Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage & Brad Pitt invest in “man caves”

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The Enquirer has a really funny story this week called “Guys Crave Man Caves”. It’s all about how some big male celebrities are getting in touch with their inner dude and installing special “man cave” areas in their homes. The celebrities listed as “fans of the man cave” are Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Nicolas Cage. A man cave is described as “a private area in the home, where a guy and his buddies can gather”. Growing up, some of you might have referred to this as “dad’s den” or “the garage” or “the bar”. Tsk, tsk. Now you know the proper name!

Nick Beste, a 22-year-old Minneapolis entrepreneur, is promoting the man cave movement, and selling everything from “barbecue stuff, we got meats, we got poker stuff, home bar stuff – anything a man would want.” I love that “meat” is considered a necessity for the man cave. Judging from the multiple “man cave” sites (this one is sad, but this one is pretty cool), I think American men consider a “man cave” to simply be a small, fully-stocked bar and a few stools. And meat, of course. Maybe a radio. Whatever works, I guess. Here’s more about the “movement”:

Brad Pitt reportedly spent $200,000 on his Man Cave. The father of six likes to get a little rest and relaxation now and then by inviting other young dads, including Matt Damon, to play in his Malibu Man Cave.

Vistors say Brad’s “cave” features a vintage Wurlitzer jukebox, and an array of flat screen TVs and motorcycles. He also has another essential – a “kegerator” designed to keep beer kegs chilled.

Nicolas Cage enjoys a Man Cave filled with rare Superman comics. And Johnny Depp keeps guitars in his Parisian cave – alongside cases of wine from his vineyard near St. Tropez.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, November 9 2009]

Johnny Depp’s man cave sounds like the coolest, right? I’d also consider Johnny’s spectular yacht and private island to be some kind of Man-Cave-related accessories. I mean, Johnny is so f-cking cool, he doesn’t just have a man cave, he has a man-island! As far as Nicolas Cage’s man cave, did anyone feel a little twinge of sadness? The idea that Nick has a man cave where he stores all of his comic books is just so… dorky. Good investments, sure. But it’s still a little nerdy, rather than “man-cave-esque”. And Brad? Well, of course his man cave involves kegs. A while back, I remember reading something in one of the tabloids that basically claimed Brad had built himself a man cave in the French chateau too – and that one involved video games and wine. And reefer, probably.

Thanks to Man Cave World for these excellent cave photos. Note that’s it’s not really a man cave unless you’ve got a 4 foot tile parrot on the floor.

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  1. Lantana says:

    OMG. Did you look at the Man Cave site? The LSU man cave in the detached garage is totally cool. But the Jeff Wilson man cave? What is up with that? The guy appears to have like a dozen degrees hanging on the wall. Is that, like, where his Mensa friends gather to sip sherry? And there’s another one where the guy camo’ed his computer by concealing it in a tool chest (I don’t think he’d get along with Jeff Wilson). I like the concept though. I’d be behind my husband 110% (at least) if he wanted a place to go to and stay by himself if that would make him happy – because I just want him to be happy. I’ll bring it up tonight.

  2. Firestarter says:

    That is another term I am sick of “Man Cave”.

  3. original kate says:

    i’m with firestarter – can we retire the term “man cave”, along with “bling” and ” no you di-int!”

  4. bo says:

    toss them here, i’ll put them in this box with “badonkadonk” and “don’t get me started.”

  5. princess pea says:

    Awww, the poor widdle mens need a special room to feel cool. I guess women are supposed to think of the kitchen as their special space? Nice.

    Also, the term Man Cave makes me think inappropriate things. Not a good choice.

  6. Beth says:

    Add babybump and kanoodling(sp?). I don’t know why everybody needs to give places a special name. What’s wrong with saying the garage or basement?

  7. Sumodo1 says:

    Throw in Noah Cyrus and I’ll raise you a couple “personal trainers” and “gal-pals.”

  8. Novaraen says:

    It used to be called a den….”man cave” is just ridiculous. I agree we should retire it….along with “Douche”.

  9. xmasstree says:

    Can I be locked in a cave with Johnny?! Please?!


  10. Linnyb says:

    What about women? We get nothing? Why are men always act like they need an escape? Women work full time AND look after the house and children. WTF.

  11. Cadiebelle says:

    I am so OVER THE MOON about MAN CAVES.

  12. Mel says:


    We have walk-in closets!

  13. Giz says:

    How about doing away with the term “Cougar”?

  14. Tazina says:

    They probably got it from the show “House Hunters”….all the guys on there want a “man cave”….the women seem to be thrilled if the house has stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops.

  15. lucy2 says:

    I think it must be a slow news week if they’re reporting on this. And I must be really bored if I’m commenting on it.
    I totally agree that the term “man cave” needs to go the way of the dodo. Though I’d hang out with Johnny in a real cave too.

    Don’t both Nicolas and Johnny have kids? Why do only Brad’s get mentioned? Ah right, I forgot – his full name is “Brad Pitt, Father of Six.” Lest we forget.

  16. hannah says:

    Whats funny, is these men own huge mansions, i’m guessing they have plenty of room for their stuff. I think the idea of a man cave is a small area where a man can escape his family (wow, sounds worse when i word it that way)if you have a 15 bedroom mansion or hell, a 40 acre island, i’m guessing it doesn’t take much to “get away”

    this is silly if you ask me. they must not have anything to write about so its like, hmm we need to talk about brad, we know he likes beer and has kids, lets throw depp in, hes a wino and plays guitar, and cage, just to reach out to the nerds…great article!

    oh, and “malibu man cave” sounds like a barbie designed for west hollywood…not that theres anything wrong with that.

  17. lrm says:

    I’d also like to retire the terms: ‘It’s on’ and ‘bromance’,along with BFF…if you don’t mind.
    Cheesy and not in a retro sort of cool way.

  18. lrm says:

    slight hypocrisy: Depp has cases of wine in his!!! He prob. enjoys his beverages of choice as much as Pitt-but only BP gets mentioned? I know,Depp doesnt lug his to the red carpet….

    and for all we know,Nic Cage could be a boozer as well. dont care much about BP,but just want to play fair!

  19. TinaWithPom says:

    Working a demanding full-time job, and taking care of three children, I guess my “special space” would be… the dinged-up 1995 minivan I drive to/from work and to/from my children’s school, and extracurricular activities and to/from supermarkets, dry cleaners, and other lovely places.

    Men need to grow up. And throw my vote into the ballot for thinking the phrase “man cave” sounds gross.

  20. Goddess711 says:

    I want a man cave too!!!! Well, if Johnny Depp comes with it – woohoo!
    Do they all come with a sign to hang on the front door like the He Man Woman Hater’s Club??? LOL! (Little Rascals for the too young young’uns!)

  21. Firestarter says:

    ITA on all of the terms we need to do away with!Haha! “It is what it is” is another term that makes me stabby!

  22. Essie says:

    Since Brad sold his Malibu house I guess he doesn’t have the man cave anymore!! Whatever!! I’m sick of that term also but I do like the TV series on the DIY Channel called “Man Cave” because they do some amazing decorating!!

  23. WTF?!? says:

    I’m with Novaraen, it’s stupid. The term “den” to refer to Dad’s space has been around for ages. Nothing new here.

  24. Kathie says:

    Please get rid of At the end of the day and no problemo, it’s a moot point and deja vu all over again, set them on fire if you need to but they are beyond cliche and hackneyed BURN THEM!

  25. binty says:

    Funny, I want the exact same things in my “female cave”. So tired of this sexist sh*t. They wouldn’t do some racist “white cave”, but it’s okay to segregate females. . .

  26. cobbler says:

    good point binty – I’m not a man so I guess I don’t get a cave, but a room of my very own, with barbeque, booze, and tv? hell, yeah! sounds good to me.

    Also – it’s not exactly a ‘term’, but can we retire Nicholas Cage? 🙂

  27. Trillion says:

    Cobbler: Ha! He’s such a movie killer!

  28. Jazz says:

    Didn’t Al Bundy have one of these in Married With Children?!

  29. ddotphot says:

    Stop hating if someone wants to have there own space when your living with other humans and can afford it be respect it, accept it or shut the f@ck up! I’m getting one now because of all these haters and see i didn’t have to use the word “man cave” once oops damn!

  30. Bryanna says:

    Well, Johnny Depp can konk me on the head and drag me by my hair into his man cave any day—just dreaming–haha!

  31. lori says:

    Johnny Depp hasn’t been hot since the eighties. He looks like a cartoon character now. What’s more, he always looks like he’s in need of a shower and a new look. My God. Can’t you people move on?

  32. Blitz says:

    Sorry Depp and Pitt shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence. I think Johnny is the far more interesting of the two, and he looks 20 times better, despite lori’s instance otherwise. I doubt the man cave story in his case though. Pitt who knows? seems to fit better.

  33. Firestarter says:

    @Lori- Why should we move on? If we like Depp, we like Depp. Move on to whom exactly? Chace Crawford? Zac Efron? RPatz? Not what I’d call interesgting options!

  34. Really? says:

    I’m not suprised to read all these negative responses on here, especially since every post except for 1 is from a woman. If your guy has a “man cave” or den, or whatever you would rather call it, then you get the TV in the living room all to yourselfs to watch soap operas, Survivor, or the Biggest Loser.

    What a lot of you women don’t realize is that just because we call it a man cave, doesn’t mean that it is off limits to our woman. When the guys come to hang out, the wives are normally invited, and my wife will come out and socialize too. All you women that have posted negative thoughts and comments should really check it out and see what it is about… instead of forming bias feelings based on only what you read and how you perceive it. It is not a sexist thing at all.

    A little respect and understanding goes a long way.

  35. hannah says:


    I’m assuming you wrote your post to get an angry response, so i’ll bite. Whats funny is you thinking women only watch soaps and crappy reality tv. This may be news to you, but thats total bs. Also, couldn’t the woman have the “cave” and the guy have his friends sit in the living room?

    My favorite part is where you say it isn’t “off limits” to females…why you are so selfless! allowing a woman to enter a room in her own house? how thoughtful!