Brooke Shields is a total bitch to LA store’s staffers & customers

Does Brooke Shields have a reputation as a bitch? I posed that question to Google, and I came up empty. So if Google’s got nothing, I guess Brooke might actually be one of the nicer celebrities. But this report from Fox News 411 makes it sound like Brooke was having one of those “I’ll cut the next bitch who gives me dares to speak to me” days. Fox claims that Brooke was shopping with “two guy friends” at an Hermes sample sale (I wish I was there). Brooke and her friends were basically being big bitches to everyone in the store, mocking customers and being nasty to the staff, if this report is to be believed.

Sometimes Brooke Shields isn’t so nice to retail staff.

The one-time wife to admitted crystal meth-taker Andre Agassi was shopping in New York City with two male companions when sources say she exhibitied a surprisingly rude attitude and major diva behavior, given her sweet-as-pie reputation.

Shields, 44, was apparently getting some time off from her two little girls, Grier, 3, and Rowan, 6, when shoppers spotted her at an Hermes sample sale.

“Brooke was in a snit when she walked in the store. She had two guy friends with her and they were joking around and mocking people,” an eyewitness tells Fox411.

Then the model/TV star started getting snippy with a sales associate while searching for a bargain on Birkin bags and glassware, says the source. “A sales associate offered to show her some watches she was looking at when she bit his head off!”

Apparently, Shields took the offer of aid as an affront of sorts.

“When she was asked, like every other customer, if she needed any help, Brooke was truly rude. She could have said ‘no thanks,’ but instead said, ‘If I needed any help, I would ask for it!'” says the source. “People were definitely staring at her by that point!”

The former supermodel then sashayed down the aisles making jokes, says the onlooker. As Brooke continued to shop, she turned to her friends, holding up a champagne flute, and said, “If we bought these, we would have to have a gorgeous man serve us champagne as we sat around drinking all day.”

Um, what?

“Brooke could have used a glass of champagne to loosen her up,” joked the fellow bargain shopper. “She was tense and quite rude. She seemed to be there to make fun with her friends more than she was actually shopping. The second she walked out of the store, all the women turned to ask if that really was Brooke Shields acting obnoxious in public.”

That seems to be the case.

[From Fox News 411]

I have a feeling this is going to be one of those Salma-Hayek-throwing-a-hissy-fit situations where I side with a celebrity because I’m just as guilty of being as big a bitch as some of these stars. While I’ve never “pulled a Salma” and cussed out a hostess, I have been rude to wait staff a couple of times when I thought their service was extremely sub-par. As for the Brooke situation, that’s more my deal, although to me it just sounds like Brooke was hanging out with some of her best gay friends (clue: Hermes) and they were maybe a bit drunk and they didn’t want to be bothered. Just my take.

Brooke Shields is shown on 10/27/09 at an Alzheimer’s Association benefit. Credit:

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  1. Firestarter says:

    I am wondering why the article began with :”The one-time wife to admitted crystal meth-taker Andre Agassi” Seriously, what does that have to do with ANYTHING?

  2. uthinkur2good says:

    I think when anyone is just plain rude to retail associates or service staff at restaurants and it definately wasn’t warranted; it just shows what a rude piece of crap you are!

  3. grisgris says:

    I waited tables on her years ago and she was incredibly nice to everyone. She and her husband even stayed after closing in the bar and had drinks with the staff. I was an actor at the time and she had a long conversation with me about her career and its highs and lows. Her husband had given her a dozen roses that night and she gave them to me when she left. She was very kind, humble and honest. This sounds like she was just out having a nice afternoon of shopping and drinks with her best gays. If it was recent, I would venture to say she may have been feeling a bit bitchy knowing her ex had a tell-all coming out.

  4. stacy says:

    I used to work in retail for years, and nobody has the right to treat a sales associate that way, undeservingly of course 🙂 I could see if the associate was just as rude and bitchy, but it doesnt sound like it. And of course the poor girl would have gotten fired if she said anything back.

  5. birdie says:

    I’m having one of those “cut a bitch” days, so I’ll give Brooke a pass on this one. Plus, having experienced a few sample sales myself, let me tell you the crowds are overwhelming. Tons of women push their way into a small storage space, and are literally willing to shank each other for prime discount designer merchandise, so maybe Brooke was pissed about that. Besides, nothing she said strikes me as that rude that it qualifies for a freakin fox news article.

    What makes me laugh is the term “bargain shopper” because even at a sample sale, Hermes is expensive as hell.

  6. Tia C says:

    Wondering if it was a Brooke Shields drag queen/impersonator and not really her? She does have a reputation for being down to earth and nice.

    @ Firestarter – you are right. That was completely unnecessary for them to mention that, her ex-husband’s drug use has absolutely nothing to do with her. I guess what do we expect from Fox News…

  7. nj says:

    She may have been having a bad day but if she pulled that sh*t with me, I would tell her that her book, (Down Came The Rain) was hilarious!

  8. Kevin says:

    Someone probably got between her and her Calvins earlier in the day and she was still pissed.

  9. Mary Ann says:

    My husband met her once at a press event, and he said that she was extremely nice and polite, and stunningly beautiful in person (admittedly I could have gone without knowing the latter part.)

  10. SolitaryAngel says:

    I call shenanigans on this story.

  11. loca says:

    I worked in retail for 6 years, and I can sympathize with being treated like crap. BUT nothing bothers me more when I walk into a store and the sales people jump on me and ask me if I need help – I JUST walked in, I haven’t had a chance to look yet, back off! So I hope Brooke was having a bad day and isn’t really a b. She always comes off so nicely in her interviews.

  12. Giz says:

    So who did Brooke piss off at Fox? Oh–I forgot, small minds product small news reporting.

  13. Jane Q. Doe says:

    Sounds like they were trying to drum up a story about her just to use that first line about Andre…

  14. Obvious says:

    I’m with Brooke. WHen I’mhaving a bitchy day woe to all who cross my path.

    And when i’m with my girl (or guy friends as the case may be) and we’re having fun, we’ll ask for help if we want it. Otherwise it comes as an interruption to our fun and there for we can get a bit testy.

    I did not read one thing here that makes her seem like a bitch-just someone having an of day or who didn’t want to be bothered. Give her a break.

  15. RavenMadd says:

    I call Shenanigans too! Get the brooms!

    And the ”one-time wife” thing — way out of line!

  16. Lem says:

    that doesn’t sound like much of a B. Snarky yes, but total B no. Sounds like a good time the girl probably needed with her bestest girlfriend due in large part to that first sentence!
    Que paps:
    Brooke! Brooke over here, did you know Agassi was a meth head when you were married? Brooke! Brooke did you do meth with Agassi? Brooke! Brooke did your marriage fall apart because Andre was addicted to drugs?
    A total celebitch would have demanded everyone else be cleared out of the store, then trashed the place while drinking all the booze and her and her girls would have taken everything they wanted because they were celebrities. Not squeezed in among the commoners

  17. Lantana says:

    @ Firestarter – that was my first thought too! Oh, so the meth admission just came out, let’s cash in on that. Hell for all we know Agassi paid someone to tell the press the story to gain more visibility for his book (and more sales) in which case the snitch would have brought up the meth part of the (other) story… We just don’t know what goes on in those twisted little minds.

  18. pebbles says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think that the “if we bought these, we would have to have a gorgeous man serve us champagne…” comment was bitchy? I mean, she was walking around with her friends, chatting with them. Granted the “If I need help, I would ask for it” is a bit abrupt…but overall not such a biggie.

  19. Cristina says:

    Just another example of our vetsionof aristocacy and how they treat us peasents

  20. Codzilla says:

    She’s looking rather … masculine.

  21. barneslr says:

    I think this story is BS. She has a long reputation for being very sweet, friendly and down to earth. It would be very out of character for her to behave so badly. I just don’t buy it.

  22. RobN says:

    Maybe she had a bad day because it was revealed that her ex wanted so badly not to marry her that he turned to meth. That’s not particularly good for the ego.

  23. mila says:

    @pebbles: I also don’t find “champagne” comment bitchy. Funny, playful, but def. not bitchy!

  24. Kevin says:

    Hey Codster! I agree. I think she has always been a tad manly. At least she has those Groucho Marx caterpillars under control.

  25. snowball says:

    Probably, some rather harried staff completely mistook something Brooke said and applied their own interpretation to it, getting their 2 seconds worth of fame for a story made up in their heads. I can’t see her for one second running around a store badmouthing the other shoppers. The champagne bit, maybe. But I’m sure it was all in good fun with her gay dates.

    Every single person, every single site about celebrities and everyone she’s worked with that’s talked about her says Brooke is always polite and gracious to her fans and a pleasure to work with.

    The allegation that she turned super-bitch in public at an Hermes sale sounds totally out of character.

  26. Name Withheld says:

    I’m a celebrity, and frankly, sales staff are there to kiss our ass and stay out of our way. Sorry, but that’s just life and the pecking order.

  27. Michelle says:

    Your headline says she was a bitch in an LA store, but in the story you report it says it occurred in NYC.

    I don’t buy it either way.

  28. 88Modesty88 says:

    To Name Withheld: Funny.
    I’m Joe Public, ensuring that you have a career.
    You bet I’d love to be rude to you. THAT’S the pecking order and that’s life.

    But thanks for the laugh! 😉

  29. TwinkleToes says:

    Sounds like Brooke had a few drinks at lunch and then hit the store. This woman has been through a lot this past year and she always was mentally unstable. MJ dying, mother in the rehab being stalked my magrag reporters, not winning the lawsuit on the nude child pics, Keifer Sutherland and now Baldi Agassi giving TMI. She sounds exasperated and you just wait- that breakdown is coming. I really feel for this kid.

  30. Ally says:

    Oh noes. A girl goes shopping with her gayz and they make some snarky comments? The horror, the horror!

    (Eye roll)

  31. Vermithrax says:

    Brooke is a sweetheart.

  32. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Meh, shop staff clearly bored and trying to make something out of nothing.

    Also – not to be nitpicky (well, OK then I am) but please don’t use the word ‘staffers’. It doesn’t mean anything (much like my ol’ favourite ‘burglarized’) and you use ‘staff’ correctly in the article. Sorry, whinge over 😉

  33. lucy2 says:

    No one deserves to be treated poorly by customers, celebrity or not. However, I kind of doubt this story, I’ve never heard anything bad about Brooke and I honestly just can’t see her acting like that. Even if it’s true, it’s certainly not the worst thing someone has ever said in a department store!

  34. Ron says:

    Everyone can have an off day. I worked in BH for a few years and she was nothing but nice every time I can in contact with her, and she was so pretty in person. I have horror celeb retail stories that make this one look like another chick shopping. B list celebs were always the worst.

  35. Sumodo1 says:

    I abuse salespeople all the time, especially when my ex is all over the media as a meth user. Sure!

  36. Sumodo1 says:

    @Ron Do tell, do tell! Spill!

  37. Maritza says:

    Oh please, everybody has a bad day once in a while. No one is 100% polite and proper everyday of their life. I agree, she probably read her ex’s book.

  38. Cinderella says:

    I’m not completely buying it either. The sales associate was probably being a diva himself (consider the boutique). Brookes GBFF’s weren’t having it.

  39. Mairead says:

    Oh like ZOMG she was being snarky and joking about champagne flutes with her boys. it’s the apocalypse! 🙄

    As for the shop assistant, maybe it happened exactly the way they reported it, and maybe it didn’t. Multiple salespersons could have been helicoptering and Brooke might have been brusque rather than intentionally rude; sometimes it’s the way you say it.

    I find it hard to believe that that was the most remarkably rude way they were treated at work. If it is they don’t know they’re born yet!

  40. original kate says:

    maybe all that latisse is going to her head? that’s the side effect they forgot to mention: may cause extreme bitchiness.

  41. Codzilla says:

    Kevin: LMAO @ Groucho brows!

  42. Juice In LA says:

    Are you kidding me??? This story is made up! Please- like the “staffers” at a Hermes sample sale weren’t the one being the bitches, its a freaking job qualification for the Hermes crowd. Doesn’t anyone remember when they locked Oprah and Gail out of the Paris Hermes store because they didn’t recognize her and were afraid of her race?

  43. Shay says:

    I used to work in a mall in a major city that any celeb that wanted to shop in town would go to. I used to tell the staff not to bother celebs. Not as a courtesy but that so many of them will treat people who try to help them like dirt. I would tell them to offer the same hello and service that they would give anyone else. I’m a little shocked that Brook acted that way because usually I expect that attitude from a d list celeb.

  44. anonymei says:

    I do not believe it was her. Made up story or an impersonator.

  45. mollination says:

    I’ve been rude to customer service people when they ignored me, or were rude to me first.

    But there is absolutely no excuse to treat helpful, real people doing their job like crap. It really steams me like nothing else when I see some snotty little a-hole treating these people like crap for no reason. customer service/retail/waiting is so much effing harder on your psyche than anyone who hasn’t done it before could ever imagine.

    Unless they do something out-right awful to you which deserves retaliation, please….be nice to us.