Nine year-old Noah Cyrus’ inappropriate Halloween costume

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about trampy Halloween costumes for tweens, which included such adult themed-outfits as sexy belly-baring pirate, sexy inmate, and sexy French maid. Those costumes are still around, and young girls are of course still dressing inappropriately in general and for Halloween. Mom Logic covered this recently and included some guidelines on how to tell your daughter that her costume was too adult. Suggestions include asking your daughter why she wants to dress like that, and making sure you’re a decent role model by not dressing too sexy yourself.

Nine year-old Noah Cyrus showed up at a Halloween event over the weekend wearing an outfit with knee high boots that can only be described as some kind of “sexy witch” without the hat. The tight dress laced up along the side and is so short that I only hope she was wearing shorts underneath.

The last time we covered Noah we were asking if she was too young to have unsupervised webcam chats through an add-on service for Twitter, where she has a public account with 150,000 followers. Noah had also posted some suggestive kissy-face photos on Twitter, and many of you said that she was just mimicking her sister. Noah’s famous sister Miley deleted her Twitter account shortly after that, and Noah hasn’t made a tweet since. It’s clear that Noah looks up to Miley, 16, and follows her lead.

What do you think – is this outfit too adult for a nine-year-old or are we making a big deal out of something that’s common for little girls – acting and dressing like their moms and older sisters? Noah was seen with an even younger-looking friend, her cousin Emily Grace Reaves from Hannah Montana, in a cute devilish angel outfit that was also a little too grown-up. (Emily is eight according to one fan site, but I couldn’t verify that.) I don’t have a daughter, so I’m not sure how I would handle this. Part of me screams that there’s no way I would let my daughter out of the house like this, but on the other hand I know that you have to pick your battles with kids. Somehow I don’t think Noah’s parents even realize that this is an issue.

Thanks to Miriam for the tip and D-Listed for covering this first. Photo credit: Fame Pictures and

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  1. Ruby Red Lips says:

    This is all wrong, she’s only 9 years old.

    This sexualisation of young girls is comepletely inappropriate.

    Whatever happened to children being children?

  2. Beth says:

    Extremely innappropriate. Her friend looks younger and looks just as sleazy. What are the parents thinking?

  3. Neelyo says:

    I can’t tell what they’re supposed to be. Since when is slutty considered a costume?

  4. Roma says:

    This looks like the outfits my girlfriends and I have to bartend in for halloween – so not appropriate for a 9 year old.

    Trust me, I feel awkward over how slutty I look. She just looks proud. And the worst thing: how much do you want to be that the outfit was picked out by a stylist and approved by mom and creepy daddy?

  5. Firestarter says:

    Both children look terrible.

    Please tell me she isn’t going to be doing a show or something in the near future? I cannot take ANOTHER Cyrus on the famewhoring radar!

  6. Lynnie says:

    There’s nothing cute about that.

  7. Dobben says:

    So not appropriate for a 9-year-old. She looks disgusting.

    Her parents should be ashamed of themselves.

  8. Victoria says:

    You know if she took off the tons of make up she’d be a cute 9 year old girl!

  9. M says:

    I read on another site that Noah was supposed to be a vampire, and that fact only makes the outfit even more inappropriate.

    What kills me is the high-heel shoes and her POSING. She’s trying to be sexy because she thinks it’s cute and somehow the appropriate thing to do. She’s getting positive attention for the wrong type of behavior.

    The outfit is all sorts of wrong, but if she dressed like this just for Halloween, I’d give her parent’s a pass and a shake of the head. But we know the Cyrus’ aren’t the brightest bulbs when it comes to raising their children in the spotlight, or their public image.

  10. LeManda says:

    I don’t think the second girls costume is that bad, maybe because of what she’s standing beside, but I most definitely think the Cyrus girls outfit is insanely inappropriate! I’m almost 30 and have never missed dressing up for Halloween even once and I have never dressed like this baby girl! It’s heart breaking that these girls have such a sense of entitlement that they will continue to dress and act like this for attention their whole lives. I feel like a good comparable to what this girl is going to be acting like in the future is Pam Anderson…that’s so so sad to even type! Man Billy Ray has to be putting the effort in to mess his kids up this much, the parents can’t be this clueless.

  11. ElizabethM says:

    When I was nine years old I wanted to be a ladybug for Halloween. My how the times have changed.

  12. mollyb says:

    This is totally gross. Where are this child’s parents? A 9 year old of mine would have to shoot my husband on the way out the door to get away with wearing something like this. I can’t wait to hear the “we’re such devout Christians” spin the Cyrus’ put on this vulgar display.

  13. MSat says:

    WTF is wrong with that family? I have a 9 year old daughter and there is no way in HELL I would allow her to wear this. And more importantly, she wouldn’t WANT to wear it. Why not just leave the pedophiles a map to your house, Billy Ray???

  14. Cristina says:

    How the f is this a costume??? Where’s the face paint, wig, props….??? I agree with all of you, this is just a slutty dress

    I have no idshe’o

  15. Sudini says:

    I was a crayola crayon when I was 9 for God’s sake (I wanted to be purple, but my Mom insisted I be yellow so that cars could see me :).

    This is sad – this child needs to slow WAY down…

  16. nycmom10024 says:

    While I could understand a locked twitter account, I really don’t get these outfits. But if we take away the Disney Marketed wholesome Hannah image and look at Miley, the older sibs Trace, the older sister name and the parents I guess surprise is naive on my part. Disney may be a marketing machine, but they work hard to control image. Miley is under contract and a brand unto herself they can somewhat control that. The rest of the family is the rest of the family. I sure there is alot of eye rolling,sighing and head holding going on as Disney tries to keep control.

  17. sarah says:

    Ugh. Halloween has clearly become just a time of year for women to use it as an excuse to dress like prostitutes. Just look in ANY Halloween costume store. It’s just ridiculous and sad that it’s moving into the pre-teen realm now too.

  18. meow says:

    She still has baby teeth!! What is wrong with this family?? Baby teeth and no boobies = too young for vampwhore costume.

  19. happymom says:

    This is disgusting. I have a 12 year old and 9 year old and there is NO way they would ever wear anything like this.

  20. Shelly Shellz says:

    Times are completely different now-a-days. Girls want to become “women” & alot sexier at a much younger age. My 6, 7 & 8 yr old nieces are very much girly girls & LOVE to watch me get ready for a nite out of dancing. They love the sexy clothes & make up I apply. I can tell that soon enough they’re really going to want to dress like that. My 14 yr old niece is also very much into the sexy look & although we do monitor what she wears, her myspace & facebook accounts this seems to be the times we live in. I clearly remember wanting to dress & be sexy but it was at a much later time in my life. Hollywood kids just have easier access to be this way & young girls look up to that. It used to be about cartoon & innocence when I was growing up, now it’s Raven & Hannah Montana, 2 young girls who had tons of make up & appeared alot older then they really were. While it is sad, it’s the times we live.

    • Helen says:

      Hi my daughter has just got into modelling and is young actress and dancer and at the age of 12 the clothes she commes down in people would say are inapropriate but its just the way she dresses because of her modelling and dance. They think this is bad you see the comstumes for competitions my daughter has to wear.

  21. Tess says:

    So sad.

    Reminds me of JonBenet Ramsey.

    Where are the adults?

  22. How big are this kid’s feet? Who’s making hooker boots in kids sizes?

  23. meow says:

    Sarah- Sexy costumes are becoming the norm, I am afraid. Every year our family attends Mickey’s not so scary Halloween Party, this year there were several women dressed in dresses/skirts that barely covered their bottom, with thigh high socks and high heels( 5 hours walking around WDW in heels crazy). The majority of the women were with children. This is the first year I have seen that many women dressed as the whorish version of a Disney Princess.The worst offender was a young gay man. His partner and him were dressed as Fairies, but his costume was so short that the skirt barely covered his bottom and rode low enough to show the top of his underwear. His costume was cute, he was a leaf fairy, but he needed alot more leaves.

  24. random says:

    WHAT is wrong with Billy Ray and Mrs. that they let their NINE year old out of the house like that? OR let Miley act the way she does? This is sad. Truly sad.

  25. mollination says:

    I went to a halloween thing this weekend and saw a handful of young girls (9-12) wearing coochie-cutters, slutty bumble-bee costumes, and whorish makeup.

    I was really bummed by it, and I remembered how far I pushed the boundaries when I was younger too. Always wanting to wear halter tops etc.

    So I was going to say I get it, but the difference is that I started pulling these antics when I was 15. Miley’s age. THIS is just inappropriate beyond recognition. What does she have to look forward to when she is actually a sexual creature, ready to explore her sexuality and actually know what it means?

    God, so sad. Slow down, please please please.

    (and I was a ghost when I was 9. ie. I wore a giant sheet over my entire body, with tennis shoes. haha)

  26. Icecat says:

    Is anyone really that surprised??

  27. Jazz says:

    How the hell can her parents let her leave the house like that? It’s not like she’s just an ordinary girl off the street, she gets attention because of who her sister is. Now these pictures are all over the internet and pedophiles will be getting off on them. The thought of that makes me sick, I bet that never occurred to the parents tiny famewhoring minds.

  28. Lantana says:

    It’s terrible when you can see the writing on the wall and wonder if it’s already too late to do anything about it. There are so many family dynamics at work here. Sigh. She may as well start hanging out with LiLo now.

  29. Westender says:

    I get the feeling this is a stunt to bring attention to the Cyrus family for a reality show. Why else would Noah be in the spotlight so much lately?

  30. Jessie says:

    This is all kids of wrong. My husband and I took our 8 year old daughter costume shopping a couple of weeks ago and we were shocked at the number of inappropriate costumes there are out there. My daughter is going to be a witch, but you better believe her hemline is nowhere near as high as Noah Cyrus’s. Plus what it up with all the make up? My daughter flinches even if I tried to put Chapstick on her!

  31. Guest says:

    lol @ sudini!

  32. viper says:

    someone should really call social services. Im having difficulty with the concept of child molestation when THIS is allowed. This is boarderline child explotation.

  33. Sigh. says:

    NOTHING about this costume says vampire or witch or even Halloween other than it’s black/dark purple…she looks like a run-of-the-mill pseudo-goth chick.

    Remember when the ONLY place you could get a “sexy nurse” or “sexy schoolgirl” costume was your local Lover’s Lane or “ADULT entertainment” shop…You know, where everybody involved are consenting ADULTS?

    I will give Heidi Klum one thing, when you see her costume party pics (a hot ticket in Hollywood nowadays), she relies on CREATIVITY, not JUST sex becasue she has nothing to prove.

  34. birdie says:

    You know whats really sad?

    Noah’s life is following Miley around on a bus with her family and watching her sister’s transformation from clean tween star to raunchy adult vixen.

    At 9 my mom had me enrolled in horseback riding, soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming, painting and pottery classes, piano lessons, and after school french lessons. With all these hobbies, I rarely played on the computer. That’s what 9 year olds should be doing! Not on some bus, living as a vagrant with their only access to friends over the internet.

    Noah does nothing except imitate her older sister by singing and dancing and posting personal items online. Miley isn’t really my style but she has found success as a performer. Do her parents realize how rare that is? They should be opening doors for Noah, not forcing her life to be all about her sister’s success. Oh, and why isn’t Noah in school??

    Yes, the Halloween costume is disturbingly inappropriate. It makes me cringe.

    Yes, I think Billy Ray and his wife are terrible parents and Miley is a bad role model for her younger sister as well as younger girls.

  35. Anastasia says:

    Our daughter will be 15 in just a few weeks and I wouldn’t let her dress like that for Halloween NOW. Nor would she want to. I’ve never seen that much makeup on my nearly-15 year old’s face, either. And she’s a normal teenage girl. Wears a bit of eye makeup, likes to dress stylishly and be with her friends, go to movies, football games, etc.

    But dressing trampy, even for Halloween, isn’t her thing.

    It CERTAINLY wasn’t her thing when she was NINE. What’s wrong with her parents? They can’t see how inappropriate that is? There are men who LOVE little girls dressed like this, does that not ever cross their mind?

  36. Kathy says:

    God, I am the same age as Miley. Seeing Noah dressed up like that makes me SICK! I thought she was a person in that family that didn’t circle Miley. Guess I thought wrong. And I have worse on Miley…What’s next for Noah or Miley? If Miley drops the singing (Hallejuiah!) and goes to sellinng sex…will Noah?

  37. SHERI says:


  38. Cristina says:

    I can’t get over that I have no idea what she’s supposed to be! Like, that isn’t a costume, it’s a dress.

  39. Firestarter says:

    Well it may not be the 1950’s anymore, but a child should look like a child, not a hooker from the city stroll.

  40. ligeia says:

    i think you guys are totally overreacting. the costumes aren’t super revealing or slutty and of course dark make up is part of the costume since they are dressed up as vampire/witch. it’s not like they’re wearing panties and push up bras (which is what most of adult female Halloween costumes look like nowadays).
    but yeah, whats with all the hate for revealing costumes? it’s not the 50es anymore, if you want to (or need to) cover yourself from head to toe on Halloween it is your right, but some people are proud of having fit bodies they worked hard for and aren’t afraid to show them off…lighten up

  41. mandajamin says:

    are those f-me boots?

  42. disgusted says:

    This is so beyond not okay. The girl is wearing more make-up than I own. Not until I was in high school were we dressing “sexy” for halloween (this was only 9 years ago that i was a freshman in high school, so not that long ago!), and even then-sexy meant something like a short jean skirt, maybe with some platform kind of shoes-not hooker goth boots like this little girl is wearing, maybe an inch of tummy showing, and that’s about it. THIS THOUGH is sickening. I mean, where are her parents? This girl is still at the age where she’s supposed to be thinking boys have cooties, and this is what she’s wearing? this is why Miley Cyrus needs to stop dressing like a 25 year old and more like a 16 year old. These girls are turning into little sluts before they know what the word even means. HER PARENTS SHOULD BE LOCKED UP FOR THIS-DUMB REDNECK WHITE TRASH IDIOTS.

  43. Firestarter says:

    “whats with all the hate for revealing costumes? it’s not the 50es anymore, if you want to (or need to) cover yourself from head to toe on Halloween it is your right, but some people are proud of having fit bodies they worked hard for and aren’t afraid to show them off…lighten up”

    It’s perfectly fine for ADULTS to wear whatever they want on Halloween, but it is NOT okay for a CHILD to be parading around, looking like a hooker. Since when do 9 yr olds have fit bodies that they have worked hard for and want to show off? Also, the 1950’s comments are OLD! Look around you, when children dress like adults and try to look sexy, it is an invitation for sick adults to do terrible things to them. Take a look at children being raped and murdered every day. The world we live in is full of sick people who look at kids, dressed up like this and think that they are adults!

    Nothing wrong with children having fun at Halloween, but there is something wrong when they look like hookers. The costume is appropriate for an adult, not a child. She is 9, not 19!

  44. ligeia says:

    i was referring to some peoples comments regarding adult costumes with the 1950es remark.
    i think noah’s costume would look 100 times better if she had a witches hat or fairy wings or some other prop to go with that dress tbh, but it still isn’t omg super revealing and bad *shrugs* they’re just little kids having fun playing dress up.

  45. lucy says:

    Very inappropriate. I wouldn’t let any teenager, nevermind a little kid, go out like that, let alone onto a red carpet where the pics are then going to be put on the internet. Too many creeps out there.
    The costumes out there these days are too much for some of these kids. But then it’s up to the parents to say no, not buy them, and get their kids an appropriate costume. Being a good parent means doing what’s right, not giving in because it’s a trend or it’s what the kids want.
    Plus, if they let her wear this now, what on earth are they going to let her wear when she’s 14, 15, etc?

  46. Sigh. says:

    Isn’t this the same little girl who received some flack a few months back when she was pictured putting on eye makeup (mascara, I think) and drinking a Red Bull?

  47. Jazz says:

    Having fun playing dress up is fine for kids around the house but not at an event where there are photographers taking pictures for every pedophile on the internet to see.

  48. Lee says:

    I’m just going to chime in here with my own 2 cents, and question a couple of things: first, the intelligence of this little girl’s parents. Actually, I don’t really wonder – they obviously operate at the sub-normal level. Second, I question their morals; parents who sexualize their little girl by providing/allowing such clothing are just immoral. Bottom line, no matter what a kid wants to wear, while they are young the parents are the final arbiter, and should be responsible. Social services needs to pay a visit.

  49. Jenna says:

    Looks like Sheri has a case of the Kanye West fever with those cap locks.

    Noah, I present to all of you, shall be the next Jamie Lynn Spears. However, mind you, Jamie actually takes care of her baby. Noah, I very much doubt she’ll do that once she becomes knocked up. Shocker.

  50. Mary says:

    Can’t take the trash out of the trailer.

  51. pj says:

    I was okay with the little one until i realized her stockings were fishnets.

  52. Jen says:


    “…but some people are proud of having fit bodies they worked hard for and aren’t afraid to show them off…lighten up”

    A NINE-YEAR-OLD CHILD has a ‘fit body’ that she ‘worked hard for’? Are you high?! She has a ‘fit body’ (read: she’s skinny) because she hasn’t hit puberty yet, you idiot. She’s not a grown woman who spends hours in the gym trying to keep the fat off her hips – she doesn’t even HAVE hips yet.

    The outright sexualization of this child’s body – both by her outfit in the pictures and by comments like ligeia’s – is really, really disturbing.

  53. Polkasox says:

    Not saying it’s not too tight/see-through, etc, but, doesn’t it look like she’s pulled the skirt up? There’s a lot of folds in the fabric, it looks like maybe it was meant to be longer but she’s jacked it up a little to make it sexier.

    & @sheri – as previous poster said, she still has baby teeth. Sexy dresses are TOTALLY inappropriate. You wouldn’t put your toddler in a silk nightie. There is a line.

  54. kathryn says:

    I can remember my first time in heels (probably 15/16) and it took me awhile to walk –how should I say– normally in them. She looks like she’s had practice walking in those for a long time. And who makes those shoes and those fishnets for babies…shame on them. I really feel sorry for this girl. She has no idea what a normal life is going to be like. The first time someone tells her ‘no’ all hell is going to break loose.

  55. GatsbyGal says:

    This is the sluttiest picture I’ve ever seen. Too disgusting for words. I just wanna reach through the monitor and put a trenchcoat on her and take her home. Embarrassing, trampy, gross…every negative word I can think of, this costume is that. WTF is wrong with her dad. And Miley REALLY needs to sit down with her sister and talk to her about this. Unchecked, this could get SO much worse.

  56. Megan says:

    Yes not very appropriate at all.

  57. seriously? says:

    For everybody that says “these are the times we live in, just get used to it” I have this to say: Why? If I want my beautiful innocent daughters to remain beautiful innocent daughters, I will fight tooth and nail to make sure that their childhood isn’t stolen away from them. My 6 and 4 year old girls aren’t allowed to watch Hannah Montana or watch an aunt get all tramped out to go dancing because they are precious and beautiful and I love them. It is my job and my responsibility as a parent to make sure that they are raised to respect themselves as people and to make sure they are strong women.

    Is this costume innappropriate–absolutely! Should it be worn by a child, of course not. And I would go so far as to say it shouldn’t be worn by an adult around a child either!!! I’m not saying dress like a nun or be completely covered, but have some decency! I have had 3 kids and I have worked my butt off to get fit and get my shape back again, but I still dress appropriately! My cute little figure is for me and my husband to enjoy–not to put on display for the rest of the world.

    I weep at the way some parts of our society are pushing young girls to be “womanly” and “sexy” before they have even hit puberty. Let them be children. Let the Halloween costumes go back to being a crayon or ghost or witch with a fun pointed hat or a princess. Please, please don’t let your children become little tramps by the age of 9!

  58. GatsbyGal says:

    @seriously? – I think you’re my hero now. <3

  59. snowball says:

    Uh, Kathy? If you’re the same age as Miley, shouldn’t you be in school at 11:20? 😛

    Outfit is inappropriate in about 1,000 ways. And this was a party at Jamie Lee Curtis’ place. A woman who’s classy and fun and Billy Ray polluted the party with his kid dressed up like a streetwalker.

  60. Kayleigh says:

    dread pirate cuervo: Yeah when I was nine all the cool kids had size 7 adult hooker heals like that too! Seriously who made those shoes and who let her out of the house like that?

  61. TwinkleToes says:

    Let’s stop sweeping the “other issue” under the rug. Mr.Cryus is guilty of doing what Demi Moore has allowed to happen to Rumer Willis. Yes, I’m going there! Looking at this kid gives me the same reaction of when Rumer starting prancing herself out there. Hollywood nepotism. Just b/c you have a famous relative does not entitle you to inflict yourself upon us. The internet buzz is already ripping this kid apart because of her looks like they did to Rumer. I won’t post mean comments about a 9 year old child’s looks but I will read the comments on blogs to see who dares to. This kid is putting herself out there with her parents permission and it will be DEVASTATING for her to learn what people are saying about her. People can be so cruel and if your child isn’t up to snuff in the looks department by even average standards, parents should protect them instead of throwing them to the lions.

  62. princess pea says:

    @ SHERI – “AS LONG AS SHE IS HAPPY, THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS.” No actually, that is not all that matters. That isn’t even a tiny portion of what matters. Society as a whole requires that people don’t just live for their own happiness. I am not at work right now because it makes me happy, but because having food and shelter MATTERS. I don’t drive drunk because it makes me happy, but because not killing other people MATTERS. Yes, it would be nice if we could all be happy all the time, especially those of us who are so very young. That’s not the real world, though, and a 9 year old shouldn’t get to do and see whatever she likes solely on the basis of it making her HAPPY. Because honestly, that is not all the matters.

    Be very very careful with an argument like that, happiness is all that matters. Imagine it in the hands of Polanski.

  63. Nudgie says:

    I don’t get it – if the surname “Cyrus” is mentioned, bad taste will always follow.

    Give it up people – the family is only in it for the money. Say what you will….

  64. hunnybe says:

    What is going on at home with Miley and Noah?What kind of dad lets his little girls outside like this or dance on anything that is even close to a stripper pole? There is something terribly wrong with the whole situation and hopefully they won’t be on Oprah in the future.

  65. Firestarter says:

    Good Post Princess Pea!

  66. nj says:

    @seriously? We need more people like you with common sense and a little freaking modesty! There is something to be said for the truly beautiful and mature woman. When you KNOW you’ve got it, you don’t have to shove it in everyone’s face to prove something.

  67. Spooge says:

    It’s Halloween for gods sake. As long as the kids have fun, who cares what they dress like.
    If you have a problem with this costume then maybe you should be asking yourself why you’re having inappropriate thoughts about something a little kid is wearing. Man.. people are so damned politically correct these days it’s sickening.

  68. GatsbyGal says:

    @Spooge…you totally don’t get it.

  69. crash2GO2 says:

    I hope child services is called. That dress is hiked up so high in the front you can almost see her underwear. And red lipstick w’ f’me boots?? Do her parents even know why women wear lipstick to say nothing of red? To see it on a little baby girl like this, who is clearly trying to be sexy, it is horrific.

    And why am I not surprised that some a$$hole is now coming along and posting that those of us who are horrified are somehow pedophiles? Demi, is that you?

  70. I choose me says:

    The outfit itself is not so bad but the boots and trowel-like application of make-up is just…no!

  71. Judy says:

    Mt 8 yr old grand daughter is going to be a vampire and her costume is not sexy at all. Bat wings and black shoes and a turtle neck sweater under the bat costume because it is cold. There is no reason for anyone to dress their child like this.

  72. Tazina says:

    It’s two hours in an evening at a Hallowe’en party (get it – Hallowe’en – where people dress up). Tomorrow they will be back to their normal clothes and footwear. Meanwhile they had fun dressing up…… Relax…..really, it’s going to be okay. Calm down…lol

  73. Anastasia says:

    If an adult woman wants to dress as trashy as she possibly can, that’s her business and she’s an adult. Barring public nudity, I guess that’s fine.

    But this is a NINE YEAR OLD GIRL. Who is a CHILD. LETTING her dress slutty and trashy and sexy is NOT ok.

    Team Let Kids Be Kids Again.

  74. Firestarter says:

    @Crash- No kidding! We are all pedo’s because we think it is an inappropriate costume for a 9 YR OLD CHILD. However, someone who thinks the costume is okay has no issues at all. Hey, as long as the kids are having fun, nothing else matters….until they end up in a ditch, dead. The fun kind of ends there, doesn’t it. Sick minds look at children dressed like that and fantasize. Maybe Spooge needs to read a little more about what pedophiles like and who they target.

    And actually Tazina, both she and her sister wear inappropriate attire in their day to day lives. Maybe you have not seen it, but the rest of us have, so please don’t tell us to calm down for having opinions. You are entitled to think your way, but do not be insulting to those of us that have differing opinions.

  75. WTF?!? says:

    That is an astoundingly unattractive child.
    Sorry, it had to be said.

    @ Sudini:

    You had a smart mom!

  76. Annie says:

    Here’s my two cents:

    For Halloween, I’ve worn some pretty scandalous things, and it’s hilarious and we have a lot of fun. And frankly, I make no apologies for it and won’t let anyone tell me that they disagree with it or allow them to judge MY personality based on it. This year? I’m gonna be the Flash 🙂 Girl version. Last year, I was the queen from 300. Another year, I was a very scantily clad cupid. LOL I’m 23. So I think that I can ACT 23. I don’t have kids. I’m not married and frankly, again, I’m 23.

    That being said however, I would never. ever ever, show that to my little sister or other kids (these outfits are confined to the nightclubs, that kids shouldn’t EVER be at ANYWAY)

    I don’t swear around my 11 y/o sister, I never wear a dress that is above my knees and above all, I always, always buy her clothes that are age appropriate. If I get her a short dress, I tell her it’s a tunic and should ALWAYS be worn with jeans or leggings. If I DO buy her a summer dress, it’s to her mid-calf. And she’s not dating until she’s 18. LOL. I live 2 hrs from my little sister, and that’s the only time that I choose to wear the short dresses and mini skirts. But you bet that when I’m at home, I’m rocking jeans and a tshirt. Or a cute button up. etc.

    In other words? Noah’s outfit is absolutely 100% wrong and gross and my little sister will be locked in her room if she EVER walked out of the house looking remotely like that.

  77. fizXgirl314 says:

    this is really inappropriate to be putting up stories about nine year olds for adults to comment about… you guys should probably feel a tinge of shame :/

  78. Commander Cody says:

    Why be suprised? Hell, TLC has a show called Toddlers and Tieras that promotes the sexualization of young female children.

  79. filthy cute says:

    Mother of all that is holy — what an unfortunate looking creature. And now the costume…

  80. anneesezz says:

    It’s sad how “white-trashy” this little girl looks… even if she wasn’t dressed in this whorey outft. It is fitting since her parents will whore her out just like her older sister. It’s disgusting. I predict another Jamie Lynn Spears – knocked up by 16.

    Money – no class.

  81. sherifaerie says:

    @ Princess Pea
    Gawd, chill. You’re coming off like a miserable old goat. Happiness is very important in life. If we can’t live our lives without even smiling, and have to jump down other peoples throats like you did mine, then shoot me now because there isn’t anything to live for! Go ahead and say I see the world through rose colored glasses then. I really don’t care.
    I am well aware of pedophiles, and can see that they might get off on a picture of a little girl dressed like this. But 90% of us are NOT pedophiles, so why should we care? Bottom line is, everyone needs to CHILL OUT, and give the girl a break. You are all seriously overreacting. I dressed up as a belly dancer at her age. Little girls these days, unfortunate as it may be, are in more of a hurry to grow up.
    But as for the real world not allowing people to be happy, it’s a pity. Truly it is.

  82. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    @Sudini: cute story. Neon tape, here.

    What’s so damned special about being sexy? Sexy brushing your teeth, sexy at brunch time, sexy at lunch, then sexy for brunch boogaloo. Sexy at the baptismal font, sexy at the commissary, sexy at the parole hearing, sexy at the senate. Sexy during the barium enema, sexy when the mucous plug dissolves, sexy at the airport, sexy during the surgery. Sexy, sexy corpse.

    Lord, love a duck. Obviously I’m going to incur wrath because I’m a ‘hater’, or ‘love drama’ or I’m a ‘judgemental rude prude, who is jealous of nothing, probably fat, and going to be deservedly alone for her whole life’, type. Because really, that’s whatever invective opposition pops up when one dares not to suckle at the teat of the Tit-o-cracy.

    To say nothing of this kid who’s too young to even play the Lolita act, I’ve got a secret: Cup size isn’t a virtue.

    And begin the ad hominem attacks in 3…2…

  83. TwinkleToes says:

    See? People here are keeping it on the down low but what is going to happen when this kid eventually reads all of the comments about what an unattractive, unfortunate looking little girl she is?

    Demi Moore had to learn the hard way re: Rumer.

  84. DrM says:

    @Firestarter – completely agree with your comment re: covered/9 – uncovered/19.

    If I want to prance around with all my goods in the dang shop window I can…doesn’t mean I should, it might result in people wanting to pour bleach in their eyes, but still… I can…cause I’m an adult. However, nine year old children should NOT. Not at Halloween, Hannukah, Easter or any other special or otherwise occasion!

    OK I just asked my 15 year old twins (boys) what they thought…they were *really* surprised and made remarks like “her skirt should really be down here Mum” (indicating her knees). They got her age right though, they said she looks “8 or 9 and hoady Mum” (meaning inappropriate).

  85. nj says:

    @Jo “Mama” Besser; If you are not a writer, you should be. Loved that post. I totally agree. Sexy is exhausting, and those who pursue it constantly do so at the expense of so much more.

  86. crash2GO2 says:

    sherifaerie: You’ve got it wrong. We (those of us not commenting on the child’s actual physical attractiveness) are not bashing the child. We are bashing her parents. The child is a child and should be protected from being sexualized at such a young age.

  87. QB says:

    I’m a 18 yearl university student and I have never dressed with a skirt or dress that short and I live in a tropical island where there is a lot of heat every day. I don’t wear that much make up or wear stripper boats either.

    This is wrong and then we ask ourselves why do we have so many pregnant teen or std, because parents let their kids do what they want.

  88. loldongs says:

    I want to power-bomb her parents off a skyscraper.

  89. ally says:

    thats my halloween costume! hhaha im 13 its ok on halloween we americans over react to much! its halloween its when a girl can dress trampy but not be called 1! u all over react i love it and thats y i bought it! parents, come on give them a brake i1 day of the year. DERFINATLEY dont let them dress like this on anyother day but halloween its ok.

  90. QB says:

    Because someone says something in a movie it does not make it alright, that quote about dressing like a tramp is halloween and being ok is from Mean girls and I guess people forget that it was not said in a positive way but who cares when you have the perfect excuse to dress like a tramp.

    PS:Is break and definitely.

  91. sherifaerie says:

    yeah but she obviously picked the outfit out herself. and just because her parents let her wear does not mean they are pimping their daughter, for crying out loud! that outfit shows no more than a one piece bathing suit would on a kid. next thing you know you will all be throwing oversized tee-shirts on your daughters when they go to the beach or pool!
    and at whoever posted that it looked like she was hiking up her skirt… that’s a sick observation and makes me wonder why you would even point it out. the obvious style of the dress is scrunchy. gawd.

  92. mercymay says:

    This CHILD should not be dressed like this at all, and we, as ADULTS, should not be excusing this for any reason. Acting sexy happens to kids, especially girls, this age but it should NEVER be confused with being happy or trying to be with the in crowd, ever! Explain to them = This is slut wear, period. There is, and every child should understand this, an AGE APPROPRIATE COSTUME girls should wear during Halloween – and this is not it! Parents: wise up for god’s sake, and your kids sake too! It’s only “fun” until something dreadful happens – – but by then, it’s too late. Don’t take a chance!!! Believe me – I speak from experience and the truth!!!

  93. Maliengus says:

    Her parents LET HER wear this. Pull yer heads out Mr & Mrs. Cyrus.

  94. omondieu says:

    Oh Ally…be careful, dear.

  95. Mark says:

    Well, this is another Cyrus. I’ll bet Billy Ray thinks it’s jus fahn, and we all know what an upstanding individual he is. Mrs Cyrus, your kid looks like trailer trash. Is that your goal??

  96. gistine says:

    100% jolielaide that kid.

  97. Popcorny says:

    This outfit, all the other outfits, Miley’s outfits, pole dancing, letting a 16 yr shack it up with an adult, nude shots w/Lebowitz, Miley’s head in daddy’s crotch, etc., and so on.
    If anyone’s a pedophile -it sure seems like it’s Billy Ray.
    It gave me big extra creeps when (and how) he twittered to Miley to “come back” (to twittering) like she was his bait to surround himself with all the tweens, “they” needed her -he needed her. He used odd seductive language if I remember correct.

  98. Cat says:

    Mama Besser- thank you! Sexy isn’t everything, especially to young people. We all need to learn more self-worth, and remember that sexiness isn’t necessary at all times. Our culture is so wrong to tell girls of all ages that sexiness=being loved and approved by society. It’s ok to cover up, it doesn’t make you ugly or less of a person.
    And ally, people notice/condemn your behavior at ALL TIMES. Even if it’s allowed, you’ll still be judged for being willing to dress skanky.
    Geez. I’m just waiting for a sluttly newborn outfit, and people who will defend it. “It makes her happy!” “She’s just having fun, lighten up people!”

  99. original kate says:

    why do i never see this little girl with her parents? i find that really odd. it’s like she dresses up in inappropriate outfits and goes around town getting photographed by herself.

  100. Royalty says:

    OMG! I’m 12 and for halloween this year i made my own costume and i was a “sexy indian” but it was not NEARLY close to being that SLUTTY! The skirt of my outfit was mid thigh and there was no back but i wore a tank top. But this is just plain inappropriate. Noah cyrus, where ever you are, you look like a whore.Also her makeup looks like she threw some heavy black eyeshadow on then cried. she looks dreadful

  101. birdie says:

    @ shaeriefaerie

    If noah cyrus represents what is a normal little girl, then America has bigger problems than bashing celebrities as a pastime.

    What is normal about her costume? Honestly, it looks like some freaky dominatrix outfit – which in my humble opinion has no business on the body of a nine year old child. But obviously you are so much deeper and more open minded than I am, so for you it seems perfectly NORMAL for a child to go out – in public -to be photographed by strangers -who will then post the pictures for the whole world to see – in an extremely sexually provocative ensemble.

    No, this is not normal. This is bad parenting.

  102. blind says:

    Nice Halloween mask.

  103. Sigh. says:

    If you do a search on “Noah Cyrus Red Bull,” there are pics of her and another actress’ little sister on the red carpet of yet another actress’ bday party.

    1. They are in bathing suits (I’m ASSUMING it has to do w/ the theme of the party),
    2. Clearly a lot of eye liner/mascara (& hamming it up for the camera) going on,
    3. She’s downing a Red Bull,
    4. The party is for a 19 YEAR OLD.

    She has a pattern forming…

  104. sherifaerie says:

    let me just make one thing clear here. i absolutely DO NOT condone young girls wearing provocative clothing or having myspace and facebook accounts or what have you, i just happen to think this is a halloween costume, which she wouldn’t normally wear, and given that fact, it’s OK. i also think those who see this as sexy are looking at it all wrong. i see it as a normal 9 year old girl dressing up like normal 9 year old girls like to do. i don’r have a daughter, or any kids for that matter, but that doesn’t mean i wouldn’t know how to raise them if i did. would i let my daughter wear that? of course, if that is what she chose. as for the photos being taken of her, only problem there is that anyone can see them. but in my eyes she looks like an adorable little hot topic model or soemthing and that’s all. that is NOT a dominatrix outfit. where’s her whip? gimme a break. tomorrow she will be back to wearing sneakers, jeans and a tee shirt and everyone can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

  105. sherifaerie says:

    know i’m going to get blackballed for this… BUT.

    i googled that and here’s what i think….

    you all sound like a bunch of conservative, right wing mormons. lighten up, will ya? these girls are wearing bathing suits!! at least they’re not bikinis, and another thing… are your minds seriously in the gutters? why would these photos be considered anything other than cute? gimme a break. you wouldn’t think that way if you were at the beach and they were building sand castles in those bathing suits would you? GAWD. whateves….

  106. jeneo says:

    shes just asking to get pregnant! no she is screaming it!!

  107. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Oh, some of you are so young.

    People tend to say that Americans are uptight whenever social convention bars those people from doing exactly as they please at all times. When adults tell you that things are inappropriate, it isn’t because they want to ruin your fun and control. They have to sometimes because they have a responsibility. One doesn’t enter into adulthood before having been a child, but trying to emulate ‘sexiness’–for whatever occasion–only proves that young minds can be very expertly manipulated. And the thing of it is is that no one is as smart or mature as he thinks he is, and that’s why we all need guidance.

    If so many people think that it’s a big deal, it likely is.

  108. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Hey, thanks for the compliments. I’m practicing at it when I’m not doing my research.

  109. jaundicemachine says:

    To be honest – the majority of my costumes post-high school have almost always utilized hooker boots. (You can’t very well be Alice Cooper in Wonderland without hooker boots, damn it!)

    But I’ve also taken my niece and nephew trick-or-treating quite a few times over the years, and they’ve never once seen how awesome I look in fishnets. (You can’t very well be Alice Cooper in Wonderland without fishnets, damn it!)

    Because if you don’t want a 9yr old to dress like a whore, you don’t dress like a whore in front of a 9yr old! I mean, isn’t it common sense not to expose children to risky and maladaptive behavior in their formative years?

    Why can’t Billy Ray and his brood follow the same logic?

  110. neds says:

    In spite of everything, u really can’t blame the kid, It’s her parents who should take the blame and responsibility for what they allow their nine yr old child to go out in public wearing really, but when you’re a Cyrus it doesnt really matter what you wear in that family. The father has said that he feels that his kids should be free to express themselves. Maybe that’s why Miley looks like a 2 dollar hooker @ all times and maybe thats why they feel its ok to send their nine yr old child out looking the way she does. Shit, her mom probably helped her lace up those boots and pick out the costume

  111. christina says:

    And we all thought Britney Spears was bad… She was a saint compared to this nonsense. At least she was considered a young woman, this is a young child. Something needs to be done about this as we are only going to see it more often. 🙁

  112. Reina says:

    In my *HIGH SCHOOL* we were not allowed to wear clothes that did not reach at least our finger tips on our legs. (sure, this was within the past 5 years ago, but not like I need to wear em to my ankles) Entirely too short IMHO.

  113. Merridith says:

    Jeez, I can not even post what I am thinking, it would rude/hurtful to a child, but i sure wish i could.

  114. Steve says:

    For the love of everything pure. The only people that would think that these costumes are innapropiate are the people that have innapropiate thoughts. These are children being children. I looked at the picture and saw nothing more than a child smiling wearing a costume for halloween. I doubt very seriously that she will be standing on a corner swinging her candy pumpkin looking for whatever. Comon people, get your heads out of your groins (or others groins). Not a thing would have been said if it had not been a celeb child.

  115. Tia C says:

    I’m not going to get into all the reasons, because some of them are mean, but all I can say is, some people just really should not be allowed to breed.

  116. omondieu says:

    @Steve – actually Steve, yes, something would have been said even if it had not been a celebrity child. I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but store-bought children’s Halloween costumes have been becoming less cute, and a lot sexier and revealing over the past few years. These are the outfits the children of your next-door neighbours are wearing. At the same time, the media is focusing on younger and younger “celebrities”, usually the younger siblings of other “celebrities”. With the tremendous influence of the media nowadays, your 7, 8, 9-year-olds have access to such images more than ever. They like to see famous people with whom they can identify. Because they’re so young, they can’t help but want to copy what they do, wear, etc. Sure, there have been child stars for years, but how often did we have access to paparazzo images of say, the Full House girls? We just didn’t.

    What do you think these photos say to young girls? They say that it’s cool and fun to dress like this. Then little Angie in some small town somewhere will ask her mom for a similar outfit, because she saw it on her idol. And because it’s assumed that celebrities are all about setting good examples for those who look up to them, mom will buy her something like this. Noah Cyrus isn’t old enough to set good examples for others…she’s still young and impressionable, and should be following the examples set by those who are older and wiser.

    And while you think that our concern about how children look to potential predators makes US perverted or prudish, I think that it’s called being responsible. I seriously hope that you aren’t a parent, or an expectant one. It’s one thing for celebrity children, who have 15 bodyguards, and who live in high-security homes to be wearing this. It’s another thing entirely for a young girl living in a regular, suburban neighbourhood to be wearing this. There are A LOT of REALLY TWISTED people out there. Knowing that doesn’t make you a pervert. It’s a fact. Wanting to protect your children makes you a GOOD PARENT. Neighbourhoods aren’t the way they used to be, with everyone looking out for each other, and knowing each other. Those who prey on children can go by unnoticed quite easily.

  117. Firestarter says:

    Omondieu- No, neighborhoods are not what they used to be at all. Children are snatched by adults and by other kids and beaten, set on fire, raped, kidnapped, molested. It is a scary world out there, and people who think that stuff like this is harmless, obviously do not watch the news or pick up a paper in the morning.

    Sure, it is just a costume, but to some sick SOB out there it is something entirely different. Sure, children should be able to have fun….AS CHILDREN and not as mini adults. There is nothing cute or childlike about a little girl in a trampy looking outfit. It is wrong, just as it was wrong of her 16 yr old sister, who other teen girls look up to, to be dancing on a stripper pole. These are the images that children today see and want to emulate. They are not images that should be duplicated, because as has been previously said, the average child does not have boduguards to save them like these celeb spwan do.

    And just because I think like I do, does not mean I have my headd in a “groin” as some fool suggested in an earlier post. It means that I have seen enough on the news to know that this world is not a safe place for children these days and that one needs to go above and beyond what they normally do to ensure the safety of their child or others children. No it is not the 1950’s anymore, and damn that it isn’t!

  118. ariadne says:

    I have been trying to see the other side of this but can’t. It is wrong. PERIOD. There is no justifying putting a small child in hooker boots.
    How is this a vampire? Where are the usual vampire things? Like oh let me see fangs? A cape?
    The length of the dress is not the most shocking thing going on here. The dress is see through for goodness sake. Not enough to be skanky? Ok then add the boots, the caked on make-up AND the sad attempts at posing seductively. If that’s not enough then at least consider the larger pattern of disturbing behavior. For crying out loud when is Red Bull appropriate for children?
    I am a mother of a child near this age and I would never ever dream of dressing her up like this. Never.I don’t care if every 6 year old in the free world dressed like this. Our job as parents is to protect our children from things they don’t understand. Her parents may be from the trashiest of trailer parks but they know good and well what they are doing. They are probably thrilled and think this is good exposure for Noah.
    I too noticed that this child always seems to be alone prancing around on the red carpet. Most of the time you see children this age being photographed with their parents, not in shots by themselves unless they are already famous. Obviously they are planning on trying to put Noah to work in the near future. Miley will be 18 and under no obligation to share the money so they gotta get cracking on breaking the spirit of this one. Whose gonna keep ’em supplied with Bibles and pay Billy Ray’s hairdresser? Who needs a retirement fund when you can have children?

    Wasn’t Billy Ray pretty much eeking out an existence on the chili cook off circuit before Destiny Hope(see it was all part of a master plan) er Miley rescued his sorry butt from oblivion?

  119. Steve says:

    @omondieu & Firestarter

    I have a solution to all of this. I am sure everyone will be happy.

    What we should do is ban those kind of Halloween outfits and any form fitting clothing of any kind until a child is 21 (sort of like the drinking laws)and dressing in any of these outfits should be against the law and punishable by a fine, prison, or both.

    Of course the list of appropiate and inapropiate clothing would have to be approved by the Federal and Local Government and copies of this list would be handed to each mother that gives birth to a newborn, and to each parent that has children allready born.

    This would include but not limited to Jeans, Shirts, Bathing suits (1 or 2 piece) artificial nails (Because maybe a prostitute may have wore them), shoes or boots (because again maybe a prostitute may have wore them), hair styles and so on.

    Then we should take the lead in what Pennsylvania Dutch neighbors children and women wear and make sure they are covered up from head to toe and trow in a face cover that the muslim girls and children do also.

    Oh, and don’t forget the parents of these children. They should be held responsible for any infraction of this law and also be put away, their children taken from them, and sterilized so they could no longer reproduce.

    Heck, Better yet, why dont we lean to science and have them create some sort or sedative that would make the child lay dorment until they are 18.

    The concept would be that as parents all our responsibility would be is to make sure that they are dusted off (Maybe spritz a little water on them occasionally for a more natural look), play educational tapes, tube feed them (Of course with an absolute perfect nutritional mixture) and when they wake up at 18 they will get up fully educated, dress themselves, greet their parents and thank them and be off to work or college

    “Hello mother and father, thank you so much for everything. I am off to work now and will call you sometime”

    I could go on and on and on. Lets get real here folks.

    I am as aware as anyone out there that there are perverts and predators looking to harm children, women, and elderly.

    We cant just keep these keep people locked in the house just because they may be a victim.

    The majority of the time when you hear a news story of a child being abducted or missing you won’t hear that they are wearing a halloween costume or bathing suit, but, are wearing just plain clothes.

    Where do I stop here? I don’t know. I could go on and on.

    But, remember this parents.

    Our children learn by example. Education does NOT start or stop in the schools, but rather is the sole responsibility of the parents. There is a verse that says “Raise up a child in the way he or she should go, and when they are old, they will not depart from it.”

    Oh and yes, I do have 6 beautiful children. Four girls and two boys. I am NOT the perfect parent, but they are grown now and are doing very well in life.

  120. omondieu says:


    This is very true, Steve. I understand very well that we can’t keep our children (and ourselves) hidden away in our homes because we might be victims. BUT as parents, babysitters, teachers, mentors, etc. of younger children, we should set appropriate examples for those who look up to us. We need to educate them about the threats that are out there, and explain that there are some things that young children just should not do/wear/say. Nowadays, parents just let video games, TV, and movies do the babysitting. When the only person a little girl has to look up to is Noah Cyrus, or Miley, or whatever, of course she’s going to want to mimic how they look and act. Parents don’t take the time to explain that the outfits their favourite stars wear are like Halloween costumes: they’re just to put on a show, and not to be worn all the time. They also want to be their kids’ friends (Hello Dina Lohan), and don’t want to be perceived as uncool by their young ones and their friends. So of course they’ll get them whatever they want.

    I personally think that there are ways that a costume like this can be compromised. If I had a daughter who wanted to be a vampire or witch, I’d make it age-appropriate. Want to wear a skirt? Fine. It doesn’t go above the knee. No completely bare shoulders–let’s do short, puffy sleeves instead. No hooker boots. You’ll wear a pair of sparkly flats, or a very short heel.

  121. Steve says:


    One more thing. For those that think that the poses in these pictures are “seductive” and the little bit of lacy material around the neck constitutes see through, I think that maybe some counceling and deep therapy is the recomondation of the day.

    The percieved behaviour of what is gleened from some of the post here surely is from the God Like people that think it’s ok to call people “Trailer Trash” and other demeaning names just because they are from the country and have an accent or don’t live the lifestyle they do.

    Another example of how we raise our children, Right?

    Maybe it would be good to clean out the garbage in our own back yards before we look over the fence in someone elses and tell them how dirty theirs is and how to clean it up.

  122. Firestarter says:

    I have no garbage in my backyard, however, thanx for the advice.

  123. JooJoo says:

    They look like skanks! The hooker boots don’t help, as well as all that make-up! As for her friend, the fishnet accessories make her look slutty instead of cute.
    Oh Noah, i think ur costume needs 2 b shorter 😉 HA!

  124. pickelhaube says:

    It’s funny, I was just talking about this, except I was talking about how women’s Halloween costumes are something you’d expect to see on a $2 hooker. When did Halloween become an excuse for people to dress like prostitutes? When did this become acceptable? What is causing this mindset?

    I am 27, so not old or prudish, but I would never wear skanky clothes like that because I don’t like to be leered at and treated like T&A, which is what this type of outfit does. It makes you into meat to be groped, ogled and objectified, which is sad. I mean, everyone has the right to do what they please, but I don’t think women realize what they are doing to themselves with this.

    Think about it like this: If you were at a party and met a woman in a skanky outfit like this, would you take her seriously? Would you want to get to know her as a person…or would you just go by the outfit and think “What a tramp, I’m gonna try and get in her pants because hell, she LOOKS like a prostitute, she must not have any morals to go out dressed like that in public!” We could go on about how you shouldn’t judge people by their clothes, etc., but the fact is that people DO. And do you want to be judged as a low-class hooker? I know I don’t. But then again I guess I’m just ridiculous, right?

  125. pickelhaube says:

    Hmm…wonder why Steve is so adamant in defending this crap? Could it be because he sees where this is heading? We are raising a generation of little girls that are being taught that the only thing that matters is being sexy, looking good, and pleasing a man. Bad for women…good for men. And judging from his comments, Steve is no idiot.

    We all know how this is going to turn out…just look at the girls in their early 20’s. This sexualization started when they were kids (I saw some of it but by then I was older and knew what was up), and look at how completely f*cked up most of them are now. But we’re still allowing it.

    I am NOT saying that we should ban anything, that is never, EVER the answer, but people DO need to wake up and realize that this is what happens when you allow the outside world to have too much influence on your children. They have an agenda and they are pushing it, and people just need to be aware and work to counteract it. Morals and values are not bad things, despite the war being waged against them, because without morals and values, you end up with this…9 year olds being turned out. Think about it….

  126. Catherine says:

    That is disgusting on a little girl…Halloween or not. SHe isn’t the most attractive child to begin with…

  127. April says:

    this is child prostitution this little girl is 9 wearing a costume made for adults wtf was her parents thinking letting her go out the house like that. Have you heard of faires,superheros,princesses thats what little girls should be wearing for holloween not trashy dark vampire stuff like this -wtf her parents must be slow or something now we all know this is miley cyrus sister now – this costume is not even approriate for a teenager to wear

  128. kimberly says:

    so she dressed up like a whore for halloween or is that miley’s clothes?

  129. Cat says:

    Wowza, Steve. There’s a huge space between slutty hooker and shrouded nun. I hope the sarcasm made you feel better but I don’t think you understand what others are saying. Wanting a child to be able to dress modestly and enjoy her childhood is not harsh or constraining. Did it not occur to you that we all want what’s best for her and many of us don’t see how dressing like this could possibly be good for Noah?

  130. sherifaerie says:

    steve, i think we should give up. these ppl are hell bent on having CPS pull these kids from their parents custody. we’ll see if it even goes that far… i read miley wants full emancipation from Billy Ray anyway, so maybe that will happen.
    all i know is everyone made a mountain out of a molehill here, and sensationalized it to the extreme.
    you made valid points… kids can’t live a sheltered life forever.

  131. confused says:

    I’m sorry guys, honestly, I thought I was looking at a 50 year old midget h0oker!

  132. casey says:

    Sudini: thanks for the laugh. the visual of the crayola and mom wanting yellow was too funny.

    MSat: sad. so true about the map. i hope i don’t sound horrible saying this but would JonBenet still be alive if her mother didn’t parade her around like a “prostitot”?

  133. crash2GO2 says:

    Pickelhaube, your post is brilliant thank you!

    And yes Steve, her costume is see through. Maybe you need to sit up straighter, adjust your computer screen, put on your glasses or pull your head out, I don’t know. But I can see this child’s belly and belly button. Not that those are scandalous in and of themselves (before you start accusing me of being a pervert) but you were calling our eyes into question, so there you are.

  134. Kerri says:

    I think that the real issue here is the values that parents are instilling in their children today. I can see what both sides are saying but I do not agree with children dressing this way.

    I understand what some of the commentators are saying about the outfit – well its only halloween and she should be able to enjoy herslf – but what she should be learning is that there is a time and place for everything and at 9 years old that is certainly not the time.

    I live in a country where we have carnival and women and men jump around and prance around in bikinis in the road and hey, i am all for it. But, in our society while there are some expections, you don’t see kids doing kiddies carnival in two piece swim suits that are skimpy. you see Kids in kids costumes and they enjoy themselves the same way.

    All i am saying is that while children are allowed to have fun they can have fun dressed more modestly than that.

    To add to the point of someone who said they would not dress in certain things around their sister, i take your point. When we dress for carnival though everyone sees – but that is just our society. I too have a sister and she knows that she cannot dress like that even for a carnival event. This is because we have grown her up with certain morals and values and she knows that as a child there are certain things you are not allowed to wear.

    I do not have any children yet and i know that we are no longer in the 50’s but Children need to be children. While one day – halloween – may be one day to some people, that is the start of something. When you allow her to dress like that for this party then she will want toknow well whats wrong with me dressing like that at another time? halloweeen may be about costumes etc. but the principle remains the same at any time of the year. Children should dress like children.

    To all the persons thinking that i am bashing the child, i am not and most of us are not. It is about what her parents are allowing her to do. I can’t even believe a parent would approve such an outfir far less buy it knowing what it looked like.

    Children need guidance and in todays world children are more aware of everything, even some things that us adults don’t even know about that is why you need to be weary of what they are doign at all times.

  135. shelby says:

    yeah she is ugly the poor wee thing

  136. Gordon says:

    Blame mr. Achy Breaky Mullet man himself for this child abuse!!! Feeding the eyes of the hungry population, which at this age consists of pedophiles and tweens. This mentally retarded man needs some serious help for him and his over-exploited daughters!! Get your butt out there, Billy Ray, and do some parenting!!!

  137. princess pea says:

    Amazing that this is still raging on…

    Quick Quiz:
    If you weren’t TOLD she’s a vampire, what would you have guessed?

    My answer: Prostitute. And if that is the easiest answer, then the LITTLE GIRL’S costume is too skimpy. The end.

  138. Sumodo says:

    Who says the parents even knew about this?

  139. Freckles says:

    Man, is it me or ist that one fugly kid*

  140. Billy bob says:

    I don’t see what is wrong with this. I see those 2 girls have a wonderful time. I don’t see ANYTHING innapropriate in this shot. And for all of those parents thinking it IS innapropriate, well guess what? This ain’t the 1900 anymore. This is the 20th century and things have changed, so lay off from these beautiful young girls. I, for one, think they look adorable.

  141. skeptical says:

    ok.. i get it..

    noah is pretending to be Parent-Trap Era Lindsay Lohan Meets Flasher Lindsay.. and noah’s little friend is Lady GaGa Meets Madonna Meets Running Shoe Ad.

    yea, that might not be a swell idea for kiddie costumes. tho if you’re only Advertising A Product, then it’s a perfect getup.

  142. princess pea says:

    @ Sumodo – They’re on a red carpet, for crying out loud. You think they drove themselves there?

  143. pickelhaube says:

    Thank you crash!

    There IS a middle ground we can find here, between sheltering kids to the point of crippling them and turning them out as 9 year old hookers, but I guess it’s easier for people to have a knee-jerk response and say that those of us who express concern over this are just prudes living in the 50’s.

    I just cannot imagine that anyone could find this outfit acceptable for a 9 year old CHILD…it’s barely acceptable for an adult, IMHO. I know I’m an adult and I would never wear anything like this. At least in the 50’s, children could be children, and be age-appropriate without being sexualized so early, so that’s one mark in it’s favor, at least to me. A 9 year old does not need to dress like a tramp to have fun, and anyone who thinks so is part of the problem, not the solution.

    This little girl will grow up thinking that to be valued and to get attention she has to flaunt herself, instead of developing her intellect, or getting attention for being a doctor, lawyer, or another person that contributes something of real value to society, which is so desperately sad. I truly cannot comprehend people who defend this, how can you NOT see that this is damaging to a young child? It’s absolutely mind-blowing. Poor little girl doesn’t stand a chance, we’ll see her in 5-6 years, gyrating on a pole like her sister. Because we really need more vapid, useless members of society that think that they should get by on looks alone, right? UGH.

  144. pickelhaube says:


    You should do a little reading into the JonBenet case, it is completely disturbing. The mother was sexualized at a young age, so she did the same to her daughter, and killed her because of the mind-f*ck that resulted. I wish I could find the link but just google JonBenet CIA mind control, MKULTRA and it’s all there. It is a terrifying look into what happens when this type of thing is allowed, because “gee, it’s not the 50’s any more, get with the tiiiimes!”

  145. Pony says:

    This is wrong.

    Parents need to a.) set a good example, b.) set good boundaries, and c.) MAINTAIN THOSE BOUNDARIES.

    I’m sick of people saying, “It’s the times we live in.”


    All it takes is parents committed to raising their children — male and female — with self-respect and boundaries.

    Parents, grow up. Be the adults your children need you to be.

  146. vijay jain says:

    I am not in favour of this costume . because the lipstic and makeup she had done is just injurious for the children.

  147. jade says:

    I think its inapropriate for her to be out of the house like that, I am not against kids experimenting with make up and clothes, my younger cousins are always dolling themselves up and dressing like ”teenagers” but the difference is – they do this in the privacy of their own home with just their family around. As far as I can tell Noah was out and about in public being photographed like this and I dont think thats acceptable. Imagine peadophiles finding these photos they’d think christmas has come early!
    I understand that the Cyrus family are in the public eye and have a lot to deal with, and have to deal with it all with everyone watching but Billy Ray has lived that lifestyle for too long to not realise that this kind of stuff will get a bad reaction.
    So my opinion is it would be ok if she wore this just messing around at home but its in very bad taste to have a nine year old dressed this way in public.

  148. Me says:

    I can’t believe her parents let her out of the house in this. Her outfit is DISTURBING.

  149. Amazed says:

    Drawing attention to yourself like this at 9 yrs old is pretty disturbing. Especially when you’re not easy to look at to begin with. Beauty is certainly from within, but I can’t help but notice the Cyrus kids are not very attractive to begin with. Shallow but true.

  150. Samantha says:

    That costume is so wrong. Can you blur the photo please? Obviously, this is not appropriate.

  151. Paris says:

    i think she looks well cool. so i can say that. my 6 year old daughter is wearing a bikini for her witch costume

  152. Ali says:

    I was a vampire up untill I was 13..
    Seriously. I had a long dress thing and cloak. Absolutly no makeup.
    What the hell has happened to America!?
    THESE ARE LITTLE CHILDREN!! No makeup. Don’t entice pedophiles with that “dress”… Looks more like a shirt.. A tiny shirt..

  153. jonharules says:

    Right, this is so inappropriate. She’s following Miley’s lead, gosh! And hey, she danced Smack That like a pro as in a pro, Miley? For those who want to see the video of her dancing, click on my name. And yeah, let me know if she’s gonna be like Miley or worse.

  154. dovesgate says:

    All this girl would have had to do to make this outfit alot more appropriate was to put on a pair of bike shorts or leggings underneath.

    The boots I’m meh about. Those aren’t the worst part of the outfit; her crotch being in danger of flashing most definitely is.

  155. Emilylol says:

    y are u guys doing this i know it looks a bit old for her but watabout if u stop cause it goes on and on agian i dont think the parents realized that the coustume for a 10 yr old girl would be soo bad

  156. Emilylol says:

    what is sooo inapropriate

  157. Courtney says:

    what the HELL is wrong with her parents?!

  158. mark says:

    she looks good to me im in love with her im 13

  159. madalinea says:

    is noah realy 9 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Magri says:

    OMFG! If anyother 9 year old were too dress like this it would be fine but just because she is famous your bullying her get a life!!

  161. marty says:

    The costume certainly covers more than a bathing suit would. what if she went around on Halloween as a surfer girl in a polka dot bikini? People will sit and cheer while watching their kids on stage at dance recitals, skating shows, gymnastics and cheerleading with tiny costumes and saucy moves. This is a double standard.

  162. Karana says:

    The costumes are inappropriate, but I disagree with others who claim that it’s a recent phenomenon. My 20-year-old sister did stuff like that all the time when she was a child. At age 4, she had a bikini that she loved to wear, and she’d pose suggestively for pictures (my parents just laughed at it. They thought it was cute). At age 9, she regularly wore a tight, midriff-bearing halter top. My parents never allowed me to dress that way even when I was a teen (I was several years older than her), yet they let her wear outfits that would’ve made pedobear very happy. This kind of thing is nothing new.

  163. Tanja Canon says:

    Such a lovely article! I am so pleased you thought to publish it.

  164. Ashley says:

    Listen, she’s a young girl and I get that she shouldn’t be wearing short dresses like that. BUT. If you look closely, you can she she’s wearing black spandex that comes down further than the skirt. There are girls like me, who have been cheerleading in belly showing skimpy skirt outfits. And yes I get that It’s for cheer, but still. It was halloween, and I think you should let kids have fun. The make up is no big deal cause it was probably part of the costume. It’s not a big deal at all.

  165. abzzy says:

    Im 14 and I dont even dress like that :S

  166. anna says:

    noah je suis jalouse que tai 10 ans

  167. Juliana says:

    i’m 11 and noah cyrus’s costume is a little inapropreate but emily grace’s isn’t i love noah cyrus shes so cute but that costume is not

  168. b. says:

    oh my god. this is insane! her privates are barely even covered!!!!
    there is something wrong with that girl’s parents.

  169. Rach. says:

    I was looking for some boots for this halloween when I stumbled onto this…

    I don’t understand the big deal about the other little girls costume, its halloween? Shes wearing tights (yea i know they are fishnets) converse and a dress that covers everything except her shoulders. It almost looks like a fairy costume, probably a gothic fairy. Sorry, I don’t see the wrong.

    Mini Cyrus however, extremely wrong. I almost feel like I have to erase my history so I wont be arrested for child pornography! horrible!

  170. MaliMali says:

    Wow, I can’t even tell WHAT she is supposed to be… It’s sad.
    Other girl though, not innapropriate. She’s wearing tights, a dress that is fairly long, and converse.

    But it depends… I mean, it was halloween, and, I think that you should let kids have fun.

  171. Helen says:

    My daughter is a model and has to wear clothes that r way to old for her and u think this is bad u should see what she has to wear for dance competions

  172. Bailey says:

    I like that costume!!!!!!