‘Archetypes’ Ep. 3: ‘The Stigma of the Singleton’ with Mindy Kaling

The new Archetypes podcast is out! “The Stigma of the Singleton” featuring an interview with Mindy Kaling, who is famously single, never been married and she made the choice to be a single mom of two children. Mindy is also an Indian/Desi woman and in Desi culture, all Indian women are supposed to WANT to be married. Marriage is assumed to be the goal of every woman, and all products and messages are geared towards attracting marriageable men, finding men, marrying men and keeping men happy. Mindy opted out of all of that.

I like the histories and backstories on all of the slurs of single women, “spinsters,” etc. The comments from Rebecca Traister are interesting. I mean, I’ve known for decades that society fears single women. They fear our power, our economic independence, our unwillingness to live lives of domestic servitude to men. Bloomberg just did a big story about single women and how we’re getting richer and happier (lolz!!).

Mindy asked Meghan if she was the “pretty one” growing up and Meghan was like NO. Meghan said: “No, god no. Ugly duckling. Not conventional beauty – maybe now that would be seen as beautiful. I had massive frizzy curly hair. I had a huge gap in my teeth. I was the smart one, forever and ever and ever. And then just sort of grew up…I never had anyone to sit with at lunch. I was always a little bit of a loner and really shy. I didn’t know where I fit in.”

Mindy is amazing – I haven’t listened to the whole pod yet, but she’s cracking me up when she talks about how she’s almost an old maid now and Meghan is like “no you’re not!!!” I like how intimate Mindy is about her own evolving expectations of herself as a first-generation American, daughter of immigrants. Anyway… I love Mindy. I love that Mindy agreed to this podcast interview with Meghan.

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  1. Becks1 says:

    Started listening while I was packing lunches (back to school today!! woohoo!) and will finish later. Meghan really is bringing in great guests for these topics. I would want to listen to a conversation like this from Mindy Kaling even if it wasn’t with Meghan, you know? I think that adds a lot to the appeal of the podcast. Even Sussex fans aren’t listening “just” for Meghan.

    • TurquoiseGem says:

      Listened during my lunch break!

      Lots of food for thought here. This episode is by far my favourite. Meghan is blossoming in Archetypes and her obvious rapport with Mindy has her guest opening up, delving deep. Loved it!

      I’m going to listen again, later. Did I really learn that along with Spinster and Old Maid, a single woman was also once called….a Thornback?!

    • Becks1 says:

      Okay I have finished listening to it. Mindy is SO good at this. I know she said she doesnt like podcasts, but she should do more of them because she’s really good. Interesting and relatable etc.

      Her line about how women who don’t apologize for themselves are seen in a negative way really stood out to me. (I can’t remember the exact quote.) I love how Mindy does not apologize for taking up space. that seems to be the common thread right now between her guests (besides their success etc) – Serena, Mariah, Mindy – they don’t apologize for taking up space.

      • MrsCope says:

        I think we also got some good insight into Meghan, too. If she doesn’t feel like she fits in, or is made to feel like she doesn’t belong, she works. She works harder, she fills her time. Which we all know, did not go over well with staff. I’m roughly the same age as them, and a woman of color, who also LOVED Archie comics. So funny. All of us caught up in this weird time capsule of a comic that starred some wishy-washy boy who couldn’t decide between two girls! This was a great episode. I’m a longtime fan of Mindy and this was so good!

      • MakeEverydayCount says:

        I didn’t really know much about Mindy other than she was a comedian, but her story is absolutely beautiful. I have a 14-year-old daughter who just entered her freshman year of High School (@Becks, all girls Catholic School). One of the first things that became very clear is that the parents (not the school) seem to be pushing their daughters to date and find the guy they will eventually marry after college. This thought process goes against every fiber of my being. IMO, a 14-year-old girl should be focused on discovering herself and not on boys, marriage etc. I’m doing my best to rear an independent young lady who knows she can be what and whom she desires and that her future spouse is her equal but not necessarily needed to complete her. The discussion between Mindy and Meghan hit home for me on so many levels.

  2. girl_ninja says:

    Thank you Kaiser!

  3. Snuffles says:

    I just finished listening to it and it was great. I can relate as a “singleton” myself.

    I’m sure the British press will jump all over Meghan claiming not to be the pretty, cool chick in school. There are high school pictures of her looking gorgeous, but there are also pictures of her in her early teens looking exactly like she described, frizzy, messy hair and a big gap in her teeth, then braces later. She now doubt had a glow up by the end of high school.

    She also said in the past she didn’t fit in with the white or black girls and just opted to keep herself busy. Her story has always been consistent.

    • Kate says:

      I think it’s often the middle school appearance that sticks with you in how you assess yourself since I think that’s when cliques/friend groups are established. So even if you get prettier later you are still categorized as however you were in middle school.

      • BlueDot says:

        Maybe it’s just my personal experience but I don’t think others around us hold onto those categories, regardless or how we might change in appearance.

        It seems more about the Middle School and High School years affecting self esteem long term than the people you knew at that time still categorising each other by that particular period.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      You’re probably right. Or they’ll try to make an issue out of her saying she was the smart one, because they are Obsessed.

      • Petra (Brazen Archetyped Phenomenal Woman) says:

        The BM jumping on this would just show their stupidity. You can be what society sees are beautiful, but if you don’t see it in yourself it doesn’t matter. I completely understand Meghan feeling she was not gorgeous at that age.

  4. L84Tea says:

    I listened early this morning while having coffee and I loved this episode so much–the chat about loving Archie comic books had me all smiles because I read them religiously and even have a stack that I saved from the 80’s. I want to be Mindy Kaling’s BFF so bad.

    • one of the marys says:

      I have a friend that lived in Japan so the news there came onto my radar. More and more Japanese women are opting out of marriage and the government has had some awful reactions to that, saying those women are not contributing to society and are or will be a burden to the country. It was shocking to read. And years ago I read something similar happening in Italy and families were struggling to find wives to take over the care of their unmarried adult sons. Interesting times

      • L84Tea says:

        Yikes, that is awful–also very interesting. It’s clear that there is a tide turning for a lot of women in the world to prefer to go it alone and wow, men do not like it.

      • Snuffles says:

        I read about that but it seemed to be couched in terms that they were worried about the future population of Japan or workforce. Then again, they could always welcome immigrants but Japan makes it extraordinarily difficult to immigrate there.

        There is also a huge problem in China. There is a huge lack of eligible women because of their 1 child policy and the preference for boys. Now these boys can’t find any women to marry them. And the Chinese women are realizing their power and refuse to settle for assholes. I think a lot of them end up marrying foreigners.

        It’s a fascinating subject. I think in the West, a lot of women are the same. Not that they are totally against getting married, but don’t feel obligated to because they can support themselves if necessary.

      • Cee says:

        To quote Lizzo, about damn time.
        If I hadn’t met my current partner, I would be single. I was not brought into this world to take care of adult men. I have an education, I have a career, I have my own money. Why would I want to tie myself down to a lifetime of servitude? (Because marriage is exactly that in most cases. Women taking care of everyone just because they’re expected to do so)
        I’m just happy I found a man who takes care of himself and doesn’t expect me to.

        Edit: And all these men crying about it? They brought it on themselves. Especially in China. Murdering and throwing baby girls away like trash and now the complain about the size of the female population? Not even the tiniest violin in the world would suffice.

      • May says:

        It’s also happening in South Korea. People aren’t getting married and aren’t having kids. They have the world’s lowest fertility rate and despite government incentives to increase baby-making, it’s not happening: The fertility rate dropped again this year. There’s a big anti-feminist movement happening there too. Is it any wonder women want to remain single.

      • ME says:

        @ Cee

        Same thing happening in India. There is no one child policy, but baby girls are being aborted or once born are being given poison and killed. It’s disgusting. I saw a documentary where this villager woman showed a journalist where she buried each female child she gave birth to. There were 10 spots where she said babies dead bodies were buried. She said she’s waiting for God to send her a son. So gross ! I’m Indian, so I know how deep the preferenc for boys goes. There are entire villages where no girl has been born in almost 20 years. Who do they think their sons will marry?

      • Deering24 says:

        one of the marys—it’s fascinating watching these rebellions unfold. PBS had a terrific documentary a while back that followed three single Japanese women. The vitriol one got from her family was horrifying—she was brilliant, accomplished, and happy, but her relatives put her down constantly. No surprise she went to another country to live.

    • Over it says:

      Thanks again Kaiser for posting the episode as always. Really appreciate it. I am listening now, almost done. It’s so good. Every week these episodes get better and better. This podcast for me is so needed.

    • MrsCope says:

      Same. How can I end up in Mindy’s orbit?!

      • one of the marys says:

        @Snuffles, you wrote
        “I read about that but it seemed to be couched in terms that they were worried about the future population of Japan or workforce”

        You’re right in that fertility rates/birth rates and sustaining the population came across as a huge concern in the analysis. My issue is there was a lot of shaming of these women and their choices instead of any validation of why they’re making those choices. And no effort to improve their lives only panic and shame

    • Mindy_DeLaCalle says:

      Mindy is my name sake and I love that they loved Archie comics. I’m named Veronica and am a brunette – I got a blonde dog and named her Betty.

  5. Lala says:

    I think the real “Archtype” or most disregarded are single childless women but I would be Meghan isn’t touching that one in her podcasts. You can be single and decide to try for a child but it doesn’t mean that it will work out, regardless of how determined and fierce you are.

    • Duchcheese says:

      And you can choose to be single and childless till your last day, that too is alright. I’m not childless but I know people that chose to never get married and wanted no children or pets either and they are still very happy and content with the life they chose for themselves. Not everyone is meant to be married and/or a parent.

      • HennyO says:

        Duchcheese, one episode cannot discuss all variations of the topic at hand (time limitation). Every episode is meant to start a conversation, a guess. ‘Childless single women’ is just one variation of the single woman archetype.

        I was in a Space today and zeven variations of the single woman archetype where discussed. It brought lots of emotions, and open wounds in the discussion – put away or still being processed, besides fun stories of the single woman (be choice), and with layers like religion and culture . Very interesting and educational. Meghan really got us women talking with this Archetypes pod.
        Looking forward to the rest of the episodes.

    • Normades says:

      I have a lot of single women friends without children. The ‘single mom’ friends I have are divorced, so that is not the same thing as Mindy. To decide to forge it alone I think you really have to be financially secure.
      But like the Bloomberg article shows it is single women without children who have gained the most financially. This makes absolute sense to me. As soon as I had a child my career stalled. I didn’t want to do and have it all. It’s just too exhausting.
      I applaud my single/childless friends. It is not a ‘selfish’ decision at all and they are in no way selfish people.

      • Normades says:

        So just finished listening and Mindy admits herself that she couldn’t do it without financial stability and a great support group (dad, step mom, full time nanny).
        I also encouraged friends who didn’t find the guy but wanted the kids to do it themselves, but that is so much easier said than done.

      • L84Tea says:

        @Normades, I have a cousin who is about 11 years older than me who has never married and always wanted kids. She has a fantastic job, makes good money, owns her own home, is attractive and dresses beautifully, is a genuinely good, solid person, but for whatever reason has never found the right person for her. What makes me sad for her though, is that she always wanted to have kids so, so badly. She could easily have gone the route of adoption or insemination, but I know she never would’ve because my aunt and uncle are super old school/conservative/old fashioned who would’ve judged her up and down for not doing it the “traditional” way and not being married. It makes me sad that she has settled for missing out on what she really wanted in life in order to not upset her parents. Instead she’s had to make due with being the really generous aunt and/or godmother to other peoples’ kids.

  6. Osty says:

    Meghan is really getting the hang of this podcast thing and every episode is better than the previous. This conversation was so good , I listened twice . I love both Mindy and Meghan. And this one too the fools as usual are fooling

    • Duchcheese says:

      Right? I honestly would really love for Meghan to continue with this podcast past the 12 episodes. But that’s something Meg would choose on her own and I would never judge her choices. But I really would love for her to extend it beyond the 12, she is so good this Madam Duchess.

      • MsIam says:

        I thought I saw this listed as Season 1? So I’m guessing there might be a Season 2 at some point. Plus Omid kind of hinted at Harry doing a podcast too, so maybe he and Meghan will alternate.

      • Duchcheese says:

        Oh year? That would be really cool!! I think prince Harry brings a lot to the mental health discussion and I’d like to see him devote a podcast of 12 or more episodes to this subject. Prayers to the both of them.

    • Pix says:

      Yes, this was a GREAT conversation. Meghan’s learned to ask the right follow-up questions to deepen the conversation. I have to say, I was never really a Mindy fan, but listening to her on this podcast makes me like her…a lot. I love that Meghan is interviewing famous women of color and we, the audience, get to hear the shared experience of “otherness” and how that’s shaped them to become the women they are today.

  7. Lili says:

    i haven’t finished listening to it i’ll finish up when i get home. it made me laugh out loud in the office and also made we want to curl up in a ball and cry. so i’m going to have to wait till i get home and be comfortable

  8. Watson says:

    Her guest list is really amazing. Meghan is great but her ability to get this calibre of star power is a testament to the type of goodwill she has. I am not a podcast person, and Meghan is not enough of a draw for me to listen cause i have very little free time. But add in Serena, Mariah and Mindy? Im in!

  9. Flowerlake says:

    I didn’t know Mindy, but now I’m looking forward to the podcast.

    Also, that’s what happens in societies when you make more demands on women than on men in marriage. Women realize going into an disadvantaguous agreement is not worth it.

    • Flowerlake says:

      And for the record, with societieS, I basically mean every society.

      Just see how Western men react when a young woman saysahediesn’t want to get married or only waits fora good fit:

      “GoOd lUcK beINg alonE aT AgE 45, BitCh!!!”

      • lanne says:

        My response to that? 49 and alone and loving it! I had an awesome pandemic!

      • Flowerlake says:

        Speaking of the pandemic:

        Domestic violence was up during the pandemic.
        Having a man in your house is a risk women shouldn’t take lightly.

        Not saying nobody should get married, but way too many go into it not realizing who they’re really marrying.

  10. girl_ninja says:

    I love that they’re talking about Archie comics and how they grew up reading them! How it shaped their views about romance and relationships and how we are supposed to be as women. That’s me! I LOVED Archie comics growing up and couldn’t wait to grab Bazooka Joe gum just to read about them. As a black girl though, I didn’t think I could identify with Veronica or Betty so it was wonderful to see Val.

    • Petra (Brazen Archetyped Phenomenal Woman) says:

      Yay for Bazooka Joe gum. Did you collect the wrappers?

      • ME says:

        OMG I remember Bazooka Joe gum. I also loved reading the comics while chewing that hard ass gum lol. I can still taste it ! Oh to be young again…I’d never be able to read that tiny print now lol.

      • BeanieBean says:

        I’m afraid that gum would pull out my fillings.

  11. Amy Bee says:

    People rarely talk about being single in a positive way. I’m glad Meghan brought up this topic and I can’t wait to listen to it.

    • taris says:

      singledom is truly a rewarding experience, esp for many women. it’s important to take some time to know ourselves, love ourselves, to put our talents to service, to travel, etc, from time to time.
      i wish more of us appreciated the space to be independent and fulfilled without tying the totality of our personhood in motherhood and wifehood.
      (nothing wrong, of course, with being in WORTHY relationships; but sadly i see too many women stay in unsuitable, even abusive, relationships out of fear of being ‘alone’, or of being stigmatised.)

      i did read that bloomberg article just the other day – it confirms trends that we’ve been seeing for years: single/unmarried women are consistently ranked the happiest and wealthiest group (right up there with married men, lol), and our economic and political power is growing.
      i’m glad the stigma is slowly dying, and for meghan and mindy talking about this.
      this might be my favourite episode of archetypes yet.

  12. Mooney says:

    I’m an Indian myself and can totally relate to to this. My family always insists that I have to marry, but the just the thought of marriage and kids scare me, seeing my family history. I just want to be rich, travel around the world and my country and enjoy my life. But just saying that I don’t want marriage and kids is kinda blasphemy, even for my quite liberal family.

    It’s not that I’m not into men or something, but I fall in love with fictional characters faster (yes I’m weird that way), and so my standards have become abnormally higher.

    Bravo to Meghan and Mindy for highlighting this issue.

    • EA says:

      I am the same and absolutely agree with you. I love my family but the whole let the wife/woman suffer in silence and take care of everyone was not appealing at all.

    • Dominique says:

      i’m of indian origin, very traditional muslim family. I did it, it was tough, the social pressure felt crushing at times , what hurt the most was seeing how much pain it gave my mother, because she was also under the same pressure, at times worst, because of my choices.
      I also had the opportunity to leave my small country and live in Europe, so i was able to escape this pressure somewhat.
      So yes it is possible and no it isnt easy

    • Little Red says:

      Hello my Desi sisters,
      Speaking as someone who just turned 50 and is still unmarried and childless, I know and understand the pressure all of you are talking about. About twelve or thirteen years ago, I was lying in bed on a Saturday morning enjoying the peace and quiet, I realized that I did what I want, how I want, and when I want. Except for financial independence, my life was my own. Any man was going to have to climb over that very high bar to be worth my time.

      • ME says:

        Thanks for shaing this. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only single child free Indian girl lol. I like knowing there are others out there. Our culture puts so much pressure on females. You have to be pretty, skinny, university educated, have a high paying job…oh and marry before 30, and you MUST pop out at least one son because God forbid you don’t produce an heir to carry on your husband’s name ! I better stop…I could talk about this subject all day lol.

    • ME says:

      @ Mooney

      I feel the same as you. I just want to be rich and travel lol. There was a time I thought about marriage and kids (though honestly it always scared me), but oddly enough as a middle child my parents weren’t focused on getting me married at all. So I kind of got left behind. Now I feel it’s too late and to be honest I don’t think it’s what I ever wanted. I hate family gatherings. It’s hard being the only single one and with no kids. I avoid family for this reason lol…gossipy aunties are trash. I say do what you want and be happy. Most married people (not all) seem miserable and jealous of our single child-free lives anyways !

      • Fabiola says:

        It’s the stigma from family and coworkers that really pushed me to get married. I didn’t want to be a spinster in their eyes. If I hadn’t gotten married by 40 my plan was to relocate jobs so my coworkers would stop asking me when I was going to get married and avoid my extended family. I’m happily married now but if I end up a widow I would not remarry. I would rather be a golden girl like Blanche.

  13. DeluxeDuckling says:

    My boyfriend is Indian and the pressure from his family is insane. His mom goes from ‘hello’ to ‘how many people do you want at the reception, 100 or 200?’ (they would all be HER friends too).
    We aren’t even engaged, and I often get so tired and hurt and I want to leave him – but I don’t have the confidence in myself on my own.
    Mindy is an inspiration

    • ME says:

      Just some advice from a fellow Indian. I don’t know what culture you are, but the fact his family has accepted you and wants to make you their daughter-in-law is a BIG deal. Usually mixed marriages are a major no-no. If you truly don’t want to marry the guy, you should let him know. You would just be wasting his time. As an Indian, I can tell you marriage is number one on an Indian parent’s list. Most Indian men (not all) are mama’s boys who have always been spoiled just for being born male. Your bf will feel guilty not doing what his parents want. This will cause issues in your relatioship. I could be wrong, but you need to get the confidence to do what’s right for you.

  14. s808 says:

    Hands down my favorite episode, especially as a 25 yr old with no partner or children, doesn’t feel the need to have either but it is being hounded by the lack of the former.

  15. Hopey says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with spotify? I played M’s episode with Mindy first thing this morning on my phone while in my bathroom and then on my laptop while getting dressed for work and then I come to work and tried playing it on my computer but I’m having diff with spotify. When I click ‘play’ it tells me: “Spotify cant play this right now. If you have the file on your computer you can import it.”
    And the same thing happens withthe same msg when I try playing either Serena’s or Mariah’s episodes on my computer.

    Then I try them on my phone AND THEY ARE NOT PLAYING!!!!

  16. Brianne says:

    I did a little squeal inside when I heard at the end that Margaret Cho would be on next week….I’m SO here for it!

  17. girl_ninja says:

    Man. This episode brought a tear to my eye when Meghan and Mindy talked about growing up feeling lonely. It was a lovely conversation and an important topic.

  18. Hopey says:

    OK. Its now working on my ph. Am restarting my computer so I’ll see how that goes.

  19. Petra (Brazen Archetyped Phenomenal Woman) says:

    Archetypes is getting better each episode. Episode 3 is now the best for me. This got me feeling my feelings. Mindy Kaling was open and honest (more than ever in an interview.) I related more to the Singleton archetype. I never fantasize about weddings or thought about getting married. My husband was scared of proposing to me because he knew the answer would be no. His proposer was “please, gift me this and if you don’t want it after 6 months we’ll annul the marriage.”
    I was that girl eating lunch alone by her locker and reading a book …sigh. It does get better. Spotify really need to cut longer episodes.

  20. butterflystella says:

    Single at 48 here and have been for 6 years! I don’t have any desire to cohabitate with a significant other. I am one that practices “never say never” but it’s doubtful. I would rather maintain separate living places within a relationship.

    • Cee says:

      I’m 35 and this is the first time I’m living with a partner. It felt, and feels, right to do so. That was all I needed to know in order to finally do it. I sometimes miss the quietness and stillness but I was fortunate to find a partner who understands my need to do my own thing. It makes sharing a home with him so much better than I could have ever imagined.

  21. Beach Dreams says:

    This was a fascinating discussion, and I agree with everyone saying that Archetypes keeps getting better and better with each episode. I’ve never really envisioned weddings or marriage for myself growing up, and I’ve just found life to be more satisfying for me as a single woman. Definitely have had awkward prying from relatives (especially the religious ones) talking about finding me a boyfriend and asking what type of man I like, lol.

  22. Abby says:

    I can’t wait to listen to this later. So far Meghan’s podcast has become one of my favorites, and I listen to a ton of podcasts regularly. It feels so cozy and chatty, the audio is excellent and the interviews are really good.

    I always feel like I want to be friends with Mindy, so I’m thrilled to hear their conversation.

  23. Marla Hooch says:

    I love Mindy so this is one I will definitely have to listen to!

  24. HennyO says:

    Duchcheese, one episode cannot discuss all variations of the topic at hand (time limitation). Every episode is meant to start a conversation, a guess. ‘Childless single women’ is just one variation of the single woman archetype.

    I was in a Space today and zeven variations of the single woman archetype where discussed. It brought lots of emotions, and open wounds in the discussion – put away or still being processed, besides fun stories of the single woman (be choice), and with layers like religion and culture . Very interesting and educational. Meghan really got us women talking with this Archetypes pod.
    Looking forward to the rest of the episodes.

  25. katy says:

    I skipped right to the end to see if Beyonce was next week, but nope! I’m voting for the final episode being Beyonce, and “The Burden of being The Boss.”

  26. TEALIEF says:

    I haven’t listened to the podcast as yet, but I’m single, childfree, and petfree by choice. It doesn’t mean I don’t like or love children, pets, or am averse to partners. I’ve had longterm live in boyfriends: the good, the bad, and the indifferent. What I’ve never done is sat around waiting or pining for a Jerry Maguire “you complete me” moment.  No, I am whole. You need to be whole as well. I’m here to help, not to fix you. I don’t care how much Coldplay you have on background.

  27. L4Frimaire says:

    Omg listening to this right now and am loving it. I’ve been married over 20 years but still can relate to so much she has said. I admire Kaling’s intelligence, and confidence. I totally relate to her saying she was never traditionally maternal until she had her own kids. The lunchtime gauntlet so many of us had to run back in high school. This is so good.

  28. Annalise says:

    Mindy looks friggin GORGEOUS in the top pic. Her hair especially is super sexy

  29. Lilp40 says:

    I had to sit with this one for a few hours today. And I feel as if I can share this in this space where no one knows me. I’m 34, Black, Caribbean born and raised, *heavily* religious family. I’m not married and I’ve never had a really serious boyfriend. My last relationship was in university more than a decade ago. Truth is, I’m not where Mindy is, not yet and I don’t know that I’ll ever be but I appreciated this convo to the depths of my soul and her insecurities and vulnerability resonated with me. I want a husband: some of it is societal pressure, yes, but some of it is wanting to share my life with someone who shares my values; someone who knows me and knows and loves the weird/boring shit about me (like the fact that I cannot sleep with all my toes covered even in the dead of winter). I’d really love to have children but I don’t want to do it alone if I can help it. That being said, the stigma really does hurt. I hate the questions, the jokes, the comments, the blundering attempts at set ups, ppl who tell me I’m too picky and ppl who tell me that there must be something wrong in my life why it’s not happening. Phew, more of a torrent of verbal vomit than a comment but I’ll wrap it up by saying that I love this podcast. It gets better every week and I appreciate Megan’s sensitivity. I support the Sussexes but I can’t say I’m a celebrity fan in general, (though I read the gossip in my spare time) so seeing that a celebrity has done/bought something, hardly ever makes me gravitate to it. I think this may be the first time I’m drawn to a project because of who did it but I’m staying because it’s powerful.

    • MoonRiver says:

      This is probably the most touching post I have ever read on Celebitchy. The candor and vulnerability in your comment is quite beautiful. I’m not responding to offer advice because clearly you don’t need it. You’re fine as is. But, I did want to applaud your willingness to share the occasional awkwardness and discomfort that comes with feeling that who you are or how you live may run afoul of societal norms. You’re not alone, but you are rare in articulating the sentiment so well.

  30. MY3CENTS says:

    Loved this episode! Meghan just keeps getting better and better.
    I’ll be a little sad when she finishes the 12th one, hope we don’t have to wait too long for another great project from her.

  31. MoonRiver says:

    I may be late to the party, but count me among those who feel this is her best podcast to date. Only 3 podcasts in, and Archetypes is getting better with each episode. She has an impressive guest lineup, and I’m thrilled to see so many women of color right out of the gate.

    I have always enjoyed Mindy Kaling on The Office, but I never watched The Mindy Kaling Project. Outside of a random story about her here or there, I knew very little about her. This podcast made me really like her, and I’m more inclined to support her work in the future because of it.

    And, while I am grateful that Celebitchy seems to be the only place where fans of Archetypes can discuss each episode, I wish we posters would continue to comment and dialogue for another day within this post about the podcast for those of us who can’t listen and post early in the day on Tuesday.

  32. Chew-pacabra says:

    I just don’t know … is this episode worth an almost TWO MILLION dollar production tag (or more if the 20 mil was for Meghan only)… I think no.