Who looked worse at Royal Ascot Day 2, Countess Sophie or Princess Beatrice?

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Here are some photos from Day of Royal Ascot (Wednesday). Once again, Queen Elizabeth skipped, because all of those dusty old-money people would be aghast if they saw QEII ripping around Ascot in a wheelchair or motorized scooter. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were there in the first carriage, representing the Queen. Camilla was decked out in the Queen Mum’s jewelry, which is exactly how Charles prefers her.

In the second carriage, the Earl and Countess of Wessex rode with Lord de Mauley and Lady de Mauley. Then in the third carriage, Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi were joined by Princess Alexandra and Countess Mountbatten of Burma. As in Penny, Prince Philip’s special friend. Imagine riding in a carriage with your grandfather’s mistress. These people, I swear to God.

As for the fashion notes… hilariously, I think Camilla looks the best. Her look is professional and flattering, although her hat is comical. Beatrice wore a conservative off-white (perhaps even greige) short-sleeved dress which… I don’t care for. I appreciate that she wore something structured and more body-con than she usually does, but the fabric looks really stiff and the reverse pleats are too much. But the worst is poor Sophie. Sophie is going through a completely terrible style phase. I feel like it wasn’t this bad a few years ago? Arguably, she’s never been the most stylish woman, but she has looked like ten kinds of hell at every formal royal event recently. The big ruffled V down her chest… my God.

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  1. Krista says:

    Bea’s dress looks like something Euj would wear. I like it though.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      I see the E reference in the top half and single color, but not the drop waist. The hat doesn’t fit the dress.

      Bea really wants to be a working royal. Which shows her character and her husbands. They’re looking for handouts and cash for access. You can’t convince me otherwise.

      • Krista says:

        Agreed about the hat. I like the shape of the dress, but something bugs me about it? Needs a belt? Maybe a pattern instead of plain white?

        And 100% about the grifting, but that’s what she learned growing up, so I’m not surprised.

      • The Hench says:

        Yeah, the hat looks like a school uniform boater from the 1950s.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        A belt to tie in the color of the hat and yes.

    • Hic says:

      If she had a thin black belt or a better hat with some black, she could tie in with her shoes

    • Scal says:

      A belt wouldn’t have worked with that weird seam at the chest. It throws the whole look off.

      I think a more relaxed hairstyle with a more fun hat would have made it pop

    • Eurydice says:

      The top of the dress is similar to the orange dress Eugenie wore at the Jubbly.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I think Bea looks nice. I was finally able to read her name tag (’cause she needs one?): Princess Beatrice/Mrs. Eduardo Mapelli Mozzi. Sophie looks ridiculous. Camilla’s a bit boring, all things considered. Some big rocks in a color would have been nice with that all white outfit.

    • anne says:

      Both York sisters seems to like dresses with that weird mock turtleneck situation. Eugenie’s orange dress from the Jubbly mass had the same neck — it looks so uncomfortable/awkward and totally ruins the overall look.

  2. Brit says:

    My goodness these people are stale, drab and boring. Good Luck to the future of the monarchy with these group of people. The Cambridge’s ain’t saving it either. No matter how many times they cosplay the Sussexes.

  3. Pinkosaurus says:

    I wonder if Sophie is ingratiating herself with Mean Keen Kate by looking terrible. I could see how that would make her more comfortable having you around.

    • Mia1066 says:

      Yes! Sophie isn’t stylish but now she’s doing Keen fashion with that awful outfit! She looks dreadful! Best of the bunch is Cams : modern and stylish.

    • Hic says:

      Wasn’t it a few years ago when Sophie loss weight and upped her style game, wearing more youthful and trendy designers? It was thought that she was competing with Kate but now her wardrobe looks old and recycled. Guess the $$ isn’t there anymore.

      • Mia1066 says:

        @hic, she did! She lost a lot of weight and she supposedly upped her style game. She has a wardrobe (with a full time stylist)/manager) and hundreds of designer outfits. She started well initially after the weight loss and now has slipped either deliberately or because she’s genuinely unfashionable. I think both. She is not stylish. Sophie copy keened Diana then sort of drifted. Now she’s copying crtl c herself. And that peach dress at the feather duster parade had shades of fergie! Boobs at her ankles, dress way too tight and small. No idea what sofiesta is about.

    • The Recluse says:

      The 80’s called, Sophie, they DO NOT want that dress back.
      It’s ghastly.

    • Duch says:

      Exactly – I think she’s dressing for an audience of one. The lace, scalloped hem and the distinctive hat style.

      But the shade of blue is pretty with her eyes, I’ll say that!

  4. GuestWho says:

    Did sophie ever wear the “kate” style flower-pot hat before – or is she trying so hard to suck up to kitten that she is willing to look silly from top to bottom?

    Cam does look the best of the three.

    • Dee says:

      Flower pot? It looks like a contraceptive sponge.

    • Christine says:

      I am with you, GuestWho, Sophie is clearly sucking up to Kitty.

    • Maeve says:

      Sophie and her wacky hats pre-date Kate by many years, she’s been wearing this style for ages – if anything I’d say Kate copies her (which given Sophie is HM’s favourite isn’t surprising).

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      That style of hat reminds me of two things: (1) a can-can dancer bending over to reveal her petticoats, and/or (2) a chicken pecking at the ground, flashing its feathery b-tthole. I dislike the way the royal women wear hats in general (except the Queen, who really knows how to wear a hat, I’ll give her that), but this particular style of hat is awful on any woman.

  5. L84Tea says:

    Sophie wins the frumpiest frump that ever frumped. She looks like a sewing bag from 1983. Camilla on the other hand looks fantastic. Standing next to Sophie helps. As for Bea, she just needs a cane and a striped blazer and she could dance with the penguins in Mary Poppins.

    • Danbury says:

      I KNEW that look reminded me of something! THE DANCING PENGUINS.

    • C-Shell says:


      “Standing next to Sophie helps.” 🤣

      Sophie’s dress looks like Ma’s church dress from Little House On The Prairie. The HAT is dreadful — Khate’s overdone hats on steroids.

      Camilla looks good (words I rarely write), and I like Bea’s ensemble — especially her shoes — the little hat is cute.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        There is nothing wrong with Sophie’s dress. Sophie’s dress would look fine on someone much younger such as her daughter. Louise would look fine in this dress. The very young can do “Little House on the Prairie” and make it look fresh. With all the money Sophie spends on clothes, I cannot not understand why she never gets it right.

        Off all the pictures I have viewed of 2022 Ascot, I would give the Best Dressed Royal Award to Princess Anne. The lady really understands her body type, fabric and custom tailoring.

      • C-Shell says:

        @BTB — to your point, this reminds me of CarolE wearing the same (style, color, not size) dress as Khate’s Pepto Pink frock the other day. A drastic fail.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @C-Shell – The only difference being the super ugly Pepto Pink frock did not work for Kate and certainly does not work for Carole! I doubt the super ugly Pepto Pink frock would for anyone! LOL! LOL!

    • Esmerelda says:

      Dancing penguins! 🤣
      Camilla looks great, I agree.
      Sophie looks terrible! So, so terrible. It’s like she believes the press declaring Keen a fashion icon, and so she tries her own little version, with even more ruffles.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah I think Camilla looks great, that style is good on her. Sophie….what happened to her? Like someone said above, her fashion hasn’t always been this bad. I think she’s trying to make the new stuff work for her and it’s just not.

      • Harper says:

        Camilla’s hair looks noticeably whiter/blonder? I noticed during the JUBBLY and it looks nice.

    • Lady Esther says:

      Sophie “looks like a sewing bag from 1983” I just spit out my tea, 😂
      I’m in the minority but I love Bea’s outfit, structured rather than flowy serves her much better and the boater and shoes are perfect, very playing croquet in Newport. Camilla is fine in her usual wheelhouse. And Penny Mountbatten has been to a few events with the Queen (Windsor Horse Show) and now Ascot with Charles; clearly no hard feelings there for Philip’s second wife in all but name.

      Here’s what I don’t get : why aren’t the Cambridges there in a carriage of their own, showing off their court with an aristo or Van Strauzenbee or two in the carriage with them? Or the young Duke of Westminster? I’m surprised William or Kate aren’t starting to flex more. They still act like kids….

      • L84Tea says:

        Good question. Where are the Cambridges?? Kate usually lives for Ascot and saves some of her best period piece costumes for these events.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Yes @Lady Esther, I agree regarding your comments about Penelope Knatchbull, aka Penny. The Queen accepted the Philip & Penny relationship. Plus, Penny is a relative of the Windsors, by marriage to Lord Nicholas Knatchbull, a grandson of Lord Louis Mountbatten (Philip’s uncle and mentor).

        To clear up further confusion, there is a woman named Penny Mountbatten. She’s a younger, similar-looking blond, but married to Ivar Mountbatten (they’re now divorced). Ivar’s father, David, was a brother to Lord Louis Mountbatten. Penny Knatchbull is Countess Mountbatten of Burma, but it’s not accurate to call her Penny Mountbatten.

        Apparently, Penny Knatchbull is separated from her husband, Lord Nicholas Knatchbull. But they haven’t divorced. Just one more strange factor in all of these dramatic and intertwined family relationships. According to reports, Penny suffered through some personal losses. So perhaps her relationship with Philip began with him consoling and supporting her, which turned into something deeper.

      • Muisje says:

        Her husband is Norton, Nicholas is the son. And they are not separated, he is ill and does not step out anymore.

    • Yup, Me says:

      Sophie’s dress looks like some denim fuggery I saw my preschool teacher wear back in 1984.

  6. Shawna says:

    Lady de Mauley wins the style stakes here! That’s how you wear polka dots, Kate….

    This actually feels like one of Beatrice’s better looks to me. She doesn’t look like Cinderella’s stepsister for once. Her hat, right near the name tag, makes her look like she’s electioneering, though.

  7. Amy Bee says:

    Sophie’s dress would’ve been OK if that vee frill wasn’t on it. Ascot is just an event for people who don’t work.

  8. FHMom says:

    Camilla looks best. She and Charles look elegant. They should take several photos.

  9. Tessa says:

    Does Camilla ever wear her great grandmother’s estate jewels that Charles purchased for her

  10. Harla says:

    I really like the “thought” of Bea’s outfit, especially the hat but I think that the execution is off a bit.

    Dear God, please send prairie dresses to an alternate universe. They are unflattering on every woman and this style really needs to end. Amen🙏

    • AmB says:

      I actually think Bea’s outfit is cute (except those aren’t the right shoes), but it would be measurably improved if she stood up straight.

      • VoominVava says:

        I don’t know how these poor women walk around on grass all day in high heels. I’m sure that doesn’t help the posture. They are constantly wearing high heels to garden parties and it looks painful!

    • Lady Esther says:

      Dear God, please also include those ridiculous aristo headbands in the ship to the alternate universe, so we never have to see them again. THEY ARE NOT HATS AND NEVER WILL BE. Thanks muchly, Lady Esther

  11. Greta says:

    Who told the York princesses that this kind of collar looks good on them? It does NOT! Makes almost all people Look slouchy and short-necked. Eugenie also wears collars like this all the time.

  12. Tessa says:

    Why would Sophie choose that fussy ruffled dress

  13. CC says:

    Beatrice is auditioning for a barbershop quartet.

    • AmB says:

      Which would be fine if she really got into it, but you can’t half-ass that kind of look.

  14. Alexandria says:

    Sophie’s dress is awful. Can’t she take inspiration from Letizia? I think Camilla wins this as in she looked the best out of the trio. I don’t like Beatrice’s hat but her dress and shoes are alright.

  15. Saltyshores says:

    `Bea’s shoes are really great, too bad the dreadful hat overshadows them….

    • AmB says:

      I think the exact opposite, but the shoes and the rest of the outfit definitely don’t go together.

  16. Tessa says:

    I don’t think there are any winners but Camilla does have the outfits styled for her but has more or less the same look

  17. Sandra says:

    Do they really need the name tags? Lol

    • equality says:

      Maybe a requirement to enter some areas? Considering some people don’t know QE has a fourth child and Bea isn’t that well known (and often mis-identified as Eugenie) maybe they do. I notice PC and Cam don’t mess their looks up with one.

      • The Hench says:

        Ascot is divided into different areas with different ticket prices. To get into the Royal Enclosure you must be displaying the correct badge.

      • The Hench says:

        I also think the most senior royals attending don’t wear one – which, in this case is Charles and Cam. In years when the Queen and PP were present, they didn’t wear badges but C&C did.

        Also, you can only first gain access to the Royal Enclosure by invitation of an existing member. You can’t just flash the cash to get in. It’s pretty snobby. I once got class shamed by my future father-in-law when he asked me, prior to Ascot one year, whether I was on ‘The List’. When I asked “What list?” he replied “Obviously not then otherwise you would know what list”. As you can tell, I haven’t forgotten…

      • Christine says:

        What an asshole, The Hench!

  18. original_kellybean says:

    It looks to me like Beatrice’s hat is photoshopped on in all the pictures. She could have worn a cute fascinator and looked much better.

    • Jan90067 says:

      “In the Royal Enclosure one must wear a “proper” hat “ (said in the *most* snobby way lol. (No fascinators allowed in there, only in the “Peasants’ Section”)

      • original_kellybean says:

        Okay…well she could have worn a nicer hat. That thing is terrible. As someone posted earlier – looks like she is joining a barbershop quartet.

  19. Lolo86lf says:

    Ugh. The more I look at those dresses and the styling the more I like the Duchess of Sussex. She would have worn something a lot prettier and look good and fresh in it.

  20. SURE says:

    You can argue about Sophie’s style but what’s undeniable is her appetite for high end fashion labels – Erdem, Valentino, Herrera, Suzannah, Alaia, Wickstead etc. It’s no wonder Harry was told that there was no money for Meghan and that she would need to continue working to support herself whilst representing the BRF.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Oh Sophie only wears high end designer clothes and she never gets bashed for it. Perhaps it’s because the press doesn’t pay attention to her.

      • SURE says:

        The press doesn’t pay attention to it because presumably it is the accepted racist norm that only white royals should be allowed to wear high end fashion.

    • Carrie says:

      Who funds the Wessex’s? How does she afford to label dress? How do they afford to live in the style they do? Heating alone must cost them a bomb. Bagshot Park is huge – 120 rooms. Where does all the money come from?

    • Merricat says:

      They spend so much money to look so awful. smh

    • Jan90067 says:

      The statement (wasn’t it Phil who said) that there was no money for Meghan’s clothing, she should keep working while doing RF work, always bothered me, especially when the Sussexes were told they COULDN’T do any other work (being half in, half out).

      That, and the fact that FFK worked part time for 20 odd yrs. (and sloughed that off all the while) while doing bits and pieces for Liz. Other various cousins, tapped to help out still “worked” (grifted). THAT was ok though.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        I don’t think it was Phil and I don’t think Harry ever name-checked whoever told him that. If I had to guess, I’d say Charles is the most likely culprit. But yes, the comment was gross and very telling.

  21. Tessa says:

    Edo dresses well

    • Athena says:

      I’m warming to Edo. I like Beatrice’s dress, and also like the one she wore the first day of Ascot. I don’t know why there’s these comments about her wanting to be a working royal, she attended the Jubbly events same as her other cousins and always attended royal ascot. Until she start doing things which are more out of the norm I’ll reserve comment about her wanting to be a working royal.
      I have alway found the British dress style to be a bit quirky. Americans don’t dress like that so it seems a bit off to us but I think it’s probably how aristos dress.

    • JaneBee says:

      In past few months, Edo seems to have gained some weight and is suddenly looking properly middle aged? His face has been puffy and pink? Like that stereotype of baby faced men who are attractive until there 30s, then it’s suddenly impossible to see what the fuss was about?

      Getting the feeling he knows he’s secured his social status ticket, locked Bea in with a child, and now he’s enjoying a few extra glasses of wine every night 😂 Yes, I acknowledge the sexism of this comment!

  22. CuriousCole says:

    What’s most baffling me about Sophie is that for a year or two she absolutely was pulling out all the stops to be the best dressed royal woman. The peacock blue body-con dress to Easter stands out, this was maybe 2012? 2013? She made very fashionable choices during that time and was definitely doing it to try and show up Kate, so I know she knows how to dress better than the eyesores she’s been giving us.

  23. Steph says:

    Why are they all wearing “I voted” stickers? Were they really not allowed in the grounds without them? They’re distracting.

    • Talia says:

      I don’t know if this is sarcasm that has whooshed past me but I’m fairly sure they are badges giving access to the Royal enclosure. If so, there are strict rules about them being displayed or no access. The question is really why Camilla isn’t wearing hers.

      • Steph says:

        I don’t think sarcasm is the right word. I know those are badges of a sort to allow them entrance but it’s none of their first times attending. Why not coordinate your outfits? I guess it’s just fashion disappointment. These bunch really don’t do much the least they can do is dress up properly for us. 😃

    • Kit says:

      I think Bea looks OK,.not fond of her hats though, nothing lately seems to suit her head ?? Sophie, doesn’t it keep getting worse everytime we see her, suppose de Karen face doesn’t help, why can’t they just pop into Vogue London and hire a professional stylist and come up with a style that suits them ??? I mean they consistently look awful,.surely they see it themselves….
      Penny and Camilla look de part don’t they, both look.fantastic !

    • Christine says:

      I thought they were “I voted” stickers too.

  24. Tessa says:

    Is Beatrice’s hat called a boater they were popular in Edwardian times

  25. Talia says:

    Bea’s hat looks like something a pupil at a posh private girls school would have worn in the 1950s, although not at that angle unless she wanted a wigging from a Mistress (which actually means a telling off from a female teacher not what it sounds like). The dress also looks like a school dress/tunic.

    I’m not sure why she’s decided to cosplay a 1950s schoolgirl but it actually does look OK if a little costumey.

    Sophie looks awful. She and Camilla have a similar body type. The rumour is Camilla got a competent stylist in when she married Charles to guide her on her public style. Maybe Sophie needs to ask to borrow the notes.

  26. Hic says:

    Wasn’t it a few years ago when Sophie loss weight and upped her style game, wearing more youthful and trendy designers? It was thought that she was competing with Kate but now her wardrobe looks old and recycled. Guess the $$ isn’t there anymore.

  27. girl_ninja says:

    Yeah, ole Cam does look the best and Sophie’s dress is nearing Little House on the Prairie levels. Beatrice’s dress is quite plain and that hat makes her look like a Suffrage Leader. I don’t get what she was going for there.

  28. Red Weather Tiger says:

    Sophie looks like Mrs. Oleson found her way into Kate’s hat room.

  29. Merricat says:

    Sophie and Kate are proof that money doesn’t buy taste. It should probably buy someone WITH taste to help them with their fashion choices, but maybe not.
    Camilla looks best by far, and I’ve never said that before. She looks chic and modern.

  30. Betsy says:

    I had a dress very much like Sophie’s and I rocked the hell out of it. Granted I was 8 and I believe it was my sister’s from the early 80s, but I looked hella good. Unlike Sophie. Have we considered that she’s taking a style fall to try and embiggen Princess Kate? It seems like the kind of thing Kate would demand to prove fealty.

    Also Beatrice’s dress is *so* ugly that I find myself perversely liking it. It looks like something Elizabeth would have worn to a day event in 1972.

  31. MsIam says:

    Bea’s hat is awful with that dress. In fact, it’s hard to imagine an outfit that would look good with that hat. I like her dress and shoes though. I like Camilla’s whole look, even her hat, it looks less wizard-y than usual. As for Sophie, it looks like she is copying that blue lace outfit that Keen wore to Ascot a few years ago. I remember it because People plastered her pic on the cover for one of their “future queen” stories. They both look equally frumpy and hideous.

  32. TheOriginalMia says:

    Worst dress is Sophie. Good Lord, why are there ruffles? Bea looks cute. Camilla looks rich.

    • Eating Popcorn says:

      There is a lot going on in Sophie’s outfit, let’s run the list – Monochromatic check, eyelet check, ruffles check, belt check, buttons check, shorter blouson sleeve check, scalloped hem check.

  33. Steph says:

    The only thing I like about any of this is Bea’s shoes. I’d rock those.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      I like her shoes, too, but I’d break both ankles immediately. And standing in those shoes on grass?! I guess it’s good for leg muscles.

      • Steph says:

        She probably has those garden party things on the bottom of her shoes otherwise those helps would be going through the grass. They are clear plastic strips that go from the ball of the shoe to the heel essentially turning them into wedges.

  34. MVJ says:

    I just saw Keep Sweet on Netflix and Sophie’s dress gives me sister-wife vibes.

  35. Brassy Rebel says:

    “These people, I swear to God.” My sentiments exactly!

    I honestly can’t tell Beatrice and Eugenie apart. Which is which and who they’re married to. I have no trouble with the rest of these lazy grifters, but these two throw me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  36. Lauren42 says:

    My goodness, Sophie’s dress looks like it’s made out of denim to me. Hilariously bad.

  37. Beverley says:

    Sophie looks worse than Bea, hands down. Bea’s dress demands a different hat. But Sophie’s screams Sister Wives of Walnut Grove.

  38. Over it says:

    Camilla looks very nice I have to say

  39. Mel says:

    I like Bea’s dress but the hat doesn’t go with it, she needs something with a looser brim. The boater is too stiff and it looks weird.

  40. Over it says:

    Beatrice looks like a midwife from the 50th. Sophie is morphing into Kate. She is sucking up so hard to the keens that she is loosing her self in the process

  41. L84Tea says:

    Where are the Cambridges???

  42. Emmitt says:

    Beatrice and Eugenie do not look good in these boxy silhouettes. Both of them have beautiful curvy figures and the boxy look is just not flattering for them. Leave the boxes to Kate and get dresses that accentuate the figure.

  43. OG Bella says:

    I don’t hate Bea’s dress. The bottom is much better than the neckline which would drive me insane.

    Camilla look best and I actually liked her dress until I zoomed in and saw the darts around the hips. Would look better without the detail around the hips / waist

  44. VivaAviva says:

    I actually really like Camilla’s dress. I’d wear it and she’s old enough to be my grandma.

  45. Likeyoucare says:

    Camilla look good. The dress is cute.
    I guess sophie is uglying her clothes to suck up to kate.
    She knows how mean kate can be if someone try to up style her.

  46. tamsin says:

    I think Camilla looks elegant and well-dressed and Beatrice looks good. It seems that Bea has really upped her fashion game post-pregnancy. Sophie looks stuffed into her dress. Kate needs ruffles, buttons and bows so that she doesn’t look like a pencil in her clothes. Sophie has a nice normal figure and she doesn’t need all those details to make her look bigger than she probably is. Sophie wears very high end designer clothes, so I think her clothing budget could give Kate’s a run for her money. I’m not sure about this, but Sophie isn’t covered as much so a dollar accounting of her clothing and accessories isn’t done.

  47. Moderatelywealthy says:

    Every time I see Edoardo, I think to myself ” This a man who looks incredibly pleased to be seen.” He sees very happy about attending this events, very content with his life. Truth be told, Beatrice also looks less awkward, betweeb the new styling she is getting- methinks Edo has a hand in it- and finally having a life partner.

    To be blunt, I never thought Beatrice was ugly, but she absolutely does not photograph well, which is the kiss of death for someone living in the spotlight. She is almost pretty in the way normal people can be, and Edoardo is obviously someone very concerned with how he looks, so her styling must be a high priority to him.

    Her hat is ugly, but her dress is okay…what makes her look almost good is that she seems to have learned something about how to behave when photographers are lurking, a worry she seemed never to have before Edo.

  48. Beach Dreams says:

    Beatrice’s floral dress from the other day was a better look. This dress is way too…constructed, for lack of a better description. All those seams and pleats are awful. Sophie’s looks is a frumpy overwrought mess as usual.

  49. DeluxeDuckling says:

    The drop waist is HORRIBLE. Reminds me of that awful thing Pippa wore when she was trying to rip off Meghan’s friend (the actress in polka dots with cute retro styling at the 2018 wedding). Anyone remember that? It was a Middleton mess lol. At least this has fewer buttons.

  50. Cerys says:

    I quite like Beatrice’s dress. I think she has upped her game a bit since she got married. Sophie has been looking quite frumpy for a while now and the Day 2 outfit was the same. Day 3 is even worse but no doubt there will be another post about that.
    I’m curious about who picks up the tab for Sophie’s clothes. She’s the wife of a man who is quite far down the list of succession but always seems to be in designer clothes. I can’t remember seeing her in an outfit from a high street store.

    • Duch says:

      Me too. She looks good so tailored. Dress sort of reminds me of Di’s Ascot outfit with the cutaway coat.

  51. jferber says:

    I hate Beatrice’s look more. Just no. Her husband looks a little fatter and very self-satisfied with himself. Yes, he thinks he’s made the right business arrangement by marrying Beatrice, that’s what his look says to me.

    • JaneBee says:

      @JFerber Agree with you re: Edo! It’s like he’s undergoing his own version of the Williamisation phenomenon. Hopefully, Edo at least manages to keep his hair!

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Edo doesn’t have much control over hair loss. Nether does William, btw. It’s all in the DNA. By now though, since Edo still has a lot of hair and he’s in his 30s, he’s bound not to lose much, even if it thins a bit with more advanced age.

  52. SueBarbri says:

    These women have been dressed so strangely and for so very long, this has to be intentional. None of this is flattering or modern. It all appears old-fashioned and frumpy, so much so that it seems as if their stylists decided that the theme for Ascot was “humiliation.” If they were only doing this because it’s Royal Ascot I would simply chalk it up to the nature of the event, but they dress in these old-fashioned costumes every day. As if they’re going to a tea party with Mamie Eisenhower.

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ I believe there is an unwritten dress code for Royal Ascot. But since none of us are on the vaunted ‘List,’ we aren’t exactly in-the-know. LOL!

      This annual display reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. One of many British films which romantically addresses the actually very harsh British class system. There have been so many idealistic representations of British society over the ages, which ultimately have served to soft peddle Britain’s brutal systemic racism and the hard-line snobbery of British classism.

      I remember Meghan in her white shirt dress with the embroidered lower half, and the jagged-edge hem, and the Audrey-inspired hat. As we know, Meghan never stood a chance amongst all the nose-in-the-air aristos

  53. Enis says:

    Sophie looks like she just escaped the FLDS.

  54. jferber says:

    SueBarbri, the theme is “humiliation.” Ha, ha, ha. Yes, you nailed it for sure. Thank you.

  55. potatoe says:

    They look good. The best Sophie looked was the first day at Ascot.

  56. TeeMajor says:

    Its a tie, in my opinion.

  57. Elizabeth says:

    The descendants of Princess Marina — particularly Helen Taylor and Amelia Windsor — inherited something of her taste and style. Most of the others in this ridiculous family seem to just throw money at whatever is in stores and popular, regardless of whether it actually suits them or not, regardless of whether it is actually well made. It is tragic. I remember seeing pictures of Margaret at ‘50s Dior shows! Only Meghan among the young royals is carrying that banner today. Think how good — simple, but always good — other royals like Queen Letizia and the queen of Jordan look. Not in those uh, quirky, textiles Anne keeps for decades. So it is possible. I will bet you anything Sophie and Beatrice think they look good and are happy with their choices.

  58. Noor says:

    Pictures of Prince Charles and other royals at Ascot horse racing is making him look bad vis a vis William and Kate at Grenfell memorial. Was Charles caught unaware since the Grenfell visit was not planned.