Princess Beatrice wore a £820 floral Zimmerman dress to Royal Ascot

This is just a reminder that Royal Ascot has started this week. People think the Queen might go to Ascot one day, likely Thursday? But I doubt it. I think she’s felt like ten kinds of hell since the Jubbly. Prince Andrew will likely be seen at Ascot too, although I doubt they’ll allow him to ride in a carriage.

Meanwhile, Princess Beatrice and her husband came out for Ascot today. From the looks of it, there were some of the first people to arrive. Bea wore this Zimmerman floral dress which retails for £820. It’s not my style but Beatrice looks comfortable. Edo is arguably the best-dressed married-in dude of the royals.

Is it just me or have Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi been more visible lately? I think they’re doing that on purpose, and I assumed that they were positioning themselves to be more active “royals.” As it turns out, that might actually be the plan. Reportedly, Prince Andrew not only wants his own royal position reinstated, but he’s also pushing for his daughters to be made full-time working royals. This has always been a fight between Charles and Andrew, because Charles wanted his sons to get all of the attention in the streamlined monarchy. But now with the Sussexes gone… yeah, I could actually see Beatrice getting some kind of upgrade in status. I would imagine the Queen wants that too. I doubt Eugenie and Jack want any part of this scheme though.

Her “BY” bag is cute. Those are her initials, Beatrice York.

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  1. LUCKSTER says:

    🎵 Money can’t buy you class. Elegance is learrrrned, my friends. 🎶

    • HK9 says:

      Absolutely. London is one of my favourite places to shop. You actually have to make an effort to look bad and I cannot understand how these ladies manage to look frumpy every.single.time.

      • Jenny says:

        I’m probably in the minority afternoon dresses like this are really comfy like Kaiser says. I’ve often worn them but not usually this long. Is it just me or does it look like Bea might trip and it looks kind of big so yeah she’s not greatly styled and I’m not a fan of her hat looks like someone plastered of big flower on a headband and called it done. Anyway I agree it’s not a great look for a Bee.

      • Mel says:

        I like the dress, it’s the big stupid headband that makes it look frumpy. If she wasn’t wearing that it would look much better, now the first thing you see and what sets the style is ugly headband.

      • Mina_Esq says:

        Zimmerman makes beautiful dresses. She just styled it poorly. That belt belongs on jeans, the hat on an old church lady, and shoes with a business suit. She needed better accessories and possibly to get the petite version of the dress, if available in this model.

      • Juniper says:

        I went to a concert in Hyde Park before the pandemic and these floral dresses were everywhere. It was a concert featuring The Cure and Interpol so it was an odd juxtaposition.

    • Patty says:

      Who ever is dressing this young lady is having a laugh when Bea walks out the door dressed like this . Take a hint on contemporary dressing from Zara . Even Anne is not hiding under floral drapes .

    • Geegee says:

      Doesn’t that hat break protocol. I thought they had to be wide brimmed at ascot

      • Over it says:

        It doesn’t even look like a hat, it looks like her wicker basket she use to keep her magazines in that broke . So she threw it on her head and called it a hat,which use to be next to the couch she took the slip covers off to make that dress, so kudos to her for reusing her parlor decor I guess.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I think it falls under ‘headpiece’ and fits the rules. ‘Hats should be worn; however, a headpiece which has a solid base of 4 inches (10cm) or more in diameter is acceptable as an alternative to a hat. Fascinators are not permitted.’

    • Shoesaholic says:

      The dress may have been cute in a retro 80s type of way, but the hat is hideous and takes the look to zero. I just can’t believe there isn’t a competent stylist in Great Britain to advise these people.

      • WHAT says:

        Who goes out with the slip showing? It looks like a different slip with black or blue stripes. I hardly think that’s the 👗 it’s basic 101 fashion etiquette that the slip is the same color as the dress or at least there’s no contrast color

      • Eurydice says:

        @WHAT – the stripes are part of the dress fabric.

      • Joey 🦘joey says:

        The York Princesses give a master class every time they wear head gear..They Planned to disrupt the Shambridges wedding. KHate wanted Eugenie to give her sister Pippa her front row seat at a fashion show. No! Big embarrassment for Commoners. Carol started with tabloids and the GAME was on!! That’s all I know about how it got started. I remember Yorks explaining how they are blood princess. I still lol when thinking about them getting out of limousine. 💃🏻👏👏

    • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

      Are you feeling Jovani @LUCKSTER?

    • AnneL says:

      It does look a little frumpy in the pictures, but on the other hand I think traditional events like this can be a good excuse for wearing something pretty, old-fashioned and romantic. You can’t wear it to a cocktail party or out and about, so why not go for it at the Ascot? And it DOES look comfortable. Also, she looks nice in pink.

    • Elizabeth Phillips says:

      The colors are terrific for her, but she has no concept of elegant simplicity.

  2. Jane says:

    I’m old enough to remember that Charles wanted a slimmed down monarchy after seeing riots and reading the room. His only problem is that HE doesn’t want to slim down, ever – not the staff, the private planes, the helicopters, the wife’s wardrobe, none of it.

    • Concern Fae says:

      And he’s not willing to be open about the fact that this means less royal presence in the day to day lives of the British people who care about these things. I know most people barely know they exist, but there is a solid subset of people who do keep track and it means something to them that a Royal opened the new hospital wing, or stopped by to visit a farmers market offering British cheese.

      You’re right, he wants stripped down, but doesn’t want to be honest about what that will entail.

      • Lorelei says:

        Agree with you both. And regardless of what Charles’s plans or “wishes” were re: slimming down, that all went down the drain with the departure of the Sussexes. He might need the help of people like Beatrice who he’s always sworn would never do royal engagements whether he likes it or not. Because there is literally going to be no one else left in a few years.

    • Jais says:

      Unless the tax payers are no longer supporting the RF, a slimmed down monarchy is a fucking farce.

  3. mj says:

    I suspect you’re right that Charles won’t have much choice but to let Beatrice take on a bigger role. I also agree that Eugenie wants nothing to do with it.

  4. girl_ninja says:

    She looks good. Every time I see her I just think I’m glad that Eugenie got out and is living with her baby and husband in Portugal.

  5. Eurydice says:

    Yikes, with the giant flowered headband, flowers and stripes, puff and flounces, and the visible belt loops – I just can’t. But, yeah, she looks comfortable.

    • Jan90067 says:

      You forgot the buttons! The glorious buttons! Is she kissing up to Keen with the sister-wife-shirtwaist? Hoping to show she’s not the kousin kissing up to H&M? lol

      That “hat” band is tragic.

    • Jais says:

      Genuine question: are these headbands a thing in the UK? Do people other than royals legitimately wear them to go places? I don’t love them or hate them but I’ve never seen them anywhere else.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      I think the dress is ok. I don’t like the belt or hat with it, the bracelet doesn’t go with the style, but her shoes are much more fitting than she’s worn at times. Overall very meh, but she also looks happy and comfortable.

    • AmB says:

      So my converter tells me £820 = $986 or so. I don’t even know where you’d buy such a thing so I’d go with JoAnn’s. Simplicity pattern about $20; we’ll go a generous 5 yards of fabric @$20 per; plus notions (thread and buttons), maybe another $30 if they’re fancy; four hours of labor at $20 per; for a grand total of $130. She got robbed.

  6. K says:

    If retro Laura Ashley and GunneSax had a fabric baby…my god please tailor.

    • GR says:

      @k – exactly. I also remember the fashion tragedy that was the 80s.

    • micky says:

      My god, that’s a blast from the past. I was a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding in 1981. We all wore GunneSax dresses. Lol.

      • Eurydice says:

        I once had to wear a bridesmaid dress that made me look like a sofa by Mario Buatta. Those overblown English florals have a lot of trauma to answer for.

    • The Recluse says:

      I wore a GunneSax dress for my senior photo. I still have it. It’s very Edwardian and I love it.

  7. TheOriginalMia says:

    I think she looks lovely. The floral pattern and the straw accessories work well with her coloring. Love the bag.

    They might as well use Bea & Edo. The Cambridges are dull as dishwater and their frostiness isn’t what anyone wants to see. Eugenie & Jack are in Portugal far from the Windsor mess. Doubt she pops back over to help out.

    • Esmerelda says:

      I also like her outfit, especially the belt and the clutch.
      I think Bea&Edo might just enjoy dressing up and going out and be photographed, nothing deeper than that.
      On the other hand, the York girls might be trying to put some distance between their public profile and their father’s. Eugenie chose physical distance. Bea is trying for married lady of fashion. Could be worse.

    • Isabella says:

      At least these 2 look like they like each other, unlike the Cambridges.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I like it and it suits her esp the colours but I wouldn’t have paid £820 for it, even if money was no option.

    • Katie says:

      I like it too. And the Royal Ascot is a perfect time to bust out fussy florals.

    • kirk says:

      I agree, generally. Just not a fan of fat headbands. Have never heard Beatrice speak – she might be an improvement over Katy’s weird affectations.

      • Shoesnotblues says:

        I’ve heard her; she has a podcast. She has a very nice normal voice. Alto, RP but not like Kate’s weirdly affected accent. Sounds like any middle class British woman who went to a good public school.

  8. Chaine says:

    Ok nice part first, the hubs looks sharp, definitely her best accessory. The gold leaf armband would look incredibly cool with some other dress and hairstyle. Now …. The rest of this look is all kinds of hideous, like she wrapped herself in some 1980s Laura Ashley bedsheets, secured them with her raggedy old belt from when she was in fourth grade, and topped it all off by perching a basket of cheap fake flowers on her head.

  9. Over it says:

    Maybe I have to be white and British to understand this English countryside couch covering dress she is wearing. The hat, the belt. I don’t get any of it. Also her husband always reminds me of a , I don’t know the right word I am looking for here but in my head it’s not good.I feel like he is living off his connections and is probably broke as F .

    • Beverley says:

      Say it again! You’d have to be white and British to understand the ghastly headpiece and the curtains dress. Even Scarlet O’Hara wore her green curtains gown better!

      Beatrice is okay, I guess. I sense she is trying to walk a tightrope, trying to convince people she isn’t a H&M supporter, yet being all-smiles when H&M sat with them in church. Eugenie is the only earnest and genuine relative Harry has. Everyone else are fakes, vipers, or the apparently weak and helpless Queen. I call the Queen weak and apparently helpless because she alone could have dictated a different outcome, yet to this day the Queen allows the RR and William to drag H&M. She has the power to save her grandson and his family so much grief and consternation, but she does nothing about the constant attacks on Harry’s wife and children.

      And I believe the word you may be looking for to describe Edo is an escort. Or a grifter. I hope he makes Bea happy.

    • Nunya says:

      I think the word you are looking for is

    • Che Che says:

      I used to have a couch slipcover in the same pattern as her dress circa 1990’s. If this look is what serves for English fashion they have decades to catch up with modernity.

    • Lorelei says:

      @OverIt, as soon as I saw that first photo today, I texted it to my friend and said, “I hope I’m wrong, but I do not trust this guy.” There’s something so…smarmy about him, imo.

      For Beatrice’s sake, I hope I’m wrong, but he just screams social-climbing d-bag who will be out of there as soon as he thinks his profile has been elevated as much as possible by his association with the family, or whatever his endgame is. I hope he really loves Bea, but I get such bad vibes from him. He manages to *always* look smug.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Edo does look smarmy. I don’t think he is up to any good. I started to side-eye him as he started dating Bea while he had a fiancé and a son. Then he dumps his fiancé, which I don’t think was delivered in person either.

        Yes, Edo is setting himself up as a man accepted into the royal circle. I see heartache for Bea but I hope I am wrong.

      • Tessa says:

        I see Morris Townsend from the novel and film the heiress but I hope I am wrong

    • Lux says:

      Agreed re: husband. Fixed it: Edo is the most try-hard married-in (yes, even harder than Keen, because copying is not trying and buying the same coat dresses 300x is definitely NOT trying). He clearly wants to be more prominent but ppl only care about what he did to his ex-fiancé and whether he’s a real aristo.

    • Jaded says:

      I think the word you’re looking for is “louche”… dubious, shady, not completely moral or honest, but in a rakish, attractive way; i.e. “A louche young man approached her at the bar”.

    • duchesschicana says:

      Looks at closet sees floral/spring dresses .Looks at self *Sees a POC

    • Leah says:

      Does he ever smile???? Or look somewhat happy???

  10. Roo says:

    She looks pretty, but I can’t imagine paying $1k for that dress! If Edo is related to Italian royalty, I assume he’s a good escort for all these types of functions and it may behoove Charles to add them to working royal status. He certainly can’t do worse than Kate and her gaping maw and jazz hands.

  11. Laura-Lee MacDonald says:

    I love Zimmerman, but can’t afford them, so they end up on my sewing inspo board a lot. The styling from the designer makes this dress look so fresh and airy, and while I think Bea looks fine, I think the cultural commitment to dumb-ass headwear is what’s dragging it down. Go for broke, Bea!!! Wear an outrageously large bouquet on your head!!!

  12. Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

    Beatrice has been angling for a position as a working Royal. She barely works at a real job and takes 87 vacations a year. At the same time, Eugenie has focused on her career in the art world since graduation and the charities she supports. You know that Fergie would love it if Beatrice became a working Royal especially if Andrew is out for good.

  13. lunchcoma says:

    It’s not a very pretty dress, but she’s never had great taste in fashion.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they have her take on a few more public events. She’s no real prize as a royal ambassador, but Philip is gone, the Queen probably won’t make many more public appearances, Will is lazy, Kate is also lazy and might be allowed to continue being so now that she’s being shuffled off to Windsor, Anne is a workhorse but her kids aren’t interested or very suitable, and Andrew is radioactive.

    That leaves Beatrice, Edward, Sophie, and their kids. Edward and Sophie have demonstrated that they actually have some ambition. Plus, there are three adults and one teen in that family. I think that Charles sees those things as detractors rather than assets. Beatrice is in some ways easier because it’s just her and Edo and a child far too young to be pushed into royal work.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Ambition, maybe, but as Edward demonstrated in the Caribbean–he couldn’t be bothered to listen to the very people he was sent to interact with (Mr. ‘I didn’t take notes’). Gotta have more than ambition. Well, maybe not, for these super duper special born-into ‘jobs’.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Neither York nor the Wessex kids are needed. The BRF does around 3000 royal engagements annually. That can be done by four people who actually WORK 40hpw and have a good scheduler. Charles and Anne already do 500 a year each and that’s part-part-time. Charles’s former press officer, Mark Bolland, admitted as much. ‘The Windsors are very good at working three days a week, five months of the year and making it look as if they work hard.’

  14. JEM says:

    She looks like one of Cinderella’s stepsisters.

  15. Shelly bean says:

    Whenever I see them together I never sense any affection on his part towards her. I feel like he just married her to get closer to royalty and prestige.

  16. Zoochy says:

    I actually think it looks cute on her?

    • Qzie says:

      Agree 100% Zoochy. Pretty colors on her, good accessories. Best accessory is her husband.

      • molly says:

        Me too. It’s perfect for a princess to wear at a Fancy English Summer Horse Thing.

        It would look redic in a lot of places, but I think she and Edo look great.

  17. Call Me Mabel says:

    Edo is giving me major Freddy Eynsford-Hill vibes in this outfit for some reason.

  18. equality says:

    I think Jack and Eugenie both got a taste recently of what it’s like being the family scapegoats with the media attention on his yacht trip and the money scandal PA dragged her into. You would think that Bea would realize she would be going up for royal scapegoat position also. Or maybe she thinks they will continue to use H&M for that. What was funny is that the Sun had an article out earlier and identified Bea as Eugenie.

    • ChillinginDC says:

      Bea got no idea. It’s coming though.

    • duchesschicana says:

      Like she hasn’t been a scapegoat for most of her life via the media? I seem to remember the media always publishing unflattering photos going on about her looks and weight when she was very young. Heck I also seem to remember the meda trying to blame bea for Mr. Disgusting’s interview. I think she knows the media likes scapegoats

  19. TIFFANY says:

    If the dress was short sleeved instead of the puffy ones, it will work for me. That is something that I can wear to work.

  20. Malificent says:

    That’s a very well-preserved vintage dress. I don’t have anything from the 1983 JC Penney catalog that looks like new.

    Why not let Beatrice work as a royal? She obviously wants to, and she seems to be at least basically competent — which is more than half of the currently working royals can say. And the RF needs more sub-septuagenarian personnel. She’s not blamed for her father’s behavior, and Charles can make her stint contingent on not letting her dad try to ride her coattails back into public view.

    • JackieJacks says:

      This girl looks like she’s in her fussy English fashion glory. She’s always loved floral wallpaper disaster dresses like this. There’s a way to do it. She’s obviously not doing it tho.

    • Liz Version 700o says:

      I kind of agree re letting Bea work. She and her husband are thirsty to be working royals… at least someone wants to work? When was the last time Egg or Mood Board looked that happy to be working?

    • Cate says:

      I somewhat agree about letting her be a working royal. She seems to be game for it and would probably be fine with showing up at all the “bread-and-butter” engagements that W&K eschew. Furthermore, while she seems nice/interested/competent, she does not have the charisma that H&M have, so there’s no threat of her outshining the “main” royals. Nobody is going to be saying they would prefer Queen Beatrice to King William (or even to King Charles).

      The one thing that gives me pause is, of course, her parents and in particular just how much has she known about/aided in coverup of PA’s activities? IIRC she was “advising him” around the time of that ridiculous pizza express interview. That seems like she’s been pretty involved in trying to exonerate/rehabilitate him, whereas Eugenie does seem to have kept herself a step or two removed–she isn’t publicly denouncing her father but she isn’t in the room having crisis talks about how to get him back in the public’s good graces. I would love to think that PC both knows the extent of Bea’s involvement and is willing/able to make a call about her status that accounts for that wisely, but this family is such a mess…who knows.

    • Violet says:

      Zimmerman has some amazing pieces. How she managed to make that dress look so frumpy is a tragedy.

  21. aquarius64 says:

    Bea looks OK, retro Laura Ashley. Even behind sunglasses Edo comes off as smarmy.

    This is where Colin Campbell was going to escort Toxic Tom before his “stroke” prevented his UK invasion. Despite any cleaning up that crowd would have been slagging him off behind his back. He would have been put on display as American trailer trash.

    • Talia says:

      It’s Lady Colin Campbell. Colin Campbell (younger son of the Duke of Argyll) was married to her for about a year in the early 70s and she’s traded on his title ever since, much to his annoyance.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Aquarius, “smarmy” is the exact word I used to describe him before I saw your comment. There’s just something about him…ugh

  22. Amanda says:

    I really love it! I am not normally a commenter but everyone was hating on the dress haha. I absolutely love millennial grandma style. I love the fun accessories. I wish I had the dress up outfit days and the events to go to! I hope her cute husband is good to her.

  23. Alexandria says:

    Nope to the dress. Hat, shoes, clutch are ok. But her face and makeup though! I don’t know what she did but she looks fresh, well rested and glowing. Or is it sunlight?

  24. ChillinginDC says:

    Andrew can’t demand a thing. And why in the world would Charles need to when the Wessex’s stepped in for Harry and Meghan already. That was the supposed fix. It makes the RF look bad that they need even more people to replace them. But yes I do think Beatrice would do this because of her father and husband. She’s a mess.

    And honestly I don’t see William going for this. He isn’t going to want someone around his age around at all trying to take the light off of him and Katherine.

  25. Lizzie says:

    I really don’t understand why Edward and Sophie are part of the ‘slimmed down’ monarchy but Bea is not. Bea is further up the line of succession. Maybe because Edward already has a house and PC doesn’t want Bea to expect one also?

    • Elizabeth says:

      It’s because Edward is a son of a reigning monarch and Beatrice is a (female) grandchild. I think.

      If it were my decision, I’d have Bea and Euge out in public more because they come off actually quite nice and normal individuals (despite their obvious privileges and definitely despite the best efforts of their parents). However at this point Andrew has probably doomed his kids’ chances of much of a public “working” royal role plus there are several rumors of how Kate doesn’t like them. When I’ve seen videos of them at events they always did pretty well — their fashion on the other hand…

  26. BeanieBean says:

    It’s a pretty dress, but way overpriced for what it is. For whatever reason, these long ruffly prairie dresses are the current style–and I am now old enough to remember wearing pretty much everything that comes along now at some time before–and this is a nice example of such a dress. I like how her husband coordinated his tie to go with her outfit. I tried to read her name tag, as it looks like it’s really long & has a lot of words! Did they spell out the HRH? Did they use her full married last name, Mapelli Mozzi? I think having members of the royal family wear name tags is just ridiculously wonderful.

  27. aquarius64 says:

    The York sisters won’t be deployed. Eugenie is Team Sussex and the Firm may fear she will spill to the Sussexes. Beatrice is Team Andrew and the Firm fears she will spill to Daddy.

  28. Arralethe says:

    I’m not sure why it is, but the ladies of the royal family typically look upholstered rather than styled, and have done for decades. That includes those who marry in as well (apart from MM).

    I suspect it’s because self-expression is frowned upon if you’re part of an institution.

  29. CourtneyB says:

    Well, if Kate does get dumped or sidelined, they’ll need a younger (but not young like Louise) female. Beatrice is at least personable and friendly from reports. And, despite her vacationing, would probably still work harder than Kate.

  30. Leosignsixty says:

    I don’t know why people go after the York girls so much. Granted their Dad is a suspect at best, but if you go by that logic we should not like Harry or Meghan for that matter.

    I like them. They are oddly kind of normal people for being part of the Royal family. I mean they are average weight, attractiveness, wear average looking interesting British type clothes, albeit expensive. They have jobs, and yet have some Royal perks like hanging out with Ed Sherran, etc. I like their clothes. They are never cookie cutter. It’s fun to talk about their clothes especially the fascinators. They always have the best ones to talk about.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Leosignsixty, well, that’s interesting to put The Duke of Mexico and Pedrew in the same boat together. TM is a toxic person and we all know it. PA “is a suspect at best”. You obviously didn’t follow the GM trial or read anything about the lawsuit that PA paid millions to make go away. So, I can’t agree with the way that you’re framing this in order to paint H&M in the same “league” as PA.

      I don’t go after the York girls. I think she looks fine here, except for that hat. She should have gone with a wide brim and been done with it.

    • Jaded says:

      @Leosignsixty — their father paid out $12 million in hush money to a woman he sexually assaulted several times who was trafficked to him by a convicted sex offender who had done jail time. You do realize that makes him far more than “suspect”. Toxic Tom bailed on his own daughter’s wedding by faking a heart attack, sold her out to the gutter tabloids and repeatedly dissed and humiliated her on TV. By this logic you have no business putting Meghan and Harry into the equation.

  31. MsIam says:

    I guess I’m a sucker for floaty floral dresses because *gasp* I like this, I think it’s pretty. But that thing on her head? Nope. To me that is where the York sisters go wrong a lot of times, in their choice of head pieces. It doesn’t even look like it would be comfortable either. Edo on the other hand looks like he should be twirling a mustache, lol. But they seem fairly happy together.

    • Margaret says:

      I like this dress on her. I think it suits her. I think it is pretty and that the overall look would be lovely if she had chosen a more appropriate belt and hat. A proper hat with a broad brim would make a big difference.

      As for Edo, I have never understood the problem with him. I don’t see what others see that puts them off him. I just see a successful, reserved, man who has been brought up in reasonably wealthy, semi-aristocratic circles and knows how to behave in public and around Beatrice’s family. The fact he is attractive and knows how to dress well is a big bonus. I think Beatrice is a lucky girl. I think both the York girls have landed excellent husbands.

  32. DeluxeDuckling says:

    Bea is definitely making an effort with style and fitness these days, even though the fashion is not my personal taste – I see the effort!
    PURE SPECULATION: Edo and Dara are both seriously beautiful, both very conventionally attractive and both fashionable. Personally If I were in Bea’s shoes, I’d feel the pressure.
    P.S. if anyone is interested, Dara is dating “London-based financier, Filippos Kodellas de la Morena. He’s the son of a Greek diplomat and a well-connected Spanish mother” (Tatler)

    I feel invested in all this because of Wolfie. I’m also Eurasian and I’m sure those racist asshats have already exotisized him. Eurasian kids like us are constantly fetishized and the royals are not exactly hospitable.

  33. Moderatelywealthy says:

    Edo and Beatrice have an aristocratic marriage. She tried love and was dumped after 10 years of her life. Edo was right there offering ” companionship.” Friendhsip and common goals. They belong in the same circles and Edo´s fiancee, though beautiful and well connected, did not have the right pedigree.

    When Bea appeared on the scene and heard what he had to say, Edo quickly disposed of teh woman he wa snot so keen to marry, but was very keen on sleeping with. I suspect Edo and Dara are very pragmantic and he explained why being royal adjacent would be good for their child- because he has a title that means nothing and no real wealth.

    • DeluxeDuckling says:

      I didn’t know that about Bea!! Damn.
      All that stuff with Edo sounds plausible, with “pedigree” and “not so keen to marry but very keen on sleeping with” being code in Edo’s mind for “she’s not white, she’s Other, exotic”.
      If so, Edo contains the same racism his son will have to deal with in the wider world. Overall, I could believe Edo is a dumb pretty boy who acts out of selfishness.
      PS – I think Dara’s architecture firm got the comission to do Edo&Bea’s residencies (in the Cotswolds) but I can’t remember where I read that. I agree they are pragmatic.

    • Tessa says:

      He had a pregnant fiancee not a good look for him

    • Tessa says:

      I think his ex fiancee was too good for him she was well rid of him

  34. LaurenR says:

    I think Bea has lost a LOT of weight post childbirth. She seems thinner than she was before she was pregnant. It would also explain why the dresses she has been wearing recently seem a bit big on her frame.

  35. duchesschicana says:

    I always loved Beatrice and her inlvolvement with charity work, but I think she is in a great spot now doing some royal events while not doing anything ofifcial. She isnt doing anything new she always does those events. She there because HM/Charles want her to be

  36. Janet DR says:

    I think they look nice together. His suit lifts her dress. I wonder how it would look with cap or no sleeves?

  37. Delphine says:

    Very 1980s Laura Ashley.

  38. Jaded says:

    She’s clearly inherited her mother’s taste in dresses, I remember Fergie in dresses EXACTLY like this when she was young. Now she just squeezes herself into garish outfits 2 sizes too small.

    • dj says:

      @ Jaded I am so with you about Fergie’s taste in clothes! On a great day, Fergie looked bad but so much worse next to Diana. But at least the two of them usually were giggling and having a good time together.

  39. Abby says:

    bahaha. That last photo of them, Edo looks like that meme of Leo DiCaprio merrily walking. haha I love it.

  40. jferber says:

    Who was her lover before Edo? Why did it break up?

    • Jaded says:

      She had a really shady boyfriend named Paolo Liuzzo when she was 17 and he was 37. He’d been been convicted of assault and battery for his part in the death of a student in Massachusetts. She eventually dumped him and started seeing Dave Clark who works with Virgin Galactic and was with him for quite a few years but that petered out because apparently he wouldn’t pop the question.

    • Jan90067 says:

      A social climber named Dave Clark. He strung her along for 10 yrs. for the connections and the vacations. When she (allegedly) gave him the ultimatum to marry after all that time, he dumped her, and married someone else within a few months (and with whom he had a child with shortly after that).

  41. Medea Zero says:

    Weirdly, I like this a lot; while the styling may not be to everyone’s taste (the rattan is more picnic than races), this is an improvement for B.
    Zimmerman are a great Melbourne label (so I’m biased) and she’s been wearing their pieces for a while.
    Also, without any snark? I love the monogrammed clutch.

  42. Lemons says:

    Is no one else seeing the playing on a rugby jersey that I am seeing with the stripes and giant shoulders/billowy sleeves? I just find the idea “okay” but the execution is poor. Beatrice seems to want to accentuate her figure with the belt, but I wish they would try and just alter these dresses to fit them around the waist as they wish.

    The pumps should have been open-toed sandals with a floral dress. I suppose she is taking shoe style tips from Kate, and that’s a problem.

    All in all, they look lovely as a couple. Beatrice looks good, but just styled poorly. If I had the money they did…

  43. jferber says:

    Wow, she’s had bad luck with men. My intuition tells me this Edo is not who she wants him to be, but I guess time will tell.

  44. Vera says:

    the dress is hideous, but she looks happy and radiant