Zendaya and Tom Holland spotted out holding hands in New York

A little while back, Tom Holland said he was taking a break from social media for his own well-being. At that time, I nervously wondered to CB and Kaiser if it was because he and Zendaya had broken up, and when it hit the press, Tom couldn’t bear to read all the commentary about it. If CB had been in the same city as me, she would’ve driven over to crack me with a newspaper for putting that out in the universe.

Fortunately, we have nothing to fear, because Tom and Zendaya were seen holding hands in New York just last weekend. Phew, Tendaya is safe! And still happy together, bopping around The Big Apple. Zendaya just celebrated her birthday and since Tom’s supposedly resting up a bit from acting, he likely came over to pamper her and make sure she’s having the best birthday week ever.

Zendaya Coleman and Tom Holland continue to display their love for one another!
On Friday, the couple was pictured holding hands after grabbing coffee in Manhattan. Dressed casually for the outing, the Euphoria star opted for a gray T-shirt with a colorful scarf as she paired them with light blue jeans and black and white sneakers.

Meanwhile, the British actor was sporting a purple baseball cap, a dark green T-shirt, and jeans while holding a cup of coffee in his right hand.

The sighting comes just a day after the lovebirds were spotted stepping out of MAMO restaurant in the Big Apple to celebrate Zendaya’s 26th birthday.

For the special night, Zendaya donned a carefree look featuring a cropped button-up sweater that showed off her toned abs and a pair of loose-fit jeans that covered her black pointed-toe stilettos. Her accessories matched her vibe, with a simple necklace and a gold ring on her right ring finger.

Holland, 26, however, went casual for the evening and opted for a blue plaid flannel, the first two buttons unbuttoned, along with turquoise corduroy pants and classic Adidas sneakers.

[From People]

See, CB – I told you there was nothing to worry about *ducks from newspaper*. Although they owe me nothing, I’m glad for these little check-ins on one of my favorite couples. I don’t need much, just a simple coffee run will do. And, if I’d been paying attention, I would have seen that Tom flew to Budapest to visit Zendaya just last month. She’s filming Dune there and he, apparently, occupied himself by knitting. Boy, he is really taking this rest from acting seriously. Either that or he’s researching his next role as a gran.

According to E!, Hunter Schaefer and Zendaya’s mom, Claire Stoermer, both went to her birthday dinner at MAMO as well. Maybe they will all be there to support Zendaya’s three Emmy nominations next Monday. Two of those are for songs, I keep forgetting that. I said that jokingly but wait a minute, what if Tom goes to the Emmys with Zendaya?! That would be amazing. I doubt he will, she’ll probably bring her mom but we know Tom has the time. Maybe he’ll just knit at home until they’re done and hit up the after parties with her. I can live with that.

Photo credit: Avalon Red and Backgrid

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  1. C-Shell says:

    They are adorable. That’s it.

    • Anony83 says:

      I’m very hard at not developing the ultimate Auntie parasocial relationship with these two because they are still VERY young but come on. How can you not root for them?

      • Kay says:

        I mean they’re 26 … that’s young but is it THAT young? Harry Styles is 28. Anya Taylor Joy is 26 and recently married. Flo is also 26.

        I’m rooting for them and they seem very serious.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      they are! such a gorgeous AND adorable couple. I hope they stay happily together forever.

      honestly, these two look at each other like Harry and Meghan do, so I have lots of hope!

  2. Owlsyn (Three Seashells?) says:

    If Tom Holland has taken up knitting, it’s clearly because he’ll be playing the lead in a yet-to-be-announced Demolition Man remake.

    I sort of adore how completely supportive he seems to be as a partner, and willing to take a backseat and let Zendaya and her career shine.

    • Snuffles says:

      He’s definitely taken up knitting. I saw a picture of him on a plane taken by a passenger and he was happily knitting away. I’m sure he finds it very relaxing and a stress reliever.

  3. Kay says:

    He’s filming a project right now and has been since the spring, called The Crowded Room with Amanda Seyfried. It’s an anthology series for Apple TV. So he’s busy, he just loves her. As he should lol.

  4. Jessie Quinton says:

    They are incredibly sweet together. I love her shirtdess!

  5. It’sjustblanche says:

    Knitting? Perhaps he’s practicing for making baby booties in the future? Just putting that out there.

  6. Jessica says:

    I love these two together. His father is a comedian and I read his blog regularly. A few times he has touched on the insanity around their lives with Tom’s level of fame. It is really interesting to hear it from the perspective of his father.

  7. Dee Kay says:

    Zendaya is often dressed in high couture and looks like the most glamorous girl in the world when she models for photoshoots or attends the Met Gala. But when she is with Tom Holland, she dresses down. She doesn’t want to be loved for the glamour girl she plays when she works for fashion houses. She wants to be loved for the person she is day-to-day, in a t-shirt and jeans. I think he does love her for herself, and that is why their relationship works.

  8. Nanea says:

    Here for the Tomdaya love.

    They’re one of my favorite couples, the others being big Tom H & Zawe and, of course, Harry and Meghan.

    They’re all cute in their own special ways, the way they support each other as teams.

  9. Mari says:

    Love ’em to bits. Tom is filming in NYC, has been for a while. That’s why she was there this past weekend. He flies to her, she flies to him. They seem like a sweet couple and I wish them so much happiness (parasocial auntie here too)