Pete Davidson’s biggest goal: ‘I wanna have a kid. That’s like my dream’

It’s wild how I used to not like Pete Davidson at all and I used to think he was a skeevy creep. Nowadays, I kind of like him? He’s not my fave or anything, but I do like him. I also think he’s changed and matured a lot in recent years, which definitely helps. It’s sort of fun to watch his relationship with Kim Kardashian, a single mother of four kids, and watch him step up to that in a real way. Like, he genuinely seems to enjoy being with a mom. He enjoys being with Kim’s kids. So, Kevin Hart has a new Peacock series called Hart to Heart, where he interviews celebrities and friends. Pete was one of the first guests, and in a preview, Pete talked about how he can’t wait to be a dad.

Pete Davidson hopes to start a family of his own one day! In a sneak peak of Kevin Hart’s Hart to Heart series, which premieres on Peacock on July 14, the former Saturday Night Live star, 28, opened up about his desire to become a father, admitting that he’s looking forward to eventually starting a new “chapter” of his life.

“My favorite thing ever, which I have yet to achieve, I wanna have a kid. That’s like my dream. It’s like, super corny,” said Davidson. Hart, 43, then quickly interjected, telling Davidson, “That’s not super corny – that’s the best godd— thing you could do in life.”

“It would be so fun. Dress up the little dude,” continued the comedian. “That’s kind of what I’m just preparing for now, is just trying to be as good as a dude, develop and get better so when that happens it’s just easier.”

Davidson also admitted that despite him having a “not great” childhood, he considers himself a “family guy.”

“Dad passed early. Single mom. New sister,” he said earlier in the clip, referencing his younger sibling who was around “2 to 3 years old” at the time of his father’s death. “Just did not handle it great. It was just like a f–-ing nightmare.”

Davidson’s father, Scott, a New York City firefighter, died in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks when he was just 7 years old. “I tell my friends that all the time if my childhood was fine I’d probably be a construction worker in Staten Island and be the happiest guy ever,” Davidson added. “But that weird s— that it does to you, made me love comedy.”

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I love that he talks about how he’s trying to be better in preparation for fatherhood, and that it’s a real goal in his mind. All too often, that kind of conversation and goal-setting is exclusive to women, at least culturally here in America. Parenthood is something women prepare for and plan, while it just “happens” to men. Anyway, all of this just made me wonder if Kim and Pete will have a baby together. I really wonder…

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  1. Bettyrose says:

    When I was growing up, my guy friends talked much more about future kids than my female friends. I always thought that was because to girls it was a future adult responsibility but to the guys it just sounded fun. Anyway if Kk breed with PD, won’t that make her the first one to have two baby daddies? I wonder if she’s open to that.

    • Turkeylurkey says:

      Prediction: if Kourtney manages to get pregnant, the others will follow. Especially Kim who cannot stand for Kourtney to get even a sliver of attention.

      • Bettyrose says:

        I was thinking about that too. I wish Kourtney all the best for having a baby with her new husband. It’s good that she doesn’t care (any more) about the absurd rule of only one father when she’s starting a new life with a new love. But KK would of course be doing it for all the wrong reasons. I bet Pete would be a good dad, though. Would he have to move to LA full time? Would he be happy there?

      • KC says:

        THIS! I’ve always thought this is why Kourtney stuck with Scott so long (so she could have all her kids with one person), why Khloe made it work with what’s-his-face (she wanted at least one more kid), and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kylie patched things up with Travis for this reason. Somehow, whether it was verbal advice or life experience, these women learned from Kris the cautionary tale of not having kids with more than one man.

        IF Kourtney manages to have another kid with her husband, Kim will likely follow suit with Pete and maybe even compete to get there first so their kids are around the same age. Otherwise, I see Kim and Pete splitting over this (this comment, as well as Kris’ about having kids unwed, could be paving the way for a baby or split). IF that happens, that’ll free Khloe up to find someone there is mutual interest and respect with. If Kris can get Khloe and Kendall in relationships and baby-ready at the same time we will all die knowing their legacy/fame probably never will and it’s possible someone from the klan will become president one day. These folks are doing their part to populate the earth!

        Question: does anyone think Kim will actually put her body through having another baby though?🤔

    • Ange says:

      I don’t think she can do it physically anyway, due to her issues with her placenta. They’d get a surrogate.

  2. Woke says:

    I can’t warm up to him I don’t hate or even dislike him he’s just uninteresting to me and he’s not that funny. For the kids I think Kim is done plus the whole clan seems obsessed with the idea of having the same baby daddy so yeah I don’t see it. But anything can happen.

  3. Tila says:

    Interesting to see Kim embrace her whiteness now she’s with Pete. No Bo Derek braids!

    • Bettyrose says:

      Call me when she lays off the fake tans.

    • Meeka says:

      She wouldn’t be treated as white most of her life since she doesn’t look white. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t do a lot of weird stuff with black culture and aesthetics. You don’t have to be white to be anti black.

    • SarahCS says:

      I’m still surprised by her latest body when I see recent pics. I’d got so used to the cartoon proportions this just looks odd.

  4. Lucy says:

    This is why I like him, he’s vulnerable and is actively working on being healthier and a better person. That and he’s funny.

    I don’t think Kim is going to be the one he has kid(s) with, but he reminds me of guys I worked with (in construction) who married women with kids and always treated the children as their own in a good way. Best of luck to him.

    • SophieJara says:

      The vulnerability resonates with me too! He’s a very thoughtful person, but a lot of people just watch his stand up and think he’s adolescent. His humor definitely is. I think I have a soft spot for him because my sister was also diagnosed with BPD in her twenties and it’s gone a lot worse for her. Having someone famous and successful who is really dedicated to and open about treatment, failures, and therapy has been really inspiring for us.

    • Bettyrose says:

      I hope it’s not Kim. Maybe a woman in New York? I just feel like it would get really messy after they split up. She has four other children and won’t ever be moving to NYC full time.

  5. C says:

    Didn’t his mom basically approve of him having a kid with her? based on some IG comment? Bunch of weirdos, lol.

    • bettyrose says:

      I’m sure Pete’s mom just wants to see him happy. It’s not really her place to dictate who her adult son has kids with, but I’m guessing if pressed she would agree that she doesn’t want to see him divorced and trapped in LA to be near his kid.

  6. Lolo86lf says:

    I do love Pete Davidson too. That time when he roasted Ann Coulter to a crisp was fantastic for me but I digress. It’s great that his biological clock is ticking and he wants to have a kid, but I am not sure that Kim Kardashian is willing to have another baby even through surrogacy. I tacitly assume that he would expect Kim to give him a child if they end up getting serious and get married otherwise he would be wasting his time getting involved with a woman who is done having children.

  7. kelleybelle says:

    “That’s like my dream.” Is it your dream? Or is it only like your dream? Which is it? I hear “like” one more time, I will scream. But I guess if they all want to sound like air-headed Valley girls, that’s up to them.

  8. Bookie says:

    He’s grown on me too.

  9. AAW says:

    He sounds like a 15 year old. He wants a child to “dress him up”????? Good god, get a grip.

  10. Tara says:

    I do like him however I hope Kim does not want any kids with him. She has 4 she does not need anymore. Yes they are great together but he’s only 28. He has plenty of time to kids with someone else after they inevitably break up.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      I really LOVE your point. The thing going for Pete is that men can have children even in their fifties.

      • bettyrose says:

        Theoretically men can sire babies in their 50s, but realistically their sperm count degrades, there’s a much higher risk of chromosomal defects, and if the goal is to raise children as a hands on father, there’s an upper limit to how old you can be with toddlers (and do you want to be 70 waiting up till midnight to hear about prom?) If Pete wants kids, I hope he finds the right partner in his 30s.

  11. Dashen'ka says:

    Sure, narcissistic people always do.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      I don’t have a degree in psychology but I don’t see how narcissism would compel a person to have a child. For narcissistic people is all about them and every parent I know tells me that when you have a child you no longer are number one but your child becomes the most important thing in your life.

      • C says:

        Narcissists have children all the time! They love to have children to control and dress up and force them into either better versions/worshippers of themselves and to show off their own image. Google the golden child/scapegoat dichotomy.

        I don’t know if Pete is one but I think Kim is.

  12. Sean says:

    The only thing I can think of now when I read about these two is the MM dress she ruined.

    She took on a unhealthy diet and exercise regimen to lose weight quickly and got anxious when it became apparent she wasn’t going to fit all the way. He supportively held her hands and reminded her to “breathe”.

    Preparing for a life-altering experience or physical challenge? No, she was just being egotistical while destroying a historical garment that was never meant for her. And he enabled her.

    I know it’s done and over with. There are more important things in life, etc. But that’s all I think about when I see these two. She acted like wearing MM’s gown was a major undertaking when it was only about her hubris. And he supported her through it.

  13. Bash says:

    I like him a lot more than I like Kim K.

    • Truthiness says:

      Same. He’s friends with Mulaney and has visited and held the baby so I’m betting he became open to it there. Honestly it’s a huge improvement from his early twenties when he was suicidal 24/7 and using. He accepted help from comedy friends like Bob Saget who stayed on the phone for hours and made sure he and his mom knew the best doctors and medicines that would help. It’s like watching somebody grow up into a better person. And a person wise enough to send Kris Jenner flowers.

  14. Molly says:

    After all she went through for the ones she has, I don’t see Kim wanting more. He’s gonna have to check that box with someone else unless he’s content with step kids.

  15. jferber says:

    He’s an idiot if he thinks Kim is the right one to procreate with–that family will eat him alive anyway, but with a kid, it will last FOREVER.

  16. DuchessL says:

    Pete seems to me like a great dude. Why would so many woman accept to date him? I think he’s a great match with Kim. This is like a new era for the kardashians. Kourtney and travis barker, best friends with MGK and megan fox, who is bff with pete davidson. It’s a new vibe. I kinda like this change.

  17. ME says:

    Well he can practise with Kim’s kids. Although, it will be quite different when he has one of his own…unless he becomes a billinaire or has a baby with a billionaire. I am sure playing with Kim’s kids seems fun because they fly around in private jets, go on shopping sprees, go on lavish vacations, probably have every damn toy/video game imaginable….not to mention all the designer clothes. Oh and they all have nannies…and chefs to make the kids food, and maids to clean up after the kids. He is only seeing the “fun” part of parenting because that’s all Kim has to deal with.

  18. KC says:

    🤔The-artist-formerly-known-as-Kanye-whose-recent-name-is-currently-alludes-me has been pretty quiet of late. I hope the rants are over and there will be no tomfoolery in response to this.