Duchess Camilla will do a documentary about how she’s guest-editing a magazine

Remember how the British media had a weeks-long collective meltdown in 2019 when the Duchess of Sussex guest-edited British Vogue? Remember Dan Wootton spitting with rage at how dreadfully un-royal it was, how grotesque it was to see a royal woman guest-edit a fashion magazine? Yeah. The Duchess of Cornwall is guest-editing Country Life magazine to mark her 75th birthday in July. Not only that, but ITV is doing a documentary about Camilla guest-editing the magazine. Man, remember just a few weeks ago, when the British media was screaming, crying and throwing up at the idea that Harry and Meghan would bring Netflix cameras to the Jubbly? Remember the collective trauma of the media at the thought that H&M will do a docu-series? Yeah.

ITV has commissioned a one-off documentary with exclusive access to the Duchess of Cornwall as guest editor of Country Life magazine to mark her 75th birthday. Camilla’s Country Life, by Spun Gold TV and award-winning director Michael Waldman, will accompany the duchess as she plans and overseas a special edition of the magazine during its 125th year.

The future Queen Consort invites writers to discover her passions and meets the people who run the charities and advocate for causes which she cares about.

Jo Clinton-Davis, ITV controller of factual, said: “This film presents a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the Duchess of Cornwall, at close quarters, immersed within her personal passions and engaged with some of those closest to her.”

Daniela Neumann, managing director of Spun Gold TV, said: “Camilla’s Country Life will provide a unique portrait of our future Queen Consort, by exploring the personal passions which have meant so much to her throughout her life as she puts together the magazine, while also fulfilling her royal engagements.

“We’re delighted to be working with ITV, with Country Life and with Michael Waldman, who has such a great ability to draw new and engaging insights from his subjects.”

[From The Independent]

Again, where is the outrage for this? Cameras following Camilla around as she “guest edits” a magazine about and for rural aristocrats. Interviews being conducted by Camilla’s intimate friends and colleagues, all to embiggen her as the future Queen Consort. It’s not that I think Camilla should be ripped to shreds for this, it sounds just like a typical commissioned royal documentary. But when will these motherf–kers show some consistency? When will they acknowledge that Harry and Meghan aren’t doing anything controversial whatsoever?

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  1. Wiglet Watcher, says:

    She’s awful. The more you learn the worse she gets. And her “charity work” isn’t amazing. She just has a better team organizing it, but it’s on par with Kate’s.

    • Ang says:

      I don’t agree. I don’t mind her. She’s kind of funny and frumpy and is one of those people (unlike Kate) that just knows what is called for at an event. She seems to go to a lot of the traditionally British events, old-fashioned. It makes sense.

      EDIT: totally agree with posters below that the papers owe Meghan a huge apology — Oh, it’s actually fine to do docs and guest edits.

      • Tessa says:

        Camilla was nasty to Meghan, even making fun of her holding her stomach when pregnant (in a clip) I don’t see that as funny. If she were frumpy that would be fine, but she has a whole history. I also have no use for Camilla when she giggled at those singers on a royal tour. She’s inevitable though because Charles wants it that way, but he has to cut back on the overpromotion.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        We all get a more full story as time goes on. You’ll get there.

    • Carty says:

      Agree with wiglet, she’s awful. I was around when she was tormenting Diana, and her and her rich snobby friends would tell the press Diana was mental, and unstable and poor Charles.

    • minx says:

      She’s a lush but that’s probably the least objectionable thing about her.

    • Lux says:

      Awful people who surround themselves with like-minded people won’t change. Can’t wait for the next season of The Crown! Hopefully this time they won’t go so easy on Cam.

  2. Z says:

    Everything Meghan did was labeled “unroyal” and yet they continue time and time again to try and copy everything she did. It’s becoming comical how they keep in telling in themselves

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      @Z it’s comical and also quite sick how completely comfortable the RRs/BM/BRF were in their very blatant and obvious smear campaign against Meghan. Meghan (Harry too) paved a path in doing the good things and were slapped in the face for it. Things that are being copied. The guest editing by royals was done before Meghan – though I’m certain that Kate had help with hers. She can barely spit out 2 sentences that make sense.

      Love Kaiser mentioning Wootton’s ‘spitting rage’. ‘Spitting rage’ and lies. Mr. Spittleface has no problem with his derangement. Then there is Camilla Tominey. Whose words about Meghan’s guest editing must have been the inspiration for James Patterson’s dumb@ss comments. Fascinating how she seems to praise Patel speaking out against her detractors in a recent article.hmmmm

      For anyone that doesn’t remember the hit pieces against Meghan and her guest editorship or is conveniently sitting in the back row in the state of forgetfulness, this is a small sampling of the RRs/BM’s hit pieces. Yes, it was only wrong for the Duchess of Color to do. My goodness, who does the Duchess of Sussex think she is doing something that focuses on people other than herself? Best bring out those buckets of tar and feathers the BM/KP cries!

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ Yes @Z and @Agreatreckoning. For sure, this is Camilla copying Meghan’s guest editorship of British Vogue. One of the differences though is that Meghan worked under-the-radar discreetly with Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful. News leaked in June 2019 around the time the issue went to press. Otherwise, the issue would have hit the newsstands in August 2019 without any early advance promotion or huge fanfare. Meg didn’t even want her face on the cover. She picked out other women she admires, and she cleverly suggested including a mirrorlike space, so that readers would see themselves reflected on the cover along with the other high-achieving women. I’ll bet we end up seeing Camilla’s mug on the Country Life cover — probably similar to the cover picture Charles had taken when he guest-edited Country Life for his 65th birthday in November 2013, and for his 70th birthday in November 2018. Princess Anne also guest-edited the July 2020 issue of Country Life to mark her 70th birthday.

      Another thing which strikes me deeply is that Meghan probably came up with the idea for guest-editing Vogue in order to keep herself busy just before and after giving birth, while she was on maternity leave. She likely wanted to do something additionally meaningful and creative, aside from her charity work, to get back to fully expressing herself, and to help keep her mind off of feeling depressed about being abused and marginalized within in the gilded cage.

      Sure guest-editing publications has been done previously by other royals. That’s likely how Meghan knew it was something she should be able to do without being blocked. For sure, they have all been copying Meghan’s ideas and her creative approach to promoting worthy charities. But they forefront themselves much more-so than placing the emphasis on benefiting charities in the way Meghan does.

      • Princessk says:

        I am looking forward to Meghan being on the cover of Vogue it will surely happen.

    • Princessk says:

      It is not even a case of copying. I believe that Charles has guest edited a magazine before.
      The truth is that members of the RF and the media are jealous that the Sussexes are so successful. They would like them to have financial problems which is why they are so incensed and now keep throwing up Netflix as the next terrible thing they are doing after the Oprah interview. They don’t want the Sussexes to use tax payers money and they don’t want them to earn money either. Total wickedness!

  3. SussexWatcher says:

    Yes, where is the outrage?! The wailing on TV and in the press about how very ‘Hollywood’ this is? About how this brazen hussy doesn’t know her place? About how very un-royal this is? About how true royals don’t allow cameras to follow them around? About how real royals would never stoop so low?

    The BRF and their associated invisible contract BFFs in the press are absolutely racist, duplicitous, and just vile. They all make me sick. Even though they’ve shown their asses since 2016 and I know who they are, the double standard for Meghan makes me so fcuking angry.

    Thank god Harry got his family out of there. I can’t imagine the trauma Meghan suffered at the hands of this scheming, evil family. Not to mention, copying! Everything Meghan wears and does is copied by these racist a-holes and then praised for being innovative and stylish and new. Harry and Meghan sure do have some restraint that I don’t because I’d be dropping receipts on these people daily! And I’d spare no one. Not even granny, who couldn’t be bothered to protect Meghan and Archie. I’m just so angry.

    • Julia K says:

      There is no outrage because they do not see the hypocrisy. Meghan is an acceptable target, Camilla is to be praised; the tabloids have been given their orders and this is what will be printed.

      • Tessa says:

        Charles really should have put the same amount of PR into Harry and Meghan and helped them. A lot of this should be blamed on Charles IMO.

      • aftershocks says:

        Right @Tessa K, that’s just how the royal firm rolls. If we didn’t fully understand, during Diana’s era in the 1980s and 1990s, what this institution is and how it truly operates (and I didn’t), we sure as heck understand much better now. For me, it is becoming more abundantly clear with every scathing, unfounded attack against Meghan & Harry that the rota and the BM attempt to perpetuate.

        In the recent thread about what Meghan wore to Harry’s last polo game of the season, @Charm reminded us of Harry’s comments during the Dax Shepard podcast. Harry’s words shed light on the myths of royal life as a romantic fairy tale. NOT!

        Harry: “In my 20s, I struggled with being a royal. I worried about finding someone, and I also worried about what I knew would happen if I did find someone. I knew history would repeat itself… I know how this operation runs and how it works, and [I told myself] I don’t want any part of it. Then I started doing therapy… Eventually, I told myself, ‘Stop complaining…’ I began to ask myself, ‘How are you going to do this differently?'”

        Meeting Meghan helped Harry to focus even more on facing his fears and healing himself mentally and emotionally, including recognizing his own unconscious biases. There were ups-and-downs M&H both had to face, particularly around Meghan being bombarded with the vagaries of royal life behind the scenes vs how it is romanticized and idealized. Based on her prior substantive life experiences, Meghan summed up to Harry her understanding: “You don’t need to be a princess [living a false fairy tale]. You can create a life that will be better than any princess [in a fairy tale].”

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ In my previous post, I intended to reference the comments of @Julia K, not ‘Tessa K.’ Sorry for the error.

    • TangerineTree says:

      Yes, SussexWatcher, I agree with absolutely everything you wrote.

  4. Digital Unicorn says:

    Am sure Cams will put in more work/effort than another certain Duchess who guested edited HuffPo who were in her actual home.

    • Tessa says:

      Camilla and Kate both get on my nerves but Camilla will let Kate know who is boss when she moves up Kate was short sighted not to befriend Meghan and she would have an ally

      • Julia K says:

        Yes to this. 2 against 1 will always be better odds.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Yes @Tessa, ideally that would seem to be true as well as simply human decency to befriend and to become allied with your sister-in-law inside the toxic and problematic gilded cage. However, with Khate being who she is, that was never going to happen. Kate Middleton or Catherine The Duchess of Cambridge would have to not be petty, selfish, mean-spirited Khatie Keen of Lamebridge.

    • Nic919 says:

      Camilla actually does something every year around Christmas for her domestic violence charity. She may not be putting in the numbers that Anne does, but she also doesn’t show up once every nine years like Kate.

      She is also unlikely to go shopping after an hour of posing for guest editing photos.

      • Tessa says:

        Camilla imo should not represent women undergoing abuse after the way she treated Diana and Meghan in a letter to Charles she told him to in ignore that ridiculous creature meaning diana

      • Nedsdag says:

        ^^^Tessa, right minds think alike. Every time I read about Camilla’s “domestic violence initiative”, all I could think of was the psychological and emotional abuse sustained by Diana by those two. Oh, the irony! And yet, there are those Brits who say, “It was a long time ago. Move on!” Well, those Brits deserve them! Sorry, not sorry!

      • aftershocks says:

        Nowadays Camilla is being portrayed in a more positive light as witty, earthy, warm and generous — a regular old gal. I think the truth is more middle-of-the-road. She’s human and thus she has a mixture of good and bad sides, of course, as we all do. From the excerpts of a biography I read, Camilla was your typical snobbish, gentry-raised, wannabe aristo with royal-adjacent fantasies. Moreover, she loved the company of men, despite not being considered particularly physically attractive. She was viewed as earthy and sexual.

        Based on interviews with Camilla’s contemporaries, the biographer went on to say that Camilla had a way of looking deeply into men’s eyes and hanging onto their every word. Camilla’s former posh roommates during her 20s (when she had trouble showing up to her job on time, and even holding onto her job as a result), said that she was very messy, dropping clothes everywhere and never making up her bed, nor washing the dishes. Thus, how great it must be for Camilla to never again have to worry about actually keeping her house clean or picking up after herself.

        I believe that Camilla is very matter-of-fact and ruthless about getting what she wants in life. She is able to put on the necessary genteel facade in public, and perhaps she’s mellowed a bit with age. But from what I’ve read and observed from afar, Camilla strikes me as someone not to be trusted within the viper’s nest of the British monarchy.

        Camilla is surely as self-serving as Khate, but much smarter, well-versed and knowledgeable about aristo social life, in addition to being savvy about cultivating and maintaining well-connected contacts. In general, Camilla understands how to ace the optics. Plus, Camilla is not averse to putting in the necessary hours of charity work expected for her royal perks as a married-in FQC.

  5. Annie Mae says:

    I think Charles wheels might be spinning in this one. Camilla’s engaging in the same behavior that got H&M a heap of criticism but, coming from her, it’s seen as okay. I think Charles is reading the writing on the wall and knows this will help delegitimize some (not all) of the Netflix related criticism on H&M. Charles is many things but he’s not stupid. They desperately need Harry and Megan, especially during this tenure.

    Or maybe he just wants Camilla to have fun. But he has to be aware of the optics of this and how it relates to H&M.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Nah, I think you’re giving Chuck too much credit. He doesn’t care about Harry, Meghan, or their children, or he wouldn’t have withdrawn their security and briefed about them behind their backs (which he continued to do up to the jubbly). All Chuck cares about is his vile wife and making sure she’s crowned queen when he becomes king. It’s crystal clear that he doesn’t care about Harry and his family.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ I totally agree with you @SussexWatcher, and with others below who point out that Charles is only concerned about his own affairs and well-being, which includes looking after Camilla’s wants and desires, and especially boosting her public image. Charles is only concerned with M&H insofar as how he can use them for p.r. optics, etc.

    • Tessa says:

      Unfortunately Camilla promotion comes with negative comments about diana and the usual gaslighting of her

    • Amy Bee says:

      All Charles cares about is promoting Camilla and he has thrown Harry and Meghan under the bus to ensure she gets good press. He doesn’t give a damn about Harry and Meghan. Let’s not forget he pulled their security after it was found out they were in Canada.

      • SomeChick says:

        it’s even worse than that… Charles pulled their security (with very little notice) and then just days later the Sussexes’ location was mysteriously leaked to the press. literally putting them in harm’s way. that’s why Tyler Perry stepped up to help them. they were in a super vulnerable spot, made worse by the obvious hostile moves of the palace.

        Charles also yanked Diana’s security, and then said it was her choice. and then, not long after, she was killed – under very sketchy circumstances (to put it mildly). all any of them care about is the damned crown.

        I’ve always kinda sideeyed Madea, but I have to say, Tyler is clearly a stand up dude.

    • Siobhan says:

      You’re giving him too much credit. I actually think that Camilla is a little bit trashing H&M here – the bit about getting bad press but she leaned to move on with her life because what else is she going to do. And also interestingly being fully open about how independent and separate her marriage to Charles is – and acting like it’s no big deal she just gets on with it and doesn’t expect anymore from her marriage – there might be some signals to Will and Kate there.

  6. CuriousCole says:

    I hope it gets double the viewership as William’s self aggrandizement ITV documentary 😈 I’ve given up on anything or anyone promoting empathy within him and am settling for him being humbled in any way possible.

    • Tessa says:

      I do not want william or Camilla promotion I do not care for either of them

    • Tessa says:

      Well Camilla promotion will include put downs of Diana and William promotion will include put downs of Harry

      • Southern Fried says:

        Tessa, you are absolutely right. The royals and staff are really twisted thinking this is helping the monarchy.

  7. Over it says:

    Lol. Say it again Kaiser, when will these motherf-kers show some consistency?

  8. Tessa says:

    Charles is overdoing her promotion enough already

  9. CrazyCatLady says:

    I despise this two faced woman! She is horrible. Her and the future tampon king truly deserve each other.
    #Abolishthemonarchy everywhere but England!

  10. rawiya says:

    Who is the intended audience for this? Also, it’s pathetic how CH is trying to push Camilla to the front. People don’t like her!

    • PaperclipExtrordinaire says:

      That what’s my first thought too! I mean all we hear about is how luxurious Harry and Megan are with everyone starving, so what’s all this about! Country life for all the bougie people in England? Good lord, they have no idea how to read the room, do they?

    • Nic919 says:

      ITV is the main broadcast network in the UK after BBC so there will be a captive audience of people who don’t have cable or stream. It’s kind of like people who watch shows on CBS or NBC. More televisions are connected to these channels so it will have an audience even if not necessarily the youth audience.

      • Christine says:

        So, the same audience as Kitty’s piano recital?

      • Lorelei says:

        Precisely. I’m sure if it was on some random channel and people had to make an effort to find and then watch and/or record it, the numbers would be embarrassingly low. (They probably still will be, but only slightly higher because they’re forcing it down people’s throats by airing it this way.)

    • Princessk says:

      The main battle is between those who are endlessly promoting the Cambridges over Charles and Camilla, l am sure that Charles is furious about how William and Kate are being pushed so hard as the future of the monarchy and overlooking his own considerable achievements.

  11. Amy Bee says:

    The press has been very quiet about this news and they knew Camilla was being followed by cameras for months. At the same time they were screaming about Netflix. Hypocrites. I suspect when Meghan guest-edited British Vogue the press were outraged on two fronts, they weren’t getting access to Meghan and they were upset on behalf of Camilla and Kate who were jealous of Meghan.

  12. Tessa says:

    All the promotion by Charles will not endear Camilla to all to say the least she treated Diana badly and the photos of her with lady Diana in 1981 still creep me out she also treated Meghan badly and smirked at the sermon all the promotion cannot change her character

  13. Steph says:

    These ppl have no sense of optics. A documentary about how rich she is living when so many in the UK can barely afford food?

  14. Eurydice says:

    It says it right there in the article – future Queen Consort. TQ approved it and Charles is effectively the regent. They’re one funeral away from the big prize. The BM always go where there is power and influence. H&M had no power, no influence and no royal support, but Camilla does.

    • Tessa says:

      Harry and Meghan are pioneers they have the power to make their own lives. They would have had no power if they stayed in that awful place (only He would be allowed to stay and cater to William.).

      • Eurydice says:

        Sure, but that doesn’t translate into power over the British Media and it never will, no matter where H&M go and no matter what they do.

        We can keep beating our heads against the wall and asking why, why, why – but we know why. H&M were supposed to endure everything, to accept the jealousy and racism, to be destroyed by the institution, and then become part of the tragic mythology of the monarchy. Instead, they took their part of the story away with them and are building their own history. Those that live off the institution will never forgive that. It’s a fact of life at this point.

      • Christine says:

        Eurydice, I needed this come to Jesus moment, thank you. It doesn’t matter if Harry and Meghan donate their own organs as living transplant donors, the British media will always find a way to prop up the utterly useless royals, at the expense of Harry and Meghan.

    • one of the marys says:

      The flip side is they were growing in power and influence which badly frightened William and Catherine so they had to destroy them. Then and now they have no royal family support but at least they were able to save themselves

      • Eurydice says:

        They were gaining popularity, but never power, which is why William was able to squash them so easily. It’s an extraordinary thing that H&M were able to get out – it took a great strength of character.

      • Dee Kay says:

        @Eurydice: the Firm thought that if Charles cut H&M off (finances/security), they would *have* to stay in 100%. But they didn’t count on Harry having Diana’s money and Meghan having wealthy and generous friends. Thank goodness, the Firm did a piss-poor job assessing H&M’s chances of escape.

      • aftershocks says:

        @one of the marys, I agree with Eurydice that M&H had a growing public popularity, in addition to simply being magical together. Harry was always the most popular royal. But for sure, M&H did not have any power within the institution, though they had public influence. Their power has been gained via leaving the monarchy and making all the best life moves, coupled with the rotten rota and vile BM being unable to keep M&H’s names out of their mouths. Thus, M&H are continually discussed and ever-present within the public consciousness, even among non-followers.

        As far as royal family support, obviously M&H have no support among the main players, aside from the Queen who at least maintains private contact, and who made moves to ensure M&H attended the Jubbly. They attended because it was the Queen’s desire, and she made sure they received high-level security. Additionally, the Sussexes have friendship and support from Eugenie & Jack. As well, Lady Sarah Chatto and her family appear to be cordial with Harry & Meghan. I would imagine this is especially true since Lady Sarah is a godmother to Harry.

      • Princessk says:

        The Sussexes could certainly have had power if they had decided to play a dirty game and do a deal with the media who real holders of power.

  15. s808 says:

    She truly has a face for radio.

  16. Lady Digby says:

    PC is all about promoting Camilla and gaining acceptance of her as his Queen from those of us with long memories. I suspect he has been mightily hacked off at Junior and Zoolander letting it be known that they are ready to reign when even the most indulgent father knows, ahem, they need seasoning
    !! This is all about reasserting her importance to PC and her acceptance by the toffs because she is an insider and is going to be Queen. Waity Katy gets to wait some more and so does Basher because PC is reminding them both not to queue jump!!

    • Lorelei says:

      IMO, Camilla is just not that likable. There’s a sizable chunk of the world’s population who still love Diana and will always despise Camilla, but even apart from them, she’s just not that interesting, or (imo) attractive, or engaging, etc. I acknowledge that she’s done good work focusing on literacy and rape victims, but I don’t think she’ll ever be beloved, which is what Charles seems to want. He should be lucky the Queen let him marry her, and even luckier that the Queen signed off on “Queen Camilla.” He should just be grateful and quit while he’s ahead instead of continuing on this neverending campaign to earn her more fans. It’s embarrassing at this point.

      • Dee Kay says:

        All Charles wants is to be beloved, and he cannot figure out why he is not — esp relative to immensely lovable and admirable Diana. Seeing Diana get the adulation Charles thought he was entitled to enraged him and made him act out in ways that were completely wrong-headed. If not for his rip-roaring jealousy, he would have ridden to the throne on Diana’s coattails — if he had only stayed married and pretended to be kind to her in public, the people would have at least appreciated him if not loved him. But he really actually thinks he *should* be immensely appreciated and have the hugest fan base of any royal, and so should Camilla, his right-hand toady. His ginormous ego and inability to see where he sits in the popularity sweepstakes are huge blind spots for him. Unfortunately, his eldest son has the same blind spots.

  17. Beverley says:

    Meghan was dragged by the press and the public for one reason – how dare a woman of color not know her place?

    We all know the truth.

  18. BeanieBean says:

    Scintillating viewing, I’m sure.

  19. Roo says:

    Ah, well, it’s okay if Camilla does this because she is white and aristo…🙄. I understand that ITV has the market on non-cable views, but who really wants to watch a magazine being edited by someone who has little personal charisma?

  20. Alexandria says:

    Sadly, nobody influential in Britain will call these out.

  21. AnnaKist says:

    I don’t have a problem with her Guest editing this magazine. But honestly, does it really warrant a bloody documentary to tell people about it? It’s in the news that she is doing it, so we already know she is doing it. And I couldn’t care less.

    Yes, I remember the outrage when Megh=an did the same thing for Vogue. And I remember the mocking she got for her capsule fashion gig. I remember 100 different times when she was criticised and mocked for every little thing. I also remember, not that long ago, when Camilla was called every filthy name under the sun, for breaking up Charles‘s marriage and carrying on like a tart behind in front of Diana‘s back. It went on for years. Well, hey, just look at her now. A disgusting family, aided and abetted by the disgusting British tabloids, whipping a great many disgusting Meghan-haters into a frenzy at every opportunity.

    They can stick the magazine and the documentary right up their collective clackers.

    • Tessa says:

      Diana was thrown to the wolves. IMO. Diana got slammed by Charles PR people like Penny Junor. It was Diana’s fault for not “making CHarles happy” and Charles was “FORCED” to marry her and Camilla was the ONLY woman he loved and so on and so forth. Not ot mention the gaslighting of DIana,Camilla was protected and still is protected by Charles PR machine

  22. Mslove says:

    I will be waiting for Dan Whootin’s article, criticizing Camilla for being unroyal.

    • Beverley says:

      Oh hell no. You won’t hear a peep. DW saves his vitriol for Duchess Meghan.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        I’m a bit curious if he’ll say anything. He’s been jonesing for W&K to skip over C&C for a long time. Him saying nothing about it says a lot about the “invisible contract”. From the article I posted above-DW’s words:

        “The Queen will think this is an absolutely idiotic, ridiculous decision as do I.”. Pretty sure Wootton had zero clues about what the Queen was thinking. Like Dax Shepard laughed about in his podcast with Harry.

  23. Gabby says:

    Where is the outrage over the BM’s duplicity, you ask? Apparently it doesn’t exist in the UK. Rest assured that outrage is growing around the world. It is obvious to the rest of us that Meghan was attacked for the exact same actions, and she did them first and did them better. Let the BM expose their racist hatred to the world. They drag themselves and the UK down in the process. It will get to the point where the world no longer takes them seriously.

    As a bonus, this Camilla embiggening is certain to irritate and threaten Mutton Bitch. Let it.

    • Tessa says:

      when Camilla starts bossing Kate around and making her curtsy to her, Maybe Kate will think about how she messed up by driving out Meghan, At least she’d have a possible ally.

  24. Jais says:

    The way the press went after Meghan for guest editing….and not a peep in defense from the RF. If they didn’t want to say anything, they could have been photographed with the magazine as a show of support. But they didn’t defend her when she was ridiculously maligned for guest editing vogue and now Camilla is guest editing a magazine. Good for her. It’s not a bad idea, one that Meghan originated. However, we can start calling her CopyCam and the BM racist hypocrites.

    • Tessa says:

      Charles can’t keep people from noticing the hypocrisy. His heavy handed PR won’t change it.

      • Lorelei says:

        The one possible upside to this hypocritical bs is that it gives people a reminder to plaster all over Twitter the receipts of the time that Kate was “guest-editing” HuffPo, stopped by the office for like two minutes for the obligatory photo shoot (IIRC in a crazy expensive D&G skirt that we’ve never seen again, so it was bought specifically for the two-minute photo op), and was then spotted out shopping the rest of the afternoon.

    • aftershocks says:

      @Jais, while Meghan creatively and uniquely went about guest-editing the September 2019 issue of British Vogue, she is not the first royal to guest-edit a magazine. As mentioned upthread, Charles guest-edited Country Life in 2013 and in 2018 to commemorate his 65th and 70th birthdays, respectively. I’m not sure about other possible royal guest editorships of magazines. I’m not including Khatie Keen’s so-called Huff-Post guest-editing, which reportedly didn’t involve much on her part.

      The fact that Princess Anne guest-edited Country Life in 2020, and now Camilla is getting in on the publication guest-editing bandwagon, I believe IS as a direct result of Meghan’s successful guest-editorship of British Vogue in 2019.

  25. tamsin says:

    Didn’t Anne guest edit an edition of Country Life for a birthday recently? And Charles may have done it more than once. And the focus is on Camilla- not on uplifting other women. At least her charities will get a shout-out. Does anyone know the circulation numbers for any of these guest edit issues?

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ Yes @tamsin. See my previous post. You can probably look up the sales stats online. What I’ve seen of Princess Anne’s Country Life issue, it seems to pull stylistically in its approach directly from Meghan’s stylish curating of her British Vogue issue, with its focus on lifestyle themes, personal interests, environmental concerns, advocacy for women and for worthy charities, etc. Anne also copied Meg’s hubby inclusion (Harry famously interviewed Jane Goodall). Sir Timothy Laurence has an exclusive feature included in Anne’s July 2020 issue of Country Life.

  26. Serena says:

    A documentary on Camilla guest editing a magazine? Just the thought of it bores me to death.

  27. Brassy Rebel says:

    As long as it’s not a Netflix doc and the magazine is some snooty aristocratic garbage instead of Vogue, it is perfectly fine, apparently.

    Also, I cannot imagine that there is any audience for this vanity project beyond her immediate family. And it may be a hard sell even for them.

    • kirk says:

      Actually I think Chuck guest edited the magazine for one of his birthdays. The part that’s new is the documentary of it.

      • aftershocks says:

        Charles did the magazine guest-editing for two of his birthdays, as mentioned upthread.

  28. Julia K says:

    I am of an age where I recall in detail ALL the cr-p that Camilla and Charles threw at Diana. It was horrendous. Camilla was the original mean girl way before the term was popular. They were in your face adulterers and gaslit Diana into a breakdown and then had the nerve to say she was imbalanced and crazy. Please don’t be swayed by all the glowing pr from Charles and the Queen. IMO, this woman has only a casual acquaintance with morality and honesty, and many of us remember.

    • TangerineTree says:

      She would be lucky to getting a passing glance from morality and honesty. She really has always been a horrible person, hasn’t she.

    • Tessa says:

      There was a documentary about Diana out last Fall. One person interviewed (I think a reporter) said that Camilla “mean girled” Diana by asking her out to lunch after Charles proposed to her. She made it clear that she was in control and knew more about Charles than Diana did.

  29. Izzy says:

    “ But when will these motherf–kers show some consistency? When will they acknowledge that Harry and Meghan aren’t doing anything controversial whatsoever?”

    Never. This will never happen where Meghan is concern, though I can’t qwhite figure out why…

  30. Puppy1 says:

    Kaiser for the Win on the header photo! Cam looks totally trashed 🤣

  31. Red Weather Tiger says:

    Agree that she’s awful. She was a terrible person to Diana. She was a terrible person to Meghan. She got the face she deserves with the terrible winged Crystal Carrington hairdo to match.

  32. Jaded says:

    Because I’m old I remember very clearly the horrible sh*t C&C put Diana through. She reminds me of a cold, calculating lizard and no amount of turd-polishing is going to redeem her in my eyes.

  33. scm154 says:

    Hypocrisy piled on hypocrisy countless times over!

  34. MikeB says:

    We have all talked about the double standard of the British press and the “experts” ever since Meghan appeared on the scene, and we continue to see it today with Camilla’s guest editorship.
    However, it is more interesting seeing the tabloid response to the alleged H&M docuseries, where did this come from? Well it was first floated by one royal expert, Neil Sean, who quoted very, very good sources, and was quickly picked up by the tabloids who ran with it with no attempt to obtain clarification. It came from a royal expert so it must be true, right? Note that there has been no statement BY Netflix or H&M. Now today the Express publishes a story stating that a “Majority of Britons will watch H&M Netflix show” just how easy is it to con the British public these days?

    • Princessk says:

      Exactly. Netflix and the Sussexes have not announced anything but the media keep going on and on about it giving free publicity to something that hasn’t been announced.

  35. jferber says:

    By all rights, Camilla and Charles will always be the villains in Princess Diana’s life and should be reviled in Great Britain and the world over. But they are on the “right” side of history, the one that is written by the British Royal Family, the English government and the English media. The propaganda machine can hold up or upend anyone in this saga. Right now, it’s against Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan and is holding up all of these terrible people: Charles, Camilla, Will, Kate and for the most part, Andrew. Sad, but true.

    • Eurydice says:

      To paraphrase – history is made by those who are left standing. Charles and Camilla are still alive and Will has the advantage of being Diana’s son. Of course, there are a few generations now who don’t remember Diana, but that’s why Kate dresses like Diana every chance she gets – so that even if the people don’t care for Charles and Camilla all that much, they know that “Diana’s legacy” is next up to bat.

      • Tessa says:

        Those who don’t remember Diana probably have heard about her from people who lived through the Diana years. And know how different Diana is from Kate. And how superficial Kate is in comparison. Will had the advantage of being Diana’s son, but IMO he is more like his father. Harry is more like Diana.

  36. Murphy says:

    Camilla doesn’t even want to be doing this crap, Charles’ fixers are making her do it for the whole Queen in Waiting thing

    • Tessa says:

      I think she does want to do this. She cooperated with Penny Junor on her 70th birthday book and Junor confirmed this. She could say no. I don’t think Camilla is the humble sort her spin doctors say she is. She likes the attention. If she did not want to do this she would say no or tone it down. I remember the 70th birthday she was in the media about every single day. In a way she’s like Kate in that regard.

    • Tessa says:

      Nobody IMO could make Camilla do anything. I think she’s very willing to do this PR. She has that grin on her face and looks really happy when she gets media attention. She wants to do it. If she did not want anything, she would have stopped seeing Charles when he got married.

    • Princessk says:

      Camilla has no choice and Charles team have been very successful in rehabilitating her image and so she is much more confident these days, especially after Charles made the Queen make a public statement supporting Camilla to be crowned Queen eventually.

  37. L4Frimaire says:

    These people are both desperate and blatantly hypocritical. Their main fear is if the Sussexes do anything similar, it will completely eclipse the other royals.

  38. jferber says:

    All the photos show me is of this frumpy witch guzzling alcohol and getting dead drunk glass after glass. And this is royal behavior? Yes, this is aristocratic and royal behavior. Because it’s not what you do, but who you are. That’s why Meghan doing this would be the end of the f-cking world and get no end of backlash. That’s where the lack of consistency comes in that people are complaining about it: remember, it’s not what you do, but who you are. This accounts for all the double standards we see and the total unfairness. This is why we have to change the world to: it’s not who you are, but what you do.

    • Siobhan says:

      Ok I’m interested, I’d actually never heard anything about Camilla being a lush before, can someone point me in the direction of or background on Intel on this? What about Charles, does he drink a lot as well? And/or William or Kate?

  39. phlyfiremama says:

    All I know is that I am going to LAUGH MY A$$ OFF when this lame attempt fails, as it is destined to. 😂😂😂

  40. jferber says:

    Sorry, Siobhan, I’ve gotten the impression that Camilla is a lush from many comments on this site, but I can’t point you to specific info about it. Not sure if anyone in the UK would dare to write such an article on Camilla, future queen consort. The invisible contract, you know.