Morton: The Cambridges will ‘carry the burden for the monarchy going forwards’

Andrew Morton released a royal book, Elizabeth & Margaret: The Intimate World of the Windsor Sisters, last year. He tried desperately to make his story about how Prince Harry is the “Margaret” of this generation and no one really bought it. So he’s trying something new – he’s got another book out called The Queen. The Daily Mail has been dutifully excerpting from it, and most of it is just stale tea about how the Queen was annoyed with Diana and Fergie sometimes, etc. Morton also tried to breathe new life in all of the old stories about how Prince Charles spent years gaslighting Diana and telling everyone that Diana was “mad” (meaning crazy). Morton doesn’t even mention that the royals are running the exact same play on Prince Harry, telling everyone that Harry is too emotional, too fragile, too sensitive. It’s especially galling coming from certain royals who want to be seen as mental health advocates.

Anyway, I’m fine with ignoring most of Morton’s BS because it’s abundantly clear that he has little in the way of relevant or fresh gossip. But I did want to talk about his recent interview, where he spoke about how the future of the monarchy is William and not Charles.

The Prince of Wales’s time on the throne will be “an interregnum”, royal biographer Andrew Morton has claimed. And, he added, the Queen is aware of this and sees the second-in-line to the throne as the future of the Firm.

Asked what the monarch is putting in place for the future and how she is protecting her legacy ahead of the end of her reign, Mr Morton told OK! magazine: “She’s spent a lot of time with Prince William and with Catherine and I think she sees them very much as the future. She’s no fool – she knows Prince Charles is going to be an interregnum, like Edward VII, so the family that will carry the burden for the monarchy going forwards is the House of Cambridge.”

The Duke of Cambridge, Princess Diana’s biographer added, has been involved in conversations regarding the future of the monarchy and his role. He said: “Of course, he has – he’s a central player. Obviously, Prince Charles is the next in line, but even he would acknowledge that everyone sees William as the future of the Crown and the popular future – despite being booed at Wembley!”

[From The Daily Express]

So, um, agree or disagree? I disagree, strongly. I think the Queen and Charles are both quite worried about William being the “future” of the institution. They’ve seen him close-up and they know how ill-suited he is for anything. It’s clear that the Queen is actually pretty concerned about both of her heirs, but she must feel like Charles is much steadier than William. However long or short Charles’s reign may be, seeing William as Prince of Wales will – I believe – end up being pretty f–king stark.

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  1. Snuffles says:

    As unlikable as Charles is, most would admit that he’s capable of doing the job. He’s not afraid of doing hard work and is always prepared. They clearly can’t say the same about the Cambridges. And that’s just the basic stuff. Prince Incandescent with Rage is a ticking time bomb.

    • Merricat says:

      Well put. I don’t love Charles as a person, but William in any capacity is a nightmare.

      • Jan90067 says:

        William, in temperate and willingness to work, is the incarnation of his Uncle David, minus the actual abdication. Will’s abdication will be in terms of actual *work*. He and Kate have already said they’re slashing patronages to “a few things that mean the most to us”, meaning NO bread and butter connection with the actual populace. He will barely be seen, more likely than not off with the latest rose bush he’ll be pruning, or swanning off on a “break”. Kate will be in her own home by that point, near Mummy, an no doubt be involved with whichever trainer or tennis pro takes her fancy at the moment.

        I hold NO illusions about these two. Hopefully though, their kids will be taught the history of that generation, and at least Char and Louis realize it’s time to peace out, learn how to earn their own money, and get the hell out.

    • SarahCS says:

      And Charles could be king for 20+ years, we’re not going to have a ‘young’ king anytime soon unless there’s a major tragedy. Sadly, if the monarchy is still hanging on by the time Basher gets a go we all know he will be terrible at the job.

      • Snuffles says:

        If Charles had any sense he would wrap this up or strip the role down so severely that when William becomes King he would have zero power or access and would simply be just a figurehead who shows up to cut ribbons.

      • SussexWatcher says:

        Snuffles, that would be awesome. I would also love to see Chuck wait years before bestowing the Prince of Wales title on The Incandescent One. Oh I will laugh and laugh for him and Kkkeen to not get one of the things they so desperately crave 😆

    • MeganC says:

      The BRF have such tunnel vision and are so insulated from reality, I think they think William and Kate are the future and they are happy about it.

    • PaulaH says:

      Please define “hard work”. If you mean Charles years of creating scandal (shame) are behind him and William is in his prime for scandal than I agree, Charles is prepared to do the work (less scandal).

      • notasugarhere says:

        No one cares about a failed first marriage, not in this day and age. When it comes to accomplishments? Yes, The Prince’s Trust, the saving of Dumfries House, the building of Poundbury, the whole Duchy Originals thing, and making the Duchy organic and profitable? Yes, those are accomplishments.

  2. Scorpion says:

    Oh noes, the Dilettantes may have more ribbon cutting and posturing in their future. 😩🥴

    Someone get me the smallest violins they can so I can play us all a fiddle 🙃

  3. Cessily says:

    With how much they cost the taxpayers they should be doing something, it also would be really nice to see it in action instead of always being told what they are planning on doing in the future.

    • Chloe says:

      I do think the queen has faith in her son that he’s more than capable of doing the job bit. But she does know that he isn’t popular and that simply is an issue. William is more popular but i do not believe for a second that the queen actually has much faith in him. She knows he is lazy and that his wife is too. And the only reason why he’s the more popular one is because they put all hands on deck for him and decided to make a deal with the devil (aka the UK press) to prop him up. Preferably over the back of his younger brother and his wife.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Chloe, yes Bulliam has been protected solely due to his apparent agreement with the rabid RR’s and the BM. Yet, Bulliam is under the dissolution that he will forever be safe from the RR’s in the BM. I can’t wait for the gloves to come off.

        The Queen has zero trust in Bulliam. My gawd, he’s almost 40 and still doesn’t know how to fulfill the smallest of duties. Their Charm tours are consistently charmless and tone deaf. The Queen knows this as Bulliam and CopyKeen are utterly useless with all duties required. TQ is still asking what exactly does Kate do??? The answer has escaped her for over a decade.

      • Subaru_Lady says:

        @BothSidesNow. Please stop acting like you know what the Queen is thinking.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Subaru lady
        It’s not a stretch. The Queen has questioned what Kate does. The Queen has made moves that appeared as punishments for William. The Queen has withheld honors and homes to William and Kate.

        They are not in her favor and never was it said William is liked by his Grandmother or she’s proud of him. And she has said that or had it put out there that she is proud of Harry and Eugenie.

      • Nic919 says:

        William does less than the Queen’s children which makes no sense for the future future king. This says a lot of what the queen thinks about William.

  4. Merricat says:

    I don’t believe that anyone who has been paying the least bit of attention thinks William is well-suited to the monarchy.

    • Eurydice says:

      Including the Queen. But William’s the one who popped out first, so they’re stuck with him.

      • Charm says:

        Come to think of it, there IS something to thank Bullyiam for, afterall: popping out first, thereby making it possible for H to meet M and join in holy fantabulous matrimony.

        Thank you, oh Incandescent One.


      • Beverley says:

        Yep, if Harry was the heir, TQ’s permission to marry Meghan never would have been granted. Harry escaped! How lucky that the so-called spare is free to live and love and thrive in America with the woman of his choosing and their children! Harry has already won the lottery of Life. 😍

      • Tessa says:

        The Queen though did give her blessing to Charles the (future King), a divorced man to marry Camilla Parker Bowles a divorced woman. And Charles did not have to step aside.She did set a precedent. Harry may well have been granted permission. It will be interesting to see if George marries a divorcee, under the circumstances I would think he’d be permitted to marry a divorcee. And if William meets someone else he wants to marry, I think he would get permission to remarry as a divorced person.

      • Beverley says:

        Agreed, Tessa. But I wasn’t referring to Meghan as a divorced woman. My question wasn’t about divorce or second marriages. It’s clear thar precedent was set when TQ allowed divorced Charles and divorced Camilla to enter into a second marriage.

        I’m referring to Meghan as a half Black woman. If Harry was the firstborn, instead of William, would TQ’s permission have been granted for him to marry Meghan? Especially with such concerns and conversations regarding how dark their future children’s complexions might be?

        Frankly, I can’t imagine that if Harry was the heir he would have been allowed to marry Meghan..

      • notasugarhere says:

        Technically Charles was a widower, Camilla was a divorced person. Church of England has allowed divorced persons to marry in the Church since 2002. Charles and Camilla chose not to marry in Church but did have 800 people at their blessing service. As for QEII’s permission? I don’t think she has any problems with Camilla, nor would she have stopped Harry from marrying Meghan if Harry was the elder brother and heir. Harry and Meghan have repeatedly said their problem is not with his grandmother and she is not one of the family racists.

  5. IForget says:

    Well if it’s such a burden, why don’t you just…I dunno… get rid of the monarchy?!

    I’m being facetious. But also, hopeful lol

  6. Mayuri says:

    The institution thinks it can be saved with William and Karen Middleton but they’ll fail badly. If what we’re seeing them do is at their peak, George and Charlotte are going to have to be working royals before they’re even eighteen. Also, the British Media has already admitted that these two are hopeless in many ways. We see this a lot on Kate’s constant sugary coverage of her outfits and the constant pleading for Harry to come home. At least with Charles, we can talk about his environmentalism and the prince’s trust. William hasn’t accomplished anything.

    • Chloe says:

      I think there might also be another reason for those “harry must come home” stories.

      • ThatsNotOkay says:

        They need Harry because William is going to blow the whole thing up, the Tories will lose power, the people will insist on losing the House of Lords and becoming a full republic or whatever. But instead they’re that dog sitting inside a burning building sipping tea. “This is fine.”

  7. Sofia says:

    I do think that a lot of the *establishment* sees William as the future of the monarchy and not Charles. That doesn’t mean that they want to skip Charles – they’ll accept and be fine with Charles as King. But the person who’s going to continue the monarchy forward, in their eyes, is William. This is why William, in my opinion, has a lot of his behaviour and marital issues covered up. He has a lot more palace and press protection compared to Charles because in the eyes of the establishment, if William *falls* so does the monarchy,

    Now we can all argue that this isn’t the right view to have or whatever but I do think that this is what the government and media think. Or at least, want.

    • Merricat says:

      I agree with you, but I also think that this kind of iron-clad protection will not hold in the digital age, especially if William leaves the relative “safety” of the U.K.

      • Tessa says:

        This is true. And historically so. Edward VIII and Wallis simpson news were available in the US media while the UK had some press protection for Edward and Wallis.

      • Sofia says:

        Definitely – and we see that now with the whole Rose stuff. Not a single rota/British newspaper touched it (and by touched it, explicitly reported it as being affair gossip rather than *falling out*) but it still got out and the articles have all been saved and screenshotted. Same with Kate’s Tatler cover. Stuff was removed but the screenshots/original text is still around.

    • Tessa says:

      William IMO is a huge disappointment to say the least but there is this angriness in him and spitefulness. I remember when he was called the Best Hope for the Monarchy. It was downhill from there. Charles should have reined William in.

      • Charm says:

        Well charles failed to reign bullyiam in, just as betty failed to nurture charles.
        Seems theres always a fatal flaw in every generation of the monarchy, leading to their final destruction.

        The Universe is unfolding as it should.

    • Becks1 says:

      this is a good point. I also think part of the protection for William is because we know most (all?) of Charles’ dirty laundry and as a result, people are looking forward to William because he seems more…palatable, I guess….but if people knew everything about William (even the “big things” that are covered up and we don’t know even though we speculate), Charles would be seen as the more palatable one. And that’s not a good look for the monarchy. By the time Charles dirty laundry was aired, so to speak, the public was already invested in, and looking forward to, William. If they have to put up with Charles begrudgingly and then a not popular William….its a long haul for monarchy.

      • Sofia says:

        This is exactly why he enjoys more protection from Charles – William’s whole image is the opposite of Charles. Charles and Diana were an arranged marriage/got married after a year but William married his college sweetheart after 10 years. Charles and Diana were unstable and not in love but William and Kate are happily married and stable (hence the constant emphasis on Kate’s “middle class roots” being some sort of stabilisers for the kids/William himself).

        While I think most in the UK are going to be fine with Charles and will accept him, it seems the plan for those who aren’t looking forward to it is “well William is waiting in the wings and he’ll be like Elizabeth!” Especially for those who want a Elizabeth esque monarch – stable, boring and scandal free (for the most part).

      • Tessa says:

        The only thing the marriage was not arranged. Both were free to walk away. Unlike George IV (then Prince of Wales) and Caroline of Brunswick who were precontracted to marry and never met before the wedding day, Charles wanted heirs and had already been turned down. Anna Wallace walked away, and Amanda Knatchbull turned down his proposal. Diana was younger and more naive and starry eyed about Charles. He went into the marriage IMO in a cynical way, and had his “vision” of marriage that apparently did not involve loving his wife. The waiting 10 years for William was his idea IMO. Very much so. Kate had to wait those years out even when he broke up with her and he was seeing other women. She must have known he would end it if anyone else (aristos he was interested in) reciprocated. She even waged a campaign in 2007 to win him back. Diana unfortunately was in love with Charles. I would not be sure that Kate really loved William or not, if he had been William Smith would she have dumped him? Diana was only 19 but did work two part time jobs. Kate had no real job to speak of and waited ten years. She had the opportunities Diana never had, to perhaps get another degree (child psychology?) or get a real career going. She did go to University and did not use the degree. William is nowhere near like Elizabeth, who despite some shortcomings, did her work and did not skip out of things like her grandson William (he could not even complete the Air Ambulance hours in his “normal” job. William also probably believes his own publicity. And so does Kate.

      • teecee says:

        Was Diana really “free to walk away”? I think this ignores the huge disparity in age and experience between the two. Even if she had decided, just before the wedding, to bolt, chances are they would have forced her to go through with it anyway, especially then, when the royals were even more powerful than they are now.

        I also don’t think Liz’s “work” is anything to be impressed by. It’s only notable when compared to William’s, but even then, it’s been at most 20 hours/week of cutting ribbons and being photographed standing next to people with actual accomplishments. Big Whoop.

      • Tessa says:

        Up until the engagement, Diana could have walked with relatively little trouble. Anna Wallace broke off with Charles and no problems–according to a biographer, Charles did want Anna back but she stood her ground and said no. Diana had the disadvantage of moving into BP and not being able to remain in her own home.. But if she had really had serious reservations she could have broken the engagement. If her family had stepped up and told her she did not have to go through with it, that would have given her extra support. Her mother told her biographer she was not going to interfere. Diana’s situation was unique. Another issue was that Diana really thought Charles loved her and trusted him. That was the problem. Charles was attracted to Diana and thought she’d be “OK” if he continued with his same lifestyle. There are couples where there is a disparity and they make a go of it, if both couples commit. Marriage does take work, but I think Charles only saw the Philosophy of Marriage not the realities. If Diana was totally stressed and got sick from the stress pre wedding she could not be forced to go through with it. But she did trust Charles at that point.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Sofia – I do wonder though if the stories about The Other Brother’s multiple affairs (and possible other children) are being stopped by QEII and after she goes Charles will have no issues with letting the media loose on TOB. Chuck will need some fresh meat to protect himself and his one true obsession, making Cams queen, and to protect his own reign. So I can sort of see this happening because why – once he become king – would Chuck really care?

      • Becks1 says:

        There have been some comments from various journalists etc that there is a sort of understood embargo on William – and negative royal stories in general – until the Queen dies. I think someone on here who is a journalist said once that she thought once the queen passes, a LOT is going to start coming out. I think its being held back out of respect for her and because no one wants to write the story that kills the Queen, you know?

        also, remember the tweet from a reporter at the Times – the times! not a tabloid – about how he couldn’t wait until they could repeat freely on William.

      • Sofia says:

        I don’t know. As @Becks1 pointed out, there seems to be some thing that once the queen dies, all bets are off but I don’t know if Charles would *help* the media. Most of his scandals are out, Camilla has her public stamp of approval from the queen and while people may complain, the media/people can go “Well the queen approved of her publicly” and that’ll be that. Charles may not be the biggest William fan and may be annoyed by him but even if he will want the monarchy to continue after his death.

      • Tessa says:

        Camilla would be automatically be Queen Consort. ANd Charles can never IMO get universal approval for Camilla in any case title or no title. Once the Queen approved the C and C marriage and Charles researched and found that he would not have to choose the throne or Camilla (either one not both) it was a done deal. The only thing Charles perhaps was Charles own claiming and official word she would be Princess Consort, he had to in his mind perhaps get the Queen to make a statement. CHarles also probably did want his line to continue his “dynasty.” He apparently likes those dynasty photos of the next “kings”.Only trouble is Charles put dynasty over being a parent, and did not rein William in when he was working against Harry.

      • teecee says:

        I wonder if the press will start talking about Phil’s other children once Liz dies…

      • Anance says:

        The issue is how long can Charles last? If he lives as long as his parents, William will be close to 60 when he becomes King. At the moment, George would be around 30. Maybe the one who gets skipped over is William.

        William may prefer it: he remains Prince of Wales and continues his idle aristo life. I don’t anyone would care about what Kate thinks, they barely do now.

  8. MsIam says:

    I wonder if seeing the Cambridges fcuk up and William get booed publicly will convince the queen to retire after the Jubbly and let Charles take over? Since it sounds like he basically has done that if the queen is only showing up for horse and flower events. I wonder if the queen is trying to work something out for Andrew first? Anyway, William is in no way ready to move forward, maybe in another 20 years? Maybe?

  9. Belli says:

    I’m so happy that they’re getting exactly what they wanted.

  10. Chill says:

    Don’t worry. In the next 10 to 15 years all focus will be on William’s kids. They will be the new spotlight. Wills will be old and old hat.

    • Tessa says:

      It may be bad to watch. Because already George is being treated more “special” than his siblings. I hope that Charlotte and Louis can be independent and have their own careers and not be subjected to the “spare” treatment.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        It was worked into Harry that he had to stay for William. Harry had to serve and he spoke about how heavy that obligation was. That he sacrificed his own self for it. I would imagine William will drill that onto his children as well because it only benefits the heir. And when does William appear to care about anyone other than himself? Even articles that are pro William point out he does not care for others. He shows due respect and demands much more for himself.

      • Nic919 says:

        The whole point of commoner kate was that any kids would be raised closer to normal. But she’s enabling the screwed up Windsor way as much as William and more than Diana ever did.

      • Tessa says:

        Kate comes from “new money” her mother is probably a stickler for ‘protocol’ and advised Kate to follow protocol even though some of the protocol IMO makes no sense.She also is going along with treating George more “special” and she and William bringing only him to Rugby games and George getting a present from Attenborough while the other two were around.

  11. Tessa says:

    Perfect selection of photo for this article!

  12. girl_ninja says:

    The burden of the monarchy is on the people. Burn that sh*t to the ground and screw Bill and Cathy.

  13. Jai says:

    Does the Queen ever wonder what role she as a mother and monarch had in her heirs turning out to be duds?? It’s crazy to me how this woman is always responsible for everything good and never responsible for anything bad. She runs the whole thing, supposedly. I honestly think she’s the worst out of all of them

    • Tessa says:

      The Queen ostriches and avoids situations she is “uncomfortable” with. Diana said in one of her interviews that she talked to her about Charles and the marriage the Queen just said Charles is impossible and DIana added that was that that was help. She avoided other issues like Andrew’s situation, Margaret’s involvement with Townsend, Charles relationship with married Camilla (a courtier brought this to her attention in the late seventies), and so on. Her mother did the same and was said to have “taken to her bed” during the abdication crisis. She lets things go out of control. ANd she did this with her family.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Jai, 🏆

    • SuzeQ says:

      Could not agree more, Jai, except the blame is shared with Phil. They spent long stretches away from their children and taught them that loyalty is owed above all (above other human beings even) to the crown. They also seem to have taught them to repress their true feelings. They were lousy parents.

  14. Becks1 says:

    has anyone told Charles this?

    Look, the Queen and Charles aren’t dumb. He turns 74 this year, even if he lives as long as his father (and becomes king in the next year or so) that gives him 25 years on the throne. That’s not a bad reign, it only seems short compared to the Queen, but we probably are never going to see another reign like hers in terms of length. William will be 65 at that point and he might get 30 or 35 years on the throne – again not a bad reign, but not 70 years. so you know the Queen and charles are aware that in all likelihood William will become king at a younger age than Charles and that William’s reign will be longer, but he won’t be a “young” king and his reign wont be as long as his grandmother’s.

    All that to say – no, I don’t think Charles or the Queen is thinking of Charles’ reign as “interregnum.” Charles has plans and he isn’t planning on dying soon to appease William.

  15. Amy Bee says:

    William’s not even guaranteed to become the Prince of Wales. That’s because there are people in Wales who have a problem with the title and the notion that an English person would hold it. But I really think that when the Queen dies there will be a lot of debate about whether the UK should remain a monarchy. So all that “preparation” that William is getting might be for nothing.

    • Jaded says:

      I hope Charles dangles that carrot on a stick in front of the Cambridges for a longggg time because neither is capable of making anything of the POW title. Although independence is not currently supported by a majority in Wales, a stronger movement for it is emerging and pro-independence groups have gained popularity in the last decade. I imagine Mean and Keen will put both feet wrong when they visit Wales in the coming days just like they did on the Catastrophic Caribbean Colonialist tour and I doubt they’ll be welcomed with open arms.

  16. Tessa says:

    The first moment William approached Harry and “advised him” to Slow Down, The Queen and Charles should have put a stop to it. ANd told him he was being disrespectful and leave his brother alone. FOr one reason or another William got to “control” the decision making about Harry and Meghan. I was appalled that he was even involved in the discussions about Harry and Meghan early in 2020. He is not even the direct heir!

    • Amy Bee says:

      The way some in the media saw it William was Harry’s boss so he could do and say what he wanted to him. I believe the Queen and Charles agreed that’s the way it was to be.

      • Tessa says:

        Even the Queen’s children never acted like that. I can’t imagine how the younger three children would have acted if Charles tried to dictate to them how their respective courtships should happen. I doubt he’d have gotten away with it.

    • Kalana says:

      I think the Queen defers to Charles as the parent and Charles simply didn’t care enough to risk a fight with William. Charles cared more about his public image and getting people to accept Camilla and he needed William for that.

      But William’s public image has taken a beating because of all this. And Harry separating himself means he’s now useful to Charles as an ally to reduce William’s influence. No healthy family dynamics here.

      • Tessa says:

        Once Charles married Camilla after the blessing from the Queen he was all set. I don’t think it matters if William likes Camilla or not, Charles probably set down an iron clad will where Camilla will never have to depend on William for anything. Harry and William are polite to her and always have been. Charles had nothing to worry about re: Camilla, he had PR people working with her. He missed out on dealing with the real problem of William and reining him in. Charles should have cared about how William was running rampant. If he observed the way he treated Harry, he could have thought “I’m next.” A sad situation.

  17. BuzzKell says:

    “very much not a good future king.”

  18. kelleybelle says:

    … in which case the monarchy is screwed with these two lazy, copy-cat dullards. What are they good for?

  19. Over it says:

    He would first have to unclench his face and hands to be prepared oh and do some actual work

  20. C says:

    For all of his hissy fits, William doesn’t have all that much respect for the institution either. He’ll duck out of his responsibilities and has no interest in any type of diplomacy. It’s all about the ski and beach vacations….and then whatever privileges that brass ring of the throne will give him.
    So the idea that any of the people intimately connected with him think he is the safeguard of the future is….weird.

  21. Lady Digby says:

    Flop Tour showed rigid noblesse oblige and expectations of eternal deference and gratitude. Has William shown any dexterity and political nous dealing with anybody or any situation in either his public or private life? Does he have brilliant advisors around him that he will listen to ior will his own instincts prevail no matter how bad the results? Does he have a rock solid marriage and a great work partnership with a strong and capable wife? He is the heir’s heir but what innate skills does he have today, what does he need to do to prepare himself for his future role, what does he lack and where does he need to improve on?
    For all PC flaws and failings at least he has passions that he genuinely cares about and he has been preparing for over 50 years to be king. A sulky, reluctant teenage vibe in a 40 year old doesn’t give me any confidence that PW has the work ethic and willingness to take on a full time public facing job any time soon. Just as well for him Tories and tabloids support status quo so he can remain disgruntled with tighty whitey underwear but still be fawned upon!

    • Harper says:

      Charles has lived a life of impressive curiosity. From a young age, he has used his position and resources to create opportunities to lift up young people through The Prince’s Trust. He has championed organic farming for decades and used Highgrove as a laboratory for sustainable gardening. He created an entire town out of his enthusiasm for historical preservation. And those are just three things he’s famous for off of the top of my head. And three ventures that were started well before his fortieth year.

      How anyone can look at lame, listless, angry 40-year-old William with nothing but one year of Earthshot to his name and say he’s better for the monarchy is beyond me.

      • Tessa says:

        Charles should not have allowed William to drift. I think he coddled him and cocooned him and gave him “privacy.” William should have been handed a regimen of duties and only rewarded with vacations and parties when he completed them. His twenties were sort of wasted. He should have been required to serve an apprenticeship with the Princes Trust. He was spoiled too much. Charles is not a genius by any means but he appreciated his education unlike William. And if his life had been redirected he might have met a young woman with a real work ethic and very bright who would have encouraged Will to do better.

      • Harper says:

        William needs intensive professional therapy. He needed it in the direct aftermath of his mother’s death. He needed it when he wanted to leave St. Andrews after one semester. He needed it when he was breaking up with Kate then getting back together then breaking up and getting back together. He needs it now, after having pushed his brother out of the family and demonstrating repeated instances of incandescence. He needs it more than he needs an injunction against the press for reporting on his extra-marital foibles.

        Does anyone think he is getting professional help? I wonder. It does not appear that he has grown or changed for the better over the past few years, so I’m guessing no. There have been more rumors of Kate getting help than William.

  22. RoyalBlue says:

    willieleaks will be the laughing stock when he sits in the throne. no one will take him seriously, and i can’t wait to see that play out.

  23. Well Wisher says:

    Please forgive my diversion as I respond to this post.
    I saw this clip where Ms. Tess Murray discussed the monarchy when discussed in three possible ways; public institution, a £64 billion brand or private family.
    (Civically, the monarch is the face of a democratically elected government).
    If they are a private family, they should get off the stage.
    If they are a public institution their major responsibility is transparency: integrity and authenticity are of vital importance.
    It it is a brand then the peddling in myth and fairy tales is acceptable whereby a skewed system of behaviour is unchallenged.
    Reportage of branding, is adequately done as celebrity news. The English tabloids are terrible at 🎉 news even if they are formulaic.
    The salient point being that mudraking disguised as journalism has its tentacles in publishing in England.
    It is the explanation of these recent publications concerning modern day royalty as evidence in this book. Just follow the script then pedal the myth.
    Get ahead of the story, especially if members can attain their agency to write their own books.
    Who own the myths, owns the story. Now
    sell the story.
    The bottom line is all that matters.
    William has failed as a administrator in nearly all the decisions he made so far, the latest was the unnecessary quarrel with the BBC ; dependent on the tabloid press for personal validation and craves attention.
    Unless there is a course correction, William would become an unremarkable monarch in a public institution, but what ever Morton’s forecast and description in the aegis of monarchy as branding. Bull’s approval is considered an asset.

    This book is not about the monarchy as a public institution it is about 💰 💰 💰.

    The pattern of mudraking disguised as journalism has its tentacles in publishing in the UK.
    They are given a script

  24. C-Shell says:

    Well, has Morton ever been favorable toward Charles? It blows my mind how all of these hacks know intimately what the Queen is thinking, feeling, planning, or even DOING, but Charles would like a word.

  25. Eurydice says:

    I’d file this under the category “of course.” Of course, William is the future – he’s not the past – and any future burdens will be carried by him whenever he becomes king. But I don’t see where Morton says that TQ is happy about it or that she thinks he’ll be any good, just that she recognizes the reality of how time works.

    As for interregnum, I can believe that, too. Charles has been cooling his heels forever and there’s no guarantee he’ll live to be 100.

  26. TheOriginalMia says:

    So much embiggening. I seriously doubt the Queen is having high level meetings to prepare William for a role he might not have in 30 years. Probably more like “do get on with it, William and stop dilly dallying.” That said William has supposedly been training for his future role for most of his life. He’s still woefully behind his father and younger brother, hence the rush to make him seem relevant with his awards and vanity coin. Everyone knows he’s slacking, ineffectual, dull, and temperamental. The only project he’s really put any effort into is the continued abuse of his sister in law and beefing with his brother. He’s very dedicated to that project.

    • Lady Digby says:

      Dogs are very perceptive and TQ’s corgis really liked Meghan. I wonder what her corgis think about Basher? We know he feels very superior to us peasants , does he behave better towards animals? Will corgis be banished during his reign?

    • Tessa says:

      William should have been handed duties and required to serve an apprenticeship at Princes Trust. Too bad Philip did not stay for the tea with William and Queen (the “preparation” of William) and told him to get on with it.

    • Lizzie says:

      IDK, I can see the queen having meetings with the two laziest royals and telling them to step up their game.

  27. Lorelei says:

    Thoughts and prayers to the monarchy.

  28. Blithe says:

    In the fanfic corner of my brain, I’m hoping for Queen Charlotte. Charles sweeps out some of the dust and cobwebs, and implements more programs focused on the environment, opportunities for youth, and strengthening social safety nets, and actually officially retires at some point. George develops some special interest and earns a PhD, becomes a renowned artist, and surfs on the side. William does a David/Edward, which, just like then, everyone recognizes as being for the best. Charlotte Rules, and actually enjoys it. Or maybe Charlotte informally co-rules with George — allowing them each to pursue their own skills and interests.

    Sorry for the not-well-thought-out musings. This is my shabby effort to not think too much about Texas, and the tatters of what’s left.

    • notasugarhere says:

      George isn’t going anywhere, nor is he going to share his toys just as William did not. The monarchy might disappear, but George is being raised to push his two siblings down to promote himself. Harry has set the precedent the two younger ones will not be working royals. Let them fade from public view now and raise them to make their own lives.

  29. CourtneyB says:

    Um, Edward VII (I had to make sure he didn’t say the VIII which would be more accurate) was hardly an interregnum. His reign was short but impactful. I mean, it’s known as the Edwardian Era for a reason! Edward waited a long time but he made the most out of his 9 year reign.

    • Blithe says:

      Sorry. If this is in response to my shaky fanfic, by David/Edward, I meant Edward VIII.
      If it’s not, I apologize for assuming and butting in.

      • CourtneyB says:

        No, no. It was in response to the article quoting Morton as saying Edward VII’s reign (1901-1910) was just an interregnum between Victoria and George V.

      • Elizabeth Phillips says:

        YES! Andrew Morton obviously needs a history lesson.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      From aesthetics the Edwardian era is my least favorite. Dull and ugly.

      • Elizabeth Phillips says:

        I think it’s very pretty and light. Things had been dark for so long in the Victorian Era, and it was fresh to kind of clear things out.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        I felt it looked cold and stiff. Not all, but many pieces of jewelry and art. Not pieces that can adapt to other styles at all.
        Some works and pieces are lovely, but majority just never struck the right emotions for me.

    • Becks1 says:

      I thought he was talking about Edward VIII at first too and I was like….I’m pretty sure Charles will be king for more than a year, lol. Then I realized I had my roman numerals wrong haha.

      The “interregnum” comment makes more sense applied to VIII, but apparently Morton did not agree.

  30. Lizzie says:

    ‘…everyone sees William as the future of the Crown..’ He is second in line to the throne after his father, there is no other way to ‘see William’.
    A+ for the drama though.

  31. 2cents says:

    “Morton: the Cambridges will carry the burden for the monarchy going forwards”

    Wrong, the monarchy IS the burden….for the taxpayers at least! I was disappointed when I read Morton’s OK magazine interview recently about this book and he appeared as sycophantic as the rest of the royal reporter bunch of clientjourno- softies.

    From a royal reporter of Morton’s “kaliber” (better than Lacey??) I hoped for a more truthful and balanced report of the Queen’s 70 year reign, compellingly titled: “Morton’s The Queen: The Myth Debunked”, spilling some serious tea with receipts he’d unearthed from deep dungeons, but alas! This will not be like his tell-all Diana book. So for me his book is not worth reading or buying.

    I mean, fact is the Queen’s entire 70 year reign has been one long historic steady decline of the British empire through decolonization (including the recent Carribean Monarchexits), leading to an increasing irrelevance of Britain on the world stage. The Commonwealth is just a loose association and not powerful. Brexit has lead to more isolation. What’s left of the monarchy is empty PR!

    In other words the United Kingdom is imploding slowly since her ascension to the throne and the relevance of the monarchy for Britain’s future is questionable, but none of the British journalists dares to draw up the critical balance for Elizabeth’s reign…..yet.

    A missed opportunity!

    • Tessa says:

      I wonder how Morton will interpret will advising Harry to slow down would he side with william

      • 2cents says:

        Morton is a royalist. It’s his bread and butter. He would side with William’s advice to slow down. His bias against Harry and Meghan in favor of palace aides like Angela Kelly (whom he called the Queen’s formidable dresser in the tiaragate saga) is obvious.

        I remember an interview with Morton just after H&M’s engagement, when he was asked if William, the direct heir to the throne, would get royal permission if he wanted to marry a woman like Meghan. Morton almost choked saying no, that would never be allowed.

        That response made me realize that Meghan would not be welcomed warmly and openheartedly into the royal family. The rest is history!

  32. Saucy&Sassy says:

    “[T]he Cambridges will carry the burden for the monarchy going forwards” and “everyone sees William as the future of the Crown.” Good luck with that.

    Does anyone else here think that William will wait until he can get his hands on some money and then leave stage left? I think it’s entirely possible.

    • Deering24 says:

      That would be the smartest thing he could do. But I would bet his ego won’t let him give up the perks of constant worship.

  33. Charm says:

    Its always so hilarious to watch the britshidtmedia lackeys latch on to a particular narrative like a mindless little terrier and flog it hard, begging the hoi polloi to buy into it,

    Like how, especially since H&M left and up until betty used her platinum card and made it all about camilla, theyd been flogging the narrative that err’body wants to skip charles as king and go straight to bullyam. Rmbr those cover photos and stories in peoplemag? In fact peoplemag came out with a special royal brand of their mag just to shill Cant and Wont as the next king and queenconsort.

    And then betty put a spoke in all their wheels by annointing camilla as the next consort.

    Now the britshidtmedia lackeys have latched on to the talking point of charles-as-interregnum king, who is just holding the space for the true king, bullyam.

    The truth is, they are in despair that by the time bullyam becomes king, he will be an old man and pooooor kitty…….we wont even attempt to imagine what she’ll look like. Meanwhile, H&M are out there being beautiful, zzzzexy, free and productive and operating on a global scale.

    That image is driving them batshidtcray.

    • Subaru_Lady says:

      @Charm, Do you realize MM is older than William and Catherine? If they will be showing their age, so will Meghan. Also William is only two years older than Harry. You are acting like there is a decade or more between them.

      • C says:

        If you think Meghan looks the same age as the Cambridges I have a bridge to sell you.

      • Charm says:

        The point went straight over your head.

        I said, MEANWHILE……….as in: while they cut ribbons, open royal envelopes and wait for charles to die so bullyam can become king, H&M will C.O.N.T.I.N.U.E. being beautifu,l zzzexy, free and highly productive, global citizens.

        Get the picture? And the point? And the royalists’ angst/fear/despair/anguish/jealousy/anger?

      • notasugarhere says:

        William already looks like his Uncle Edward’s older brother. Kate is only five months younger than Meghan yet Kate looks at least 10 years older. So triggering for some.

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate not only looks much older than Meghan, she looks much older than most women in their 40s who don’t have a fraction of the botox and fillers she has.

      • SuzeQ says:

        Kate’s Botox is no match for Meghan’s inner and outward beauty.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Not everyone ages the same.

  34. Turnawry says:

    “Yet doth he live!” exclaims th’ impatient heir
    And sighs for sables which he must not wear.

    Lord Byron

  35. blunt talker says:

    All this genetic pain being passed on

  36. JRenee says:

    Well if TQ and PC are worried about William, they shaped this person. He’s spoiled, entitled and indifferent. Not a good look for the monarchy..

  37. Yo says:

    I see William as the future of the monarchy for sure. Under him it will fold fail and crumble as it should have decades ago.

  38. Msthang says:

    I am probably wrong but I kind of wonder if Chopper and Chutney’s lack of zeal for the job, is because they believe the monarchies days are numbered, and especially after their last tour. It had to be pretty off putting the lack of crowds.

    • TurquoiseGem says:

      @MsThang, I like your thinking about C & C’s possible lack of zeal for the job. Also, wondering if deep down inside they know they lack the shoulders to carry this burden that is the monarchy…..

  39. MikeB says:

    It is an unbreakable fact that succession to the British crown is based on to whom you were born and has nothing to do with your capabilities. Charles when he succeeds could reign for 20+ years bringing him into his mid 90s, William into his 60s and George into his 30s. The royal family has a problem with the ages of its senior members, Anne (71), Andrew (62) and Edward (58) and there are few younger members to step in to help. George unfortunately has his future mapped out for him, get married and produce the heir and at least one spare, if he can do that before he is thirty all to the good.

  40. Lori says:

    Maybe William has the foresight to realize that the monarchy could be a fleeting institution. ?