Sean Combs’s ex-girlfriend & current girlfriend are beefing loudly on social media

If there’s one thing y’all know about Sean Combs, it’s that he’s going to have a messy romantic life. Puffy is 52 years old and he’s always had plenty of romantic drama in his life. So, the backstory on this one is somewhat simple. Puffy was dating his “muse” Gina Huynh (aka Virginia V) but they broke up and she accused him of physical and emotional abuse. Puffy then moved on romantically with Yung Miami from City Girls. Crash-cut to the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, where Gina and Yung Miami were apparently both at the show, which Puffy hosted. After the Billboards, the two women got into it on social media.

Diddy is all about “love” these days … maybe a little too much, because 2 women in his life are going at each other now after both were in Las Vegas where he hosted the Billboard Music Awards.

In one corner, City Girls rapper Yung Miami, and in the other Diddy’s muse, model Gina Huynh — Miami was at the BBMAs as a presenter, while Gina was a very interested spectator. She posted from the show, saying “Baby Daddy is hosting Billboards.”

Diddy after-partied hard Sunday night with Yung Miami, but things got messy Tuesday when Gina shared a pic of Brother Love’s lips on her cheek — and prompted YM to fire off more than a few subtweets.

Most notably, she’s saying she will continue to see Diddy no matter how many pics Gina drops on the ‘Gram. Diddy, for his part, has remained mum about the women sparring over him … at least, publicly. Seems wise.

[From TMZ]

I saw this because Yung Miami has been completely bonkers on Twitter. She’s not tagging anyone, so I guess it qualifies as “subtweeting,” but everyone knows what’s going on. Imagine publicly beefing with another woman over PUFFY. And all of the people who are like “all this and Puffy is just going to say Kim Porter was the love of his life” are completely right. I hope this is just stunt-queenery from Yung Miami and Gina.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instagram.

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  1. HufflepuffLizLemon says:

    Did I hit my head and wake up in 1999? Why are people beefing over Sean Combs? What is happening?

  2. J. Ferber says:

    Diddy tends to like to have two main women at any given time (whom he cheats on). It’s not normal for them to beef with each other. Gina has said Diddy emotionally, verbally and physically abused her. I know there was a rumor that Diddy broke the nose of the mother of three of his kids on a yacht and he had a plastic surgeon flown in. That woman, Kim, died very young and to my mind, mysteriously. Diddy broke her heart, I know.

    • ReginaGeorge says:

      Kim Porter died of pneumonia. Not mysteriously.

      Diddy was taking care of her and his kids financially the entire time. She was always the main kept woman on the side while he was out stunting with Jlo and then Cassie as his official girlfriends. Yet, Kim was ride-or-die for Diddy until the bitter end. She never spoke ill of him. I felt bad for her.

  3. TIFFANY says:

    *stares and then blinks*


  4. Pix says:

    He’s a pig who likes to pretend he’s an elder statesman of the black community. Nope. He’s an abusive, misoginyst that likes to play games with the lives of young women. I still cringe when I think about how he treated Cassie. She escaped and is living a much better life out of his shadow.

    • nocturne says:

      Yes! Cassie is doing so much better. Two adorable baby girls, a husband who actually helps with the girls (you see him on IG giving personal training lessons to celebrities with his daughter on his hip), and she’s started performing again!

  5. Soni says:

    How are these people?? Nevermind- I don’t care

  6. ME says:

    It’s so pathetic when women fight over a man. Don’t make his ego any bigger ladies ! Also, get some damn self-respect !

  7. J. Ferber says:

    ReginaGeorge, I always felt bad for Kim, too. I know they said it was pneumonia, and I heard that Kim asked Diddy to “take care of her babies,” but she wasn’t hospitalized for pneumonia, was she? I think she was utterly miserable without Diddy, that she was sidelined in California by him after JLo. Then he was living with Cassie in his home on the East coast (Cassie eventually left him and married someone else because Diddy wouldn’t stop cheating). He was trying to ease Kim out of his life for years and she knew it. Yet she never dated another man after Diddy. To me her death was mysterious. I’ll put it like that because there’s no evidence to the contrary.

  8. SIde Eye says:

    They look so ridiculous beefing over a way too old for them dude who is messy as hell, completely unattractive (yes I said it), a chronic cheater, and who dated his son’s ex girlfriend. It doesn’t get any more gross. He is beyond tacky and never heard of a condom. I thought JLO was the love of his life – it’s whoever is no longer available. How stupid do you have to be to beef over a guy who showed up in the video vixen book? It makes me so sad to see how low the bar is for women. I can’t today.

  9. Rice says:

    It took about a decade, but I’m so glad that Cassie finally left Diddly. But my greatest joy was when Mary J Blige professionally broke up with him. He ruined so many lives, both personally and professionally.

  10. Ugh, two gorgeous women fighting over Diddy’s crusty, abusive ass, what a shame. I’m just happy that Cassie is living her best life and is no longer a part of his drama.