Chris Rock and Lake Bell are dating, they ‘laugh a lot when they’re together’

There have been rumors for a little while that Chris Rock and Lake Bell are dating. Nothing so concrete as kissing photos, just a baseball outing pic last month and some other sightings. A few days ago, I saw a faraway pic that was supposedly of the two of them walking on the beach that was sent into Deux Moi. And apparently they were spotted together multiple times throughout the holiday weekend in actually discernible photos, at brunch and after dinner. And US Weekly has the confirmation that they are, in fact, dating.

New couple alert! Chris Rock and Lake Bell are officially an item after sparking romance speculation last month, Us Weekly can confirm.

“Chris has been in a really good mood,” a source exclusively tells Us. “He’s dating and spending his downtime with Lake Bell.”

The comedian, 57, and the Harley Quinn actress, 43, “both just laugh a lot when they’re together,” the insider says, adding, “They have similar personalities.”

The Saturday Night Live alum was first linked to Bell when the pair were spotted at a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game in Missouri on June 13. The twosome watched the sporting event from a box seat in the stadium and stood together from time to time.

Rock continued to fuel romance rumors over the 4th of July weekend when he and the Secret Life of Pets 2 actress were photographed outside Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica. Bell wore a black crop top and high waisted jeans during the Saturday, July 2, outing, while Rock donned an all-white ensemble and brown dress shoes.

One day later, the couple were again spotted together in California. Photos obtained by TMZ showed the Madagascar actor and the New York native enjoying brunch on Sunday, July 3, at Coast in Santa Monica.

Bell, for her part, has been single since fall of 2020 after she and husband Scott Campbell ended their seven-year marriage. The exes announced their breakup in November of that year but separated two months prior.

The Home Again actress, who shares daughter Nova, 7, and son Ozgood, 5, with the artist, 45, finalized her divorce in September 2021.

Rock, meanwhile, was married to Malaak Compton-Rock for 18 years before the pair parted ways in 2014. The former spouses, who share daughters Lola, 20, and Zahra, 18, finalized their divorce two years later.

[From US Magazine]

I’ll reserve commentary on Chris Rock in general and just focus on this official new pairing. I’ve seen a couple of things that Lake’s been in, but she doesn’t really stand out to me. Like, I always get her confused with Amanda Peet and kept thinking “but she’s married to one of the Game of Thrones bros.” Is this couple random? I can’t decide. Lake’s mostly a comedic actress, like dry comedy. And the source does say they laugh a lot together and they have similar personalities, so I guess that makes sense. I always forget how old Chris is, probably because of his voice, so I was surprised to see there is a 14 year age difference there. They’re both divorced and have two kids each, though Chris’ divorce was years ago and his kids are young adults while Lake’s was recent and her kids are little. Lake separated from her husband in 2020 and Chris broke up with Megalyn Echikunwoke that same year, so they’ve both been single for a little while. A lot of parallels. So officially dating, officially not a random couple. I do wonder how they connected though.

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  1. Wiglet Watcher says:

    I never thought lake was very good at writing or acting. But that’s what nepotism from a wealthy and established family gets you. She’s come off a bit snobby.

    Them as a couple? Idk. Pretty meh.

    • Alice says:

      Really!? I had no idea she was from a wealthy family. I only know her from early-Boston Legal. Never saw her in anything else. I definitely don’t confuse her with Amanda Peet.

      • Apparently says:

        From Wikipedia: “Her father is real estate developer Harvey Siegel, who bought the then-closed Virginia International Raceway and converted it to a racetrack country club, and who owned New Jersey Motorsports Park.”

  2. XOXO says:

    F-ck that guy.
    He has been going hard about Meghan in his new bit, about how she loves playing a victim and blah blah.
    He can fade into obscurity for all I care.

    • BlueSky says:

      I’m not surprised. He’s been telegraphing for decades through his stand up how much he hates black women. I feel sorry for his daughters.

    • Midnight@theOasis says:

      Allegedly, since the “slap” Chris has acquired quite a MAGA fan base. So no surprise he’s going after Meghan to appeal to them. I’ve never found him funny and his voice is so annoying.

    • Ameerah says:

      Well he hates Black women so that’s not surprising. He has never said a single positive thing about a Black woman or Black women in general in his standup. His entire routine for years was centered around bashing his own wife. And don’t get me started in the years of bullying Jada in his routine.

  3. Driver8 says:

    I appreciate her chunky ring game (last pic). That’s all I’ve got.

  4. Blithe says:

    From what I know of Chris Rock’s work, a large part of his so-called “humor” focuses on denigrating Black women. To me, that means that he spends a lot of time thinking about how to disparage women, and that he makes his living getting other people to laugh while he disparages women. Reading this makes me wonder what they “laugh (about) when they’re together”.

    I’m not a fan of Chris Rock, and I know little about Lake Bell. Reading this has me wondering about what “similar personalities “ might mean. I wish everyone the security of loving, supportive relationships. So, I hope that they can help each other grow in good directions, and I hope that they are finding things to laugh about together that don’t involve other people’s pain.

  5. Michael says:

    Lake Bell does the voice of Poison Ivy on the Harley Quinn animated show. She is very good at it and has great chemistry with Kaley Cuoco (at least vocal chemistry)

  6. girl_ninja says:

    It’s not surprising that he found his white woman as he clearly hates black women. Imagine having black daughters and hating women and BLACK women at that? So pathetic.

  7. Lady jane says:

    I went to see his Ego Death show – he didn’t denigrate black women at all. Maybe he has during other stand up tours.

    • girl_ninja says:

      Have you seen his Good Hair documentary? He disrespects black women plenty in that.

    • Haylie says:

      He made a whole movie about how much he hated being married to his black wife pre-divorce and tried to get out of paying child support for his adopted black daughter because unlike Lola, she wasn’t biologically his. I won’t even touch his portrayal of his black mom in Everybody Hates Chris.

      Him going after Meghan Markle in his comedy routine tracks with black men who resent biracial women dating white men, even as they wouldn’t be caught dead with another black woman.

      He’s a creep and I hope the next irate husband slaps him with a closed fist.

      • Lukie says:

        To be fair, he does date Black women…of the more ambiguous variety 😒

        He is also perfectly fine letting his homie, C.K. Louis use the n-word.

        Sometimes I completely understand why Black women divest. Yup. Sure do.

      • Ameerah says:

        ALL OF THIS.

      • sunny says:

        All the applause! So much of his work is talking shit about black women. He is pathetic.

        Don’t know much about Lake but good luck to her with this misogynist.

    • Ameerah says:

      Cool. Have you seen literally any of his other shows and specials? Or his Good Hair documentary?

  8. Bobbie says:

    Bless his heart. She’s not 22.

  9. Sandy Wilkins says:

    I love the movie Man Up Lake Bell was in. Her costar was Simon Pegg. Very funny movie about dating.

  10. SpankyB says:

    I thought it was Lindsey Kraft, Allison on Grace and Frankie. I was about to post that I like her on Grace and Frankie then thought I should probably look up the actor’s name to make sure it was the same person. It wasn’t. LOL

  11. Lukie says:

    I used to run into Lake Bell at a nail salon in Manhattan. She comes off as a sweet, unassuming, friendly person that smiled a lot. I can also say, she was not stingy when it came to tipping her nail person.

  12. SIde Eye says:

    Thank you fellow posters who have pointed out that this guy hates Black women. His entire schtick is a giant put down of Black women. He’s vile. Remember in his crap documentary when Oprah tells him that’s her real hair and he doesn’t believe her, he goes and inspects her scalp putting his nasty grubby hands all in there like as if to say: there’s no way a Black woman could have real hair this nice! This shall not stand! GTFOH.

    I’m not surprised he’s going after Meghan. He seems exactly like the type of douche who gets offended when Black women marry White men – only cause the thought of another community desiring us or seeing us as worthy of marriage deeply offends him. We’re supposed to be available to be sh** on by him with no other options.

    I don’t have an opinion on Lake one way or another, but I do wonder why she finds him funny and it makes me think maybe I missed something there. Lastly, Amanda Peet has more talent in her little finger than this one – sorry, not sorry. Please see Amanda Peet as Betty Broderick in Season 2 of Dirty John on Netflix – she is riveting in that role. She also once guest starred on a Law & Order episode and blew me away. Amanda has real chops. Lake can do better. I always feel so bad for Chris Rock’s daughters. Didn’t one of them block him on Instagram or something? What a self hating douche.

  13. TheBayTea says:

    I love Lake Bell. I find her really hilarious, and I’m surprised she’s dating Rock because she seems like a lovely person. She also writes/directs. Personally LOVE “In a World” and Children’s Hospital.

  14. jferber says:

    I think she dated Colin Farrell.