Josh Duhamel & the stripper: the epic pr0n-filled seduction

Yesterday, we talked about the National Enquirer’s story about Josh Duhamel maybe having an affair with a stripper named Nicole Forrester (“Delilah”) while he was filming a movie in Georgia. From the moment the rumor of this story first hit the intertubes, Josh’s people have been denying it. Yesterday evening, Josh’s rep even went to Us Weekly with an even more hardcore denial: “This is not the first nor will it be the last time that a stripper was paid a large amount of money to sell a false story about a celebrity. This story is absolutely ridiculous.”

It could absolutely be the case that the stripper is making the whole thing up – and paying for her story does not add to any credibility she might have had. I want to make that clear: this could be (and probably is) total bullsh-t. CB said I was too mean to Josh and Fergie yesterday, so let me correct myself – I don’t hate either of them, I just think they’re a really strange couple, and I, personally, could see how Josh might be the kind of guy who would cheat on his wife with a stripper. I guess I’m saying that I didn’t find the story shocking, but I can totally see how Josh and Fergie could be (and probably are) victims of some nasty tabloid reporting.

That being said, I enjoy some nasty tabloid reporting every now and then, and I enjoyed reading the stripper’s (paid) account of what went down between her and Josh in this week’s Enquirer. Here are some of the highlights:

Nicole tells the Enquirer that Josh initially identified himself as “JD” at the club, and said he was in town making a pr0n movie. After drinking Grey Goose vodka together, Josh Duhamel had Nicole perform a nude dance for him and a male friend.

“The dance was $10, and he gave me a $10 tip on top of that,” Nicole said. Before Josh left, they exchanged phone numbers. The next day, Josh contacted her and asked her to visit him at his hotel.

“I got there at 1 a.m.,” she says. They began chatting, but Nicole said Josh was reluctant to talk about himself – or his wife Fergie. “I kept asking about Fergie. He said, ‘You know what you know.’”

After drinking a Bud, Josh told Nicole he wanted to go for a drive and had a valet bring his car. He seemed drunk “and he wanted to party,” Nicole said. “He wasn’t using his turn signals, abiding by speed limits or stop signs. He said, ‘This is an adventure.’ He’s gorgeous – but crazy.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, November 9 2009]

I just wanted to stop right there with this question – why am I so much more offended that Josh was driving drunk (with the stripper’s enabling) than his alleged affair? Is there something wrong with me that I think drunk driving is way worse than cheating on your wife with a skeezy stripper? In my defense, he could have killed someone while driving drunk. Anyhoodle, here’s more… now, for Josh’s epic seduction:

The party turned passionate when they returned to the hotel at 4 a.m. Nicole says Josh played a sex movie on his T.V. “It was hardcore pr0n,” says Nicole. “I was sitting on the couch and then he made his move, and we started kissing and making out. He took off all my clothes and liked my tattoo. We made love for a long time.”

“He wanted me to get in the shower with him but I didn’t. He wanted sex and more sex for four or five hours. He was using protection. I told him I was tired. He said, ‘You don’t like me. You act like you don’t want to be here.’ I told him I did. I got into bed and he went back into the other room naked and continued to watch pr0n. He was still watching pr0n when I woke up!”

By the next morning, Josh was ready to give Nicole the boot. “He said, ‘I can’t sleep with you here.’ He sounded worried that somebody was going to come up. He was getting paranoid. When I walked out the door, he kissed me on the cheek. He said, ‘I’ll call you. I’m in town for another month.’”

“He went away for a week,” said Nicole, “and didn’t answer my calls.” When they finally spoke again, she asked where he’d been. She says Josh snapped back: “Don’t ask questions about my personal life!”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, November 9 2009]

The story goes on – Nicole claims Josh tried to “cover up” their one night of passion. By the way, I love the part of the story where the stripper is calling him again and again after their one night stand. That cracked me up. Anyway, the “cover up” was Josh telling Nicole “Honey, you have to deny that you ever knew me.” He told her that he loved his wife, and then they got into an argument. Honestly, both Nicole and Josh sound like total tools. The Enquirer goes on to state that Josh denies the sex, but not the being in the strip club, and the strip club people confirmed that he was there. Eh. Now that I’ve read the whole thing, I kind of believe it. So sue me.

Josh Duhamel is shown at the Transformers premiere and photo call on 6/15/09. Credit:


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  1. princess pea says:

    A TEN DOLLAR DANCE? What kind of trash peeler bar was that?!

  2. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Kaiser, I think the reason you think him driving drunk is worse than him cheating on his wife is that the drunk driving put a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE at risk.

    cheating only affects the other person in the relationship. yeah, it may affect your opinion of him, but it doesn’t directly affect you, as (potentially) does his driving drunk.

    and I agree with you.

  3. Firestarter says:

    LIES, all LIES! He only drinks Miller light! (I’m kidding, I don’t know what he drinks, but if a stripper can make stuff up, so can I )

  4. working says:

    Now that the club has confirmed he was there…i believe it too.

  5. Lantana says:

    You’re offended about the drunk driving because it could affect your personal world. He could have slammed into your family and killed them. He can whore around all he wants, and it’s not going to endanger YOUR family. And I’m with you on that one as it immediately jumped out at me. How could that sweet hunky Danny be such a bottom feeder? He is just ruining my LV fantasies. lol
    @Firestarter – We seem to be online at the same time alot. Are you in the cube near me that’s back by the windows in controls? 🙂

  6. grisgris says:

    Holy Aguilera! Step away from the foundation and blush covergirl.

  7. Firestarter says:

    Oh well if the employees of a strip club confirm it, it has to be true, because we all know they would NEVER lie!

  8. Jeri says:

    Hope not. One thing ya can say for Fergie, (well, there’s more than one, but…) she doesn’t deny her past and she holds her head high regardless of what people say. She even admitted wetting her pants (she was drunk). What other celeb tells the truth even part-time.

  9. irl500girl says:

    I beleive it. Men do these filthy things – especially when they away from the Mrs a while and think they won’t get caught.
    Probably why he went for a stripper thinking she wouldn’t blab to tabloids like some regular chick he’d pick up in a bar might.
    He’s pretty dumb tho’ cuz that’s all strippers care about is the money honey – even if it comes from the Enquirer. He should have paid a pro and there’d be no blabbing.

    I see Fergie kicking his a** tothe curb if she suspects it’s true. She’ll know from the details if that’s her man’s style or not.

  10. Rae says:

    Princess Pea – I was thinking the same thing! When I lived in Atlanta, I ended up hanging out with a band at a local strip club and it was THE trashiest place I have EVER been, but even those girls charged more than $10!

  11. snowball says:

    There are some pictures floating around of bandmate Taboo’s wedding. They show Fergie looking not happy with big sunglasses on and a sort of pathetic Josh trailing at least a couple of steps behind her.

    I wonder if this was before or after strippergate, because they totally looked like they’d been in an argument that Josh lost.

  12. Juice In LA says:

    “Is there something wrong with me that I think drunk driving is way worse than cheating on your wife with a skeezy stripper? In my defense, he could have killed someone while driving drunk.”

    Actually I think your moral compass is right on point, headed due north- its way worse to risk killing someone else than to risk giving your wife the crabs you picked up at the “ballet”.

  13. Kaiser says:

    Re: the $10 lapdance

    I thought that figure was too low, but I didn’t want to be snotty about it. You know, maybe it was discount night or something. Or maybe the establishment is just really, really gross and cheap.

  14. buenavissta says:

    Kaiser, I’m chiming in to agree that driving drunk is way worse than cheating on your wife with a stripper. I’d smack my SO upside the head for either infraction, but I’d add a kidney punch for the DD.

  15. scout says:

    Meh, Fergie married way above her hotness quotient and Josh is a horrible actor.

    That is all …

  16. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “but I’d add a kidney punch for the DD. ”

    ok, THAT one made me laugh really hard.

    thanks, buena…

  17. Cinderella says:

    I agree, a $10 lap dance and a $10 tip?
    That’s not making it rain. That’s not even a light mist!


  18. javelin says:

    ahaha… dumb celebrity assholes are priceless. Somebody give Joshy boy a blow up doll for his next birthday– the cheap kind! He only likes the cheap kind!

  19. Eileen Yover says:

    He went to Tattletales and yes it is a nasty place. There’s alot of competition for strippers so they are going bargain basement now-a-days. You have to realize that this is Atlanta, we’re kind of like the BibleBelt, but instead of churches, its stripclubs and sex shops. Then after a night of debauchery, you head next door for some fried chicken and waffles…we’re classy that way.

  20. Katyusha says:

    Hahahah Eileen!!

    I went to college in Atlanta and used to live in Duluth. I miss that place.

  21. Eileen Yover says:

    I live in Roswell! It’s a great place!

  22. DD says:

    i don’t buy this stripper story one bit. its actually giving strippers a bad name and making them look like desperate money-hungry homewrecking ho’s. remember michael phelps stripper & her tell-all? dude, she got paid in the moment for her service, where the hell is the confidentiality after that? u would think a woman who was paid for one cheapening moment of her life would want to move on to the next client instead of exposing men for what they really are all the time – horny.

  23. Beth says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Josh cheated on Fergie with a stripper but a $10 one makes me question the validity of the story.

  24. Sumodo1 says:

    $10 dance? Really a high class joint. If I were Josh, I’d have my weiner checked out by a urologist. And, what is that part about “he had protection.” Just what every wife wants to know. Your husband carries wrappers. Notice how Fergie Ferg is (*crickets*) quiet about this.

  25. Mia says:

    Tattletales is low rent. It’s on Buford Hwy. The high rent strip joints are in downtown Atlanta.

  26. verma says:

    I think something happened. Josh was missing from a charity event two days ago. But, it could be this slut saw celeb, came onto him and he rejected her and she went for money. After all she is a low priced tacky sleazy thing. I doubt millionaires every stop in her $10 dance dump! This must be totally low rent and tacky. WTF is with him?

    I do hope Fergie ferg dumps him. I mean people beat on her, but every interview I see a nice honest woman, and she does not deserve this.

  27. Sigh. says:

    Hey! Hey! Hey!
    $10 is A LOT of money in this economy.
    Have you seen the girl?
    She got her price point.

    And why do these girls know exactly who these men are, and never get proof (picture that 80’s movie when Anthony Michael Hall held up the panties in the boys bathroom for all to see…)?

  28. abigail7881 says:

    Why would Josh say he is filming a porn movie? He’s still able to get regular movie roles, no pornos yet.

  29. Cpm says:

    $10 lap dance? Have you seen this skank? That’s pushing the the high end of that envelope.

  30. Eden says:

    I live in Atlanta and the stripper was on a local radio station this morning. She said she has text messages from him but wouldn’t elaborate on what they said b/c she’s following legal counsel, I believe her.

    Celebrities are so stupid. These women take their clothes off for a reason – they want money and make a lot of it! If a celebrity has sex with them, they can make thousands!!!

    Josh is just another celebrity idiot!

  31. molly says:

    Isn’t it funny a man can be with the most beautifulest women in the world and still cheat. Isn’t it sad the women thinks she has to be the most beautifulest women in the world so he won’t cheat. Wake up women!! quit knocking yourselves out with plastic surgery. It’s all a mind game and poor Fergie and others like her will never win until they use their head.