Nick Cannon on marriage: ‘why would government be involved in your love life?’

So it’s worth noting off the top that this podcast interview with Nick Cannon was conducted on or before June 22, days before the SCOTUS decision. Otherwise, I suppose it would have been a glaring omission for him to comment on government involvement in marriage, but not to comment on government involvement in pregnancy/women’s bodies. He doesn’t appear to have commented publicly since, so I guess it’s still an omission. Anyway! Nick spoke to a couple of different podcasts recently about whether or not he’d get married again. And surprise, surprise, he’s cooled on the idea since his marriage to Mariah Carey.

Is Nick Cannon ready to say “I do” again?

The Wild ‘N Out star—who was previously married to Mariah Carey—recently weighed in on the topic during a conversation on the All The Way with Shelley Wade podcast. Pointing to his recent single with Chris Brown, Cannon noted he asks himself if he ever thinks about the possibility of remarrying at the beginning of the song and answers with the title of the track “I Do.”

“I’m a hopeless romantic at the end of the day, Shelley,” he said on the June 22 podcast episode. “So, I love the concept. I love the ceremony of it. I’ve failed miserably so many times at monogamy and relationships. But like, you know, God aint done with me. We gonna figure it out.”

Host Shelley Wade then asked Cannon what the “deciding factor” would be when choosing to marry “because you don’t have a problem getting women, for sure.” His response?

“I think, as I’m growing, I mean, I’ve probably had a few midlife crises,” Cannon said, later adding, “I’m liking the man that I’m growing into, and I feel like someone who will understand me and can stand by me.”

In terms of Love Languages, the Masked Singer host noted acts of service is a “big one” for him.

“When I say service, it’s more about servitude….You can serve each other and where you’re weak, they’re strong,” he explained. “And if I can ever find somebody that knows how to hold me down through all my madness, through all my chaos and toxicity, that’s probably somebody I can probably rock with for life.”

Cannon has previously shared his thoughts on potentially tying the knot again, including during a May episode of the It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper podcast.

“It depends what you’d call marriage,” he explained. “Getting the government involved in my relationship? Like, that whole paperwork stuff? Nah. But if it’s something on a spiritual or holistic ritual…we can go have a ceremony somewhere.”

He then asked, “Why would government be involved in your love life? Like, that just seems so bizarre to me….If you go to the core of what it was all about, it’s really a business. And to bring business and love together, I’ve experienced it, that’s a tough one to get involved with.”

[From E! Online]

Of course Nick wants to have a spiritual or holistic ritual somewhere. Then he can have as many as he wants, unlike marriages with paperwork, which can typically only be one at a time (at least for now). It sounds like his talk denouncing the government aspect of it is really just him balking at only being legally allowed to marry one person at a time. I think we all know he’s not capable of that at this point. And of course Nick had some pat little phrases about liking the man he’s growing into (in his 40s) and his monogamous failures somehow being due to God’s neglect. This guy loves to forgive himself! He has an explanation for everything. But I think the worst part of this interview is when he talks about Love Languages. “When I say service, it’s more about servitude…” Servitude is literally defined as “the state of being a slave or completely subject to someone more powerful.” That’s what he wants out of a relationship. This dude is disgusting and doesn’t even try to hide it.

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  1. K says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you but toxicity,madness and chaos are all around and I sure as hell have no interest in getting that from Nick or any other man.

    • Anonymous says:

      I actually agree with him about “why would you let government get involved with your love life?” Especially since there’s now palimony and most employers who provide health care will cover a domestic partner ias they cover a spouse.. I came to this conclusion recently after 15 years of marriage. I felt like I’d been duped into marriage by the patriarchy. I didn’t even want to change anything about my relationship when I made the realization-just dissolving the legal part. I guess after 10 years there are social security benefits too in the US. Not sure what else. I have even considered how my husband would react and if it would be fair to him because I love him and that wouldn’t change. But I think the government marriage thing seems like a racket I don’t believe in.

      The acts of service thing sounds like he got it from “The Five Love Languages” and is. saying it’s his love language and he’d also like someone who has the same love language. And who can put up with his flaws as identified by him? IDK.

      I think we can all see he’s been having some mid life crisis moments!

      • GrnieWnie says:

        I agree too. Why involve the government in our personal lives? Now that they’re so extra intrusive up in my ovaries, I’ll be going out of my way to keep them out of any other area I can.

  2. MattieLove says:

    He sure puts the onus on his theoretical future partner rather than taking any responsibility for his actions and choices.

  3. Seraphina says:

    The reason why he hasn’t found anyone is because exactly what he said and what he expects. It’s not servitude dude.

    Side note, when I read the title I was like: UMMMMM, yeah I bet he doesn’t want the gov involved – thinking of the SCOTUS decision. lol

  4. Joanna says:

    But he had no problem getting married to a really rich woman! Mariah made him. I can’t stand guys who expect their partner to “fix” them.

    • Emmitt says:

      Mariah did not “make” Nick Cannon; Mariah was on a serious career downslide when she married him. His career was on an upswing; he had some semi-successful movies, a popular TV show etc.

      Nick Cannon having 50-11 children in as many homes is why the government gets involved in marriages because he’s creating numerous fatherless homes and simply cannot be a good and present father to any of his children (including the ones with Mariah).

      No one cares if Nick gets married ever again or not. What he’s responding to is the community backlash against him for having so many children with so many different women in such a small time frame. No one is clamoring for Nick Cannon to get married …he should NOT get married to anyone ever as his time and attention will be too divided elsewhere…

      He probably doesn’t want to marry again because he’s afraid the new wife will kick his trifling behind to the curb with the quickness like Mariah kicked him to the curb and people like Nick need to be in control at all times…

  5. Oh_Hey says:

    This man is toxicity walking.
    I don’t believe marriage is for everyone nor would I say monogamous long term folks need to be married if they don’t want to. Marriage for me is the legal act of becoming a family, even if you never have a single child, just a family of the two of you. You can legal or medical make decisions for each other if needed. You inherit or can leave things behind for your spouse. All these things are reciprocal.

    This man…he cannot fathom a world where he is bound to someone in an equal way as they are bound to him. And to be limited to only one “servant”. Lol. Of course he’s not into marriage.

  6. CROWHOOD says:

    I just know all 45 mothers of his kids stay steady with a yeast infection.

  7. detritus says:

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Sort of

    The government oversight Nick is talking about is aimed to reduce women’s servitude and poverty and increase equity. He wants to get rid of the rules that legally require him to treat his partners with basic respect.

    Dudes not a liberationist, he’s a 1%er who sees libertarianism as a way to extend his power.

  8. Christine says:

    He probably can’t afford to get married. I have no idea how he’s paying all these women for child support.

  9. Veronica S. says:

    At last he admits he’s a toxic mess lol? Nick Cannon is like a sociological study in proving that women are just as stupid about sex as we claim men are.

  10. MB says:

    Please stop reporting on this jackass and giving him any relevance whatsoever.
    Except for his army of children and cache of culturally inappropriate turbans this trick has nothing to offer mankind.

  11. ME says:

    All that unprotected sex is what I find grossest of all. None of those women have any self-respect. They act like having a kid with Nick is some sort of trophy or exclusive club lol. It’s disgusting on so many levels. What is he trying to accomplish exactly? Does he care about the world he’s bringing these kids into? It ain’t such a great place, and I doubt things are going to change. Stop having kids moron !