Sienna Miller is “skilled” at handling Jonny Lee Miller’s family jewels

Opening Night Of ''After Miss Julie'' - Arrivals & Curtain Call

Sienna Miller is still giving some interviews here and there to promote her role in After Miss Julie on Broadway. Sienna spoke to Rush & Malloy (from the NYDN) about one of the “stunts” that she and costar Jonny Lee Miller have to perform every night. Apparently, the play calls for Sienna to grab Jonny’s… what shall we call them…? His “boys”? His nuggets? His tea bags? His plums? His stones? His walnuts? His jewels? His sweet potatoes? I could go on. But I’ll stop. Anyway, Sienna has to “grab” Jonny’s man-jigglies and according to Jonny, he’s not worried about it whatsoever. He defends Sienna by saying she’s “skilled” at what she has to do:

Sienna Miller storied love life has obviously left her with a little learning about the care and handling of men’s privates.

In her Broadway play, “After Miss Julie,” there’s a scene where Sienna’s character flies into a rage and grabs the scrotum of her co-star, Jonny Lee Miller. She’s quite convincing.
How does she manage to put Jonny’s family jewelry in such a vise without hurting him?

“I shouldn’t give away the secret,” the actress told us at the play’s opening last week. “But I’m obviously not doing what it looks like. I grab a bit of his thigh.”

Jonny, who no doubt learned to tolerate firm-handed women during his marriage to Angelina Jolie, vouched that the scene doesn’t make him nervous. “I don’t wear a cup or anything,” he laughed. “She’s a skilled actress.”

Should Sienna’s claw miss its target by an inch one night, muscular Jonny allowed, he might have an involuntary reaction. “She’d fly off the stage in a second,” he predicted.
We asked Sienna whether two of the Broadway stars who’ve helped her train for the scene, her ex-lovers Jude Law and Daniel Craig, had come to see her.

“Not yet,” said Sienna, who’s twice seen Law in “Hamlet.” “But it’s very difficult when you’re all onstage at the same time.”

Does she see New York as a refuge from Britain’s class system, as the characters in her play do?

“I think the class system is as prevalent here as it is in England,” she said. “But I think America is massively optimistic. I love coming here.”

[From Rush & Malloy]

I really hope Sienna and Jonny don’t hook up. I don’t want her claws anywhere near him or his walnuts. But that’s life, I suppose. Sometimes life hands you lemons and you have to grab those lemons and twist. Too much?

In one more piece of Sienna-grabbing-family-jewels news, Balthazar Getty gave a quote to OK! Magazine UK over the weekend, and it’s very cryptic. Balthy says: “It’s very difficult when you read about your own love life. It’s hard to have to share that with the world.” Uh… so, are they still dating? Because the last we heard was Balthy and Lindsay Lohan were hooking up.

Opening Night Of ''After Miss Julie'' - Arrivals & Curtain Call

Opening Night Of ''After Miss Julie'' - Arrivals & Curtain Call

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  1. Firestarter says:

    Well she has had lots of practice.

  2. Pole says:

    I thought she was dating that DJ called Slinky Dinky or something? Mind you – he’s neither married or has any kids AFAIK so it’ll probably be over quite soon.

  3. Jazz says:

    Well of course she is, he is married after all.

  4. sunseeker says:

    I honestly think they have never broken up but just kept a low profile, all this dating Slinky was a red herring. I bet in a few month they will appear again, most likely in Italy. Miller never played the drama queen like the time she broke up with Jude Law.