Ensemble murder-mystery ‘Amsterdam’ looks like so much fun, right?

Was it Knives Out that changed the Hollywood studios’ calculations on ensemble murder mysteries? I think it might have been Knives Out. Decades ago, studios loved all-star ensemble murder-mysteries. It’s one of the reasons why Agatha Christie’s work has been adapted so many times, because those are great stories and great mysteries and fun roles for actors. In any case, I am always here for any and all ensemble murder mysteries. Give me all of the Agatha Christie adaptations. Give me all of the Elmore Leonard crime/grifter book adaptations. Give me all of the original mystery scripts too. Alas, those kinds of movies haven’t been made in recent years.

This trailer for Amsterdam is the second upcoming film with the same kind of vibe – a variation on Christie’s work, a dash of Coen Brothers and Elmore Leonard, and casting straight out of Robert Altman’s filmography. Amsterdam stars Christian Bale, John David Washington, Margot Robbie, Chris Rock, Mike Myers, Robert De Niro, Anya Taylor-Joy, Rami Malek and… Taylor Swift? This looks so fun!!

You see what I mean? This definitely has a Coen Brothers vibe, with a dash of Hitchcock and a shot of Agatha Christie. Love it. It looks amazing. More of this, Hollywood.

The trailer for See How They Run came out last week and I love this too. Saoirse Ronan, Sam Rockwell, David Oyelowo, Adrian Brody, Ruth Wilson and more. Murder mystery, a play, a movie, accents! So much fun. Hire actors to do more than just work with a f–king greenscreen.

Screencaps from trailer.

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  1. SAS says:

    Eh the Coen-y, clever, self-referential stuff doesn’t do it for me. See How They Run is equally stacked and the trailer made me laugh. That’s my pick.

    ETA: I will probably go to both to try and let freakin Hollywood know there are people out there who will watch non-comic book movie ensembles!

    • Kebbie says:

      Same. See How They Run looks a lot more interesting and Saoirse is surprisingly good at comedy!

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Another “like.” Just based on the trailers, See How They Run looks to be the more interesting.

  2. manda says:

    I love mysteries! I saw the trailer for see how they run last week too, but amsterdam is new to me. So exciting! And I think the sequel to knives out (the glass onion?) will be out this summer some time too. Love it!!

    If you want to read some good mysteries, check out Anthony Horowitz’s Hawthorne series and the series that starts with Magpie Murders (which was turned into a series but hasn’t YET been released in the US, argh!) and the Lady Sherlock series by Sherry Thomas.

  3. Gizmo’sMa says:

    I love Saoirse and think she’s so talented. I definitely want to go to See How They Run.

    Unfortunately Amsterdam is a David Russell film and that a no go. I don’t care how good the trailer looks.

  4. StA says:

    Not going to support a David o.russell movie a guy who sexually abused his trans neice doesn’t matter whose staring in this face, not supporting abusers and their abuse apologists.

    • manda says:

      huh. didn’t know that story at all

      • Shoop says:

        Looks entertaining but I’m not that into David O. Russell’s work: big ideas that don’t really translate to coherent stories. Incredible cast, though; his being an alleged massive arsehole is clearly no deterrent for most.

    • Mia4s says:

      Yeah he admitted to groping his niece, a trans woman. He said she was “acting provocatively” towards him. So he’s very very gross. If we are going to have stories on Macey Gray and Bette Midler’s transphobic comments, let’s not give the old white man a pass because of funny movie.

    • Christina says:

      This was never proven outside of social media….

  5. Tiffany says:

    Amsterdam had my attention until I saw David Russell was behind it. Then it wained. Completely.

    See How They Run looks fun.

    The Woman King trailer dropped yesterday and THAT I will be in line for.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    After the Chris Evans Sweater movie (I refer to what is also, sometimes, called Knives Out), I think we’re seeing a resurgence. I love this genre too!

    • VoominVava says:

      HAHA! I am not even a Chris Evans stan, but that sweater was something else. LOL

    • JJS says:

      ha! That Chris Evans sweater situation got me to see Knives Out and thank goodness I did. It awakened a love for murder mysteries I didn’t know I had consuming so many cosy murders during the pandemic. Will watch both of these movies!!

    • CourtneyB says:

      I love murder mysteries, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis and Daniel Craig so I was so stoked for that movie. And the sweater…..🤪❤️😘

  7. Cheericrow says:

    I love ensemble casts for non comic book movies but probably will pass on this particular one.
    I’m having double takes any time I see Margot as a brunette, she looks so much like my mom when she was younger, especially the way her hair is styled

  8. Alice says:

    I’ll see both of these for sure, but probably not at the theatre. I stopped going for Covid of course, and then realized I don’t miss it. Plus, all these shootings. I’m happy at home with my big screen tv. I do miss that popcorn tho! I just can’t get it the same at home.

  9. Paula says:

    I love Christian Bale, but why does he have to keep working with David O Russell? He’s a POS who treats actresses horribly. Will pass on this one.

  10. Fancyhat says:

    I can’t stand Bale’s acting so I’ll pass on the first one but the second one looks fun

  11. Jill says:

    I’ll watch anything that Timothy Olyphant is in.

  12. LizzieB says:

    The trailer for American Hustle looked loads of fun but the film was only mediocre (although amazing performances), so this is one I’ll catch on streaming I feel.

  13. Twin Falls says:

    This movie has Timothy Olyphant how is that not the headline??

    • Isabella says:

      You guys, good news for Timothy watchers.

      “Justified: City Primeval will be based on Elmore Leonard’s book City Primeval: High Noon in Detroit and follow “U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens’ (played by original series star Olyphant) story eight years after he’s left Kentucky and now is based in Miami, balancing life as a marshal and part-time father of 14-year-old Willa (Vivian Olyphant). A chance encounter on a Florida highway sends him to Detroit and he crosses paths with Clement Mansell (Boyd Holbrook), aka The Oklahoma Wildman, a violent sociopath who’s already slipped through the fingers of Detroit’s finest once and wants to do so again.”