Khloe Kardashian ‘wants Tristan involved as much as possible’ with the new baby

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are expecting a son via surrogacy, as we learned this week. The embryo implantation happened in November, just weeks before Khloe learned that Tristan had gotten Maralee Nichols pregnant. Maralee gave birth to her son in December 2021, and after weeks of drama, the paternity test confirmed that Tristan is the father. This means that Tristan already has three children: True (with Khloe), Theo (with Maralee) and 5-year-old Prince (with Jordan Craig, the woman he was with before he started up with Khloe). Reportedly, Tristan hasn’t even met Theo, and I don’t think he sees Prince too often either. Tristan does spend a lot of time with True though, and apparently Khloe hopes that Tristan will be a hands-on father with his third son:

Khloé Kardashian wants to keep ex Tristan Thompson “as involved as possible” when it comes to raising their new baby, a source tells PEOPLE.

The Kardashians star, 38, who is expecting a second baby with Thompson, 31, via surrogate, wants to maintain the co-parenting relationship they already have when it comes to their 4-year-old daughter True, the insider says.

“Just like they do with True, Khloé will co-parent the baby with Tristan,” the source says. “Tristan is the dad and Khloé wants him involved as much as possible. He is great with True.”

The source also adds that Khloé “doesn’t see herself as a single mom.”

“She has a great support system with a lot of help. She feels very lucky,” says the insider.

A source previously told PEOPLE that despite the pair expecting a sibling for True, “Khloé and Tristan are not back together and have not spoken since December outside of co-parenting matters.”

[From People]

I’m a broken record about this but I’ll say it again: despite all of the Kardashian PR about Khloe being done with Tristan romantically, the opposite is true. Khloe has always used True – and now she’ll use this baby boy – as an excuse to keep Tristan in her life. She is completely committed to being Tristan’s doormat and she seems to get off on their toxic, messy, humiliating relationship. All of this crap about “Khloe doesn’t see herself as a single mom” and “she wants him to be really involved” is laying the groundwork for Khloe to get back with Tristan. Then he’ll cheat on her constantly and we’ll have to watch her act shocked or whatever.

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  1. Lucy says:

    Definitely laying the groundwork for them to get back together, if they aren’t already. What happened to the investment guy from last week?! Lol

    • Izzy says:

      “ What happened to the investment guy from last week?!”

      Came here to ask this. LOL. IF he was real, he probably took one look at this drama and decided to hop off of this Hot Mess Express.

    • Lawcatb says:

      Uh, you’ve all obviously forgotten about Khloe’s exciting new relationship. She only wants to co-parent with Tristan. She’s not using her children as a means of keeping herself chained to him. She has good self-esteem now, and knows she deserves better. Haven’t you been listening?!

  2. traci says:

    C’est tragique. These poor children are coming into a dumpster fire of a situation. Tristan is clinging onto Khloe as much as she is to him. They’re both tragic.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      Tristan wants the money and lifestyle. Maybe even the toxicity.
      Khloe is possibly the biggest disaster in the whole family. Worse than rob.
      That girl needs real help. Sincere help.

      Those poor kids. The cycle of abuse. SMH.

  3. plaidsheets says:

    I really don’t understand this. It seems so nonsensical to keep this “relationship” going. I know they’re awful people and know it’s a storyline, however, it just seems like so much go through with a guy who has made it clear he really doesn’t want you. I couldn’t imagine getting repeatedly and publicly kicked like that AND have it on record for my kids to see. I cannot wrap my head around it.

    • ME says:

      He literally has ruined both births now. She found out he cheated right before their daughter was born, and now with their son. Nice memories to have. She just wanted another baby with the same guy. That’s it. These women don’t care about how this will affect their children in the long run. How is he a “good dad” when he’s such a horrible person? Does he even see his other kids? Oh I guess as long as they pretend he’s a good dad to Khloe’s kids it’s all fine.

      • AAW says:

        Oh the delusion. If you’re a “good dad” to one child and you have myriad others that you haven’t met and don’t see…THEN YOU ARE NOT A GOOD DAD. Full stop.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ AAW, that was my interpretation. Tristan isn’t involved with his other children so why would he be involved with True and the baby on the way? He is not a good dad and will never be!

  4. Eurydice says:

    Khloe is an idiot.

    • ME says:

      This is providing great material for the second season of their show…which coincidentally they just released a promo for just two days before the news of Khloe’s surrogate was reported. Coincidence? “Guys check out all the drama with Tristan on our new season, coming soon !” I am sure her mom is thrilled. They need the ratings. This is almost as juicey as Elon Musk’s father admitting to getting his step-daughter pregnant !

  5. K says:

    They will never “be back together.” K being committed to T and T not actually being committed to K is not “being together.” It is being one of the ladies competing for his attention and affection. K isn’t his girlfriend and never was. She is his bottom b*tch.

  6. Huckle says:

    What is with those sunglasses?

  7. TheOriginalMia says:

    This chick is a stage 10 clinger. If 1 kid didn’t keep him faithful, what makes her think a 2nd will. Is it because she gender selected a boy? Please. The man has a son already and that boy didn’t keep Tristan faithful to his mother.

  8. K8erade says:

    Something I genuinely believe: It sounds like Khloe and Tristan had/have an open relationship and Khloe is just too embarrassed to admit it and Tristan has no ability to be discreet like Khloe would prefer. I also think the only reason Tristan is still with her and “fights” for her is because he doesn’t want to spend his own money.

    • Woke says:

      I think you’re right he’s stingy and doesn’t want to spend his money also he likes the fame and attention being in the Kardashians circle bring him it attract more women to him.

    • Christine says:

      This is obviously speculation, but I wonder if there was some sort of agreement in that if Tristan does this for her, she won’t go after him for any sort of money and will be fully responsible for raising their kids. She certainly has enough of her own that she doesn’t need child support, and he’s obviously not interested in custody.

      The entire situation is just sad for the kids. Growing up rich is nothing when your mother, your role model, has so little self-respect.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Agreed. He’s not cheating if they never committed to one another to be exclusive of others.

    • KC says:

      I disagree with the thought she’s trying to keep him or is “with” him and have been baffled by his involvement with true when he isn’t with the others and his continued connection with her. Your theory makes the most sense.

      Perhaps she really liked him, decided to have a bebé and was stuck from that point on with him as the father of all her children because that’s how the Kardashian girls do. She of all people knows what it’s like for there to be questioning of your parentage and wants to avoid that discomfort for her own children. Maybe she wanted to keep him around for father duties and photos and having an open relationship assured that and kept her line open to him for another child. If he’s not a great dad to the other kids he HAS to be getting something from her to keep him so involved. If two kids are enough for her she’s done, if not, she’d better hope he doesn’t recover from his addiction, mend his ways and settle into a real relationship any time before she wants another.

      I feel for she and Rob the most in this family. Kris has done a number on them, they can’t seem to get out of their own way, and seemed surrounded by people who want to keep them in their sad mess/black sheep roles. Also sad these kids are being exposed to this toxic environment.

  9. Fernanda says:

    He is trash. What kind of person you have to be to just spend time with one of your children? And pretend the other two do not exist?! Honestly, I wouldn’t touch that kind of a man with a stick let alone have him in my life.

    • Renee' says:

      Fernanda, This all day & twice on Sunday! Who wants a man who doesn’t participate in ALL of his children’s lives? Khloe is pathetic and deserves whatever she gets with Tristan.

      True is so darn cute -I can’t stand it.

  10. Colby says:

    A few things can be true, right? I genuinely believe she wants a sibling(s) for True. Given how close her and her siblings are, it makes sense.

    But I also agree that trying Tristian to her with another kid is a huge perk for her. I also think that has something to do with wanting a son- maybe she thinks a son would make him stay more loyal?

  11. Andrea says:

    Why not just use a sperm bank with all their money? Why did she HAVE to have another kid with THIS guy who clearly has zero respect for her? Her poor daughter is going to be all kinds of messed up with relationships when she becomes an adult. It is extra sickening to me to bring more children into an already toxic situation.

    I have a friend who had not 1 but 2 kids with a crack addicted old high school boyfriend abuser in her 30s because she was desperate for children at 35(literally reunited with him at 35, knew he was in and out of prison, got pregnant within 1 month). She now is with another man and he isn’t in their lives, but what a way to have kids with someone..

    • Matilda says:

      The Kardashian women seem to be obsessed to having the same baby daddy for their children even when that baby daddy turns out to be either a; loser, cheater or plain crazy. Kourtney even said she wanted another baby from Scott before she got involved with Travis Barker. These women have no self respect or self esteem and they drag poor innocent children into their degenerate lifestyles. Also wasn’t Tristan too “poor” to have more children? That’s what he told Maralee before trying to pay her off to get an abortion. Besides their wealth there is NOTHING to envy about these people, especially their choice in men.

  12. Lusaka mummy says:

    As the Nigerian say ‘abeg this is their own headache’

  13. AAW says:

    So they were “together” in March 2021 when he got a rando pregnant, but what about that Instagram model? That was also around the same time? And then there were the photos when he came out of a room at a party looking “disheveled” and Khloe said they weren’t together…that was like June 2021? But then they were “together” a few months later when they got a surrogate pregnant?? This cycle will NOT stop here. Bet. And I cannot wait to see how many children this fool ends up with, children he will refuse to even meet. He’s a POS.

  14. Rice says:

    FFS, Khloe! Go listen to “Doo Wop (That Thing)” by Lauryn Hill. Baby girl, respect is just a minimum.

  15. JMoney says:

    One thing that is definitely becoming aware as the years go on is how The Kardashians, The Hiltons and many influencers and socialites are conservative in everything but how they dress. If you were to swap out their clothes for say what Kate Middleton wears, their behavior are really not that different from how aristocracy and “old money” families behave.

    The Kardashians are hellbent on manufacturing a nuclear family by any means necessary. Khloe and I’d say Kourtney also could’ve used a sperm donor if they truly wanted children but it wasn’t just that. They wanted the “picture” of a nuclear family and that image literally trumps anything. Its why they put up with the men who father their kids and purposely do their best to not have a “blended” family whenever possible (exception being Kourtney).

    I wonder how much of it is what they truly desire or if its influenced by what society consumes (both feed into the other). There’s a reason Mormon/nuclear family oriented influencers do so well on social media channels (both IG and TikTok). People watch and consume that which perpetuates demand and as a result, people “aspire” to that even though its not something you can truly “aspire to”.

  16. Abby says:

    Being divorced and dealing with custody issues, it’s just so bizarre that she’s soooo eager for these children of a trash cheater with a sex addiction to be “involved as much as he can.” MOST women are super eager to make sure their children aren’t around the dysfunction of BS that toxic fathers bring into the equation. (Not to say that children should be removed from relationship with their biological father, just that exposure to abusive, neglectful or toxic behavior is better minimized. Does she want her kids staying overnight with a man who can’t go without sex for even a day?) Like is she excited about having procreated with a guy who has no impulse control, a serious narc personality with grave entitlement and zero ability to resist immediate gratification? Does she REALLY want her kids to have those genes and inclinations? She’s soooo eager for him to adore HER kids more than his variety of other children thanks to his very busy nether region. (Can you even imagine the disease he’s exposed Khloe to?)

    • AAW says:

      They could both already have herpes, HPV, all that. Tristen said that Maralee had herpes and that’s why she scheduled the birth…it says a lot that she didn’t sue him because that’s absolutely defamation if that statement weren’t true.

      • KC says:

        I mean this could also be both why they’re using a surrogate AND a good reason for them being “open” until she’s done having all their kids.🤷🏾‍♀️

  17. Sue says:

    Khloe, honey, Tristan isn’t going to treat you any better just because you’re having another one of his babies. He’s shown who he is.
    True is adorable, by the way.

  18. etso says:

    Wish in one hand, spit in the other , , , see which one fills up first.
    FFS Khloe. smdh

  19. jferber says:

    She is hooked on him forever, I guess. Flannery O’Connor’s short story, “A Good Man is Hard to Find” reminds me of Khloe’s story, “Good Dick is Hard to Find.” I can’t imagine why else she puts up with not just the cheating (many ballers do this), but the constant PREGNANCIES. Why must he IMPREGNATE them? He’d save Khloe a world of pain by just wearing a condom, but he’s too selfish to do this. For that alone she should dump him, but, you know. . .

    • AAW says:

      Narcissists MUST have a “harem” and impregnating a woman almost guarantees that she’ll be in the harem forever. The women all serve a different purpose for the narcissist, they ensure he ALWAYS has someone, and it’s just fun to pit the women against each other constantly. Narcissists are sick, sick people.

  20. Jessica says:

    If anyone thinks Khloe is actually seeing some stockbroker or whatever they claimed that’s funny. The new guy was always Tristan…she’s just waiting to say it cause she knows how bad it looks right now. She’ll claim this new guy was awful and seeing Tristan as a dad again made her realize they are perfect for eachother.

  21. JustMe says:

    Well 3rd trimester Tristan is currently partying it up in Europe. True may have more siblings in the spring

    • ME says:

      LOL yeah he’s in Greece right? It amazes me how many women are willing to sleep with him considering he has so much unprotected s&x. I guess they want that child support !

  22. serena says:

    I’m so done with her, how frustrating to watch a woman being a willing doormat, have a baby with a man who wants nothing to do with her just to keep him in her life and then keep lying about it.

  23. Jennifer+Smith says:

    Sunglasses say the whole sad sordid story.

  24. jferber says:

    Khloe doesn’t consider half-siblings as being any kind of sibling to True (as contrasted with Cardi B, who considers all of Offset’s other children her kids’ sister and brothers). She is a complete idiot for having another baby with him, frankly. I don’t care if his sexual skills are off the chart, her self-respect and dignity are more important. She acts like breaking the bond with him is unthinkable. I just don’t get that and recommend massive therapy.