went off the rails a bit then. But the first couple of seasons were amazing.

  19. Christine says:

    I’m still bitter about the changes they made to season 2 for Anthony and Kate’s story. The wedding storyline was absolutely ridiculous and made me dislike the two characters for letting it get that far. I also HATE that they changed Eloise’s story and how she found out about Penelope. The way Lady Whistledown was revealed was much better in the books and put Penelope and Colin together more organically. He’s so boring and stuffy in the show I don’t know how that’s going to work. I disliked Benedict in the books so I’m ok with him being skipped for now until they figure out how to make him more likable.

    • Imara219 says:

      Yikes, this isn’t giving me hope that the show will give justice to the Polin storyline.

  20. PaperclipExtrordinaire says:

    Good lord, they have eight fricking eps! Why not do one big one for Polin and a subplot that launches Benedict’s for the season after FFS?

  21. AnneL says:

    Sorry, this is about Eloise and not Pen and Colin, but it is about how they are tinkering with things in general.

    If they decide for Eloise’s story to follow the books, we have already met her future husband. The actor really doesn’t remind me of how he is described in the books? I haven’t read any except the first one, but I’ve read a description of El’s book and the character as currently portrayed on the show is quite different, certainly in appearance but also in overall demeanor.

    I think that at least one “cross class” romance for a Bridgerton daughter would be good, so I have my fingers crossed for Theo. I imagine they have one in mind for Benedict, but I’d like to see one for a woman too and Eloise would be the right one for that IMO.

    • Becks1 says:

      Benedict’s romance is pretty “cross class” so it will be interesting to see if they stick with that general idea for him. they’ve obviously already set him up as more open minded, less classist, etc. so I guess we’ll find out.

  22. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I actually think Penelope and Eloise are the two most interesting characters (other than Mrs. Fetherington, of course). So I’d be glad to see a season focus on them. Unfortunately, the premise seems to be “one primary romantic hook-up per season,” which I find tiresome. I would prefer if the show focused on the interesting characters WITHOUT the need to pair them off as the main goal for the season. But I know that won’t happen.

  23. Imara219 says:

    Yay! Their story is the only one I actually read and liked. I might check out the next season now, but only if it’s Polin scenes. I hate when romance stories involve multiple people and storylines. No, thank you. Just stick to the main couple.

  24. Normades says:

    Nicola Coughlan is one of the breakout stars (probably the third biggest after the actors who play Duke and Kate) so it makes total sense they want to capitalize on it. It would be great if they flipped the switch on Benedict and made it Benedict and Sam instead of Benedict and Sophie.

    • AB says:

      I’ve been wondering if Netflix would bring a same sex couple into the show and personally think Benedict’s story as it is in the book would work fantastically with a man rather than a woman

  25. JFerber says:

    Before Prince Harry, I had a prejudice against red hair. Now I love it. The actress Nicola Coughlan looks spectacular with her crown of ginger hair.

  26. Cat says:

    Seems like they’re doing the London stories first (minus the youngest Bridgertons). Those stories will require more of an ensemble cast, so logistically it makes sense to do them first. You could shoot “When he was wicked” without bringing back 95% of the current cast, for example.

    In 3 years, who knows what the actors’ availability will be for supporting roles. I suspect this is a breakout series for many of them and their availability will be more limited in the future.

  27. Elfje says:

    I’ve read all 8 books in 1 week. Colin’s & Penelopes love story was the best and I’ve read it several times. So I hope it will be next on Netflix. On a sidepoint: while they followed Daphnes story almost to the point, Anthony’s was a whole different matter. My opinion: they shouldn’t have done that. Though it was a lovely story, it could have been stronger if they followed Julia’s book more. Her fear of thunder and rain, and his about bees. In stead they focused too much on her younger sister. In that way we would have learn more about the characters. Missed opportunity. The fall out between Penelope & Eloise never happened in Julia’s book and their friendship blossemed further during Colin’s & Penelope’s courtship. It was Colin who outed his wife as Lady Whistledown, and the way he did it, was superb and the most romantic gesture, I’ve ever read.

  28. Justwastingtime says:

    I wish they would recast Eloise, the actress is distractingly annoying to me. Overacting, manic and a HUGE mumbler, I seriously couldn’t understand her half the time and I have lived in England and don’t typically have a problem understanding different UK accents.