Rachel Lindsay on putting her marriage on social media: ‘Bryan is none of your business’

Rachel Lindsay was the first Black lead in the Bachelor franchise, with her season of the Bachelorette airing in 2017. Her season was tough and brought to light even more racial problems within the franchise than were already evident. There was a white contestant with a racist Twitter history and even the other white guys in the house noticed his problematic behavior toward the Black guys, there were several Black contestants who weren’t even into Black women, and one of the final two men flat out refused to propose. Ultimately, Rachel found love and married the other man, Bryan Abasolo. They’ve been married since 2019 and apparently fans have been asking why she doesn’t post him on her Instagram, so Rachel wrote a blog post explaining why she doesn’t post the marriage on social media — it’s none of our business!

After Rachel Lindsay found love with husband Bryan Abasolo in the most public way on The Bachelorette, she’s choosing to be more intentional now about what she shares about their love story.

After fans began questioning Lindsay, 37, about why she doesn’t post photos with Absasolo, 42 — whom she met on The Bachelorette in 2017 and married in 2019 — she explained her current social media policy in a blog post.

“Let me be frank, Bryan is none of your business,” she wrote. “I am joking…. well half joking. I totally understand the reasoning behind the inquiries, the curiosity, and the interest. We met on a reality television show centered on finding love. The audience became invested in our story, our love, and our future.”

Lindsay continued, “So quite naturally, the audience wants to know what we are doing, if we are okay, and what is next for our future. They want the love story to still play out for their public perception. But our contractual public story, ended on August 7, 2017.”

The Bachelor Nation couple’s decision to stay off the grid — particularly Lindsay’s — came from public commentary following their engagement.

“Bryan and I choose not to share too much. That is mostly rooted in the origin of our union,” Lindsay continued. “Meeting in such a public manner allowed so many unwarranted feelings and opinions from complete strangers. We did not want those voices to be louder than the two actually involved in the relationship.”

To publicize the blog post, Lindsay did upload an Instagram curation of some memories alongside Abasolo. She shared a video of the pair walking in a field, a snapshot of the couple in bed and a singing video, too.
Absolo commented, “😂😂😂 wow, you went deep into the archives w some of these! ❤️😘”

[From People]

She says she was kidding about the “none of your business” thing, but I think she meant it and honestly that’s fine. I recall their relationship was subject to so much scrutiny, with people perpetuating the narrative that Rachel had settled for Bryan, that she would have said yes to Peter instead of Bryan if Peter had actually proposed. And they spent so much time on Peter at the horribly uncomfortable post-season special where they basically put Rachel and her feelings on display in the most negative way possible. Of course Rachel wants to protect their marriage and have it be about the two of them, as it should be, after the way it started. And I chuckled at “But our contractual public story, ended on August 7, 2017.” Even if she’s a media personality now, she’s still such a lawyer. Also, what are these fans even talking about? If you look at her Insta, she still does post photos with him, albeit sporadically, which is also fine. In general, I appreciate people who don’t make their partner or kid or dog their whole grid. That’s boring! (I’m fine with a grid of only cat pics though.) If Rachel wants to post about her job and her friends and her outfits, that’s her choice. There’s more to life than just husbands, even if she was the Bachelorette.

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  1. Amy Bee says:

    I agree with her. The show is over plus as we’ve all seen people get weird and racist about interracial couples. So I get why she would want to protect her marriage from that.

  2. C-Shell says:

    I remember Rachel’s season, and she was pretty badass. It’s possible that she and Bryan are the main success story from that franchise. She’s a smart cookie, and protecting their privacy has to contribute to that. Good for them! Superficial — they’re very pretty.

    My grid isn’t totally pics of my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (Fergus and Fiona), but I’ve reduced my Facebook to those (and I stay off IG completely) because I hate Zuck, Meta, and their destructive algorithms.

  3. Well Wisher says:

    I could not ignore the headline. I must admit I am unaware of Rachel, except that the franchise had a black woman.
    Her boundaries concerning her marriage is breath of fresh air.