Yung Gravy, 26, is dating Addison Rae’s mom Sheri, 42: ‘I’m into MILFs’

OMG, I just did a crash course in Who the Hell Are These People? I knew the names, but I had to cram in order to write something more than a sentence. Anyway, I think I’ve got this now. Yung Gravy, 26, is a rapper who likes to sprinkle random animals, both real and fictional, throughout his videos. He also talks a lot about hitting on or bedding mothers in his songs. Upon initial listen, one would think it just the rapper bravado of “I’m in bed with yo’ momma.” But maybe Yung’s been making his preferences known? Because after showing up with Addison Rae’s mom Sheri Easterlng to the VMAs, Yung said he’s into MILFs. Sheri, who is 42, is an influencer (aw – like daughter, like mother) and I guess they all participate in The Rae Family TikTok. She’s been separated from her husband, Monty Lopez, for over a year, ever since he started up with a 25-year-old of his own. When news of the split came out, Yung announced on the BFFs podcast that he was crushing on Sheri. That was enough to connect the two. And on Sunday’s shambolic VMAs, they went Red Carpet official as a couple.

Addison Rae’s mom Sheri Nicole Easterling is feeling the love from her new beau Yung Gravy.

During a pre-show interview at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, Easterling and the “Betty” rapper opened up about how their relationship came to fruition.

“We met online. Yeah. We connected right away. I’m from the furthest north it gets, she’s from the furthest south it gets,” Yung Gravy, 26, said of Easterling, 42, after his pre-show performance as the two kissed on the carpet.

He added, “I’m into MILFs and she’s kind of the queen of MILFs, so I figured it was just a perfect match.”

Easterling — who shares daughter Addison Rae, 21, and sons Enzo, 14, and Lucas, 8, with estranged husband Monty Lopez — was first linked to the rapper earlier this month after he went on the BFFs podcast and said he wanted to take her on a date.

[From People]

I don’t have TikTok so I have to rely on Sheri’s Instagram to get a sense of what we’re talking about here. Is she the queen of the MILFs? Do the MILFs have a queen and is she a figure head or does she have influence over her subjects? I’m mildly curious about how it went down with Yung and Sheri (emphasis on the ‘mildly’.) Like, did Sheri reach out to Yung because of the podcast? The article said “earlier this month” so they’re taking this thing public after only a few weeks, that’s bold. If I’d accepted a 20-something’s date off a podcast, I’d probably want to spend a little more time getting to know why his video fashion was so wretched before I walked a carpet with him. But I’m pretty sure Sheri and I don’t have the same priorities. For instance, I don’t love Yung’s comments about how he’s into MILFs. But then, I’m not in line for the MILF crown so… I wonder how Addison, who is only five years younger than Yung, feels about this paring? It’s possible the knew each other prior to Yung dating her mom. I would guess they would occupy the same list in Hollywood (hint: it’s not the A List).

However, we know how Monty feels about it. He posted a shirtless selfie with his thoughts in writing, no less. Monty opened by saying he was “Unbothered!” and went on to thank Yung for “taking the leftovers!” And then blathered about Sheri forcing him to abandon his child (from a previous relationship) and grandkids. Missing from Monty’s statement was who the hell asked him for his input. You know, if the father of my three kids called me leftovers, maybe I wouldn’t be bothered by my fledgling boyfriend calling me MILF, either.

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  1. MOT says:

    Get it girl!

  2. Anne says:

    If this were a dude dating someone 10+ years younger it wouldn’t be news. Consenting adults? No power imbalance? Go have fun, you crazy kids.

  3. K says:

    This is messier than my attempted omelet. I am depressingly certain Andy Cohen is going to come up with some new horror show starring…these.

  4. Emmi says:

    Guess I’m at a point where I enjoy the mom’s IG more than the daughter’s. I follow neither and have never heard of this sauce guy. I’m sorry, Yung Gravy. Lord gawd. If Sheri wants to have fun, I say go for it. But him? Why?

  5. CROWHOOD says:

    I went Down a rabbit hole on this and apparently he made a tik Tok saying he was looking to butter some biscuits and she did a reply video of her with a million biscuits and so for these reasons please, a lobotomy, I beg of Obamacare to provide me a lobotomy.

  6. SarahCS says:

    I mostly come here for light relief from the world (and the hope that our monarchy is destroying itself and may be gone in my lifetime) and once again I would like to applaud Hecate for giving us well written entertainment with a follow up of thanks to the other people commenting. Bonus for checking out who these people are as I have no idea (her daughters name is familiar but I couldn’t pick her out of a lineup).

  7. Lolo86lf says:

    Hey both of them are consenting adults so let them have their fun together. They look good together because they are attractive, fashionable and well groomed. Get it while you’re young baby.

  8. Seraphina says:

    When I started to read this article, and I have no clue who these people are, I was like: ewww, your boyfriend calling you a MILF. It screams mommy issues. But @Hectate – your last sentence was spot on.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      Hey at least he is being honest about his feelings for her. Being called a MILF by your younger boyfriend is better than being a called leftovers by your ex husband isn’t it? I think she knows the relationship with her boy toy is not going to last long and she is just going to enjoy it.

  9. Steph says:

    I saw this as “news” on the E! site and had to Google them. The dad seems like he should’ve been on Jersey Shore or something. If they were my parents, I’d be embarrassed but hey, the mom deserves to have fun too. Her ex-husband seems like a total d**k.

  10. D says:

    She’s prettier than her daughter and he is really unattractive.

  11. Cath says:

    Younger doesn’t necessarily mean attractive, he’s okay-ish looking I guess. I mean Pete Davidson is out there as well doing quite well, so what do I know? Never heard of this guy…

    Is she 42 years old in the same way Tom Cruise is definitely 5ft10?

    Her ex’ looks creepy and seems trashy and his name is Monty, so all in all I say – upgrade? IDK…

  12. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    Now this is some fun, cheesy gossip! I don’t know much about any of them, but this is entertaining. @Hecate, your writing gets me every time. 😂

  13. Eowyn says:

    Sure she’s 42. And you don’t mind being called a MILF? Also she’s an awkward poser. This is all very weird.

  14. Eurydice says:

    Lol, as soon as I saw the head line, I thought “who the f… are these people!” Thanks for doing the research for me.

  15. Roo says:

    The Ex is gross. Imagine calling the mother of your child a leftover. Ugh.

  16. Haylie says:

    Eh… this is creepy. They are consenting adults, but the age difference and power imbalance is super sketchy. Just like Florence Pugh and Zack Braff. Legal doesn’t make it right.

    • rawiya says:

      Exactly. It’s gross when men do it; it’s gross when women do it. “42” year olds need to leave the kids in their 20’s alone!

    • Lola says:

      Oh please, there is no inherent power difference between 26 and 42 in and of itself. Millions of 26 year old men are high ranking military officers, CEOs, surgeons, attorneys, husbands and fathers of multiple children. I guarantee you Manhattan is full of 26 year old men making 200k+ per year who have 40 year old and older cleaning ladies. Guarantee a number of them are sexually assaulting/harrassing the “help.” Would you clutch your pearls and tell her she has the power differential on him for being in her 40’s? Going the other way, millions of 26 year old men are in prison for very adult crimes of rape, murder, embezzlement, insider trading, and much more. A 26 year old man is not a kid or a child in any way, shape or form. Good grief. They’ve definitely entered their peak powers and prime as adult men by that age.

  17. Mel says:

    Everyone is grown, this is their business.

    • Molly says:

      It is technically their business, but they have minor children who didn’t ask to be involved in this very public, humiliating grab for attention from both their parents.

      Shame on everyone involved.

  18. Roxy says:

    Isn’t this a pr relationship? I mean in every video of them kissing she looks WIDELY uncomfortable. She’s always pulling back from the kiss and giving him a weird smile afterwards. She just doesn’t seem into it.

    It’s probably just payback for her ex hooking up with a 25 year old. As for gravy he just seems like a stunt queen, who wishes he had the career Jack Harlow has

    • LIONE says:

      Her subconscious mind is trying to tell her something and she’s not listening.

      • molly says:

        I’m about her age in a very long-term marriage, and if I had to start publicly slobbering on some 20-something random guy I just met from the internet, my subconscious mind would repel me too.

      • It Really Is You, Not Me says:

        I am exactly her age and in a 20-year marriage and it struck me how different lives can unfold. My oldest is 9 and I can’t imagine having a 21 year old or dating a rapper half my age, but as long as they are happy and there is no abuse, I hope they enjoy themselves.

  19. Watson says:

    This news is so enjoyable to me. Lololol.

  20. Zoochy says:

    Before this article, I had no idea who these people were. Now, woof.

  21. I know who he is bc my daughter listens to some of his music-He has one song called Martha Stewart. I just googled the lyrics-yuck but whatever.

    I have heard of her daughter .
    This Sheri woman is pretty,when I look at her pics when she’s wearing less makeup she looks a little like Marlee Matlin.

    They are consenting adults so who cares,but why would she want to….sorry

  22. lunchcoma says:

    This was more amusing before Monty threw in his two cents. This doesn’t sound all that cute and fun.

    Whatever. Both the dudes are gross, her dress is ugly and the shoes don’t match, and all of them are welcome to go away ASAP.

    • Rougeamor says:

      So for some Gen Z context… This guy has been really “in” as a sex symbol especially on Tik Took. The appeal, I believe, is that he seems super kind to everyone and is also like 6,7″. As a result he has a certain languid lankiness in movement that is appealing to many lol

  23. LIONE says:

    So she went from one gross man objectifying her to another younger, gross man objectifying her.

  24. FHMom says:

    So much disrespect from both her current and her ex. She needs a new picker. Anyway, I have no idea who she is, but she is hot. The guy has a squeezable face.

  25. Chaine says:

    All i can think of looking at the pix is she got a “Budget Aaron Taylor Johnson”

  26. Steph says:

    This is so gross. I feel bad for Addison and her little brothers.

    • Jenn says:

      It feels significant that Addison Rae is best friends with the eldest Kardashian sister, who is 43. Maybe the Kardashians have influenced Addison’s family’s behavior?

  27. jferber says:

    She’s a beautiful woman.

  28. Veronica S. says:

    They’re both adults, but…male or female, I continue to think it’s weird to date people close to the same age as your kids from previous relationships lol. That has to be awkward.

  29. Bassflower says:

    Barry Gibb wants his 70s look back.