Prince William ‘can be intolerant’ but it’s only because he ‘cares’ so much

If I ever commissioned someone to embiggen me for my birthday, I would not choose Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty Magazine. Seward (C-word) is old-school – she will defend the monarch and cast aspersions on everyone else, although I do think Seward is somewhat fond of Charles and Camilla. Seward was tasked with saying *something* about Prince William’s 40th birthday and she begrudgingly did so. She actually called William “intolerant” (lmao) and made it sound like William does nothing all day but stare out the window and wish he could run away like his brother.

Ingrid Seward tells the Mirror: “Prince William has a growing influence over the institution of the monarchy. He is respected and his opinions are acted upon. He can be intolerant but it is not because he is disagreeable but because he cares. He wants things to run smoothly and when he and Kate were ridiculed during their Caribbean tour last March, he was understandably furious. As far as he was concerned, someone should have read the current mood of the country and acted upon it long before the schedule was arranged.

“William is strongly intuitive like his late mother and has her same longing for emotional security. He has found this within his marriage and the family environment Kate has created. He has had moments of wanting to break away from the restrictions imposed upon him by his royal life, but his sense of responsibility prevented him from doing so.

“William was always a thinker and is able to rationalise any given situation which makes him a trusted support for the Queen and a growing influence over the royal family as a whole. He is a moderniser and knows the dead wood of the family has to be cleared away, hence his impatience with the Prince Andrew situation. He almost certainly sees the duke as someone who could bring the institution into more disrepute. He wants it dealt with and is not afraid to say so, as it is he who will be picking up the pieces not his uncle.”

Ingrid explains William and Harry’s relationship: “Despite appearing to do so, the two boys never got along particularly well. They sat together for TV interviews on their joint causes joshing with each other but they were never very good friends. Kate went a long way to encourage their relationship and although William has always looked out for Harry, he feels at the moment there is nothing more he can do. Instead, he is concentrating on what he knows he can achieve rather than wasting time on things he can’t change. He knows what’s in store for him and he knows how tough it is but with the help of Kate and support from his father the Prince of Wales, he remains positive and optimistic about his future.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

“He can be intolerant but it is not because he is disagreeable but because he cares…” Ah, William doesn’t have any tolerance for anyone who doesn’t “care” in the same way he does, about the same things he cares about. Makes him sound… small-minded and intolerant. “William is strongly intuitive like his late mother…” He’s actually not? I realized that about William years before the Sussexit disaster, before Meghan even entered the picture. William is not an empathetic, intuitive person. He THINKS he is. He thinks he’s got great instincts, like his mother. He does not. He is perhaps the most tone-deaf and emotionally constipated person in the entire family, and that’s saying something.

“The two boys never got along particularly well… they were never very good friends…” Interesting. It’s almost as if the latest talking point is that Harry and William were already falling apart before Meghan. Weird that Meghan got the blame for “ripping apart the brothers” for years. Anyway, words Seward used about William: furious, intolerant, break away…

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  1. C says:

    But I thought they were bestest of friends before and that evil harpy Meghan broke them up!!!11

    Seriously, they cling to that so much about “the boys”, it’s interesting they’re trying THIS tactic of (the probable truth) of them not being all that close.

    • equality says:

      I wonder if they are afraid that PH will reveal that in his book so they are getting it out there ahead.

    • Snuffles says:

      Honestly, I think once they hit their teens they went their own way. Which is normal. My two brothers are polar opposites. They still love each other but their social life’s never crossed paths once.

      It’s the media who have been trying to attach Harry and William at the hip since Diana died.

      • C says:

        I think it’s even more than that. William was the heir and protected and preferred; that’s always how it’s been. Harry got little attention comparatively. The “grandness” of their positions separated them even more.
        But yes to the second part. And even Middleton PR does it.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Oh, yeah, right, i’d quite forgotten – Meghan is the Yoko Ono of the Windsor Brothers! I do believe Wills cares. About himself. I don’t think he’s even that bothered about his own wife. It’s all about him. I’d like to give him a good arse-slapping, except he’d probably enjoy it. What a knobhead. 👿

  2. goofpuff says:

    WOW, that makes William look even more like a abusive person. The more they try to excuse him, the worst it looks.

    • MY3CENTS says:

      This is textbook abusive phrasing-I only get mad because I care about you…

      • Confirmed says:

        Can confirm. My abusive mother always scream-sobbed, “I only do these things because I love you so much!!!”

        M & H should definitely write a book about surviving abuse.

  3. C-Shell says:

    I’m reminded of the joke about the little boy searching through the horse manure on Christmas morning convinced there is a pony in there somewhere — Seward’s rambling on about the Keens is a pile of horse sh!t, but there’s a pony! The brothers played nice for the cameras, but were never that close or even friends. Now, we’re getting somewhere.

  4. Red Weather Tiger says:

    “As far as he was concerned, someone should have read the current mood of the country and acted upon it long before the schedule was arranged.” —

    SOMEONE should be on top of things! He is doing backbends to blane everyone else for the Flop Tour…and it all just highlights how lazy, obnoxious, and irresponsible he is/they are.

    • equality says:

      If he is as intuitive as Di, why didn’t HE read the mood in the Caribbean? And why is she talking about it like it’s all one country?

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        He’s just like Di only responsible to his duty! Well also he’s intuitive but not intuitive when it matters? And also he’s the Peoples Prince but he hates people and doesn’t even see, let alone care about, their problems.

    • Jais says:

      “Someone should have read the current mood of the country and acted upon it”
      Um, that someone could have been William.
      And, dude, how did y’all not know the current mood of Jamaica? That’s some arrogant ignorance right there. If that whole team really had no idea of the current mood before they left for Jamaica, then they are absolutely insulated idiots that deserved all the criticism. And William, you’re the head of that team!!!

      • Gruey says:

        That sentence is disgraceful. Who can read that and not wince?

        Aren’t you the super influential diplomat in charge? And while we’re at it, what about your top ceo wife?

    • Eurydice says:

      I’m sure there were plenty of people who understood the current mood of the country – people here understood it and we’re not foreign policy experts – and these tours don’t happen without Foreign Office involvement. It’s just that they and the rest of their insular crew at KP didn’t bother to pay attention – like with Edward telling the PM of Antigua, “I wasn’t taking notes.”

      • 809Matriarch says:

        Of course they knew the mood of the country! Why else did they pause deportations to Jamaica until after the tour? Hmm?

    • Becks1 says:

      that “Someone” is him, Mr. Intuitive, mr. “sound instincts” and whatever other BS they are coming up with these days to describe him and Kate. If he’s so intuitive, how did he not read the room before the tour? If he has such sound instincts, how did he not realize that colonialist cosplay was going to look VERY bad on an international stage?

      Now the obvious answer is that William had no idea what was planned for the tour, he had no interest in it besides making sure he had time to drink crack babies and go scuba diving, so maybe the backlash was a surprise, because he was not prepared at all for it.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Yeah, “someone” should have read the mood and acted on it. Not HIM, of course. But “someone.” Someone else. Not the future-future king who wants to convince people he’s gonna modernize the monarchy. Someone else. Not the 40-year old man-child who wants to convince people he is “strongly intuitive” like Diana. Someone else.

      Perhaps “Someone else” should be the future-future king. Or better yet, no one.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Classic William – he is never ever responsible for his mistakes, ever. After all, he’s never been forced to confront the consequences for his previous missteps and misbehaviour. There was always someone to smooth out or outright cover up things – even down to having other people apologize for W’s fuck-ups. Because he’s the heir – however, now he cannot really hide like this anymore because he’s acting on an international stage, in the spotlight he wanted so badly.

        Charles and the institution really did William a huge disservice by never forcing him to deal with the negative consequences of his fuck-ups. That’s part of how you grow up and evolve as a person. No wonder he comes across as an example of arrested development.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah I’ve been thinking this over the past few days. Of course William is never going to accept responsibilities for his mistakes or accept that sometimes the answer is “no” or whatever. Those are things that you learn, and most of us learn how to do those things as children – “no you can’t have a cookie before bed” or “you spilled the milk, now I need you to accept responsibility and clean it up.” William’s entitlement issues go way back and its not really a surprise that at this point he is so entrenched in his own superiority and perfection that he is never at fault.

    • Debbie says:

      How much do you want to wager that if the Caribbean Disaster Tour had been a resounding sucess, W & K would have been tripping over one another to take credit?

  5. Eurydice says:

    It’s not just that Will and Harry were falling apart before Meghan came along, Seward is saying that they never got along and were never good friends. And I can imagine that this could be true, if Will allied himself with Charles and Harry with Diana.

    In any case, it sounds like Will’s petulant “who cares, anyway” reaction to the breakaway from the monarchy of the Caribbean nations. Like, “I tried with Harry, but we were never friends anyway, so who cares, I’m moving on.” Except that doesn’t explain his constant attacks on H&M through his minions and the press.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Eurydice, except that William spent his childhood wanting what Harry had. As an adult (a matter of opinion, I know), he still needs to have what Harry has. In this case, freedom. I really believe that is the biggest problem with William even before Meghan. Harry has freedom. I don’t know if William will ever be able to stop briefing against H&M because of this.

  6. bonnie van der boom says:

    Imagine how awfully moody, angry and unpleasant William must really be behind closed doors if all these puff pieces written by royal reporter sychopants feel the need to mention his “intolerance” and anger? Like, they’re trying to be flattering but they still can’t help mentioning the rage issue. I really wish a former staffer would spill the beans, it would be delicious gossip. I also want to know how much time William and Kate actually spent together.

  7. Tulipworthy says:

    Someone should have read the room before the disastrous Caribbean tour? Why didn’t you and your lazy wife do your homework before you went? Always blaming someone else for their actions/lack of actions.

    • KFG says:

      Come now, you can’t expect his royal ineptness to do something that the plebs do!! How could he ever expect the blacks to not want to fall at his feet! It’s unheard of! (Sarcasm).

  8. equality says:

    This is just selling on the myth that PH, combat veteran, loyal husband and the one brave enough to break away from the monarchy, is fragile and needs someone to look out for him. PW is being touted as the “emotionally secure” one because he has Kate. It’s sickening.

  9. Merricat says:

    Tune in next week for Deadwood Kate: Cleared Away! the miniseries.
    Lol, he’s “intuitive” but a “thinker,” a “modernizer” who dressed up like his colonialist grandparents. He’s “intolerant” because he “cares” so very much!
    It’s like a Christopher Guest mockumentary.

  10. Puppetgirl says:

    That Ingrid lady sounds like a trouble maker making up stuff, I don’t think we really know if Harry and Will were close behind the scenes, I think it’s was just some tabloid story they invented early on to demonize Meghan when the brothers drifted apart

    Also I think this story makes William look worse in the public eye

  11. Well Wisher says:

    You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  12. Rapunzel says:

    Will has found emotional security in his marriage and family? Then why are so obviously disconnected?

    The stuff about never being close to Harry is very, “you can’t break up with me; we were never together.”

    “He can be intolerant but it is not because he is disagreeable but because he cares.” … about being right and getting his way and having people kowtow to him.

  13. Carrot says:

    “He can be intolerant but it is not because he is disagreeable but because he cares…”

    What abusers say.

    He cares, Sure, show me you love me, give me a black eye.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, tyrants use that argument, too.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah if this is meant to make him look good, it doesn’t. “I abuse you because I love you so much.” It’s actually very problematic.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      “He can be intolerant but it is not because he is disagreeable but because he cares…”

      – that sentence is so incredibly vague that it could be about anything – like: “he can be intolerant [about his mixed race SIL and nephew+niece] but it is not because he is disagreeable but because he cares [about the “purity” of the white royal bloodline].

      But other posters are also right that this is how abusers speak.

      Finally, “intertolerant” is a word with few if any positive connotations. So it is an interesting choice of word to describe a man that is ostensibly being praised.

  14. Ginger says:

    I’m glad a RR is FINALLY admitting that these two were never close. It’s pretty obvious they are not. I have always found it odd that Harry isn’t a godparent to any of the Cambridge kids. I’m pretty sure some of Charles’s siblings are to Will and Harry. I also found it odd that we have never seen Harry interact with the Cambridge kids as well. You can tell they only talk to each other at public engagements.

    There is a Diana documentary where Harry and William are interviewed. Harry told William that when he went to Eton he assumed William would talk to him and was disappointed when William ignored him.

    • SueBarbri says:

      Agreed, Ginger. When the Cambridges started having children, I assumed we were going to start getting a lot of “Fun Uncle Harry” PR pumping out of the palace. You know, lots of photos about Harry “teaching the kids how to have fun” or frolicking with them at KP or…something. It would have humanized them all and would have been an easy win, and the idea that we never got any stories like that gave me pause long before Meghan entered the picture.

      • Lady D says:

        Rumour has it that at the time William was insanely jealous of Harry and didn’t want any pictures of Harry having fun with ‘his’ child put out. As in if there were no pictures of William having fun with his child, no one else gets them either.

      • Harper says:

        Didn’t one of the recent profile stories say that Harry found the Middleton/Bucklebury scene dreadfully boring? The first time CarolE tried to get Harry to put his head in her lap he probably said eff off and never went back.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Harry was never part of the Middleton/Bucklebury scene. The day the engagement was announced he admitted he barely knew Kate, and the relationship didn’t get any closer. He didn’t spend any of his time hanging out in Wales, Norfolk, or anywhere near William or Kate. FFS he had to put out a statement to refute Kate/Carole lies about him dating Pippa. He is no fan of Kate or any of the Midds.

    • Jais says:

      William ignoring his little brother at Eton is pretty sad. Boarding school must be scary at first and it would be helpful to have an older brother that looks out for you. These are the kind of details that might come out in Harry’s book.

    • Debbie says:

      What struck me as odd about William’s relationship with Harry was when William was asked whether he was excited to finally be an uncle (after Archie’s birth) and he – a man with no other siblings – answered that he was already an uncle. Damn. That told me everything I needed to know about William right there. This from a family that so concerned about consanguinity.

      • Decaf plz says:

        I so agree on abusive tactic. I worked for a guy who never moved out of his mothers house and he’s almost

    • windyriver says:

      @Ginger, I’m guessing you’re referring to “Diana, Our Mother” currently on HBO Max? I remember Harry saying that (I thought about mentioning it somewhere myself) but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Eton because they’re referring to a “first day of school” picture where Harry looks to be about 8 and Will maybe 11. So it was likely Ludgrove.

      Re: Eton, think I recall someone on here saying that Will didn’t just ignore Harry at Eton, that he was actively nasty towards him. Maybe true, maybe not, but it certainly sounds like the way Will would act.

  15. IForget says:

    what the heck does it mean if he is only so intolerant because he cares?? Honestly what does that mean?

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      It means they know he’s got a horrible temper, is abusive to people and intolerant of not getting everything his way, BUT it’s okay because he does it out of care.

      He abuses people out of “care”. (He shares traits with O.J. but I’m not suggesting he would do what OJ did, just the entitlement and temper) so she’s saying it’s okay that he’s abusive.

    • Angelica Schuyler says:

      We call it a backhanded compliment.

  16. damejudi says:

    If Harry and PWT weren’t especially close, then Harry’s “I’m looking forward to getting to know her,” re Keen Kate makes sense.

    I was struck by Harry’s comment at the time of the Cambridges’ engagement, and I found it puzzling since Keen Kate had been on the scene for years by then.

  17. Lady Digby says:

    Would Willy be happier if he sorted out his underwear? Are his tightly whitetys constricting blood flow hence the uncontrollable rage?

  18. Cessily says:

    We have all witnessed his “Intolerance” first hand directed at his Brothers wife for years now.

  19. Nimp says:

    Ugh. So sick of the Baldemort pity party, How many articles will mention the beastly royal duties? Poor sausage! 4 mansions, taxpayer-funded security and helicopters to a (barely) part time stunt job. Just awful.

    • Lady Digby says:

      I knew waity’s CV was bare but gulp, has Basher never had a Full Time job? I mean a paid job with responsibility, not just being a FT bully?

      • Jan90067 says:

        Have ANY of them, save Eugenie? Even Bea never *really* worked at a real job. She flit from place to place, staying barely a year in each, taking up to 17 vacations a year. All the rest just leech, or “play” at working (see Ed trying to be an actor then a film maker).

  20. India says:

    The Intolerant Raging Bulliam…….what a prince you are.

  21. Asking for a Friend says:

    Oh goody – a super wealthy do nothing 40 year old toddler feels optimistic about his future. I guess the rest of us can rest easy now.

  22. Dee says:

    These royal “reporters” pull shit out of their asses. That is all they do. There is no foundation whatsoever to anything they say. They don’t know these people, never did, never will. And the smoke and mirrors that envelope their so-called sources are impenetrable. As in politics, we get a narrative that has nothing to do with reality. What a racket.

    • windyriver says:

      Along these lines, remember too that Seward was one of the four “royal experts” who did a video review of the Oprah interview, BEFORE it aired. The others were Fitzwilliams, Dickie and Victoria Arbiter. So yup, chances are whatever any of these folks in the “field” of royal commentators say or write has a very high percentage of BS.

  23. HeatherC says:

    He’s unable to pivot. “Someone should have read the mood” doesn’t’ mean crap if he’s unable to adjust when he’s actually there with actual people. He’s an intolerant failure. Nothing is ever his fault. I’m sorry UK celebitches that you’re stuck with him.

    • Lady Digby says:

      UK Cher here despite thinking about nicknaming him Four castles Billy I think Bungalow Bill is more fitting because he has nothing on top!

  24. amyb says:

    Only Harry has a sibling of Charles as Godparent – unfortunately Uncle Pedo.

  25. Linney says:

    It is absolutely bizarre how many articles mention William’s temper, rage, anger, fury, etc. I mean, come on! Even when they try to make him out to be the savior of the monarchy, he comes across as an angry, entitled jerk. Do his PR people not realize that or do they think he appears to be “passionate”?

  26. Dee says:

    The phrase “the family environment Kate has created” sounds like he’s not a participant. And the next sentence is about breaking away from restrictions. Some real shade there.

    • Lady Digby says:

      Next time is it going to be Chilly Willy was never truly been close to whosit and he only stayed in that marriage to begat children for the British people?

  27. Amy Bee says:

    Seward finally admits the truth that Harry and William weren’t close as was promoted by the press and KP. I guess she could only pretend for so long.

  28. aquarius64 says:

    These articles for damage control are doing not William any favors. KP is obviously reading social media and they are not too found of hashtag #princewilliamisabully on Twitter, among others.

  29. North of Boston says:

    Isn’t Seward one of the “Fibbing Four” who provided detailed analysis and commentary on the Sussex’ Oprah interview… before she had seen it, before it had aired?

  30. Relly says:

    Wow, it’s weird. I’ve been told a lot that I care too much about certain things in life, but not once has it made me into a bitter, hateful racist.

  31. tamsin says:

    The whole article reads like a school essay assignment. There is such a dutiful tone to it; a sense of trying to make something of nothing and presenting a positive spin on negatives; looking at it from “the other side.”

  32. Jay says:

    Oh man, this is another profile that’s… really not that flattering. Is it possible that all the rota really hate William so much? I’d say the most flattering was actually Omid’s take, which mentioned the attempts at environmental work and that Will has been “putting in more hours”. If even the editor of “Majesty” magazine can’t say anything nice about William, it’s a problem.

    I actually guffawed at “As far as (William) was concerned, someone should have read the current mood of the country”. Ahahaha. Yes, he’s understandably furious! As soon as he finds the complete moron who sent them on that tour, didn’t read his briefing papers or any of the newspapers which all predicted exactly what would happen, and then forced him and Kate into that colonialist roleplay, they’ll be hell to pay. Wait…

  33. Debbie says:

    Ingrid Seward tells the Mirror: “He is respected and his opinions are acted upon.” – This? From the same guy who, in yesterday’s story, said that he went along with the bad agenda during the Caribbean Disaster tour because he was told to do so? Even though his royal “gut” told him not to? Are they kidding?

    Also, “He wants things to run smoothly and when he and Kate were ridiculed during their Caribbean tour last March, he was understandably furious. As far as he was concerned, someone should have read the current mood of the country and acted upon it long before the schedule was arranged.” – Someone should have read the mood!???! Weren’t the Cambridges told not to come? They didn’t need to read between the lines, they were told outright and there were protests going on! Also, do you really need to be told not go out in your best white colonial suit, festooned with ribbons and unearned medals, in the same Jeep your granny rode, like you’re inspecting the peasants and making sure everything is fine in your reign? That’s the guy the call modern?!

  34. sunny says:

    Big-hearted bigot is certainly an interesting branding approach.

  35. CC says:

    I think it’s actually better for their image to be on vacation as much as possible. Sure, people will point out their laziness and entitlement, but that’s a fairly general criticism that could apply to almost any royal. Each time William speaks, he gives the public specific ammunition against him. So, go ahead, Willy-boy. Take the rest of the summer off.

  36. Nina says:

    “William is strongly intuitive like his late mother and has her same longing for emotional security. He has found this within his marriage and the family environment Kate has created. ”


    I needed some comedy this morning.

  37. jferber says:

    “Someone should have read the mood of the country.” So soft diplomat Will couldn’t have read the mood of the “country?” (the Carribean is not a country.) Someone else besides Bill had to do the work? So clear why it’s always someone else’s fault– Will does absolutely nothing! So it was someone else’s responsibility and THEY failed– not Will. This could actually be a very dumb comedy movie with the crappy FFK he is. He is so easily skewered and what a pompous ass he is. I hope everything his “people” touch fails. Because he so richly deserves that.