Mel Gibson ‘pampers’ Oksana with cars, diamonds & $10,000 a month

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Mel Gibson isn’t taking it to heart that the baby Oksana Grigorieva is carrying might not be his – although I’m sure that as soon as that baby is born, a little DNA test will be performed. While he’s waiting for verification (and really, Oksana is a smart enough gold-digger to get pregnant by the rich guy, give her credit), Mel isn’t going to stop treating his girlfriend like she needs to be treated. Basically, he’s treating her like the only way he can show her that he loves her is by buying her presents. The bigger the present, the bigger the love. Different people have different ways of describing this – “cupboard love” or perhaps even “prostitution”. All I know is that not only did Mel buy Oksana a $2.4 million home several weeks ago, but he’s now “pampering” the hell out of her. Diamonds, cars, and a $10,000 monthly allowance. Wow. I’m kind of jealous of this hooker:

Mel Gibson isn’t ready to marry his pregnant girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, so he’s spoiling her instead.

In addition to the $2.4 million love nest that Mel, 53, recently purchased for her in Sherman Oaks, CA, an insider reveals that he’s also bought Oksana, 39, a baby-friendly Mercedes SUV, a 3-carat diamond commitment ring and an allowance of more than $10,000 a month for clothes, food and other necessities.

“Mel might marry her one day, but until he does, he’s going to pamper her,” the insider says. “He’s also hiring a nanny when their baby is born.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition, July 6 2009]

He’s hiring a nanny… because Oksana has such an exciting music career ahead of her, what with her first single in which she strangled a half-dozen cats. Do you think that Mel knows he’s got to keep the money flowing for a girl like Oksana? Or do you think he’s really that “romantic”?

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x men screening 290409

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34 Responses to “Mel Gibson ‘pampers’ Oksana with cars, diamonds & $10,000 a month”

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  1. LT says:

    hmmmm…what does she have that I don’t have….a lot!!! Lucky bitch! Although, Mel has been quite the turn-off these last few years…anti-semite, drunk, biggoted, over religious zealot!

  2. Wench. says:

    Well, when Mel gets bored and wants to trade her in for a 21 year old – I’ll be here.

    My student loan needs paying…

  3. QB says:

    This shows that you don’t need to be a beauty queen to land a rich idiotic married man.

  4. Bubulle says:

    He’s spoiling her ? What about the DNA test story ?

  5. eggy weggs says:

    Every time I see this woman I just think that she used a Val-Pak to find her plastic surgeon. She picked the one with the best deals.

  6. wow says:

    She’s not ugly so I guess I get what he sees in her.

    I don’t think she’s stupid enough to get pregnant and have it be someone else’s child. Those are childish games little girls play. He’s been with this woman for a couple of years right, so there must be something there. I think his relationship with Robin had been over for years as well so I don’t really see her as a gold digger. He’s there because he wants to be there. Robin is divorcing him because she wants to.

    I gotta admit “Oks” shut me up by releasing her song and video b/c before I was under the impression that Mel just “gave” her a “career” to make her seem more “legit” in the media. Sort of like when Clooney dated the Vegas waitress and out of nowhere she because an actress/model/whatever.

    This will be a couple who will be a focus of my gossip reading, so keep reporting onthem, CB. It’ll be interesting to read about Robin’s “new love” when she finds one (if she hasn’t already). Plus I want to see what other hypocritical things Mel will do in the future. You there’s gonna more.

  7. wow says:

    I have to add this. I got on Kate Gosselin for having nannies and such but that is nothing compared to these women who don’t work and yet they need a nanny. I’m sure we have some women even on here who have more than that on their plate with even more kids that Oks and manage without a nanny.

  8. Nina says:

    Oksana and Mel are happy together. We all deserve to love and be loved. Their baby is product of love.

  9. Lem says:

    i wondering since he bought my house and pays my bills say I spend $2000 a month on schwa can I transefer the other $8 grand a month to my personal savings account?
    What’s the rule on that do I have to spend 10 grand a month or can I just funnel it until he gets older and crazier and Mathew McC frees up.

  10. tasteT says:

    They are reporting that Micheal Jackson had a heart attack and some are reporting him dead..

    hope its not true

  11. Ally says:

    Harvey Levin said on TMZ that this broad got some Hollywood guy, David something-or-other to buy her a house, before, too.

    So she’s a serial, um, professional, at getting material declarations of love out of rich Hollywood bozos.

  12. voodoobetty says:

    Personally I think she is very attractive. However that is one cheap nasty looking dress.

  13. annie says:

    He obviously does’nt have alot a confidence in her singing career. So he’s spending money on her? Does’nt it bother her that he denied her half a dozen times to the media before she got pregnant? That there would be no divorce if she was’nt pregnant?

  14. Melissa says:

    I think she looks just like Michael Jackson.

  15. Katt says:

    Well, that’s certainly what a sugar daddy is suppose to do. Way to go Mel…this looks like it’ll last forever.

  16. ccoop says:

    I think she looks like Octomom in that photo.

  17. Snoopchew says:

    All of the presents are nice goodies and things are going good for them.
    BUT…wait until he boozes it up and becomes the ranting misbehaved drunk that she says she will not tolerate.
    He still needs some help with this.

  18. Yae says:

    I’m really anti-”the “other woman”. I think I struggle to empathsize even when it makes me uncomfortable ( and I won’t empathize when I know it’s pointless).
    I listen to her song “My Name Again” and if it’s a reflextion of how she feels about Mel……well then. What can we really say? She loves him.

  19. Alin Azmi says:

    Oh Em Gee! bloody lucky b*tch! she really has a strange looking…i don’t know…just weird..

  20. Magsy says:

    I think they got it wrong saying Mel Gibson “pampers” his woman. They mean Mel Gibson wears pampers so he can drink all the booze he wants and not bother going to take a whizz.

  21. HashBrowns says:

    @magsy: honestly every time I see/read/hear the word “pamper” or “pampers” I automatically think of diapers.

    Is that weird?

  22. Jazz says:

    Oh Mel, where did it all go wrong? Oh yeah, when you became “sugart*ts”.

  23. orion70 says:

    voodoobetty, you sure said it re: dress. That thing is fug. Ditto for the handbag.

  24. linda k says:

    well, i wonder if all this spending will be noted in the divorce. a 3 carat promise ring, that’s some promise for what. wonder what the engagement ring will look like…i guess he really has feelings for her after all and it’s not just a simple affair like the rest.

  25. annie says:

    linda k., he spent money on all his mistresses and besides he’s out with her because both robyn and oksana called his bluff. Time will tell because I don’t think his MO has changed. Thers’s alot of things I like about Mel and I hope he gets himself straight, but clearly women are a huge weakness for him. Remember he did’nt step up and do the right thing on his own, he was forced to.

  26. linda k says:

    well just read she is having a girl…and that she and mel are over the mooon….also that she is a calming effect on him so he will change…and that she loveeeeeeeeeees him so much…

  27. annie says:

    ya,ya thats what they said about Robyn, what else are they suppose to say?

  28. lurban1000 says:

    wit $ he has a slut pregnant. celebrities private life private. controversial movies separation from wife. what becomes of childbirth wit a gold digger. he has children previous marriage.

  29. CathyT says:

    his mistress spending his billions Oks gold digger in love wit his money.

  30. Diana says:

    it is obvious, she is a gold digger. He is just a silly middle-aged man. But aren’t they all!

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