Brad Pitt trades in his newsboy cap for a fedora


Because it’s a slow gossip day, let’s enjoy looking at some new Brad Pitt pictures. Brad was hanging out in Studio City, California yesterday, fresh off of his weekend motorcycle accident. Brad’s so monochromatic. I told you guys! After I saw pictures of Suri Cruise all in red, I knew monochromatic would be making a comeback, and here we are. Brad in shades of gray. I think he looks pretty hot, but I want to note two things. First, I think Brad carries his wallet in his front pocket (note the square bulge in his front pocket)… probably so we can see his cute ass. Secondly, he’s not wearing a newsboy cap! Instead, he’s wearing some kind of … fedora? Is he Dick Tracy? Is he investigating The Case of the Missing Newsboy Cap?

As for his scruff, I actually think he trimmed it. It was looking totally wild a few weeks ago, and it looks more controlled now. I find that for most women, it doesn’t even matter about the guy, they already know if they like scruff or beards or goatees or whatever. I know that I’m completely open to it. The first guy I ever loved had a very fussy little goatee, and since then, I’ve always loved facial hair. While I wish Brad would really trim the front part of his beard, I like the scruff generally.

Back to Brad’s weekend accident. While the initial reports had a paparazzo maybe causing the accident, Radar put up a compelling video of the incident, and I can say in good faith that the accident was entirely Brad’s own fault. He was trying to ride between a row of parked cars and a row of cars waiting at a stop light. He clips one of the parked cars, and he goes down. He looks pretty dumb doing it too. So what was with all of the reporting that a paparazzo cut him off or whatever? Weird. It seems after that little incident, Brad has upgraded to a Camaro SS (photos of the car here and here). The Camaro looks pretty bitchin’. If we were living in 1976. Or whenever Dick Tracy lived!

Here’s Brad in Studio City yesterday afternoon. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .

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  1. Praise St. Angie! says:

    man, the new Camaro is SO FREAKIN’ UGLY.

    so…now it comes out that Brad was making an illegal move and THAT’S why he fell of his bike?

    Interesting…now will all the brangeloonies who were blaming the paps now admit that the golden boy did wrong?

  2. Firestarter says:


    Not the newsboy!

  3. Kim says:

    Obviously he drove between the cars, which is legal in CA.for some strange reason, because he was trying to get away from the paps following him. If he wasn’t been followed then there would be no pics or video of the accident. The paps had pics of him before the accident so why do they need to follow celebs 24/7. BTW there was a pap in the Camry behind Brad in the pics.

  4. RobN says:

    Motorcylists lanesplit all the time without being chased by paps. It’s legal and extremely common. What’s not true is that he looks hot. He’s a scrubby mess. It used to be the cuteness made up for the failure to bathe and the bad skin. Not any more.

  5. Kim says:

    Praise St Angelina What illegal move was he making? Please enlighten us

  6. Praise St. Angie! says:

    aha…I stand corrected. according to highway safety websites, it’s prohibited in almost every place in the US except for CA…legal there because of the CHP motorcycles.

    but yeah, that’s on HIGHWAYS. and it’s considered legal only if it’s done “safely”. and NOT on city streets.

    regardless of the legality, it’s a dangerous practice, and he was clearly not trying to get away from paps chasing him. he was simply impatient and didn’t want to wait at the stop sign.

  7. princess pea says:

    Well there ya go, Praise. You wondered how the loonies would interpret the notion that Brad might be responsible for his own accident and voila! Kim provides, and it only took her 2 minutes!

  8. Carole says:

    I don’t think that’s his wallet in his front pocket. It’s probably his cell phone (looks like an iphone or possibly a blackberry)

  9. Kim says:

    “He was simply impatient…”So now you are a mind reader. There are pics of this incident on 4 different pap agencies’ sites therefore he was been followed by a least that many agencies and they all send out at least 2-3 cars .Maybe he got frustrated with their erratic stalking behavior.I dk but neither do you.

  10. Charity is Chic says:

    Now if only he could trade in that face for hot Brad circa 1998-2004. After that he starts turning into a douche and then a hot mess and then just a mess.

  11. Firestarter says:

    You know when I was a kid, I saw a horrific accident on a highway when my grandmother and I were out one day. A motorcyclist couldn’t wait for two truckers to pass one another, so he decided to go in between the two trucks. BIG MISTAKE! Suffice it to say, the memory of that day has never faded from my mind.

    I don’t care what is legal or illegal, if you have a bit of sense, you do not weave in and out of traffic, stopped or otherwise. People have blind spots and nothing is certain.

    As far as The Brad goes, it was his fault. Spin it however you like, but both he and his newsboy hat, know the truth of what happened. It wasn’t the paps, it was HIM!

    Umm, and those of you SWEARING that it was the paps, you do know that civilians were taking pictures of the mess and they can sell them to various agencies. With a signature and a check, a photo agency can claim them as their own, even if they were not taken by their photogs. Just sayin. But hey, keep justifying his carelessness by claiming foul from the paps. It makes him sound so much more of an innocent in the whole debaucle.

  12. Kim says:

    Pea and I wonder why when a story about this couple is posted people who can’t stand them are the first to post comments. Why are you on the thread of someone you hate . At least fans have a reason to be here. BTW obviously BP was at fault for the accident. I never said he wasn’t. I simply said the paps were following him. Oh I’m sure Clooney and Damon will make fun of him when they see the footage . I chuckled when I saw it. Gotta go Have a nice day everyone

  13. Praise St. Angie! says:

    yes, actually, I AM a mind reader…

    (Insert eye roll…)

    Kim, anyone who has eyes and has seen the footage (as I have) can see that there is no one “chasing” him. he eases up behind the last car, and then tries to slip between the cars so he doesn’t have to wait for them to get through the stop sign. There is no erratic driving done by anyone that I can see.

    just stop making excuses for him. no paps were at fault. in THIS case, the golden boy messed up. it really is that simple.

    “but both he and his newsboy hat, know the truth of what happened”

    and firestarter, THIS is why I love you. 🙂

  14. princess pea says:

    Oh Kim, don’t misunderstand me. I am practically a hater, except I can’t muster up enough energy to bother hating on these two.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Brad was showing off his fancy bike and made a stupid move. He is PR savvy enough; I don’t think he gets stressed out by a couple of photogs.

  15. lucy says:

    I’m sorry, but he just looks gross. I don’t think there is anything attractive about him anymore – I think he’s aging badly (compared to some of the other guys his age and older) and he seems to go out of his way to dress poorly and look ratty. No thank you.

    I doubt someone like him worries about a few photographers around him. In fact, celebs like him probably worry more if they’re NOT followed around.

  16. Firestarter says:

    Hmm, last I knew, there were no set rules on posting on this site, other than the obvious ones. I comment on ALL the posts because I want to. I do not have to be a fan to comment on a post. So by your logic, unless we like Polanski, Jude Law’s baby mama, Chris Brown, etc, we are not allowed to comment on those individuals either.

    Back at you St.Angie! We are the bad ones here it would seem! ; )

  17. Munkey says:

    LMAO at Kim getting all worked up about whether or not Brad was at fault in a minor fender bender. The crazies never fail to disappoint.

  18. birdie says:

    where are his tattoos? The ones on his lower arms should be visible in some of the photos but he looks clean.

  19. justathought says:

    right Munkey! whats the big deal? yawn…now on to the next celebrity…..

  20. Botox brad says:

    Brad pitt is an attention wh)re. I swear he is the only A list man that is constantly in tabloids and constanly paparazzied. The rest can go months without being seen. Hell, angelina hasn’t been seen in weeks.

  21. coucou says:

    Brad, step away from the goatee…fire the facial hair…ban the beard…so NOT sexy…unless of course, it’s what Ange uses to lead him around with…now that could be sexy…man, I’m reaching here…never thought it’d come to this. What a way to mess up a sweet face.

  22. Rosalee says:

    I always assumed that Brad Pitt was the Robert Redford of his generation. But, Robbie baby always looked fabulous and didn’t depend on a hat to display his hotness. I wonder when The Pitt is going to shave that rat’s nest off his face?

  23. TwinkleToes says:

    He’s wearing this look b/c he’s so tired of being the pretty boy. He wants to experience life like a normal person. That vid of him falling on the bike is precious. Wonder if he was high or drunk.
    I’ve found not highlighting my hair, doing endless pilates and wearing regular clothes that women are nicer to me but so are men because I look approachable. Sometimes it is refreshing but other times I’ve been looked down upon by people who would have normally looked at me with awe and envy and that can be frustrating.

  24. Snurby says:

    @ coucou – hilarious!!

    What happened to the sexy, handsome man that used to be Brad Pitt? I miss the original.

  25. viper says:

    Camero looks like a mustang then again so did Transformers BB but I do agree this model sucks.

  26. Freitag says:

    He was drunken by the crash … and this the truth he is a drunken old man.
    Sorry Brad

  27. keira says:

    Kim, don’t concern yourself w/these losers. They are a bunch of nobodies who spend ALL their time trashing celebs with no direct impact on their lives. Then, when you disagree with them, they become angry, call you loony, crazy. They are not worth the effort, really, as it’s obvious they don’t have real jobs, or more important interests. Just a bunch of losers STILL hung up on Brad/Jen when most people have moved on–like 4 1/2 yrs ago. Talking to them is being pulled down to the sewer level. And, it’s why I never really comment on these posts anymore.

  28. Emily says:

    Kaiser, that’s a trilby, not a fedora. Indiana Jones wears a fedora, it has a much wider brim.

  29. hello! says:

    St. Angie, your crazy is showing. “The golden boy did wrong”? “The golden boy messed up”? Are you f-in serious??? Who thinks of him as the “golden boy”? He’s an actor not some God! He split lanes and got into an accident. Happens to many. He didn’t commit a major crime, so stop your weird gloating. It’s obvious that you and your ilk are obsessed with it, because you are here talking about it the most. 4 posts on Brad Pitt? You need a life.

  30. June says:

    So what if Brad does not look like he did 5 years ago? Any man that loves his partner , loves and takes care of his family ,is beautiful in my book.

    Brad works, provides for his family and spends family time with them. I will take Brad the Billy Goat anytime.

    Looks are not everything, nothing is more gorgeous and sexy, than a man that loves and takes care of his family.

  31. June says:

    You do not have to be beautiful and goodlooking to be a good parent and partner.

    I’m sure in Brad’s partner and kid’s eyes, he is the most awesome man and best father in the world.

  32. Snurby says:

    Calm down June, relax…. I didn’t hear anyone say he wasn’t a good parent.

    But the truth is he’s not as attractive as he once was and the facial hair isn’t doing anything to help. Period.

  33. LolaBella says:

    Let’s talk about the real issue here…when is he going to shave off that ridiculous goatee??!! Cannot have the hot grotto sexin’ with him sporting that thing! *Shudder*

  34. hannah says:

    keira, what makes you think that because somebody is mocking the loonies that they want brad and jen to be together? it is possible to not really care for brangelina without giving a
    sh!t about brads exes, maybe, they just think brad pitt is not all that he is made out to be?

    Plus, celebrities choose the attention…as somebody else noted, brad seems to be the only A-list man always in the tabloids, he doesn’t have to be…there are ways to remain out of the limelight.

  35. Anak says:

    Old, ugly, vain. Ridiculous.

  36. gee_gee says:

    Lookit. I have never been one to concern myself over much with Brad Pitt. He’s not really my type. But dude? A hat is the least of your worries right now. You could be so pretty if you only tried. Shave off the billy goat. ALL of it.

  37. andrea says:

    less brad, more ryan gosling!

  38. CC says:

    I think it’s funny that a bunch of internet dorks are making fun of Brad and calling him ugly. Let’s see what you all look like? Bring out those pics. I bet you guys would make Billy Goat Thornton here look like a Roman God, by comparison. That’s why you all are on the internet all the time. No one can stand you fuglies.

  39. mockingbird says:

    That is a hard-pack of cigarettes in his front left pants pocket… not a wallet nor a cellphone.

    Nothing attactive about him, whatsoever, and never was…

  40. Lita says:

    I am tired of “you have a dissenting point of view, you jealous h8r, post a pic of you, you must be an ugly virgin netphile with no life.” It is so very, very old. I propose a solution: let’s make a website of all the usual-suspect honeys that post here and we can hit an automated “refer link” button so they can see you are not a 2ft tall, 6ft wide dwarf with acne.

    Firestarter, I think you will have to be the inaugural member. Praise St Angie, you can be treasurer.

  41. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Who thinks of him as the “golden boy”?”

    crazies like you, apparently.

    if you read all of my posts, I was referring to the bat-shit crazy brangeloonies who were crying up and down that the paps MUST have been chasing and harassing him. which they weren’t. I was just questioning whether or not those loonies who were freaking out about the “horrible paps!” would now admit that their GOLDEN BOY (yes, they think of him that way) did wrong.

    then, I responded directly to brangeloonie Kim who went practically apoplectic to claim that Pitt wasn’t at fault.

    and correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re not the forum etiquette police are you? no?

    in that case, get bent.

  42. Firestarter says:

    @Lita- Thanks, you can be secretary!LOL!

    Yeah, I am a jelluz h8tr, eating hamburger helper in my parents basement, screaming at the ocean daily and praying at the altar of a stuffed hen that Brad and Jennifer get back together, because I have no life other than wishing for such a beautiful miracle to take place.

    I am no Jen Hen, nor am I a Brageloonie. In fact there isn’t a celebrity, other than maybe Jon Hamm and Rob Zombie, who I am crazy about (Talk s*** on either one and see the loonie I become!). I have an opinion and I air that opinion, and whether people like it or not, I am not terribly concerned. I just get tired of the constant “You love Jen b.s” if you do not kiss ass on the Pitt/Jolie’s. Like who you want, but people do not need to call others crazy and be insulting if they do not conform to your way of thinking.

    I will admit, I do have an INTENSE hatred for The Newsboy hat! I think that hat is the root of all evil and needs to be eliminated! The Newsboy hat is in league with the devil, gerbils of doom and the toxic parrot!

  43. Celia says:

    The facial hair is for his upcoming movie with Sean Penn.

  44. kim says:

    What upcoming movie with Sean Penn? He filmed Tree of Life w/ Sean in 2008 in Texas. I hate the facial hair but then again I hate all facial hair on men… and women.Obviously Brad and Angie don’t care about how they look off the red carpet.

  45. karen says:

    No, St. Angie, you were baiting the fans into an argument. Only Kim took your bait, and then, you called her loon + crazy, of course. Like you know for sure what really happened? Get over yourself. BTW, Kim was about a 100 times more respectful in her responses than you. It just goes to show your childish, troll-like behavior. You want to see a loon? Look in the mirror.

  46. Firestarter says:

    Wow! People certainly get nasty over Pitt on these threads. Fine, we are all loons and we are ALL entitled to our opinions. It would be nice if people could at least be civil to one another.

  47. Praise St. Angie! says:

    yes, I WAS baiting them.

    because they went batshit crazy about the HORRIBLE PAPS! and I wanted to see if they’d admit their mistake. which, of course, they still won’t.

    and I never called Kim crazy. that was for hello! but maybe you’re getting confused because of all your names, kim/kiera/hello!/karen. hello! called ME crazy…why aren’t you going after that poster?

    and yes, I DO know what happened because, as I stated above, I have functional eyes and saw the video.

    and who says I have to be respectful of the loonies (who are in NO way “respectful” of dissenters)? are YOU the forum etiquette police? no?

    then, um…you can get bent, too.

    (and btw, posting under multiple handles gets you banned)

  48. karen says:

    St. Angie, you can’t even remember your own words @ others: “I responded directly to brangeloonie Kim” and you called another poster crazy. You completely contradict yourself. No wonder you think multiple posters are one person. You know, I really don’t understand why you don’t like Angie. You both have SO MUCH in common. LOL.

  49. Firestarter says:

    In the words of Chris Crocker: LEAVE St, Angie ALOOOOOOOOONE!

    Let’s all agree to disagree, but can we at least all agree, the Newsboy hat is EVIL????????

  50. stacy says:

    Wow!! I’m gonna’ get shit for this, but after reading every single post, I have to say that Brad Pitt fans are nucking futs. Seriously, do you guys honestly think this guy gives a rats ass?

    @Firestarter, Praise St. Angie- can i be the PR Exec for this new club that can only involve people that dont get their panties in a bunch whenever a celeb does something wrong? I believe i would make a great asset!

  51. Firestarter says:

    Stacy- Lita is the one who is in charge, but I think she would be totally on board with another member. I say YES, please join our club! : )

  52. stacy says:

    lmao! yay, normalcy!!