LeAnn Rimes: ‘I want to talk about real things- aging, menopause & periods’

Lord, it’s been a minute since we’ve talked about LeAnn Rimes. In the past five years, whenever I write about her, we inevitably get comments about “I started reading Celebitchy because of the LeAnn drama.” It makes me feel good, because it was one of the first major cheating scandals I covered for this blog. It was so trashy and detailed, the way so many scandals were in 2009. LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian having a torrid affair on the set of a Lifetime movie, Brandi Glanville telling everyone that LeAnn is a POS, LeAnn style-stalking and Single-White-Female-ing Brandi, LeAnn’s quiet divorce from Dean Sheremet (who just took a nice settlement and left). It’s been 13 years since the affair. LeAnn and Eddie have been married since 2011. Despite predictions that he would dump her and take her money, I think he actually likes being married to her. She… um, must let him do whatever he wants.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve even looked at LeAnn’s Instagram and I rarely see paparazzi photos of LeAnn or Eddie. I have no idea if she’s still SWF-ing Brandi or anyone else, but I hope she’s done with that. The drama has died down, in general, and people aren’t checking for LeAnn and Eddie anymore. LeAnn rarely even goes to country-music events either, and I thought she was probably semi-retired from the music business. Not so much – she’s got a new album coming out and she spoke to People Magazine about it.

Turning 40 this month: “There’s such a narrative around women as we age, how we can become disposable. That narrative is slowly changing, but I believe women like myself can lead an example of how vibrant life can be. Jane Fonda is on my vision board!”

Her new album, god’s work: She wrote and co-produced (out Sept. 16), the Grammy-winning artist explores “shame and guilt and rage and anger,” she says. “We go into all these emotions that we’re told aren’t polite…. I explore my sexuality and the way I was raised. As women in this world, so much is ripped from us. I started to question all those narratives and bring my whole self back online and be whole in this world. And it feels very powerful.”

Untangling: “The last several years of my life have been about untangling from what was put upon me from the outside world. I’d been upholding a public image for so long.”

She wants to talk about taboo subjects: “I want to talk about real things- aging and menopause and periods and sex. I want to see women powerful and contributing to this world and sharing their wisdom. It’s time to make a shift.”

[From People]

I’m all for destigmatizing conversations about aging, menstruation, menopause and sex, but do I actually want those conversations from LeAnn Rimes? Do I want to hear her sing about periods and bisexual crushes? I don’t know. Speaking of bisexual crushes, I’ve always believed that, for LeAnn, half of the attraction to Eddie was the chance to see Brandi up close and personal. Like, there was some kind of twisted crush-psychology to it, she wanted to BE Brandi and she wanted to be with Brandi and she wanted Eddie to see her like he saw Brandi. I wonder if she explores that in her music? Nevermind, I’m not sure I want to know.

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  1. mia girl says:

    Awwww I am nostalgic for the days of the LeAnn-Brandi-Eddie drama coverage on CB.

    They seem like such simpler times, when we thought Trump was just an asshole with a quickly failing reality show and that Brad Pitt was a nice guy.


  2. pocket litter says:

    What on Earth has she done to her mouth?

  3. Uh says:

    Love Leann’s dress in these photos. But can we please not? I don’t want to hear from Leann about periods, dry vag, and menopause, anymore than I want to hear from Eddie about blue balls, scrotum itching, and achy testicles. OK?

  4. girl_ninja says:

    She was such a big deal when Blue came out and deservedly so. Her voice was gorgeous and captivating. She really had to grow up fast and her relationship with her parents was off. That’s why she got married to her former husband so young. I just think that Leann struggles with arrested development and immaturity. But so does Brandi no? No excuse for Leanne and Eddy having an affair, just a thought.

    I hope that Leanne sees that there is nothing about Brandi that she should copy or emulate.

    • bettyrose says:

      Wasn’t she 13 when Blue came out? She’s very talented. Because of this site, I’ve heard way more of her music than I ever would have otherwise. But this is the problem with the modern era. There was a time you could enjoy someone’s talent and know very little about them. Those days are long gone, but someone who achieves fame as an adult is better equipped to custom tailor their public persona. LeAnn never had a chance to figure out who she is and who she wants the world to know her as. I don’t feel bad for her, but I don’t envy her either.

      • Eva Vane says:

        It was her bad luck to start Twitter fights to defend her relationship with Eddie.
        Twitter is brutal. Plus she refused to stop talking about how she started with Eddie.
        She ignored all advice from her people and decided she was going to make everyone see they were each others true love. Only Eddie never backed her up.
        She’s still talking about.

      • bettyrose says:

        ITA. She did those things. It’s debatable whether she was emotionally an adult when she did. There’s a theory that you stop developing at the age you become famous, which is not ideal for her. Some young stars with strong family units have done better. Others have suffered much worse. It’s hard to say. But she made a lot of mistakes in her public persona. I recall during the early days of this affair debacle the country music stations that were her bread & butter were inundated with angry wives/mothers not wanting to listen to a cheater. This relationship hasn’t been great for her.

  5. Tatum says:

    Would actually be interested to hear her talk about her struggles with fertility and wanting to be a mother. She’s been pretty vocal about wanting to have biological children since her and Eddie hooked up

    So many women deal with infertility and are unable to get pregnant. It would mean a lot to hear a public figure share their story.

    • Smart&Messy says:

      I’m also one of those longtime fans of this blog who started following during the Leann-Eddie drama. 😀

      Did she ever say that they were trying for a baby? I remember her saying she worried she would struggle, because her mum had struggled with infertility. But back in the day I don’t remember her saying she actually had issues concieving. I had the impression that Eddie didn’t want any more kids, or that he kept putting it off.

      • Georgina Glass says:

        She used to always say that her and Eddie loved to “practice” having babies but that she/they were in no rush. She even quipped that she was still “young and fertile”. But the truth of the matter is, Eddie got snipped YEARS ago and has never wanted kids with LR. Now whether that is true or not, we don’t know but it is telling that they’ve been together for over a decade now and still no signs of kids.

        The other theory is that she suffers from psoriasis and would have to go off her meds if pregnant and she doesn’t want to do that. There’s probably an element of truth to both theories.

    • antipodean says:

      Yeah, right, “struggles with fertility”! One will have those when one’s jump off has had the snip, but go on with your good self.

    • Lauren says:

      I was watching “Who do you think you are” and it had Nick Offerman featured. I did t realize that he was married to Megan Mullaney so I looked them up on Google. And their is an article where Megan mentions they tried to have a baby but she was “long in the tooth” by that time and they gave up after a year. I would like to hear more about infertility from people like Megan who got married older as well as the perspective of someone “young” like Leanne to be honest. Two totally different perspectives but could provide valuable conversations etc.

    • Jaded says:

      I thought rumour had it Eddie had a vasectomy. They’re reversible but not always a sure thing.

  6. TIFFANY says:

    The mess with LeAnn didn’t matter because Miranda came out swinging over the messy fences.

    Miranda gave us new mess, LeAnn settled down with hers.

  7. Stef says:

    I’d almost forgotten about her and her messiness, husband stealing, fake twitter accounts, and stepmom drama.

    No one want to discuss aging, periods, sex, or basically anything with this vile woman. May she continue to fade into nothingness….

  8. SIde Eye says:

    I admit the LeAnn and Tori Spelling posts are my favorites. I used to get on here with a glass of wine and lurk cracking up at the comments. I know I’ve said it before but my favorite story was the one where Tori Spelling fell into a Hibachi grill. Sadly I don’t think there will ever be anything like this again in the gossip world. Those were some great gossip days – those messy affairs and the SWFing of Brandi. The chalk board writing posts. Those were the days! I’m surprised LeAnn and Eddie are still married.

  9. bettyrose says:

    I first found CB when I was browsing for gossip on Will and Kate, but the LeAnn drama was unfolding at that time, and I got hooked on it! I even bought Brandi’s book and spent a boozy afternoon reading it because of your coverage, kaiser. I’d never heard of any of them, except for a conversation I’d had with someone a decade earlier about a child prodigy named LeAnn Rimes.

    Per these comments, I mean, it’s true that women who thrive on being sexy and sexualized have a cold realization after 40. For myself, I absolutely love how much safer I feel in public spaces that gross men don’t harass me any more. But I also feel more confident and powerful than ever. Being constantly hit on isn’t my measure. Being able to pay for what I want and command respect in public spaces because I’m the ideal consumer. I’m not rich by any stretch, but I’m a middle aged career woman who makes the financial decisions in my household. You want my demographic shopping at your store, eating at your restaurant, and donating to your charity. And you treat me as a human being because you want my patronage not my body.

  10. Eva Vane says:

    LeAnn and Brandi have called a truce. They seem to be in a good place. Ed is actually working now on a steady basis.
    The only fun part is LeAnn trying to make extra money to finance her BIG comeback.
    She’s selling candles at 65 bucks which she claims have healing properties. Even her fans complains they’re too expensive.
    She had a big CMT special to celebrate 25 years in the business that went no where. Her special was over shadowed by the CMT awards whose ratings made history.
    She’s slowly releasing music from her new CD but everyone is obsessed with Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood’s new music.
    And much to LeAnn’s luck Deux Moi was there when Ed tried to flirt with a bartender while LeAnn was on stage.
    It was posted on their Instagram.
    So Ed hasn’t changed.

  11. bettyrose says:

    I tots remember the countdown to their 10 year anniversary when he could take half her wealth. Who knows what that even amounts to any more, but the 10 year mark has come and gone without incident. My theory is that Eddie, like a lot of men, needs a wife. He may be a cheating dbag, but he needs a woman at home to make him feel like a family man. LeAnn wasn’t his first choice, but she’s (per this theory) molded herself to his specifications, is uncomplicated, and provides the stability he craves while he philanders. Just a theory. And a terrible one at that. But it would explain why he’s been married to a one night stand longer than the mother of his two children.

  12. K says:

    A face made for radio sheesh