People asked Quinta Brunson to make an ‘Abbott Elementary’ school-shooting episode

Quinta Brunson is a gifted comedienne and writer and she’s also one of the hot Black creators on television right now. She created Abbott Elementary and she wanted it on network television (it’s on ABC). She writes for it, produces it and stars in it. ABC is massively supportive of Quinta and their big new hit show. The point is that this is Quinta’s vision, she wanted to do a thoughtful comedy show about a Philadelphia elementary school and the teachers in that school. It’s a wonderful sitcom premise. The emphasis I’m making: comedy, Black creator, Philadelphia. So why are people on the internet badgering Quinta about how she apparently “needs” to make an episode about a school shooting? Stop. Quinta is justifiably disgusted.

No. No to people contacting her and telling her how her show needs to try to fit the horrific massacre of children into her network comedy show, a show set in a primarily Black city school. Do people even hear themselves? Do people even think this through? Quinta is 100% accurate that people are not alright and it’s sad.

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  1. ME says:

    What the hell? The show is a COMEDY. It’s supposed to make you laugh. Kids watch the show too. Why put anyone through that? How about do something that’s actually going to change Gun Laws in America instead? If only people had the same passion they did for the “Free Brittney” movement maybe something could be done. Vote, march, protest, make your voices heard.

    • Concern Fae says:

      Also, these school massacres are very rare in urban settings. You may get kids who are angry at each other for personal reasons shoot each other at school (instead of elsewhere), but you don’t really get these madmen arming themselves and going on a shooting rampage.

      For a long time after we started having these school shootings, it was true that there hadn’t been one in an area that had public transportation. That is no longer the case, but it’s still true that places where teens have more freedom of movement and can make their way independently around the adult world they live in have a far lower school shooting risk.

      Maybe Abbott Elementary should bring that up and ask why. Although you wouldn’t want to give the gun nuts any ideas.

  2. Rapunzel says:

    Because politicians who aren’t swayed to action by actual children dying will certainly be swayed by watching fictional children die /s

    As if any GOP politicians are watching a show about a black elementary school.

    • ME says:

      Exactly. Those politicians probably don’t even know this show exists. It’s not something they would care to watch…or even care about in real life either.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        This is exactly what the case is!!! There are certainly ZERO Repugnant’s watching this show and the very thought that these people had the audacity to ask her to write this tragedy that is plaguing our country is unacceptable.


  3. Amy Bee says:

    7I’m going to guess that the people asking her to do this very special episode are white.

  4. Jan90067 says:

    The very LAST thing needed is to give oxygen to those disturbed people who would think to do this, to “glorify” their demented thoughts. F&CK NO!!!!

    • MeganC says:

      How about an episode where the mayor and city council fully fund the schools so teachers don’t have to pay for their own classroom supplies.

  5. Mel says:

    I think that’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. It’s a COMEDY, no one wants to see that there. Remember when Dre and Bow had their issues on Blackish? Yeah, I didn’t want to see that there either. A “show” , drama or comedy around this issue isn’t going to all of a sudden inspire those who refuse to do anything to do something.

    • Ashley L. says:

      Agree that having a school shooting occur on Abbott Elementary is a hard no. However, while yes blackish was a comedy, it also tackled heavy issues throughout its run and including a story line about the difficulties of marriage, especially a long term one, growing apart, navigating a separation and then reconciling was needed and handled very thoughtfully in the way that blackish historically handled hard issues.

      • AmelieOriginal says:

        Plus on Black-ish it is semi autobiographical and based on Kenya Barris’s (the show creator) relationship with his wife Rainbow who is also a doctor. He has filed for divorce twice to his wife only to later reconcile, the most recent being in 2019. Not surprising that they included that as a storyline on Black-ish.

  6. TIFFANY says:

    The white supremacist who are entering schools and murdering kids are just that.

    Black kids have just as much issues, but they are not going out, buying AK’s and killing kids in schools.

    That bothers white people so much. That is why they want her to do it.

    • ME says:

      I wonder how many racist White people are happy the Uvalde shooter wasn’t one of them. “Oh yeah see he’s hispanic. He killed his own !”. It really bothered me how one of the first things they reported about the shooter was that he was an American Citizen. Why the f*ck does that matter? He’s a monster who did something horrible. I don’t care what his citizenship status is or what color his skin is.

      • Cat says:

        If the shooter had been an undocumented immigrant the right would be fixated on border control. Just screeching about it 24/7 as a way to distract from the actual conversation. Like it or not, his citizenship matters when shaping the public discourse.

      • ME says:

        @ Cat

        I know, and that sucks big time.

      • Kitt1 says:

        The trolls and conspiracy theorists have posted and are posting on line that the shooter is an ‘illegal’, or an actor role playing in a fake massacre as an attempt by the left wing to smear and take guns away from white patriots so they can replace white people with non whites. I wish I was kidding, but this and worse things are being posted online by these racist gun nuts.

      • ME says:


        Wow. I guess we should give out Oscars to all the actors playing grieving parents right now. My God. I am speechless. Who the hell would fake something like this? These racist trolls really have no decency do they?

      • pottymouth pup says:

        they keep saying the shooter was an undocumented immigrant even after being told he was not. Some of them even when acknowledging they were initially wrong about the shooter being undocumented still included references to a need to “secure our border” as if it still had something to do with the shooting. Sadly, now that it’s been proven the guy was from N Dakota, the conservatives are busy spreading lies that the shooter was trans and some are even spreading pictures of a trans girl claiming she was the shooter and now she’s getting threats

      • ME says:

        @pottymouth pup

        Holy sh*t. These a$$holes really have no limits do they? Insane. Someone should tweet a list to them of all the cis gendered white males who have committed mass shootings. It’s a long list.

  7. Blithe says:

    Not only are people Not OK, I’m guessing that the people asking for this would be thrilled to have another association of gun violence with a Black community presented in a genre that allows them a chuckle or two.

    Violence Rant Warning:

    I know! How about doing a 90210 remake! Or Glee!!! After the students and teachers — but only the ones in supporting roles — get gruesomely murdered, they can show the cops taking the rosy faced moppet-haired shooter out for cheeseburgers, before they discuss his mental health needs.
    Maybe the NRA can sponsor it — and the RNC can use it for fundraising activities!

    Yes, I’m bitter.

  8. LittlePenguin says:

    People asking this of her are disgusting. I just have no other words.

  9. Well Wisher says:

    Thank you for a appropriate approach in this particular circumstances.
    This idea lack any redeeming quality. None.
    No school should have to ensure this, even a fictional one.
    Who needs to relive trauma?

  10. BlueSky says:

    This goes to show how people view black trauma as entertainment and how we are constantly dehumanized for others’ amusement. As I said in a previous post, politicians didn’t GAF when white children are killed so why the hell would they now??? To fix your fingers after watching the news to go on Twitter and say “you know what would be a great idea??” FOH!

  11. Cessily says:

    I hope the don’t.. let someone make a documentary if they wish to but stop telling other what they need to do.

  12. girl_ninja says:

    I am tired.

  13. Michelle says:

    19-2, a Quebec cop show, did a school shooting episode, with a 13 minute single take of the cops entering the school. It was terrifying; I get chills to this day thinking of it. And it was fake. I cannot imaging what these kids are facing. Asking for this to happen in TV shows may be indicative of how fake or far fetched it is for most people. Perhaps this is why the shootings continue.

  14. Truthiness says:

    How about focusing on voting for people who will never be swayed by NRA money? We need a Manchin-less majority in both the House and Senate. School shootings are no comedy, leave writers alone.