“Lady Gaga’s longtime dancers quit just before her new tour begins” links

Several of Lady Gaga’s longtime dancers quit her tour because of toxic drama with Gaga’s choreographer. Little Monsters are up in arms. [LaineyGossip]
Tom Hiddleston’s gross fans are attacking Zawe Ashton online. [Pajiba]
Emily Blunt’s bright, watercolor-esque Roksanda is meh/eh. [Go Fug Yourself]
More on the Emmy Award nomination snubs. [Gawker]
James Franco got a job. Gross. [Dlisted]
Robert Pattinson & Suki Waterhouse held hands in NYC. [Just Jared]
Neil deGrasse Tyson is excited over the James Webb telescope photos. [Seriously OMG]
Selena Gomez promotes her beauty line in Europe. [RCFA]
Martin Lawrence wants to make Bad Boys 4. [Buzzfeed]
Reality shows are out here faking positive drug tests?! [Starcasm]
Idris Elba has entered the skincare industry, wow. [Towleroad]
LOL, Dua Lipa’s Puma collection is spectacularly ugly. [Egotastic]

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  1. Blithe says:

    The Hiddleston / Ashton piece is excellent. It’s important to note and to call out the unhinged racism that often gets focused on Black women in interracial relationships — often in the guise of supposedly “reasonable “ criticism.

    • C says:

      “Unhinged Racism” sums it up . I’m just thinking about what Jodie Turner Smith, Jaz Sinclair,F.K. Twigs , Meghan Markle and a slew of others have gone through. It’s like these racist fans blow a fuse everyone their favorite actor is coupled with a black women especially. The comments on Lucky Blue Smiths instagram after he got married were stomach turning. On the other end Zazie Beetz had racist misogynistic abuse hearld at her from Black men online same with Jodie Turner Smith and Tamara Mowery.

      • Truthiness says:

        Love is love. Jodie Turner Smith and Pacey are not just cute together (in their actions and words) but they are one of the hottest couples on the planet. I wish all the congrats in the world to Hiddleston, Ashton, and the Hiddlesbaby on the way.

      • Jackie jacks says:

        Love Jodie Turner Smith. She is like a living Barbie doll she is so stunning. I hate the majority of the fashion / outfits she puts together but goodness she is gorgeous!!!!!

    • Concern Fae says:

      One of the things that has to be faced is that there is so much toxic behavior that goes on in all white spaces. Look at the people saying Cumberbatch and his wife faked her pregnancies and hired actors to play their children and she’s the head of a human trafficking ring (alternates between setting actresses as prostitutes and pedo-garbage). Plus the whole Outlander shipping thing. And any of half a dozen others. That Alexandra Grant is a witch who holds onto Keanu through black magic.

      And then race gets added and it’s just another level. But we can’t pretend that this is just the racists. There is a whole swamp of white toxicity that needs to be drained and dealt with when it’s still white on white, so that the rest of the world doesn’t effen’ have to deal with it.

      • Ines says:

        The Cumberbatch thing was insane. And if Sophie had been black, well… the world would have exploded.

  2. Bettyrose says:

    I’m ashamed in behalf of all Hiddles fans. I absolutely lust for him as Loki (but also in general love ginger dudes, especially with sexy accents). But honestly not interested in his personal life other than wishing him well. This craziness is awful. That poor woman.

  3. jferber says:

    Lady Gaga needs to address her toxic choreographer. Demand he treat the dancers better. Fire him if he doesn’t. Period.

    • North of Boston says:

      Exactly… she’s the boss and the headliner… if she tolerates a toxic team member it’s on her.

    • ANON says:

      Take with a big grain of salt. I have friends who are Gaga super-fans. Even as fans, they say she’s been known to have an entitled streak. Believes people around her should be “grateful.”

      I don’t have skin in this game, but she looks bad in this story. Treat your workers right.

    • Snoozer says:

      Okay so, years ago I toured with a major festival in my country for the job I was doing at the time. The head security guys run security for every major festival and tour that comes here. I asked them who were the worst musicians they ever had to deal with and they said Robbie Williams and Lady Gaga, hands down.

      They said Robbie was f*cked up on drugs and would f*ck anything that moved and it was really hard to manage him and his security. Presumably now that he is sober and a family man, he might be a bit different.

      They said Gaga was a cokehead and a deeply nasty person. She made everyone around her miserable. She was very messy emotionally and insanely demanding. They said she was so bad to work with that she had to cancel a tour here because all of the security companies refused to work with her and she couldn’t get anyone to do her security.

      Now, I will allow for the fact that she might have done a lot of growing up since then and is likely a lot easier to work for. However, it would not surprise me at all if she was still extremely difficult and demanding. Much easier to say she is great and it was all the chereographer, right? None of her dancers are going to call her out too and risk the wrath of her deranged stans.

      I think this might be a similar situation to Ellen. She is not directly responsible for all of the toxicity; but she fosters an environment of toxicity, has people working for her who are toxic and do a lot of her ‘dirty work’, and is herself difficult but can, of course, be charming as hell under the right circumstances.

      But, all of this is speculation.

      • Div says:

        @Snoozer She’s obviously responsible to some degree for negligence and letting the choreographer create a toxic work environment, but I don’t know why you think she’s to blame and the choreographer is a scapegoat when the dancers clearly say the issue is the choreographer. Not only that, they probably barely deal with Gaga in person and went out of their way, when calling out the choreographer, to say this has nothing to do with Gaga, they like her, but has everything to do with the choreographer. She definitely did use to be a major cokehead-I say this as a fan-but cleaned up her act circa 2014-ish.

  4. Genevieve says:

    It is 100%, crystal clear that the ONLY move Gaga needs to make is to fire that nightmare choreographer and move mountains to re-hire those longtime dancers. There is NO other good choice here. I’ve noticed that her comments on Instagram are clean of this issue. Something is up with that tour.

    I am a longtime Gaga fan and absolutely loved Chromatica, it came out during the deepest darkest holes of the pandemic, so it was a light in my life. I bought myself a single ticket to see her in a neighboring state. What a disappointment. There isn’t even any tour promo or previews or mention of that tour on social media, so the disaster seems like it has been quietly brewing for some time.

    • Coco says:

      I’m surprised that her Instagram is free from this. From Reading the post this is trending on Twitter so people are talking about it.

      Do you know if Gaga runs her Instagram account ? Because it sounds like someone is deleting any comments talking about it.

    • Tiffany:) says:

      Firing the choreographer on the eve of the tour is such a consequential move. It would mean that you either couldn’t use their choreography, and would have to re-do the entire show…or you’d have to pay them to go away and still use their routines, which they might make incredibly expensive. Or, maybe because the termination would be related to HR issues, maybe there is a way around that. Sounds like a headache all around, but for her employees sake, I hope they find a way to take the choreographer off of the tour.

    • Missjo says:

      Seems like a continuation of her copying the Madonna playbook
      I remember when Madge screwed over her long term dancers who were all featured in her truth or dare documentary
      Including exposing their homosexuality on a worldwide scale at a time when it wasn’t safe to do so especially in the communities some of them were from and filming private moments without letting them know that it was going to be a major documentary and not financially compensating them for the private off-stage footage used that was not part of their contract as dancers

  5. girl_ninja says:

    I am so f*cking disgusted with the particular strain of Tom Hiddleston “fans” who are outright trash racists. I knew this would happen because it almost always does with cis male actors fan base but it still angers me. I hope Zawe has a healthy pregnancy and safe labor and delivery. I hope that Tom is supportive in every way a partner/husband should be and that they live happily in love all of their days.

    The James Webb telescope photos have been mind bending and damn amazing. I can’t believe how vast outer space is and how small earth is in it.

    • bettyrose says:

      But he hasn’t done anything to court racist fans? I guess he dated Swifty when she was still in her “America’s sweetheart” stage and hadn’t yet told her white supremacist fans to eff off. I’m not blaming Swifty for this hate, just that I can’t think of anything else he did that put him in range of these nuts. Okay, actually, I guess being in the MCU (although a Jewish creation) is incel/white supremacy adjacent. So that actually really sucks. Can we take it back from them?

      • Coco says:

        Him dating Taylor has nothing to do with it. He’s a white celebrity and that’s all that they need .

      • girl_ninja says:

        Taylor doesn’t have anything to do with Tom’s strain of racist fans. That’s all the doing of those horrible people.

      • North of Boston says:

        Incels and bigots gonna incel and bigot whether courted or invited or what have you. They’ll swarm to dog whistles but try to occupy and control every airspace the way Republicans and theocratic SCJs try to occupy all women’s bodies whether invited or not.

        It’s up to the rest of us to not stand for it … to call it out, not tolerate it in our presence, to stand up as allies and human beings, to care for fellow humans, love and support them (and ask them what they need, want from us).

        I’m guessing in general it looks like being more ‘Chris Evans clapping back at THR that Sam Wilson IS Captain America’ and less ‘ JJ Abrams et al folding to gross bigotry and sidelining Finn and Rose because some nasty white fanboys screamed about characters in a sci-fi movie.’

        Fandoms have a nasty dark side, including entitlement, racism and misogyny… with misogynoir being a particularly vile aspect of it.

      • Lightpurple says:

        He had insanely, overly possessive, toxic fans, with outrageous entitlement issues, long before he met Taylor. They stalked and harassed Jane Arthy. There were Tumblir pages devoted to attacking her. Any woman anywhere near him has been subjected to this. It was only going to get worse for a woman of color. The racist garbage is disgusting. I wish Zawe all the best and much happiness but I don’t envy the abuse those so-called fans hurl at her. Nobody should ever have to endure that.

    • Merricat says:

      Those photographs are blowing my mind. It’s so freaking exciting!

  6. Merricat says:

    Those are not “fans,” except in the obsessive sense. If you’re a fan of an actor, a writer, a musician, whatever, why on earth would you attack the person he/she/they love? It’s disturbing, immature, and hateful, to say the least.

  7. HeyKay says:

    Those fans of actors that go online to trash the SO of their celeb crushes are just over the top living in a dream world.
    Millionaire, world famous actors i.e. Cumberbatch, Hiddels, Keanu, etc. are Out.Of.Your.League haters!
    Stop with the all the hate. Racists are having a field day IRL and on the web.

  8. JRenee says:

    Gaga has a real mess on her hands, this sounds like it’s going to be expensive to fix.

  9. Ange says:

    Who called Khloe having another kid with Tristan? Everyone? Great. My lord.

    • Beenie says:

      Me. I had literally no doubt she would. This belief that if you have kids with one baby daddy then it’s somehow better/more proper than having kids with two men is SO F-ING WEIRD to me and honestly I never even heard of it until the Kardashians came along.

  10. Div says:

    I’m curious as to what artists do when something like that happens (a mess with a choreographer or artistic director a major behind the scenes figure). Gaga’s tour starts in less than a week-can she even fire the choreographer with such little time to go due to contracts, etc.? The dancers, in Lainey’s article, go out of the way to say they have a lot of affection/love for Gaga despite the drama with her toxic choreographer, so I don’t think she’ll get any truly bad press for this as the dancers clearly hold the choreographer to blame & don’t blame her (even if she’s negligent for having hired him). But I imagine they might start to get angry if she doesn’t fire him…

    I imagine an artists best bet in a situation like this-where there isn’t enough time to conduct an investigation into misconduct-is to simply fire the offending party and offer them a giant check so they don’t later get sued for wrongful termination.

    • Sass says:

      Not sure if it’s a thing in the US, but I’d be ‘standing down’ the choreographer on full pay, pending an investigation, and telling my dancers they have a safe environment to work in, and finish the tour