Alicia Vikander wore bronze Louis Vuitton to Cannes: lovely or too stiff?

Here are some photos from the Cannes Film Festival’s events on Saturday and Sunday. Alicia Vikander was in town to promote Irma Vep, and she and Michael Fassbender walked the red carpet at last night’s big premiere. Alicia wore a gold-bronze Louis Vuitton. At certain angles, I actually like this, although I think it’s way too stiff around her bust. There are ways to make metallic dresses look… not so stiff? Alicia also wore LV to the photocall.

Isabelle Huppert wore Balenciaga, the kind of look we’re used to seeing on Kim Kardashian, frankly. What kills me is that this could have been so interesting and cool, if not for the built-in gloves (hate those) and the tights-over-shoes thing. It’s annoying when Kim does it, but to see Huppert in this kind of look really hurts.

Sharon Stone wore Dolce & Gabbana – it’s a gown with a removable “train.” She removed the sh-t on the red carpet and I have no idea why. The train was the best part of the look, without it, it’s just a basic, forgettable dress.

Carla Bruni was all over the place in Cannes this weekend. She wore some really basic looks. You could argue that she wanted to keep it plain to emphasize the jewelry, but it looked like she was just wandering around in boring dresses. The brown look is Saint Laurent.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid and Avalon Red.

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  1. Libellule says:

    That green costume is just asking for photoshop

    • Carol says:

      What the heck is Isabelle Huppert wearing?!!! She looks like a frog.

      And what’s going with Sharon Stone’s dress? It looks like it sprouted wings.

      Carla Bruni looks nice:)

  2. Eurydice says:

    There’s something weird going on at the shoulders of the bronze LV dress, like the bodice was too long and they had to pinch a couple of inches to hike it up the last minute.

    The green Balenciaga is objectively horrible in every possible way.

    Without the train, Sharon Stone’s D&G looks like a Laura Ashley sundress – but the rest of her looks fabulous.

  3. Hannah says:

    Sorry not sorry, I don’t like any of these looks 🤷🏼‍♀️ Alicia’s dresses are wearing her. Sharon looks like something I might wear to a summer wedding (sans train) Isabelle looks like a green goblin Kardashian. Carla is dowdy. Lmao @ Libellule with the green screen photoshop comment. You’re giving me evil ideas 😈

  4. girl_ninja says:

    I actually love how structured Alicia’s gown is and Carla looks amaze-balls too. Sharon’s gown reminds me too much of a duvet pattern.

  5. L4Frimaire says:

    All the clothes shown here are either badly fitting, ugly or ridiculous. This is how you know they’re borrowed because no woman with sense would spend hard earned money on these silly costumes.

  6. CC says:

    All I see is Charlie as Green Man in ‘It’s Always Sunny.’

  7. HeyKay says:

    Fassy looks good! 😀 I love a slim, fit man who can wear a tux!
    Her dress looks heavy but, her overall look is good.

    Carla Bruni, if that dress was properly fitted it would look much better.
    Color is too dark, IMO, for almost summer.

    That green mess of an outfit should be burned, ASAP. And I hope the wearer was paid plenty of $$ to wear it. Ugly. Ugh.

    Can people stop “unvealing” their dresses?

  8. Louise177 says:

    What is going on with Alicia’s black and white dress? It looks really odd.

    • Meg says:

      It looks like yarn sticking out like from an old blanket from a couch someone knitted decades ago

  9. Chlo says:

    I LOVE both of Alicia’s looks. Not into the other ones.

  10. AnneL says:

    I think Alicia’s metallic dress is very cool. The color is gorgeous on her. It fits well but she herself looks a bit uncomfortable, like she’s shrugging herself into it or something? That’s what seems off to me, not the dress but rather how she seems to feel in it.

    That green monstrosity of an outfit! She looks like a kid in a school play playing a leaf or something!

  11. Nanea says:

    I like Alicia’s rose-gold dress a lot, but could have done without those ugly buttons on top of the shoulders. Her hair looks like someone either ran out of ideas of what to do with it, or time.

    The Fassessory is a nice extra.

    Sharon’s dress with the train is a spectacular look, without it it looks like something from the bargain rack at Marks & Sparks.

  12. AustenGirl1975 says:

    I LOVE Sharon Stone’s dress with the train–the whole ensemble celebrates the gorgeous Portuguese Azulejos tiles. I hate that it’s by G&D, though.

  13. lucy2 says:

    I kind of like the bronze dress, though I think in direct sun the reflection would be brutal.
    I kind of like Sharon’s too, both with and without the train.

  14. Sophie says:

    Love love love Alicia’s good dress! I want it!

    She is so gorgeous and the two of them together are hot