Why is Prince Charles obsessed with the idea that Harry will burn Camilla?

I’ve always believed that the “Prince Harry loathes the Duchess of Cornwall and plans to slam her in his memoir” storyline came from Clarence House. The story always seemed sourced directly from Prince Charles or his closest aides, that Charles was deeply worried that Harry would say something (anything) negative about his “beloved” Camilla. Somehow, those “fears” became established fact in the minds of royal reporters, meaning they are all just reporting it straight these days, that Harry’s memoir will be a burn book devoted to how much he hates Camilla. Now, why would Charles do that? I think Chuck can’t help himself. Camilla is his obsession and Camilla’s “position” as future Queen Consort still feels quite tenuous to him, because he believes the public won’t accept her. So Charles is projecting all of his insecurities onto Harry. Last week, there was a story that Harry is already refusing to go to Charles’s coronation because Harry doesn’t want to see Camilla crowned Queen Consort. Which brings us to this Telegraph story:

They are just obsessed with the idea that Harry is going to burn Camilla: Harry, whose autobiography is out in the autumn, “needs a new target and she [the Duchess] will do”, said one friend. “I’m sure he will say some unkind things about her, or try to make her a ‘baddy’, but that doesn’t mean it’s real.”

Coronation drama: Of reports that the Duke will not return to Britain for his father’s future coronation, they added: “If the strategy is to create drama, this creates drama.”

Charles says Harry has always known about ‘Queen Consort Camilla’: Clarence House has this week firmly denied a report in Private Eye that a “red line” has been drawn by Prince Harry, who allegedly said he has “no intention” of attending the coronation of a future King Charles if he is crowned side-by-side with Queen Camilla. Sources pointed out that while news that Camilla will one day be known as Queen was a surprise to members of the public, it would not be a shock to a Prince who would have been party to palace thoughts on the matter since his father re-married in 2005.

Harry has been historically ambivalent towards Camilla: The relationship between the Duchess and her younger stepson has become an unexpected talking point in recent weeks, after Tina Brown’s Palace Papers depicted a long history of resentment from Prince Harry which had left him “very angry” that she will one day be “Queen Camilla”. In fact, said sources, their interactions have not always been difficult, with the young Prince Harry more likely to act as ice-breaker to smooth over their meetings with his father and brother. One characterised the Prince’s historic approach to her as “acceptance, occasional pangs of guilt and ambivalence”.

Harry began to ignore Camilla: As the Duke spoke more about his mother’s memory, one source speculated, his thoughts on the Duchess had hardened. Towards the end of his time in the Royal Family before moving to California, another claimed, the Duke of Sussex had tended to ignore Camilla’s presence in private despite several warm public appearances together.

Camilla is the easy target? One royal source insisted that it would be a “surprise” to read Prince Harry particularly taking aim at Camilla, but friends remain concerned that having criticised his father and brother publicly she is the next obvious “easy target”. “It’s another story that has not been shut down that allows the saga to continue,” one said.

[From The Telegraph]

This is incredibly bizarre, right? “It’s another story that has not been shut down that allows the saga to continue…” Harry has not been the one briefing Richard Kay and Robert Jobson and everyone else about what he really thinks of Camilla. Charles has briefed all of those people about what HE fears are Harry’s true feelings. And then Charles expected Harry to what? Come out and deny all of the stories Charles planted? If anything, it’s clear that Harry knows exactly who angers him, and those people are Charles and William. Both of whom are very worried about Harry’s memoir, that’s clear.

Again, I’ll say this: all of the stories about Harry’s true feelings about Camilla are coming from Clarence House. That’s it. It’s not Harry saying anything. They’re trying to bait him into saying something and I have no idea why.

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  1. Merricat says:

    Lol, the hysteria surrounding the mere idea of Harry writing his own story. Projection and Paranoia at the Palace! or Business as Usual.
    I seriously doubt that Harry will talk about anyone in a specific kind of way, except maybe his grandparents and his mother. This is his story, so it will be about him, and the other “players” are only tangentially important.

    • Maggie says:

      It’s Burger King …. Saying it is Harry

      • MoonRiver says:

        Maggie, I agree. William may be attempting to conceal his own disdain for Camilla by projecting it on to Harry.

        There is another possibility. William, threatened by the idea that Charles and Harry might reconcile in ANY fashion, is trying to thwart their efforts at reunion by planting the idea in the media (and in Charles’ paranoid mind) that Harry secretly has it in for Camilla – at least, enough to go after her in his memoir.

        Harry has said or done nothing to indicate that he has beef with Camilla. And, while I believe Camilla is a gossipy, petty snob whom I suspect “turned” on Meghan once it became clear that she and Harry would not be sticking around for a lifetime of abuse, I don’t think her “disloyalty” ranks higher in Harry’s mind than the betrayal of his father and brother.

        Casting Harry as a man hellbent on exposing his “evil” stepmother for some nebulous crime is either William or minions acting on his behalf from KP to keep CH and Charles on the “Harry can’t be trusted” train. William knows Charles’ only loyalty is to Camilla and her image.

      • Shawna says:

        William definitely has a strong motive, as MoonRiver just explained above: drive a wedge between Charles and Harry. But would William be *this* obsessive and keep the story circulating? Only Charles talks and cares that much about Camilla.

  2. Noki says:

    Well Betty has signed off on Queen Consort Camilla why does Charles still care ? I would get if it was William but the BM has made sure to taint anything Harry says so he looks unstable ,his opinion should no longer matter to Chuck.

  3. JFerber says:

    This shows that Charles thinks Harry knows even more dirt about Camilla than the public now knows, which, to be frank, is plenty bad enough.

    • Emma says:

      Camilla has already had a lot of bad press, particularly in the ‘90s. Her role in Charles’s divorce and embarrassing private conversations (illegally acquired) were trumpeted by the same news outlets in England now decrying Harry for possibly potentially going to be mentioning anything negative about her. So hypocritical.

      I can remember just a few years ago when there was unrest in London and Charles and Camilla’s car was besieged by protesters. They are symbols of oppression to many (in England and elsewhere) because of the royals’ collusion with the Tories. That’s their choice and it’s on them.

      Camilla lived her own life and made her own choices. It’s not Harry’s fault or responsibility to shield her from consequences, especially considering it was his mother she hurt.

      Personally, I pretty much doubt Harry is going to attack anyone in the book because he seems focused on himself, his family, healing, and his work. And good for him. Would be nice of the other members of the royal family could do the same.

    • SomeChick says:

      this is 100% my take on it: Charles knows perfectly well that there are things Harry could say that have never come out. now, why he doesn’t take that as a reason to make up with Harry…?

  4. lunchcoma says:

    My guess would be that they’re hoping to bait him into saying something supportive to counter these stories, even though they should know by now he’s not interested in playing that game.

    I doubt his book will focus heavily on Camilla. There will probably be some brief, neutral passages about how she came into his life, and the press will make a big deal out of them, but if he’s going to go after anyone it’s clear that the people in the line of fire will be William and Charles.

    • Merricat says:

      You’re right, they want him to respond, to notice them. Smh.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Yes, they are desperate for a response so they can twist it into a thousand different thoughts.

        But by the end of the day, my bet is Baldimort. I would bet my life on it being him as the one that made comments and snickered, spilled and set up Meghan to take all of the falls of the BRF, no matter how insignificant.

        Baldimort is a sniveling little man without a spine and too many toys and power. He has too much to lose as his reputation is somewhat intact, as opposed to the rest of the bunch that are over 18.

  5. Amy Bee says:

    What if Charles is throwing Camilla under the bus to distract from his real fear which would be Harry writing about him being a terrible father. I think the reality will be that Harry barely mentions any of them and talks mainly about his mother, the army, the institution, Meghan and the press. Cue the outrage from press and CH when that happens

    • molly says:

      All of this.

      Harry couldn’t care less what dumb title Camilla gets when Charles becomes king. I suspect Harry spends very little time worrying about Camilla at all.

      Charles (or CH) is doing the William thing where he yells about “I MUST PROTECT MUH WIFE!!” to distract from people speculating that Harry will talk about Charles being a crappy father. You know, the thing he’s already talked about with receipts.

    • Becks1 says:

      I just sort of think Charles is freaking out in general about this book, which is kind of hilarious to me. I think he’s both using this push about camilla as distraction like you said, and I think its also because he is still really paranoid about criticism about camilla and anything that reminds people of their past (i.e. the Crown.)

      I honestly would be shocked if Harry trashes Camilla in this book. I just don’t really think she’s going to be his focus, at all.

      • Grace says:

        And yet, Harry wanting to protect his wife somehow made him disloyal to the crown. Huh. Funny how that works.

  6. Brassy Rebel says:

    I know I’m almost alone in this since everyone seems to think it was William, but I strongly suspect that Camilla was the idiot who speculated about Archie’s skin tone. It’s the only thing that explains Charles’ obsession with what Harry says about her in his memoir. Charles fears that Harry is going to use that platform to out her as the #1 royal racist.

    • C says:

      I’ve said this repeatedly and still believe it. They were all thinking it. But Camilla wasn’t going to have a private conversation to raise “concerns” with Harry, which is exactly how they phrased it. William was the one trying to instruct Harry about many things in this process. Given the way he’s put his foot in his mouth publicly since, and how he authorized Jason to go after Meghan during the Mail trail – put two and two together.

      • lunchcoma says:

        That was my guess too, C. I think lots of people in the family thought it, but that the person who said it is someone who talked to Harry regularly and who he expected better from.

        That’s the main reason I never thought it was Philip. There’s nothing that suggests that they were the kind of grandfather and grandson who spent hours chatting or that Harry was unaware of who his grandfather is. I don’t get the feeling he spends much time talking to Camilla, either, or that he expects her to be supportive in a way that would lead to intense feelings of betrayal when she wasn’t. The people who he expected more from were his father and his brother.

      • kelleybelle says:

        @Lunchcoma … Harry made it clear in the Oprah interview that it was neither of his grandparents.

    • Christine says:

      That’s what I think too. Harry has a problem with William for loads of other reasons but he’s never said anything bad about Camilla before. So what did she do that everyone is so worried about? The skin tone comment would make sense.

      • Not a Subject says:

        I think William was the one who was worried about skintone and it was in the conversation about ‘are you sure you want to marry *that girl’ was really about race. But as for Camilla………… Piers Morgan has widely touted that in 2021 Camilla sent him a kind, handwritten note. This after he’d spent 4 years horridly abusing Meghan, having old Markle on the show etc. Camilla also chose Levin to write her biography, Levin who has been the most vicious about Meghan (and lately Harry too). I’d wager Milla has done some terrible things behind closed doors that Charles is scared of getting out.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        It was my understanding that there were “conversations” (plural) about skin color, some even before they were married. It could have been more than one person who offended on this subject. But it doesn’t make sense that Charles is worried about Harry being mad at Camilla on Diana’s behalf. That’s old news. There must be something he’s really worried about that the general public doesn’t know. And I agree with everyone that Harry is not going to waste time on Camilla in this book, no matter how he feels about her.

      • Becks1 says:

        One of them said that there were multiple conversations so it happened more than once. Meghan said that the conversations were taking place around the discussion of his title and security, so that makes me think that was the “big” problematic conversation about the “concerns.”

        And no, it was not an innocent comment. Having concerns about how dark a baby’s skin might be and “what that would mean” is not innocent.

      • equality says:

        @Wandering If it had been just an innocent conversation PH wouldn’t have been able to quote what was said without saying it wasn’t something he would repeat. And you were there to witness said conversation? Because that is the only way you would know better than Harry what was said and meant.

    • Zayra says:

      I have no doubt all of them expressed the “skin concern” but I still think the one Meghan was talking about was William’s because she said it could be damaging to their reputation and let’s be honest both Charles and Camilla’s reputations are already tainted because of Diana.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Camilla is known for adultery and being a homewrecker. Outing her as a racist would take the reputational damage to a whole new level. Besides, Charles is as guilty as she (if not more) for the adultery. If she made comments about a baby’s skin color, she would be on her own and Charles couldn’t save her or even help her. He knows this.

    • Becks1 says:

      so I think Camilla definitely made some comments, but the reason why I don’t think she was THE racist who was talking about it with Harry is multipart – first, I just don’t think she cares that much about Charles’ grandchildren, she has her own and I think they are her focus. Second, H&M both said there were concerns and I just don’t see Camilla pulling Harry aside to express those concerns. I think if anything she would just say something to Charles.

      but finally, H&M said it would be damaging to the person’s reputation, and Camilla’s is already pretty much in the tank, even after Charles’ best efforts. If anyone found out that camilla was racist, would they be surprised?

      So do I think she made some comments? Yes. Do I think she was THE person H&M were talking about? No.

      • Denise says:

        I agree with all of these points Becks, especially the first one. I think it was when George was born that a big deal was made about this being Charles’ first grandchild that I realized that he considers Camilla’s children and grandchildren HER family and not THEIRS. It really took me by surprise because a lot of blended families that I know try to use the OUR approach when it comes to kids, grandkids, etc.

        She’s can’t be obvious but the fact that she visits with her family after Christmas with the royals really speaks volumes to me. I don’t think she has any interest in William or Harry’s children that one would normally associate with a grandparent.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yup, exactly re: Christmas. Now I think that all families are complicated, especially blended families, and I don’t think that Charles is cold towards Camilla’s children/grandchildren. (he’s the godfather of Camilla’s son IIRC). I just think there is a clear line there that I think has been put in place by Camilla and her children and I honestly think they are much better off for it. They don’t have to participate in the christmas pap walk, they don’t have to appear on the balcony (although some of the younger ones were in W&K’s wedding so were there for that, etc.) They get a lot of the perks of being connected with royalty and their stepdad being the Future King but they don’t have to parade themselves around etc. There’s not pressure to show that they are this big happy blended family.

        (also they got married when all the kids were adults, which I think makes a difference.)

    • Green Desert says:

      That’s an interesting theory but I think that for the reasons others have pointed out (she probably wouldn’t pull him aside to express this, also he wouldn’t have been as upset as he was when talking to Oprah if it were his dad’s wife), it was William. But I’m sure many within the family and the institution made similar racist comments (including Camilla).

      I’ve said it before and I will again – this is like the c*ntgate episode of Veep. Everyone said something racist.

      • aftershocks says:

        Yeah, I’m not sure about the over-fascination with ferreting out who ‘the royal racist’ is. LOL! We should simply keep in mind what Harry & Meghan actually said in the Oprah interview (they didn’t tell us everything; and they were quite careful and strategic with what they said).

        There were conversations with Harry during his courtship with Meghan, regarding ‘skin color’ of their possible future offspring. It’s easy to assess that it was William who first brought this up with Harry. It has already been reported that William told Harry he should “slow down” his relationship with Meghan. So, the ‘skin color’ reference was probably initially used by William to dissuade Harry from continuing his courtship. Harry quickly shut down this interference from both William and from Earl Spencer, whom William had reportedly enlisted to ‘talk to Harry.’

        When Meghan became pregnant soon after marrying, it seems likely that William either enlisted Charles, or Charles had similar misgivings all along, so he joined William in renewing conversations with Harry regarding possible ‘skin color’ of M&H’s unborn child. Despicable enough to bring up at all with Harry, but this time the taking away of Sussex offspring’s titles and security was mentioned. Charles and William are the only two people in the royal firm with the future authority to change the Letters Patent. They are the only two people who would have had a conversation of this nature with Harry.

        As a blood born prince, Harry has stature and precedence over married-ins and adjacent royals. With Harry having eliminated his grandparents from culpability, no one else aside from Charles and William (and their top-level advisors) would have any authority, leverage, or chutzpah to engage Harry in a serious conversation of the type M&H described in the Oprah interview.

  7. Dee says:

    Camilla is the weak link. Charles was already not the most inspiring or strong leader, but he at least had a legitimacy that Camilla, being a divorcee and guilty of adultery, will never get. Younger generations are very opposed to her, because we watched The Crown and watched her torture and sabotage Diana. So there’s that. Harry is the most popular with young people, she is the least. Anything he says about her in the negative will absolutely devastate her, and Charles by extension. William, who wants to dim his father’s star so he can shine earlier than expected, will actively attempt to use Harry to attack Camilla. Charles is “warning” Harry not to do so, and trying to inoculate her from future attacks. Harry does not care about any of it and isn’t paying attention. Charles mistakes this lack of interest for “a secret plot”, and being the weak and paranoid man that he is, is running to the press to preemptively base his own son over a woman who almost singlehandedly damaged his standing as a future monarch.

    • C says:

      I believe all of this too.

    • Emma says:

      Camilla didn’t “almost single-handedly”damage Charles’s standing as a future monarch. He did. Don’t get me wrong, Camilla was awful. But Charles did all of that and more.

      He’s equally “guilty” of adultery and he’s also a divorcé.

      • Dee says:

        Very fair points, @EMMA! I guess it’s easier to forgive Charles in UK society, as he’s the man and also already an heir. They were always going to forgive him for personal flaws, as long as they didn’t lead to a constitutional crisis. She, on the other hand, is a different proposition. For an Anglican church that considers marriage sacred, it raises questions of whose household she’s currently a part of (her children are PBs, for example). That kind of delicate situation can go south if it turns out she’s also say, unfaithful to Charles, mean to his children, a racist etc. ANY foot out of line from her now, and the “men in grey” will move to block any notion of QC for her.

      • Tessa says:

        Charles had no trouble of shutting out Dale Tryon, if he wanted his first marriage to work or cared about Diana other than her being the mother of royal children, he could have stopped seeing Camilla. And have the switchboard not put through Camilla’s calls. So a lot of this is on his shoulders.

      • aftershocks says:

        @Dee: “… if it turns out she’s also say, unfaithful to Charles, mean to his children, a racist etc. ANY foot out of line from her now, and the ‘men in grey’ will move to block any notion of QC for her.”

        ?? I doubt that Camilla has any plans to be ‘unfaithful’ to Charles at this stage of their lives! Probably quite a number of people in the firm are at the very least unconscious racists, so how is ‘being a racist’ something that would be held against Camilla? Charles has adult sons who are no longer children. Camilla is not in the business of necessarily trying to be ‘mean’ to either Harry or William, which does not rule out leaks, snide remarks, and behind-the-scenes game-playing that they all indulge in, except for Harry who escaped the toxic cesspool.

        The ‘men in grey’ are not in any position to ‘block’ Camilla from becoming QC, nor would any of them attempt to do so. Unless the law was actually changed, the QC title was always in line for Camilla once her husband Charles becomes King.

        The Queen’s recent statement regarding her desire for Camilla to be known as QC, was simply Charles ensuring this issue was taken care of in the minds of the public prior to his mother’s death. That way, no one will be surprised, and no public explanations will be needed to backtrack away from the former public announcement that Camilla would be known as Princess Consort. That was only used to appease the public at the time of Cam/Chuck’s marriage. Charles never intended to adhere to that appeasement.

    • Deering24 says:

      Dee—agreed. Camilla is Charles’ Susan Alexander Kane. He doesn’t have enough heft to be the popular loved king he wants to be, so he’s investing a lot into making her his charisma draw. And that includes doing a preemptive strike on Harry’s book. Unfortunately, it’s a doomed effort. No amount of propaganda is going to make Camilla Diana 2.5.

      • aftershocks says:

        Ummm, @Deering 24, I’m not sure that Charles sees Camilla as “his charisma draw.” From all reliable accounts, she’s just his enabler, and his long-time, loyal “stay and support” (to quote the Queen’s feelings about Prince Philip). Plus, I do not think Camilla is trying to be ‘Diana 2.5.’ Camilla is smart enough to know better than that. Kate is the one who isn’t as smart, with her endless cosplaying.

        Thanks @Tessa for pointing out how Charles is fully responsible for the breakdown of his marriage. It certainly is not all on Camilla’s shoulders. I also appreciate you mentioning Dale Tryon (Kanga), who I don’t believe was ever referenced in The Crown. Kanga was a very important part of Charles’ early love life. But the inclusion of her story in The Crown would have opened up a whole different can of worms that is probably best tackled in a separate series about Charles and his affairs. LOL!

      • aftershocks says:

        @Deering: “Camilla is Charles’ Susan Alexander Kane… he’s investing a lot into making her his charisma draw.”

        The comparison of Camilla to a fictional character in a movie that is largely a figment of Orson Welles’ rich imagination, is for me, a confusing reach. Also, Prince Charles is not close to being similar to either the fictional Citizen Kane, or to the real life, William Randolph Hearst. And btw, after Harry’s departure, it’s safe to say that none of the current so-called ‘magnificent seven’ senior royals have any charisma whatsoever. Camilla is seen as down-to-earth and witty, which does not equate to her having any charisma. In my view, despite her adulterous history and her character flaws, Camilla navigates well in royal circles and with the media because she’s very savvy socially, and she’s quite comfortable in her own skin.

        In regard to another poster’s earlier reference to The Crown, It might be helpful (especially for younger people) to recognize that the characterizations and dramatizations in The Crown, should be imbibed with grains of salt. The Crown is only a broad sketch of real people and events. It heavily utilizes dramatic license, thus it is not accurate in every detail, and it’s not meant to be. It’s an entertainment production.

  8. CC says:

    Was Charles holding a monkey’s paw when he wished to be Camilla’s tampon? Because his color is resembling one more and more.

  9. aquarius64 says:

    CH’s internal polling must be showing Camilla as QC is still a no go in the UK despite the press hype. Charles is afraid Harry’s book will be the final nail in the coffin.

  10. Kalana says:

    Odd that they’re more concerned about Camilla than William. Feels like a diversion.

  11. 809Matriarch says:

    These stupid speculations say way more about the RF and their sycophants than the Sussexes. H&M are not petty like this.

    That’s the RF.

  12. Snuffles says:

    Ever since the KP leak has been plugged, the tabloids have been baiting, fishing and trying to construct elaborate scenarios (like filing frivolous lawsuits) to get Harry and Meghan to respond so they can get fresh material to write about. They’re desperate.

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ Hi Snuffles. I completely agree with your take, and thanks so much for targeting your remarks to the actual topic of the thread. Yours (and the first 9, 10, 11 comments) are the only comments after a long stretch here that make sense to me. I was getting quite lost and confused with some of the speculative commentary going on.

  13. North of Boston says:

    I’m wondering if this is less about Harry and more about Camilla.

    Eg Clarence House aka Charles is trying to paint Harry as anti-Camilla in the hopes of piggybacking on the years of effort by KP, RR, CH etc to drum up animosity, negative opinions towards the Sussexes.

    If they can lead the anti-Sussex, royalists to believe Harry hates Camilla, maybe those people will knee-jerk will support her, align with her more in an “the enemy of my enemy in my friend” how dare the uppity Sussexes attack our royal darlings kind of way.

    Also, pretty scummy mentioning what has happened since “Harry left the RF”
    Harry has been nothing but clear that the ‘firm’/institution is not the ‘family’ and that he left the FIRM, not the family.

    And also that the decision to no longer be a ‘working royal’ at all was only because his offer to be part time was rejected,

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, this. So much of the H&M story has been about setting up the RF as victims and H&M as the villains. H&M are the traitor and his outsider sorceress/barbarian wife who want to bring down the beloved institution which is central to the lives of everyone in the Commonwealth – boo, hiss – it’s practically straight out of ancient Greek tragedy. And it’s kind of a logic expression – if Harry is attacking the RF and the RF is beloved, then an attack on Camilla means that she is also beloved.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      exactly this. an extension of the smear campaign.

  14. TheOriginalMia says:

    Still think this is coming from William & the Grey Men. Harry has more issues with his father and brother than Camilla. She’s just there. She hasn’t tried to replace his mother like Carole did with William.

    • Charm says:

      It’s occurred to me that perhaps this is the work of angelaDevil whispering into the ear of various RotaRats, planting these anti-Harry stories regarding camilla because she already has this narrative in her book on Camilla: that Harry hates his father’s consort/his beloved mother’s tormentor.

      Afterall, Devil’s book on camilla comes out any time now if, in fact, its to be released in tandem with camilla’s milestone 75th birthday in July (17th).

      Look out for a similar M-O from no-neck jabba-the-hut who has a book coming out to mark bullyiam’s 40th in June (21st).

      None of these assorted arseholes can get any traction without using the Sussexes for clout.

      • Tessa says:

        I think Angela will have a sort of “replay” of Junor’s 70th birthday tribute to Camilla and Tina Brown’s book. She will blame Diana (or her family) and praise Camilla to the skies. ANd she will of course slam Harry and Meghan and praise Will and Kate to the skies. And praise Kate for not working and waiting 10 years for William to decide. I can see this happening.

  15. kelleybelle says:

    Good lord he looks awful and that rosacea is very, very severe.

    • Jennifer says:

      I kind of feel bad for him for that. No makeup can clear up that level of screaming red.

  16. Kkat says:

    Is this to set up Harry/Meghan as scapegoats when/if the public sentiment goes against Camilla?

    Chuck could say it’s Harry’s fault for tainting Camilla to the public.
    That people don’t hate her because she is actually awful, but that they hate her because Harry resents her and is getting revenge for his mother

  17. Over it says:

    What can Harry say about Camilla that we don’t already know? She is a home wrecker,looks of an emotional support horse, makes inappropriate jokes about people, is a lush. Needs a style makeover most of the time. What could be left?
    I think it’s funny that these people think Harry will burn Camilla and aren’t worried about what he could say about Kate and her mummy .

    • Blithe says:

      Camilla and Kate as married-ins in this very-much-not-a-racist-family would, to my way of thinking, have been natural sources of support for Meghan as she attempted to understand and adapt to being a new member of the BRF. Clearly, Camilla and Kate were anything but supportive. I think Charles is worried that if Harry and Meghan simply describe truthfully some of the things that Meghan had to deal with, including racism and micro-aggressions within the family, his ability to be perceived as a ruler and as a just monarch will be diminished. I think he has little incentive at this point to protect Kate, but realizes that any issues with Camilla will also be reflections on his own judgement and fitness.

      It’s funny how people are often fine with particular behaviors and attitudes — but not fine when those exact same behaviors are generally and publicly known.

  18. ChillinginDC says:

    What a weird story. I mean Clarence House did say that this wasn’t true that Harry wasn’t attending the coronation because of Camila. I do think that Charles wants both of his sons there. And he’s not dumb enough to pass on a photo showing his daughter in law who is Black to show how very modern he is (eyeroll).

    Wonder if this is some story planted by William on this.

  19. Sofia says:

    I think Charles is “scared” that if Harry says anything less than “camilla is a wonderful person who i think should have been my biological mother”, he’ll think it’s an “attack”. And also, if one of Diana’s kids says he doesn’t care much for Camilla or doesn’t think she’s as wonderful as I said above, it will “ruin” his pr campaign to get her accepted.

  20. lanne says:

    And what happens when the word Camilla is mentioned twice in the book, both times mentioned solely as “Dad married Camilla on x day” or “Meghan chatted with Camilla at Charles’s biethday event.”

    There’s an agenda at work here that makes no sense, even for these folks who are as bad at strategizing as any institutional power can be.

    If Harry says NOTHING about Camilla (which i think is likely), then all this hand-wringing does is bring attention to the time when Camilla was universally hated. Streisand effect style.

    If for some reason he does mention Camilla, he’ll have a reason for doing so that none of this hand-wringing will prevent, and will likely only exacerbate the Camilla hate right at the time when she’s about to wear the Koh-i-Noor when she’s crowned queen consort.

    What a basket of incompetents and deplorables.

  21. TL says:

    I would buy a burn book dedicated to Camilla

  22. TangerineTree says:

    “…Prince Harry, who allegedly said he has “no intention” of attending the coronation of a future King Charles if he is crowned side-by-side with Queen Camilla.”

    Do they need to have H at C’s coronation? Would he actually go? Wouldn’t that set a precedent for going to TOB’s coronation? I suppose all the “worrying” about possible comments about Cam is really about the legitimacy H would bring to his father’s coronation? Because I don’t think H is really interested in having his name linked to Cam’s by featuring her in a book.

  23. Nedsdag says:

    If Harry wants to “burn” Camilla, I have firewood and extra newspapers if he needs them. LOL!

    Doesn’t this family have a jubbly to plan? Why is a book regarding someone making a new start who discusses making a new beginning such an issue? Shouldn’t they be more afraid of the upcoming season of The Crown instead? I swear this “family’s” priorities are out of whack!

  24. K8erade says:

    I have a story and this may be an adequate analogy: my mother was emotionally, verbally, and physically abusive to me. When I turned 35 3 years ago, I reached the conclusion that contact with her was not healthy and severed ties. I can’t avoid her entirely but I keep my distance. In the years since, she has done a lot to try and get a rise out of me. Instead, I keep it classy and ignore her as much as possible but am always civil. She thinks I should just stand and fight with her but there is no use doing that with a abusive, manipulative, toxic person. I really think that’s where Harry is at with William and Charles and he’s only keeping up the facade while TQ is alive and then he’ll simply ignore them. Charles can do what he wants with titles and everything and I doubt they’ll even care. It wouldn’t surprise me entirely if Charles is trying to elicit a response from Harry. It’s pretty clear that Charles feels he should have a large amount of control over Harry’s life and it kills him he doesn’t have that kind of control over H any longer. It kills him that he doesn’t know what’s in this book. I think the best revenge for Harry would be to make that book as saccharine sweet as humanly possible because it will show Charles has a lot to hide. But I also think Charles and William are trying (and failing) to get the Sussexes to have a full meltdown in the media.

  25. RoyalBlue says:

    This is just another way to tarnish and smear the spare, Harry. The story CH wants to tell is that Harry didn’t like the future queen whilst William was the one who is more accepting. It’s all just a simple fiction really, and nothing more.

  26. TIFFANY says:

    I think it is because Chuck does not want Harry and Meghan there taking any attention.

    This will he the excuse he is running with when the Sessex reps releases a statement as to why they will not be there.

    Chuck only knows how to roll over his children ahead of time and nothing else.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with The Rottweiler.

  27. Julia K says:

    I think both Camilla and Charles are worried that Harry will take revenge for all the snarky things Camilla has done and said about Meghan. They are too numerous to mention them all, but giggling and eyerolling during the wedding, laughing when a spectator yelled at Charles to get rid of that Markle woman, rubbing her tummy to mock Meghan, saying she offered support to Meghan when the opposite is true, gossiping about her Mother’s background and socio economic status, all those things that if I remember, Harry must remember as well. They have good reason to expect payback.

    • Tessa says:

      Charles seemed to enable camillas behavior to Meghan Charles is the one ultimately responsible

  28. Murphy says:

    Charles is always worried about this from everyone not just Harry. Maybe it’s his guilty conscience that it’s always on his mind.

  29. Tessa says:

    Charles is deflecting again he is not taking responsibility for his own actions harry never talks about Camilla

  30. Blue Nails Betty says:

    Here’s the thing about narcissists (which the royals are): They will abuse you until you break or leave. If you leave they will spend all their energy alternately slamming you to anyone who will listen and desperately hoping you’ll come crawling back which validates their need to abuse you.

    Harry knows this and he is not playing their games.

  31. Glamarazzi says:

    “Again, I’ll say this: all of the stories about Harry’s true feelings about Camilla are coming from Clarence House. That’s it. It’s not Harry saying anything. They’re trying to bait him into saying something and I have no idea why.”

    I’m speculating that Charles is trying to prod the segment of the British public that hates Harry, trying to get them to reflexively defend Camilla-as-Queen in anticipatory reaction to Harry slamming her. And as we can see, even if Harry won’t slam her, Charles will still plant the story to froth up the masses to support his Future Queen.

  32. Jaded says:

    Camilla has 3 things I know of going against her.

    1) She smirked, paused, then said “…’Course” and swanned off with a sneering look on her face when asked if she’d miss Meghan and Harry.
    2) She smirked and sneered at their wedding when the choir was singing and Bishop Michael Curry was speaking.
    3) She rubbed her belly and smirked at Kate behind pregnant Meghan’s back when they were at a church service because Meghan was cupping her bump.

    I’m sure she’s done much more that we know nothing about, and I can totally see her saying “But what is the child’s skin colour going to BE Charles!?!?” They were all discussing it, but I think it was Bulliam who actually said something to Harry, maybe in jest, but that lit the fire.

    If Charles is leaking pre-emptively to try to make Harry look bad, it’s not going to work. Harry’s not the type who would sink to retaliation about it, it’s not worth the stress or effort. His book will be about his struggles with the Institution, the rota and their quid pro quo stranglehold on the BRF, the death of his mother and subsequent mental health issues, his military service, charity work, his joy in becoming a husband and parent, and their decision to leave royal life to pursue a life of service.

    • Charm says:

      Er….what have you done with @Jaded???????? Jeebus!

      WHO amongst us believes that bullyiam expressing concern about H&M’s child’s skin colour and “how that would look and what it would mean for the monarchy,” said it ‘in jest.’


      • Jaded says:

        I said “perhaps in jest” but we all know William’s version of jesting is saying something utterly bone-headed and insensitive. I can’t state unequivocally that it WAS William, or that he said it in all seriousness. I wasn’t there, you weren’t there, and we simply don’t know but I’m willing to consider several versions.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Jaded, you make a coherent argument, but I can’t help but wonder if this is just the tabloid press trying to get a rise out of Harry or Charles. I mean the whole thing is stupid from my perspective. Harry doesn’t need to say a thing. His book will be out before the end of the year. He’s already stated what the book is about. I don’t know why the bm don’t belief him. His mother will definitely be talked about and the things that she said/taught him. He may talk about W & C but I have a feeling that the people who need to be really worried are the men in grey. That could be where all of this is coming from. They are the ones wanting to distract from the sh!tstorm that could be headed their way. I have a feeling that Harry will not be pulling any punches when it comes to them. It’ll be a really enjoyable book to read.

      I’ve concluded that W & K are responsible for the color of the babies skin discussions. I believe W said it first before the wedding, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if K didn’t join in–after all it seems she was always putting her nose into his relationships with women. I believe that W (at least) continued these discussions particularly when security for Archie was talked about. Did others mention it at that time? I don’t know. Any way you slice it, you can’t ignore who W and K are.

      • Cathy says:

        I agree @saucy&sexy

        This is the tabloid press trying to get a rise out of Charles/CH and maybe William too. And if they get a reaction the rota and the likes of Angela Levin, Camel Toe and the rest will have books ready for publishing all about how Harry hates his poor father and brother.

        It’s all about provoking a reaction.

      • Jaded says:

        @saucy&sexy — I totally agree that Keen and Peen are behind this, but I also think at the very least the discussion involved Charles and Camilla as well. She has made her derision of Meghan very apparent, and of course Charles did NOTHING to stand up against the tabloids’ threats, leaks, intimidation and insults that she suffered at the hands of the press and her own frigging in-laws. That’s his MO, stick his head in the sand and pretend nothing’s happening here!

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Agree @ Saucy&Sassy. And I disagree that any of these stories have come from CH. I think there is a contigent that is hoping/wanting for Harry to talk about Camilla. Could be wrong. Yep, she’s said and done things that are not good. I personally believe that W&K are the two people that Harry could hurt the most with full disclosure. Harry won’t be doing that.imo Harry already said he won’t be naming names re: skin color.

        Something I would love to know…on William & Kate’s wedding day (obv way before Meghan) Duncan Larcombe made it known William looked terrified. Harry & William went to some room by the Poet’s Corner? at the church. Larcombe was sitting right by it. Will looked terrified and he and Harry disappeared, they came out and Will took a deep breath. My snarky self is imagining Will asking Harry to stand in for him again like he did for a wedding rehearsal and Harry’s like, not this time bro, not this time.

  33. LRob says:

    Because so far no one has been able to get their hands on that book to preview its contents and Harry isn’t telling his what father what is in it either, A guilty conscience is making Charles act this way.

    Tip to Charles: your hysteria and pressure on Harry will not work. Drink some whiskey and wait.

  34. Charm says:

    Way upthread @Emma said:
    “….[Harry] seems focused on himself, his family, healing, and his work.”

    And all I want to say to that is: ditto. Plus: Whew chile………

    Because those photos from Friday of Harry playing polo, with his short-shorts-clad wife and friends seen to be just living their lives happy & free in beautiful sunny California; and now earlier today when he spoke so authoritatively at the 5Rights Foundation event on “Making Child Online Safety a Reality” just gives us a visual of the work-hard-play-hard Prince…..

    Oooh La La.

    Thats all I got.

  35. tamsin says:

    This “concern” over what Harry might say about Camilla is indeed a puzzling obsession. Who’s paranoid, now? I was always under the impression that it was William who was difficult over Camilla, not Harry. On the whole, Harry strikes me as a more tolerant and kinder person than his brother. I can’t see Harry writing anything to damage Camilla’s reputation just for the sake of it. This worry however, makes everyone think that Camilla must have been vile to someone. Perhaps they are worried abut what Harry might write about the way Camilla treated his mother? However, I highly doubt that too. As someone said further up, Harry is concerned with self-healing, protecting his loved ones, raising his children, and doing his humanitarian work. He probably has the cleanest conscience. Certainly, one thing to tamp down any negative feelings that Harry might have about Camilla, would be for Camilla and Charles to treat Meghan and Harry’s children well. It seems that didn’t happen. But Charles and Camilla have been married for quite some time now so much should be water under the bridge, one would think. To worry about what Harry might say in a biography against Camilla suggests that they currently are not good people towards the entire Sussex family. But to carry grudges is definitely bad for one’s mental health, and Harry is very serious and certainly not a hypocrite (unlike some members of his family) about good mental health. I hope Harry’s book will be interesting, reflective, educational, and uplifting.

    • Tessa says:

      The thing is Camilla is not the children’s grandmother. Harry said he tells the children about Diana. I think the important thing would be Charles attitude and his relationship with Lili and Archie if he chooses to pursue this. Harry never blamed Camilla nor talked about her not returning his calls, it was Charles that he complained about. Charles would obviously see this and be afraid Harry will “blame him.” Supposedly after Diana died Charles said “they will all blame me.” Charles flaw is that he does not take responsibility for his own actions. I honestly think that Harry and William were polite to Camilla but I doubt they forget her role in their mother’s life. I doubt Harry will pay much attention to Camilla in the book, his issues are with his father which he made very clear. I think that Camilla did do or say something about Meghan that Harry did not like. It is subject to speculation if Harry will allude to it or not.

  36. susan says:

    IMO this is just more fart-sniffing from the so-called “royal experts”. Personally I think that Harry and Meghan are smart enough to know that a gossipy, dirt-dishing memoir would not help their brand as global philanthropists. They will want their name associated with positive, empowering acts, not score-settling and finger pointing. that just doesn’t seem to be what they are about.

    I expect that Harry’s memoir will include a lot of stuff about growing up without his mother, his military service and probably some cherished memories and photos of Diana. His best revenge is to write an inspirational book that doesn’t even mention his brother or his dad except to acknowledge that they exist.

    • Charm says:

      Harry has already stated what his memoir will be about (its prolly already done and dusted with at least the first draft submittted to the publishers at this point) and anyone, including the nasty RotaRats, who wants to know whats gonna be in it, can look it up on archewellDOTcom.

      Inter alia:
      “For the very first time, Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex will share the definitive account of the experiences, adventures, losses, and life lessons that have helped shape him. His intimate and heartfelt memoir will cover his lifetime in the public eye from childhood to the present day, including his dedication to service, the military duty that twice took him to the frontlines of Afghanistan and the joy he has found in being a husband and father.

      Prince Harry will offer an honest and captivating personal portrait — one that shows readers that behind everything they think they know lies an inspiring, courageous, and uplifting human story. Prince Harry will be donating proceeds to charity.”

      And Harry also said in his own words:
      “I’m writing this not as the prince I was born but as the man I have become. I’ve worn many hats over the years, both literally and figuratively, and my hope is that in telling my story—the highs and lows, the mistakes, the lessons learned—I can help show that no matter where we come from, we have more in common than we think.”

  37. Emmy Rae says:

    This is so sad. If I wrote a memoir my parents would release a statement gushing about how I am one of the most wonderful people of all time and the world is so lucky to read a book about me and they can’t wait to read it too and see my life story through my eyes. And I am just a boring person doing normal stuff. They would say and feel all that because they love me and my success is not a threat to their egos or anything else.

    Poor Harry. What a pack of wolves to be raised among.

  38. JFerber says:

    Emmy Rae, Just yes to everything you said. If I were Harry, I’d want to rip them all apart in my book. They deserve it, certainly.

  39. Tessa says:

    Charles has the flaw of gurning. It makes him look foolish not “cute” .

  40. serena says:

    They just want to create drama and buzz around Camilla. Do they think that by hinting Harry will write something bad about her, people will come to her aid ‘oh noo poor Camilla, she’s such a saint, we love her’ ? I don’t think so.

    Another thing that insanely pisses me off is when they add the “said one friend” to Harry’s smearing articles.. like, what kind of friend would be like this? We know who briefs the media, we aren’t that dense.