Gwyneth Paltrow’s 18-year-old daughter Apple threw a rowdy party in the Hamptons

Gwyneth Paltrow and her family have been in New York and the Hamptons this month. Not only does Gwyneth own a big house in LA, a big house in Montecito and a loft in New York. She also owns a spread in the Hamptons. Apparently, Apple Martin decided to throw a “rowdy” party at the Hamptons house while Gwyneth was away. The cops came and shut it down!

The Apple has fallen far from the tree this time. Cops shut down a rowdy Hamptons party thrown by Gwyneth Paltrow’s eldest child, Apple Martin.

A source tells Page Six exclusively that the angelic-looking 18-year-old invited around 50 friends to her mom’s sprawling estate in Amagansett on Aug. 13. The rager became so rowdy that several neighbors called the police, who put an end to the festivities and allegedly fined Martin.

“Apple invited too many friends to her mom’s house, and things got out of hand,” the source says. “They were partying like rock stars and making so much noise that multiple neighbors were furious and called the police, who shut the party down. Staff from the town clerk’s office also attended to see if the party was a code violation. You can’t have more than 50 people at a gathering in the area without a permit.”

Paltrow — who has built an empire based on clean and healthy living — and her husband, Brad Falchuk, were not believed to be at the property at the time. Her rep didn’t comment.

A spokesperson for the East Hampton Town Ordinance Enforcement Department, which issues permits for events in the area, confirms to Page Six, “We went to [Paltrow’s] house following complaints about noise. When we got there, we found there to be less than 50 people there, so they were within code. If anyone got a ticket, it would be from the police.”

[From Page Six]

I mean… Gwyneth had some “wild” days too, I’m sure she threw some ragers when she was younger. Plus, it’s the Hamptons – it was probably a lot of rich teenagers blasting music and getting drunk and maybe throwing up on the beach. The noise was probably the biggest problem, and I would assume parking was an issue too. Anyway, Apple turned 18 in May and graduated from high school in June. There’s no news about whether she’s attending college? Hm.

Here are some photos of Gwyneth outside the Dakota in New York a few weeks ago.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instagram.

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  1. lunchcoma says:

    Oh please. Apple isn’t going to college. She’s going to be a model/actress/influencer. That’s why we’ve been seeing more pictures of her in the past few years.

    As for the rest of it, yeah, Gwynnie was wild back in the day too.

    • Justgoplaces says:

      On a college tour of Vanderbilt last week we were told that Apple was in the incoming freshman class.

      • Lens says:

        Vanderbilt really? Last year there were all kinds of fan sightings of G and Apple at what seemed like all the big eastern colleges. Gwyneth used to be pretty strict about keeping her kids off her Instagram but I’ve noticed more and more stuff with Apple so I did assume she was going the Nepo route to fame a fortune. Of course she still might.

  2. Jo says:

    I may be going nuts but I love Paltrow’s outfit in the last photos. It’s the only time when she’s seemed slightly interesting to me in years.

    • Owlsyn (Ableism is Not Cool) says:

      With the capris? It’s giving me Mia Farrow realness.

      • Jo says:

        Yes!!! One thing I always liked about her street style is that she goes for comfort, no heels usually. It’s the only relatable thing to her in my book, but I appreciate it. She does not go for bombshell is silly high heels.

  3. L says:

    I freaking love these pics of her in NYC because she looks like a middle aged mom – which is what she is! I feel like she’s always trying to seem like she’s so much better than everyone else and in these snaps she looks just like the rest of us 50 year old moms! I say Gwennie, keep it real! It I’m sure she hates the fact that these pics are circulating…haha

    • Jo says:

      I think she looks really good. Love the style and the relaxed pose, the look over the glasses makes me giggle. It’s a shame that looking middle-aged is seen as something terrible and a downgrade. This is the equivalent of all the photos of male stars in their dad bods and grey beards that we find so sexy. I hope that’s what you mean! If a guy – or woman – finds this look old and unattractive it’s a « them » problem.

  4. Ameerah says:

    Ms “dabs sunscreen on as highlighter” has an insane amount of sun damage. Yikes.

    • SusieQ says:

      @Ameerah, I noticed that too. The next time my younger stepdaughter asks my why I wear SPF 50 on my face every day, I’m pointing to these photos of GP. I’m 36 and I want my skin to stay healthy looking for the rest of my days!

      • GR says:

        @ameerah @susieq
        Where do you see sun damage?
        I’m not saying you’re wrong; I’m just not sure how to spot it.

      • Annaloo. says:

        @gr Look at GP”s chest…I admit it could be unfortunate lighting in that pic too, but it looks pretty sun-affected.

    • Emmi says:

      And if I’m not mistaken, she’s still tanning (unless it’s fake tan but with her history, I doubt it). Her choice I guess but for someone with a skincare line who gives skincare tips, it’s wild. I did love the online skincare community’s reaction to her spf highlighter bs though. That was fun. I just hope nobody listens to her.

    • It'sJustBlance says:

      I thought the same thing. Sunscreen and a big hat are your friends.

  5. Annaloo. says:

    And here we go w Apple’s entry into the public eye as a legal adult. I resent nepotism so much

    • Hopey says:

      Seriously? I think the young lady is merely living her life…..the life she knows.

      I always find it really cringy when folks criticize others for being richer than the critic is. It comes across as such naked, ugly jealousy and envy.

      • Annaloo. says:

        And I think it’s cringey to elevate people just because of who or how they are born, reminding us all of the invisible caste system celebrities enjoy in the US. The only life that Apple knows shouldn’t even be on our radar, but here we are in a comments section, disagreeing with each other over something that – honestly- should not have made national news. And especially bc her mom is the poster child of privilege obliviousness

        We will have to agree to disagree on the merits and laments of nepotism and how it influences who goes to the top, and who doesn’t. fine if you call me jealous and ugly, but this is how the world is.

    • Thinking says:

      Compared to the level of fame she could have, she seems kind of private. Not sure if she takes after her dad in that regard. If she wanted to be all over the media like Gwyneth did and does, she could. But so far she seems kind of low-key. Maybe that will change when she’s 22 though.

      She has a bit of that undefinable quality that some tall, blonde rich women like her mom has, but isn’t really throwing it in our faces… yet. The fact she isn’t all over the place like Cindy Crawford’s daughter kind of makes me want to see more of her. It’s unusual for a Gen Z celebrity nepotism kid to have a bit of mystique. I didn’t know that a Gen Z-er was even capable of having this in the age of social media haha.

  6. ABCD says:

    Is anyone surprised that rich, bored, white kids with zero supervision are getting drunk and do drugs in their parents empty mansions?

  7. Pork Chops and Applesauce says:

    I’m not sure about teens vomiting on the beach, as Gwyneth’s place isn’t beachfront.

  8. girl_ninja says:

    I’m kind of surprised that Gwen has allowed her skin to become so “sun kissed.” That is a LOT of sun damage for someone so fair. She needs to slather that Goop SPF on and get that under control.

  9. TiredMomof2 says:

    I moved my son into Vanderbilt this weekend. He says that Apple Martin is a first year there. Will confirm with him.

  10. Athena says:

    Maybe it’s where I live but not too many people are wearing capris. The middle age moms are in shorts or sun dresses.

  11. TIFFANY says:

    My word Apple got her Aunt Nicola whole face. She is a Martin through and through.

  12. Serena says:

    Rich privileged teenagers *eyeroll*

  13. Gabby says:

    Apple is going to Vanderbilt. Freshman move-in was just this past weekend. A fellow Vandy parent saw the Gwenyth at a parent event. Mark Cuban was also there.

  14. Nashville+Girl says:

    Apple is going to Vanderbilt per local Nashville gossip.

  15. Kimba says:

    Back in winter, one of Apple’s friends posted a congrats TikTok of Apple getting into Vanderbilt. It was later removed. Later, she was spotted wearing a Vanderbilt baseball cap. Glad it wasn’t reported back then; she was underage and it could have resulted in her withdrawing acceptance. It would be nice for her to have a real college experience without getting hounded.