Brad Pitt: The Nouvel lawsuit is ‘deliberate effort to misdirect’ apparently

Brad Pitt arrived in Venice yesterday, but all of the arrival photos are exclusive for some reason. I guess we’ll get red carpet photos of him later today. Brad is probably eager to change the subject back to “look how glamorous I look in Venice” as opposed to “look at my abusive scumminess coming to light.” Not only did Brad assault Angelina Jolie and terrorize her and their children over the course of hours on a plane in 2016, Brad spent the following six years after that night financially abusing her, smearing her in the media and publicly gaslighting her. The latest salvo in this whole situation is a lawsuit filed against Pitt over Chateau Miraval. One year ago, Angelina was finally cleared (by the courts) to sell her half of Miraval, called Nouvel. Nouvel’s new owner (Tenute del Mondo) has sued Brad for $250 million, and the lawsuit is full of fascinating details. Details like: Pitt tried to force a gag order on Jolie when she tried to sell Nouvel to him; Pitt was hiding assets, mismanaging the business and cutting her out of her half; Jolie didn’t want to return to Miraval after the 2016 plane terror night. Well, Pitt’s people finally ran to People to cry about the latest lawsuit.

Jolie’s business Nouvel is seeking more than $250 million in damages, accusing Pitt of “waging a vindictive war against” Jolie ever since she filed for divorce back in 2016.

“These counterclaims lay bare the true nature of Pitt’s egregious misconduct. To be clear, it is Pitt, and not Jolie, Nouvel or any of the other Defendants, who has acted in a hostile, destructive, and illegal manner. Pitt’s behavior has caused serious harm to Nouvel,” reads the documents, obtained by PEOPLE.

A source close to Pitt tells PEOPLE, “This is just the latest in a series of deliberate efforts to misdirect, recycle and reposition the truth of what has happened over the last six years, thinking that reasonable people would be duped by these obvious misrepresentations. It’s hard to understand how leaving an inheritance of 40 percent of something is better than 100 percent of something, and it’s equally inexplicable how continuing to revisit the same points over and over again is in any way beneficial to this family.”

The new filing from Jolie’s legal team says, “Pitt is gaslighting, claiming that he is the victim in order to cover up the harm he intentionally caused to his ex-wife (excluding her from the business and holding the most significant part of her net worth hostage) and the business (asset stripping and foolish spending). But Pitt should look in the mirror because it is he, and not the Stoli Group, who carries baggage, some of it recent front page news, that is detrimental to Château Miraval’s business.”

[From People]

“It’s hard to understand how leaving an inheritance of 40 percent of something is better than 100 percent of something…” Is Brad an idiot? He was mismanaging Miraval and cutting Jolie/Nouvel out of the business and he was pissing away millions of dollars. Jolie simply wanted out, she tried to sell him Nouvel and he used that offer to try to silence her to protect his precious image. Jolie made a substantial investment in Miraval too, and she wanted to get her money out before he pissed all of that away. Which is her right. Anyway, I appreciate that Jolie is fighting back in the media now.

Meanwhile, Vanity Fair published the first look at Hollywood Babylon starring Pitt, Margot Robbie and others.

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  1. Mireille says:

    What a corrosive abusive ahole. Bullying Angie is one thing, but Tenute del Mondo is a different matter. They have their all ducks lined up in a row. I don’t think Brad can protect himself from the negative press, and most importantly, the truth coming out about what he did at Miraval. He’s going to lose. But hey Brad! look on the bright side!!! Maybe you’ll get that trial by jury that you’ve been asking for!!! Tenute del Mondo’s army of lawyers against your unethical team!!! Let’s see how that goes down.

    • Ashley says:

      This. Novel is not Jolie anymore, and he’s trying to gaslight the public into believing otherwise. Tenute del Mondo is not playing around. I wonder what the Perrins are thinking at this point; it was a caché project for them, and now it’s a mess…

      • ArtHistorian says:

        It is so fucking gross that he is presenting this as Angie being vindictive when she’s not the owner of Nouvel anymore. Abusive A-hole.

  2. Jedi says:

    Why does Pitt’s team keep getting away with claiming this is Jolie’s lawsuit. Hes going up against STOLI. Stoli is coming after him with guns blazing and he should be scared. They are a mega corp and they wont play nice (as evidenced by their super juicy filing – so many horrible details for Pitt.) Hes a moron if he thinks he can beat them. AJ has nothing to do with this suit and I really wish reporters/media were way more clear about that.

    • Coco says:

      Because he has to deflect that he’s being sued for shady business dealings. He using Jolie name to make it seem like it’s a false lawsuit from a angry ex.

      The only way he gets attention now a days is by using Joliet’s name .

  3. Kirsten says:

    I don’t understand what People is referring to when they say, “the new filing from Jolie’s legal team…”. Is there a separate lawsuit that she’s filed? Nouvel is no longer her business, and my understanding is that Tenute del Mondo has filed the suit (as Nouvel).

  4. Serena says:

    I don’t care about his movies, I’m never watching anything that has Pitt in again.

    Hope they’ll kick his ass in court.

  5. DinoLover says:

    You know what says so much to me, is that his tattoo honouring Angie and the kids (which is in the above pic where he’s waving in his red/pink getup) – the one that’s got an initial for each kid on one side of a long line and the initial ‘A’ for Angie on the other side of the line – now also has a war tank aimed at her letter. This is reminiscent of John Depp (I refuse to use the ‘cute’ moniker Johnny, cause there’s nothing cute about him) changing his finger tattoos for Amber Heard from SLIM (his nickname for her) to SCUM. It’s disgusting, and in BP’s case, is the Mother of his Children. So how does that convo go with his kids?? “Hey Dad, what does that new tattoo mean, you know, the TANK that’s aimed at my Mom’s initial?”

    That says everything we need to know about him, doesn’t it?