Khloe Kardashian has been quietly dating a private equity investor for a few weeks

Here are some photos of Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson together over the weekend. They went to True’s dance recital and then, according to Backgrid, they went out for a pre-Father’s Day lunch. Kris Jenner was there. Tristan and Khloe were both photographed carrying True. Khloe wore no fewer than three crucifix necklaces, almost like she was trying to ward off evil spirits. Of course, she was also wearing a slinky body-con black dress. Don’t even start with “it was a revenge dress, she’s showing him what he’s missing!” Tristan knows he could have Khloe back with a snap of his fingers.

Still, the new storyline for Khloe is that she’s “moving on.” She’s not waiting around for Tristan anymore (“wait, did he call?”). She’s apparently dating someone new and Kris Jenner couldn’t wait to tell People Magazine:

Khloé Kardashian is moving on with a new romance. The Kardashians star, 37, is dating someone, a source tells PEOPLE. The insider says the relationship is still in its early stages, but Kardashian is feeling really good with her new mystery man — a private equity investor she met when sister Kim Kardashian introduced them at a dinner party a few weeks ago.

According to the source, Kardashian attended a family lunch outing Saturday with ex Tristan Thompson after their 4-year-old daughter True’s dance recital. However, she and the Chicago Bulls athlete, 31, hardly ever speak, except for when it comes to co-parenting matters.

On Friday, Kardashian denied an online rumor that she was dating “another NBA player,” writing in an Instagram comment that it is “Definitely NOT True!!!” She added, “I am not seeing a soul,” and shared, “I am happy focusing on my daughter and myself for awhile.”

[From People]

A private equity investor? Kim introduced them? Curious. I mean, that’s a boring-ass storyline for the reality show. Kris: “Have you heard, Khloe is DATING! His name is Chad and he works at a private equity fund.” Kendall: “I have no idea what any of those words mean.” Anyway, Khloe hates being alone and she loves dating douchebags. Chad is gonna get someone else pregnant while he’s dating Khloe and that’s how the cycle will continue.

Besides, I would put money on Khloe and Tristan getting back together. She is exactly that dumb.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Layla Beans says:

    Her hands would look less weird without those gross talon nails.

  2. lunchcoma says:

    If you’re announcing your relationship to the general public after a few weeks of dating, you’re not doing anything quietly. I’ve waited longer than that to mention people by name to my friends or family members.

    • Colby says:


    • ME says:

      But how else would this family get attention? They only get people talking about them when they are dating someone. Plus they need ratings for their HULU show. It’s so obvious this family puts out stories themselves. They think we are incredibly stupid. Hey. at least her new boyfriend knows he can cheat as much as he likes (just as long as the media and public don’t find out). Or maybe another cheating man will give this family the attention they crave. I mean the women are always the victims in this family aren’t they?

  3. jferber says:

    I agree that it’s inevitable that Khloe will go through many more cycles with Tristan. It’s already been years. If she loves basketball players so much, maybe she should go after an older one who is retired and maybe has already done the multiple affairs/multiple children and is tired of it (but is co-parenting well with all the various mothers). Somebody who is ready to settle down with one woman. Someone who has matured. I have no idea who that could be, but it’s a thought?

    • Noki says:

      And its a good thought, i feel part of Khloes obsession with ballers is that she can now get them. If she wasnt famous or if this was in her youth they wouldnt have looked at her twice. Maybe she is finaly taking her Nanas advice to change her type. A cheater will cheat but i am guessing someone in that field may have less temptation than a young baller.

  4. Sour Pasoa says:

    Bye bye bbl

    🎈 📌

  5. N2NY says:

    Can someone please explain what is going on with her armpit in the second picture? It looks like she’s growing an ear in there. TIA.

    • Sinéad says:

      I just noticed that it’s bizarre I’ve no idea what it is or how her skin is gathered up like that. She must have loads of excess skin there?

  6. Murphy says:

    She’s not going to move on from Tristan until she gets at least one more baby. (Hers not other chicks’, no comments on how many babies other chicks will get by then)

  7. JustMe says:

    She tweeted earlier that the media tried to spin the story she was there with Tristan when supposedly Kim Kayne Kylie and Travis were there too…the pics are backgrid so she’s complaining their paid paps screwed her over?? Alrighty then.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Most private equity investors I have met and know (I’m from the Boston area, so it’s been a lot), are actually really interesting people. They get exposed to a lot and have an interesting perspective. Back in the day there weren’t as many, so it may not be as true now, but overall I’d hardly call them boring. Also most of them deal with a wide variety of people, including wealthy people like the Kardashians, and tend to be pretty family oriented. So maybe not a bad fit for Khloé if she can find one who isn’t compulsively self-destructive like Tristan and Lamar were. If she could find a good guy like her dad that’s in the private equity field I could actually see that being a great fit for her. He’d understand the importance of the brand and the complications of the business stuff and of operating on that level. He’d probably be into fitness and want kids and love family ski vacations. I like this for her, even if it is just a storyline!