Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ album is being released on Kim Kardashian’s birthday

The headline alone was enough to make me giggle. Taylor Swift went to the VMAs on Sunday, on the 13th anniversary of Kanye West grabbing the mic from her and hijacking her moment. She used her VMA win for Video of the Year (for “All Too Well”) to announce that she will release a new album on October 21. When I wrote about it, I thought the timing was about Beyonce’s Renaissance and every artist wanting to give Bey some space. It didn’t even occur to me that Taylor’s release date was significant for another reason: it’s Kim Kardashian’s birthday. LMAO. If you know, you know.

Taylor Swift will give foe Kim Kardashian the ultimate birthday gift: her 10th studio album. Following a headline-making teaser announcement at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night, the “Style” singer revealed she will release a new album called “Midnights” on Oct. 21, which is no ordinary Friday.

The date — perhaps coincidentally, though Swifties know the pop star makes every decision intentionally — is the “Kardashians” star’s birthday.

Swifties, casual fans and mere gossip mongers flooded Twitter with theories that the “All Too Well” performer was shading Kardashian, with whom she has been feuding since 2016 after the reality star, 41, leaked a phone call in which Swift, 32, gave Kanye West permission to use the lyric “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex.”

“Taylor Swift announcing a new album on the 13th anniversary of the Kanye West VMA s–tshow, 5 years after the premier of LWYMMD at the VMAs, which will drop on Kim Kardashian’s birthday is ICON behaviour. #MeetMeAtMidnight,” tweeted one fan.

“taylor swift new album drops same day as kim kardashian’s birthday, she announced it at the VMAs 13 years after the kanye’s incident AND the same date carly rae jepsen’s drops her new album, who’s managed by scooter braun,” another fan wrote, referring to Swift’s feud with music manager Braun.

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Just in case you thought the 32-year-old Snake Queen had grown up, she has not. And why should she? It’s genuinely hilarious that she chose that date. It’s not a coincidence either – please, Taylor plans everything out months and years in advance, she puts Easter eggs in her Easter eggs. She’s telling the Snake Fam: gear up! We’re doing this again.

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41 Responses to “Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ album is being released on Kim Kardashian’s birthday”

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  1. vanna says:

    The 21th is also national reptile awareness day. It’s all coming together nicely for her, I’m so excited for the drama.

  2. SJ (they/them) says:

    I actually googled when that VMAs interruption was because I was sure “13th anniversary” was a typo???? but no. nope. that’s, uh, correct.

    cool cool cool

  3. Flowerlake says:

    I would have been Team Taylor on this, but since I heard of how much she uses her private jet and the surrounding fuss…. Things like that are used with glee by people who try to deny climate change as well (“see what all those rich people do? You’re dumb if you still make envitonmental friendly choices”).

    So, let their fans fight it out and I’ll just watch the drama, drinking juice with an environmental friendly straw 🙂

  4. Noki says:

    Whether she has fully grown up who knows? But i am glad that Kim K at least exposed her because Taylor was ridiculous with her very obvious blind items songs, the way she decided to befriend half of Hollywood (where are the bffs now?) just to mean girl Katy Perry and her little angel act.

  5. C says:

    Both of them are insufferable.

    • Agatha says:

      That depends on your taste but at least Tay produces some nice music

      • C says:

        I’ve tried each of her albums and disliked them all with the exception of 1989. Being a fan of indie rock I made a point to try Folklore/Evermore and also found them uninteresting.

    • Sonia says:

      You are aware Kim don’t expose her at all, right? And it was later revealed that the entire call was edited?

      • C says:

        Not sure where my comment indicated any type of opinion on their feud at all.

        Kanye is gross, Kim is insufferable, Taylor is insufferable. All in their own ways, of course.

  6. girl_ninja says:

    They are both immature attention seeking messes. This is still funny though.

  7. Steph says:

    The Arctic Monkeys are putting a new album out on the same day. I’m sure Taylor’s will overshadow their return but who really cares at this point? lol

  8. Dillesca says:

    Uggh, this makes me tired.

  9. Louise177 says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Taylor is pathetic? I don’t think of this as shade but sad and juvenile. I doubt Kim thinks about Taylor 1/10 of the time she thinks about Kim. It’s not cute when a 30 something acts like a 5 year old. I actually like a lot of her music but Taylor is so obnoxious.

    • Sonia says:

      Carly Rae Jepsen and the arctic monkeys are also putting out albums that day. I guess that all hate Kim?

    • K-Peace says:

      I can’t stand her. I don’t like Kim either but i’ll bet she hasn’t thought about Taylor in a very long time. Instead of leaving that old tired drama in the past and acting her age, she has to show the world that she’s still not over it. Ooooh what a burn!🙄

      The world is falling apart, but Taylor just keeps on flying everywhere in her private jet like climate change doesn’t exist, and stirring up years old petty drama that nobody but her & her crazy fans care about. She should be embarrassed.

    • Lola says:

      I enjoy Taylor’s music, but holy sh*t is she immature and salty. She’ll never grow out of it.

    • NCWoman says:

      Am I the only one who thinks it’s pathetic the way that the world ties everything Taylor Swift does to Kim and Kanye? Is she supposed to keep a calendar of Kim and Kanye’s birthdays, anniversaries, deaths and birthdays of family members (she was accused of releasing something on Kanye’s mother’s something something once too), and other key life events so that she can avoid them entirely. Why should she let them control her life to that extent? How does releasing on Kim’s birthday continue their “feud”? I can understand not liking her, but the reach of all this to have a reason to badmouth her is really very sad–and completely irrational.

  10. Case says:

    It has nothing to do with Kim. Neither woman has mentioned each other in years. Taylor is big on putting out albums on dates that add up to significant numbers for her. Her “lucky” number is 13 and this is her 10th album.

    10 + 2 + 1 = 13

    Or the single digits in the full date, 10/21/2022, add up to 10.

    • Georgia says:

      I agree, 13 is her lucky number. The fact that its on Kim’s birthday is just a bonus. Lol

      • Hootenannie says:

        Totally agree with you guys, that was my first thought. I’m not saying Taylor wouldn’t chuckle when she learned that it fell on that date, but 13 has always been a huge Easter egg.

        And for people saying well why not November 11th or December 1st, she has to release things by certain dates to make them eligible. And October is the 10th month, and this is her 10th album.

    • Tiffany:) says:

      Yes, it seems like that kind of math is her thing.

    • Kate says:

      Yeah and I think albums need to be released on Friday’s, or tend to be in order to have the best chance at debuting at number 1 or something. The Kim connection may be a bonus but it’s gonna be the numbers adding up to 13 plus it being a Friday.

      Also agree that her rep’s statement about her private plane usage was meaningless and she needs to be more conscientious about that. Disappointed in her cavalier attitude about it and hope she realizes how much damage those planes are doing.

  11. Southern Fried says:

    Looking forward to her new music. Just like with other musicians I enjoy I don’t like all of their work but I’m very interested in what Taylor’s got coming since she isn’t afraid to change it up. As far as I’m concerned screw KK. I fail to see what worthwhile she brings to the world.

  12. Zoochy says:

    Team Carly Rae Jepsen on this one.

  13. Michael says:

    Taylor is massively petty but this is not that bad. I doubt Kim cares at all. It probably is also no coincidence that she is releasing the same day as a Scooter client but that is irrelevant because Jepsen is nowhere close to Taylor’s popularity so had zero shot at competing with her. I have never liked Taylor and I still do not like her. I like maybe two of her songs but I do not like her at all.

  14. Relly says:

    If we’re talking Taylor vs Kim, I mean, Taylor has actual talent as opposed to being famous for being famous, soooo

    • PeaceOut says:

      Talent for what?
      Shading her exes? Picking stupid petty fights with people? Not ever letting anything go?
      Yeah she’s got talent alright
      Cuz I know you’re not talking about her voice

      • talia says:

        her songwriting?

      • Relly says:

        @talia yes exactly thank you!

        @peaceout Lol. She’s a singer songwriter who writes about her love life, which is exactly what every other singer songwriter does. Paul McCartney writes about his exes, but somehow, it’s only shallow and vapid when a young woman does it.

        Also I’m not going to say her voice is BRILLIANT AND BREATHTAKING or anything but her voice is fine for the songs she does. She’s not whisper hiccuping her way through.

        Since you jumped on me saying that Taylor has talent and Kim K doesn’t, I’m curious. What talent can you possibly imagine Kim K has?

    • PeaceOut says:

      Have some more Kool-aid

  15. ME says:

    The world does not revolve around Kim Kardashian. I highly doubt Taylor even knows or cares when Kim’s bday is. Seriously.

  16. MC2 says:

    All these people in the world making plans for 10/21 knowing it’s all cuz it’s Kim Kardashian’s birthday.

  17. PeaceOut says:

    This gives Kris & Ko. Plenty of time to come up with something big to steal the spotlight that day
    Like Kim and Kanye back together
    I’d LMFAO

  18. AmyB says:

    When Taylor released Reputation Kanye fans attacked her for choosing the anniversary of Donda’s death.

    Albums are dropped on Fridays. Until Lover, her albums were released in the Fall. So when looking at the calendar a Friday in the fall seems like she is just back on schedule again.

  19. Delphine says:

    I remember Kanye interrupting her back when I used to watch the VMAs and thinking I have no idea who this girl is but his rude ass just made her super famous. I felt bad for her because it was so out of line but she couldn’t have bought that level of publicity. I still don’t know a single song she sings but she seems alright.