Oksana Grigorieva rejects Mel Gibson’s generous prenup offer

Mel Gibson and his pregnant girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva leave Balthazar restaurant
Despite the fact that Oksana Grigorieva tells every interviewer that she has “no plans” to marry baby-daddy Mel Gibson, the National Enquirer is still running stories about Mel and Oksana’s impending wedding. There are some shifting goalposts and contradictions, but the basic gist has remained the same. The Enquirer claims that shortly after Oksana gives birth (maybe in November or December), Mel wants a wedding sometime around Christmas, probably at Mel’s private Holy Family Chapel in Agoura Hills. Whether this is true, I have no idea. In any case, you kind of have to take the Enquirer’s word for it to believe this story… apparently, Oksana is saying “nyet” to Mel Gibson’s generous pre-nup offer.

Mel Gibson’s fiancee has said “Nyet!” to his prenup offer. Now pals say Mel – who has to pony up about half his $1 billion fortune to estranged wife Robyn – could pay a staggering $250 million if his second marriage crumbles.

Pregnant Oksana Grigorieva is reportedly due to deliver the couple’s baby girl in early December. They are rumored to be planning a Christmas wedding.

Oksana “gave Mel a kick in the head when she flat-out refused to sign” the prenup agreement, a longtime family friend told The Enquirer. Mel’s offer was generous – $5 million a year for up to 10 years, the friend confided.

“But Oksana wants all or nothing. The same thing happened when she was engaged to Timothy Dalton – and she walked away.”

“She had Timothy’s baby, but refused to marry him because he insisted on a prenup to protect his fortune,” said the friend. “Oksana was offended by it – and now she’s telling Mel the same thing.”

Mel is “seriously conflicted by Oksana’s reaction,” revealed the friend. “He’s such a God-fearing Catholic, he’s adamant that getting married to her is the right thing to do.”

“But she’s stubborn. She’ll give him up before she’ll sign. She’s done it before.”

[From the National Enquirer, print edition, November 2 2009]

Now, most reports do have Mel Gibson “lavishing” gifts on Oksana, and Oksana eating it up. With caviar. If this is true, how do we read it? Is Oksana holding out for more money? Or was she genuinely offended by Mel’s demands for any kind of pre-nup. I won’t mock her for that, I know a lot of women who are genuinely offended when men talk about prenups because they think it’s not romantic. Me? I’m a pragmatist. I wouldn’t scoff at $5 million a year for bangin’ Mel’s crazy ass. Well… let me rethink that. If Oksana was a really smart golddigger (which she may be) she could ask that a “Sugart-ts Clause” be added to the prenup. As in, if Mel Gibson ever gets drunk and makes a public ass out of himself, she gets a huge payday. That’s totally what I would do.

Mel Gibson and his pregnant girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva leave Balthazar restaurant

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  1. Firestarter says:

    Well , I would take a page out of Timothy Dalton’s book and LET her walk away. Not that I am in support of Mel, but who does she think she is making demands on anyone’s money? If she walks away, all he will have to pay is child support, and that is a hell of a lot less than letting the greedy woman have her way. I say take the lead from both Dalton AND Law. Child support.

  2. QB says:

    She is a smart golddigger , she is not going to be marry to him for more than 3 years and 15 millions is not 250 million his first wife is getting.

  3. Raven says:

    I hope she takes him for anything he has left after the divorce. I want to see this jerk panhandling out on PCH.

  4. Popcorny says:

    Oh Mel, what a blazing boob he’s become. For years all I can do is peek through fingers at his trashed personal life.
    If Oksana were smart, she wouldn’t marry him. She has the milk, no need for the bumbling, stinkin’ and embarrassing cow who seems to sh!t itself every 15 minutes.
    Mel needs to get fricken sober, not married.

  5. Firestarter says:

    @Raven- I would actually like Robyn to get everything, as she put in the years, and deserves it a hell of a lot more than some greedy gold digger like he has. As much as Mel disgusts me, his gf disgusts me more with her thinking she deserves equal to what his first wife got. Give me a break. The sex with this nobody cannot be worth all that!

  6. Victoria says:

    Yeah but the first wife suffered through how many years of marriage and gave birth to how many children? She should and will get more than the OBVIOUS golddigger.

  7. meow says:

    He was stupid to fall for her. I hope Robin is laughing all the way to the bank.

  8. nAynAy says:

    Absolutely, Robyn should get everything. Especially for having to put up with that A-hole for all those years.

    Oksana is a big time golddigger. I’m 100% sure that she’s trying to hold out for the big enchilada.

  9. Lantana says:

    If I was her, I would indeed put a clause in the prenup, but it wouldn’t be for drunken assholishness, it would be a fidelity clause. (You can bet there will be one in it for her.) Maybe there is one for him as well? I don’t know how they structure those things. You know he isn’t going to be faithful to her, so it would just be a free ride for her if she decides to take it when he does cheat. Make him triple pay, or cough up an extra 25M, or hell go for 100M.

  10. birdie says:

    I think when she took up with Mel she was interested more in his fame and in getting publicity and funding for her pathetic music career. As far as the gold digger thing goes, I am torn. I understand feeling that a prenuptial agreement is unromantic, it is. On top of that I feel like Mel is the one who really wants to get married because he wants the child to look legitimate in the eyes of the church, and the church and legitimacy probably don’t matter to Oksana. So if its something that he really wants and she is a gold digger then she is smart to hold out. But, maybe she just wants to be married with no strings attached. Either way she’s going to come out of this a rich lady.

  11. Sumodo says:

    Stupid is as stupid does. Mel? Stupid.

  12. Wench says:

    “Robyn should get everything. Especially for having to put up with that A-hole for all those years.”

    OK, I know nothing about this man other than my mother really fancies him in Braveheart, but was Robyn really instrumental in his success in order to warrant all that? Because, ya’know, she could have just left.

  13. Firestarter says:

    @Wench- Well the fact of the matter is she was with him during the lean times and the good times. She also is the mother of their 1,000 children, and stood by him during his anti-semetic rants, alcohol binges and God knows what else, we as the gen., public were not privy to. Not to mention they are both staunch Catholics. When you respect the religion, as SHE may have, you don’t just leave. And IMO, Yes, she was instrumental in his success, as many stay at home wives and mothers are to their successful husbands. While they are not out in the trenches with their husbands daily, they are at home, making a nice life for the husband, and giving him the love and support he needs to be a happy businessman. My opinion.

  14. Green Is Good says:

    Anybody ever see The Phantom of the Opera starring Lon Chaney? Oktosana looks like the Phantom. How much cosmetic surgery has this gold-digging trick had?

  15. NIKKI says:

    If I were Mel, and NOT thinking with my dick. I would, as Firestarter said, say to her “well, fine, no marriage. We can live together and I’ll support the baby, but anything more…get a job.” LOL

  16. NIKKI says:

    P.S Young pussy doesn’t also mean good pussy.

  17. Firestarter says:

    @NIKKI- Haha! Although her P isn’t all that young, and certainly not that fresh!

  18. kelly says:

    Ya gotta hand it to her for knowing how to milk those cash cows for life: get pregnant.

    But that’s about where my admiration ends. These people make me sick.

  19. annie says:

    Robyn is not catholic, she’s anglican, also Oks did’nt walk away from Dalton, he threw her out after finding out she was having an affair with a rich,married swedish business man who had two small children. If she’s offended by the prenup how come she was’nt when Mel was denying her to the press “she’s just a colleguae”? She’s after the big enchilada and thinks she deserves it. She’ll die alone. I don’t wish that on her, but I think she will.

  20. original kate says:

    both seem shallow and obnoxious, she looks like a plastic surgery nightmare and he has aged very, very badly. which makes them perfect for one another.

  21. yadira says:

    Such a devout catholic but he was screwing this possum looking thing while he was still married?

  22. Firestarter says:

    Actually, if she is Anglican, that must be recent, because to be married, in the Catholic church, as she and Mel were, you have to be or have converted to Catholicism. Unless she recently became a member of the Anglican church, she is indeed Catholic.

    The Anglican church of England was Henry the 8th’s solution to being able to divorce. It is not Catholic.

  23. Prissa says:

    Now, THOSE are the kind of faces I expect to see Mel wearing! Not that cheesy grin he had in those other shots.

  24. Ally says:

    Timothy Dalton has a fortune? I like him and he’s a good actor, but still, surprising. (My favorite role of his is in the excellent “Agatha” where he plays Agatha Christie’s d!$kish husband.)

  25. SW says:

    A God fearing Catholic? Really?? If that man is an example of a God fearing ANYTHING, I’m going to have to read the Good Book over again. Because obviously I’ve misinterpreted EVERYTHING in there.

  26. NIKKI says:

    Don’t you guys know that catholics are bad! (as one I feel I can comment) Catholics claim to be god fearing, blah, blah, blah…but they’re the first to get knocked up before marriage, go crazy on a mofo with a knife, clippers, whatever they can lay their hands on, and still manage to go to confession with a smile knowing all will be forgiven. It’s all about the confession. Everything gets absolved once you confess…it’s the only way..it’s the Catholic way :o )

  27. Madchen says:

    But Firestarter, he has that special Mel Gibson-designed Catholic church. It has different rules, as I understand it. Although I thought it was more conservative. Maybe anti-semitic weasels and mansluts can be grandfathered in.

  28. Samantha says:

    We all have our demons. While I don’t agree with the Catholic religion, I am the last person on the planet to mock someone’s devotion. He obviously makes a lot of stupid stupid mistakes. I think he needs to address his obvious issues if he is truly sincere in what he claims to be his faithfulness to Catholicism. However, since he is filthy rich and can do whatever he wants to do whenever he wants to do it, he will probably just keep on trucking along. That’s what confession booths are for.

  29. Firestarter says:

    Madchen- They were married years ago in Australia in a traditional Catholic church. You are right, his own branch of the church is more conservative from the regular Catholic church, or so I have heard. That church was founded over here, while they were married over in Australia.

    I was responding to another poster who claimed Robyn was Anglican. While she may be now, she was not when she was married to Mel. She may have been before they wed, but to be married in a Catholic church, you have to either be Catholic or converted to the religion in order fopr that to happen. When they were married, Gibson did not have his own Church. I am sure this gf is having to become Catholic in order to marry him.

  30. annie says:

    Firestarter, A catholic can marry a non Catholic in the church, both must be christian but only one needs to catholic. I’m catholic and my brother married a lutheran. Robyn has always been anglican, she never converted.

  31. annie says:

    And as far as confession booths, you don’t just walk in confess you’re sins and then continue on sinning and then confess you’re sins etc. like a revolvong door. You have to be sorry in you’rer heart and it has to be sincere and on God knows if it is or not.

  32. Uzi says:

    The “Church of Gibson” is not recognized by the Vatican, so any discussion about real Catholicism isn’t really valid, as they…Mel, his Holocaust-denying father and the other crazy people in charge…make their own rules. Apparently this church allows adultery (Mel’s committed it repeatedly, not just this time) and divorce, as long as mass is said in Latin. Bottom line in all this: Oksana has a big “golddigger tattoo” on her forehead that’s visible to everyone but Mel. He can’t possibly have all his brain cells or he’d see her for what she really is by now.

  33. Firestarter says:

    @Annie- well I stand corrected, but in the Catholic church where I go, the Priest will not allow a non-Catholic to be married in the church. My gf, who is Catholic, was told she could not marry in the church unless her husband to be converted. Guess things may be different according to each church.

    I had always read that Robyn was Catholic. i stand corrected on that as well. : )

  34. annie says:

    Things are not different in each church, they are the same. Look it up if you care to.

  35. Firestarter says:

    @Annie- I am telling you, in the Catholic church where I live, the Priest will not allow a non Catholic to marry a Catholic in his church. I do not need to look up a thing, thank you, as I know what the policy in that church is. Take th issue up with the local Priest not me.

    Have a good day.

  36. hondybun says:

    Well all i have to say is that she looks like the octmom!

  37. pickelhaube says:

    Surprise, surprise…gold digging wh*re alert! I really liked Mel until all this nonsense, now I think he looks like an old fool having a mid-life crisis. He was such an IDIOT to get this greedy, nasty plastic surgery disaster pregnant, now he’ll be paying out the nose for 18 years whether or not they marry. He should have looked at her past, she’s tried this scam before, and he really kinda deserves it if he didn’t think before he stuck his you-know-what in that melted Barbie. He’s an idiot and she’s the worst kind of scum…this “marriage” would TOTALLY last! LOL!

  38. TwinkleToes says:

    Firestarter, your Count Chokula comment in reference to AJ’s top ten bad movie accents had a bunch of people rolling here last night. Thanks. What about the Count from Sesame Street?

  39. Someone says:

    I think you don’t have to be a practicing Catholic to be marred in the Catholic Church, you just have to be confirmed (confirmation) to get married. Whether you are a practicing Catholic is up to you.

  40. annie says:

    Wow firestarter, I did’nt mean it the way you took it at all, I was on my way out the door, but I don’t know whats going on at you’re church, but I do know that is not the case according to the cathecism, sorry, no offense intended at all.

  41. TwinkleToes says:

    1995, bar in the village, a drunk Mel Gibson tried to git with me. He was alone and talking armchair politics with anyone who would listen. Not gonna happen, Mel, as I was with a world class violinist who is handsome and under 30 at the time. Mel can woo an uneducated busted 3rd world babe, not I.

  42. Uzi says:

    @TwinkleToes…I lived in NYC then, and remember that about that time New York Magazine reported he was messing around with an Upper East Side restaurant hostess, which was of course denied by Team Mel. He was in town filming, I think, Ransom. No wonder Oksana stays with him on film sets, so he won’t stray!

    Concerning the Catholic thing…what about the classic Madonna vs. whore view of women? That seems to be part of Mel’s beliefs, doesn’t it? He’s had his longtome Madonna, Robyn, while keeping a series of whores, presently Oksana. Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean she’s become a Madonna, no matter how hard Mel tries to legitimize her, and eventually he’ll realize that. What made her so appealing as a mistress won’t necessarily translate to being a wife. Men don’t usually marry their mistresses, and when they do the relationships don’t last (remember Donald Trump/Marla Maples…she also “accidentally” got pregnant to coax him into marriage).

  43. Sincerity says:

    Kudos to Mel Gibson! He knows exactly what he’s dealing with. He’s not going to get taken to the cleaners, again. He’s an “aging actor” with an uncertain future in Hollywood. His first wife, Robyn, deserved to be paid. Oksana does not deserve half of his “significantly diminished” fortune. He does not want to make the same mistake that Sir Paul McCartney did. From a moral and religious standpoint, if he has, in fact, presented her with this offer and she’s refused, MEL GIBSON IS OFF THE HOOK! HE’S MADE A “REASONABLE OFFER OF MARRIAGE”, SHE’S REFUSED AND HE CAN WALK AWAY WITH A CLEAR CONSCIENCE. Legally, the only monies she would be entitled to is child support which is probably all he wants to pay her, if he’s actually the father of her child. The deck is stacked in Mel Gibson’s favor — not Oksana’s.

  44. Mary Jane says:

    She is icky… so is he!

  45. Katyusha says:

    @ Twinkle Toes

    I totally understand the insulting of this woman, but Russia is not a 3rd world country.

  46. Yae says:

    “Now pals say Mel – who has to pony up about half his $1 billion fortune to estranged wife Robyn ”

    It wasn’t HIS fortune it was ROBYN’s fortune TOO.

    Mel isn’t “ponying up” anything. She shared in the work and raised all those babies.

    Mel should keep 25% as far as I’m concerned and I like the guy. But she clearly did more work as a mother than he could ever do in a studio.

  47. clarify says:

    @ Sincerity:
    I agree with you! Now is the time Mel can walk away… and I hope he does. Oksana is not good for him.

  48. orion70 says:

    @Ally , I don’t know if he’s rolling in it , or how much Dalton made from his role in Hot Fuzz but he was absolutely brilliant in it. He was worth a fortune in the role of Simon Skinner and I hope he was compensated for it.

  49. Essie says:

    Maybe Dalton doesn’t have a “fortune” as defined by some people but perhaps he has invested what he does have and has a nice little bundle of money that he wants to keep!! He has, after all, been working for quite a few years. He should have something in the bank. I don’t blame him for wanting a prenup and I’m sure he’s happy she refused him. Now all he has to pay is child support.

  50. NicoleAM says:

    I”m gonna forget about Mel G here. If this is true, what kind of woman turns her nose up at 5 million? These greedy entitled bitches!

  51. Goddess711 says:

    “He’s such a God-fearing Catholic, he’s adamant that getting married to her is the right thing to do.”
    Something in the 10 Commandments about infidelity and adultery reallly makes me wonder about him being the poster-boy for Devout Catholic of the year. Kind of obtuse that he’s God-fearing while thinking he can buy his way around religious laws. The guy is a major league dink. I hope this one takes him to the cleaners.

  52. Blitz says:

    This is a NE story and I doubt it’s true. Hopefully Mel will never go there, but it’s The Enquirer folks, not the Wall Street Journal. There was never a question of marriage with Dalton, apparently no offers were ever made, they just have a kid together, not planned. The rich Swedish man happened years after they split.

  53. Boz says:

    Mel, walk away from this; a bimbo is a bimbo is a bimbo. Timothy Dalton read this right; walk away Mel.

  54. Serenity says:

    These articles keep calling her beautiful. Whatever she is, she is NOT beautiful. I hope he wises up and does not marry her. That would be stupid.
    “Do not let your heart turn to her ways or stray into her paths. Many are victims she has brought down; her slain are a mighty throng. Her house is a highway to the grave, leading down to the chambers of death.” Prov 7:25-27

  55. Judy says:

    I hope he walks away she is going to take everything she can and his other kidds from Robbin will get zilch Dalton had it right, she signs or nothing. She can get more chbild support for this kid for 21 years and by the time she will have found some other rich moron to marry..Gibson is smart business wise but not in his personal life.
    He should buy her a necklace in diamonds and gold that says Gold digger on it.

  56. cakes says:

    Well, you know what they say: Theres no fool like an old fool.

  57. pickelhaube says:


    You are awesome. I especially liked your comment about stay-at-home wives because I am one! No kids, but it’s like you say…I try to make a good home for my husband because he goes out into the world to take care of me and pay the bills, so that’s the best way for me to repay him. We aren’t rich, but we are happy, and to us that is the most important thing. So of course I side with Robyn in this, it would be a horrible betrayal of that trust to have your husband go out and get some gold-digging skank knocked up. My heart just goes out to her, even though I always really liked Mel. Hell, “The Patriot” is one of the best movies of all time, but that doesn’t excuse his behavior. I just wish he could get it together…

    LOL and I am always impressed with people who know about Henry VIII since Tudor England is my nerd obsession, so I give you mad props there too!

  58. Diane says:

    Of course Catholics can marry non-Catholics in the Catholic church….if certian requirements are met…..this does not change from church to church…it is Canon Law…if a priest refused to marry a couple it could be there was no agreement on the requirements….one of which is to raise any children from the marriage as Catholics…..Mel looks terrible…he is a hypocrite of all hyopcrites….as the Catholic Church itself is hypocritical….I c an say that as I am a Catholic….

  59. mabe says:

    if she can walk away then she never loved him. so mel wise up you don’t walk but run away, she’s a goldigger.

  60. dboyfresh says:

    BOYYYYEEE that MID-LIFE C-R-I-S-IS thing is something else!

    First wife: 30yrs = $250 mil
    Oksana: REAL TRILL TRU PLAYA 4 LIFE Motel 6 goldigger chick =18 years child support cha-ching!
    with god knows WHO’S BABY that really is..
    Poor Mel’s gonna be in the homeless shelter real soon diggin for scraps out the “TRASH CAN”!!!He’d better give Sir Paul Mcartney a call cuz she’s about 2 take him 2 the cleaners (not that he doesn’t deserve it 4 how he treated his wife of 30 yrs) but GOD is about 2 teach him a very EXPENSIVE LESSON.. luved him in PATRIOT GAMES tho! :) (men don’t think with their brains lol!)

  61. southern gal says:

    Dalton did the right thing–he ditched this gold digging floozie when he caught her cheating. He got a terrific son out of this deal–tall, good-looking, smart, and healthy. And he doesn’t have to deal with the baby mama who keeps trying this ploy to get a rich actor to marry her. Dalton came out of this ahead, and Gibson should follow his example, but I don’t think Gibson has the brains to do it.

  62. Simone says:

    Neither men wanted to have a child with this women. Does anyone believe she is too dumb to know about birth control? Crawl back to your sewer in Sibera Oinksana.

  63. NeX says:

    its great to know that love, relationships and marrage is about how much money you get from the other person. if it really is that way, i am never going to trust another woman again

  64. Umzug says:

    I enjoy a lot of good data. I really am impressed with your content and I feel I have learned something by reading this article.

  65. trane1980 says:

    @ southern gal is right about Alexander Dalton. The kid is gorgeous like his father, whom he seems to be very close to. They were both at the Manchester City beach event in Long Beach two days ago. http://www.mcfc.co.uk/News/American-Pre-season-tour/2011/Beach-party-pic-gallery

  66. Guys, next time never go to the streets if all of us who were at the so-callled Indaba won’t be at the forefront. Never allow a bullet to land on you if these clergymen who used us will not be at the frontline of the battle!