Prince Andrew ‘will be financially secure’ simply because the royals fear he’ll talk

Prince Andrew is in the middle – or the end? – of yet another failed comeback. He thought everything was coming up roses because he cleared his comeback with his elderly mother, but then Prince Charles and Prince William threw their weight around and managed to block Andrew from appearing at Garter Day. Andrew is apparently still big mad about the way it went down, so much so that he’s threatening to throw a tantrum at Balmoral this summer. Meanwhile, people are trying to figure out just how bad this “Andrew problem” will get in the months and years ahead. As in, what will this degenerate loser do for money, long-term? And will he keep his lease on Royal Lodge?

Prince Andrew can no longer use his HRH status and has no formal role within the Royal Family, but he will still be ‘looked after’ financially, royal experts have claimed. Speaking to True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat, Newsweek Royal Correspondent Jack Royston and Ingrid Seward, Editor in Chief, Majesty Magazine, agreed that there is no way back for Prince Andrew to public life.

However, Seward said that Andrew will not be cast out completely because that could create even more of a headache if they Duke is forced to find some source of income.

‘He will be more trouble and start talking and giving TV interviews and writing books,’ she explained. However, she added that it’s unlikely Andrew will be able to hang on to his Royal Lodge home on the Windsor estate, with no way of financing refurbishments and upkeep that are a condition of the lease.

Discussing Prince Andrew missing last week’s Garter Day procession, Newsweek Royal Correspondent said: ‘When the Queen is no longer here, Charles will not have any truck with Andrew attempting a comeback. That will be game over for him. It might be game over already.’

Ingrid Seward agreed, but said she believes the Duke of York will still be looked after financially. ‘They’re not going to cast him out because he will be more trouble and start talking and giving TV interviews and writing books. They don’t want that again. He will be financially secure, but I would be very surprised if he kept the Royal Lodge.’

[From The Daily Mail]

It might seem like a minor thing, but the evolving discussions on Andrew are fascinating to me. I tend to believe that no one really knows what to predict because these royal commentators are desperately trying to avoid saying the obvious, which is that the Queen will back up Andrew with her very last breath. And that’s it in a nutshell – Andrew will continue to live in Royal Lodge as long as the Queen is alive. Andrew will continue to get millions of dollars/pounds from his mother too. When Charles becomes king, that’s when things will change. And only then. I do think Charles is going to kick Andrew out of Royal Lodge too.

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  1. Eurydice says:

    Lol, and yet, they still think Harry is the problem.

  2. Soapboxpudding says:

    Why oh why did he never get braces? Were they too ‘common’? Also, he might be able to dodge accountability for his crimes but not aging terribly.

  3. ThatsNotOkay says:

    They might just have to buy his silence from here on out. And Andrew will be peachy keen. He’s not going to destroy everything while mummy is alive, but afterward? He’d be thrilled to see Charles fail and lose everything, provided that he’s paid handsomely to make it happen. Charles needs to come clean with everything he’s done and knows so Andrew won’t have anything over him. One way or another, the truth (or, at the very least, the unsubstantiated allegations) is coming out.

    • equality says:

      I agree. PA’s allegiance is only to mummy. I hope he does sing like a demented canary once she’s gone.

      • Lady D says:

        And if Andrew’s words bring down the monarchy, he will have nothing. I imagine Charles will make damn sure that (to quote the Mockingjay) ‘if we burn, you burn with us.’ Andrew needs the monarchy to make him feel important. End royal rule, and he becomes just like everybody else. Common plebe.

      • equality says:

        That hasn’t stopped any of them from trying to one-up each other in the past. PA seemed oblivious to how his no-sweating interview would go down. The rest seem oblivious to the fact that they constantly out themselves as racist snobs.

    • WallOfFire says:

      The BRF Resident Pedophile is a ticking time bomb. He’s childish, petty, arrogant, and most importantly incredibly stupid. I know they’re using H&M as a distraction from the Child Sex Trafficking problem (amount other things), but that’s not a long term fix or solution. These dumbasses think this thing has already blown up and it’s over. They just have to do clean up now. How foolish.

  4. Colby says:

    I’m interested to see how Charles handles it. He’s a bit between a rapist and a hard place here. Do you keep Andrew in the tent and risk that PR damage, or kick him out and risk what he’ll say/do once he has no reason to stay “in line” (to the extent that he does).

    • DK says:

      I’m confused though…what do they think Andrew will say?

      Do they think he will rat himself out and admit to being the pedophile rapist the world already knows him to be? Acknowledge he has a teddy bear problem? Surely not.

      So are they afraid he will give up the rest of their secrets?

      That seems the only possible reason to allow him to essentially blackmail them. Right? (What else am I missing?)

      So, we know they are terrified Harry is going to spill their dirty secrets. (But somehow didn’t see fit to keep Harry happy with the half-in/half-out solution he wanted.)

      And now they are terrified Andrew will spill their dirty secrets, so they WILL give him the ideal half-in/half-out: no royal work required, but you get to keep the royal pay-outs.

      1) That seems astonishingly hypocritical, given – as every logic-minded person understands – the difference between Harry leaving to protect his family and Andrew being forced out for being a rapist; and

      2) Just how dirty are all the secrets the BRF are so afraid that Harry and/or Andrew will spill? Are the secrets of the rest of the family really worse than Andrew’s own criminal deeds?!
      I mean, I feel like they are already telling on themselves by being so scared all the time.

      • Colby says:

        Yeah I mean everything you said is right. They’re are awful hypocrites that tell on themselves constantly. I just don’t think they have any clue they do that.

        I think they are scared Andrew will try to burn the institution down if he can’t be a part of it. He will tell all, even the things that Harry may keep to himself to protect his family.

        No matter his relationship with William and Charles, I think we can all agree Harry has pulled his punches because they are, for better or worse, his family. He hasn’t told the dirty secrets about the funding and shady business dealings. He has been focused on their treatment as it relates to Meghan and his own life for the most part. We all know GD well there is *much* more to say.

      • WallOfFire says:

        @DK they didn’t think Harry would ACTUALLY LEAVE. That’s why they wouldn’t allow half in/half out. And when he did, they tried to force him back by withholding security and leaking their location in Canada. That didn’t work either, he didn’t come crawling back. He blew up The Royal Playbook. That’s why they are still salty and scrambling to smear the Sussex”s

      • Deering24@ says:

        Hmmm, sounds like Andrew knows a lot of dirty financial deals the RF has made. Heck, he either probably referred fellow members to various awful oligarchs—or was referred by them. Dark mega-money is a very small world—and it’s a good bet those deals were straight-up treason.

      • teecee says:

        I think it’s a couple of things:
        1. They know that fundamentally Harry is not vengeful and that Andrew is.
        2. They are worried that Harry will reveal secrets about the institution itself (courtiers, men in grey). With Andrew, they are worried he will reveal secrets about the other royals, specifically Charles, and possibly William.
        3. They know Andrew can be bought, they aren’t sure about Harry.

  5. Hic says:

    Does Charles automatically inherits the Queen’s private wealth? She has lots of $$ that she can conceivably leave to Andrew privately because she is a billionaire so he can maintain the life he wants. Keeping in mind the Queens will is and will be kept private, there need not be a fallout. Don’t understand why she is so stingy and won’t support Wessex and Andrew? What about Anne?

    • equality says:

      She gave Anne a privately-owned farm, that she uses as a source of income. She gave PA a house but he sold it and wasted the money. Poor Ed got only a lease. Of course, she did buy him and Sophie out of failed business ventures.

    • CindyLooWho says:

      I believe the deal to protect and provide for Andrew was made a while back. The Queen agreed with Charles to promote Camilla as consort provided that Charles agreed to not evict Andrew from his home and other things after she dies. I believe that she will leave him a substantial inheritance and, as long as he stays out of sight and quiet, Charles will tolerate him living in Great Lodge.

    • Dutch says:

      Charles will inherit the “business” end of The Firm, but QE2 has an estimated $500 million in personal wealth she can divide however she sees fit. I think the assumption is that since Andrew has always had holes in his pockets, that he will burn through his inheritance quickly enough and require assistance from The Firm within a few short years of mummy’s passing.

      • WallOfFire says:

        Andrew and Fergie have serious fiscal responsibility issues. It’s breathtaking really.

  6. Shawna says:

    “refurbishments and upkeep that are a condition of the lease” – Whoa. Before now, didn’t we think that there would be no way for Charles to invalidate Andrew’s lease other than cashing him out? So here’s a way to evict him after all.

    A nice way to get out of this would be to transfer the lease to Beatrice right now and ask Charles to pay for the refurbs/upkeep in return for her service as a working royal.

    • Jan90067 says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s in the works, and why Bea is being more visible lately.

    • equality says:

      But if PA can make more money by telling all the RF secrets, he can pay his own upkeep. I don’t see him leaving his fancy digs peacefully.

    • Siobhan says:

      That’s such a huge house, I would be surprised if they gave something of that size to Bea even if she were a working royal. I would think it would be more likely that Will and Kate would get it after the queen dies before Bea. I know everyone is saying that Will and Kate have too many houses, but what is the normal amount of houses for the direct heir to the throne (after the Queen dies?). How many does Charles have now for example? Clarence House, High Grove, what other ones?

  7. Patty says:

    When the Queen passes the RF will be “Knives Out “

  8. FC says:

    Honestly, I would be worried about my safety if I were Andrew. That family has a history of doing whatever it takes to protect the firm.

    • Deering24@ says:

      I would not put it past him to have all his damaging secrets in the cloud somewhere—to be downloaded if something happens to him.

  9. goofpuff says:

    All the other royals write books (through other ROTA “authors”) and give interviews as “sources”. Andrew can keep doing that all he wants and have them pay him for being a “source” if he’s smart about it. What does he care about needing good press from the ROTAs anymore. it’s not like he can lose his job like regular people. He will still get royal money no matter what.

  10. Merricat says:

    Andrew loves being royal too much to even consider bringing down the monarchy. As long as he can live like a prince and travel like a prince, I think he’ll be fine.

  11. Bisynaptic says:

    Andrew is Toad of Toad Hall.