Brad Pitt tried to make Angelina Jolie sign an NDA during the sale of Miraval

A year ago, the court finally cleared Angelina Jolie’s sale of her half of Chateau Miraval to Tenute del Mondo, a subsidiary of Stoli. Angelina and Brad Pitt fought about the sale of “Nouvel” (her company) for months in 2021, and Jolie had to go to court repeatedly to remove the freeze on their largest jointly-held asset, Miraval. The sale went through and all hell broke loose. Brad is trying to drag Angelina into court over the sale, all while he’s actively cutting Tenute del Mondo (his new business partner) out of the Miraval wine business. Tenute del Mondo – which now owns Jolie’s Nouval company – has not been playing any of Pitt’s stupid games. They’ve sued him, they’ve gotten the French authorities involved, and they’re still trying to get their hands on all of Pitt’s business records. During that time, Pitt is (obvs) trying to make this all about Angelina, all while his new business partner is dragging him to court. So, that’s how you should read this new Page Six exclusive – every time they reference a lawsuit by “Jolie” or “Jolie’s company,” know that it means Nouvel and Tenute del Mondo. That being said, the new owners of Nouvel now understand what Pitt was doing to Jolie for years. And it’s financial abuse.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s battle over a French winery has gone from nasty to nuclear. A company founded by Jolie has filed a jaw-dropping $250 million lawsuit against her ex-husband claiming that he and a gang of cronies launched a devious campaign to “seize control” of the French winery that they bought as a couple “in retaliation for the divorce and custody proceedings” and to “ensure… Jolie would never see a dime” of its vast profits.

The court papers filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles claimed that after the pair bought the 1,300-acre estate in the South of France in 2008, they jointly invested tens of millions of dollars to improve it. The suit says that that Jolie and Pitt each owned 50% via a complicated web of holding companies, and that “much of Jolie’s personal wealth” was tied up in the winery. It says the pair had an agreement that the “Malificent” actress would oversee their humanitarian projects, including the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, while “oversight of the couple’s investment in Chateau Miraval was left in the hands of Pitt.”

Stingingly, the papers claim that while the winery won prizes and became an extremely valuable asset under their ownership “all was not well,” adding, “Pitt developed a publicly acknowledged alcohol abuse problem.” It also dredges up the infamous fight on a private flight in 2016, saying that “after a serious and internationally publicized incident between Pitt, Jolie, and the couple’s children, Jolie filed for divorce.”

It adds, “In retaliation for the divorce and custody proceedings, Pitt embarked on a multi-faceted, years-long campaign to seize control of Chateau Miraval and appropriate the company’s assets for his benefit and that of his own companies and friends. Appointing himself the rightful owner of Chateau Miraval, his twin objectives were to usurp the value of Jolie’s company, Nouvel, and to obtain sole ownership of Chateau Miraval.”

The papers claim that after the divorce filing, Pitt simply operated the winery without consulting Jolie, that when she tried to get information and more control, he “rebuffed” her, and that he improperly tried to “block Jolie and Nouvel from obtaining information about or managing Chateau Miraval.” It also claims he “hatched and executed a plan to secretly move assets from Chateau Miraval… to companies owned by him and his friends, thereby devaluing Jolie’s interest.”

The suit also alleges that since the divorce, Pitt and Chateau Miraval’s directors have “squandered tens of millions of Chateau Miraval’s money on vanity projects that have little, if any, business justification” including more than a million dollars on a swimming pool, and that, “at Pitt’s direction, Chateau Miraval also commissioned a single staircase at the chateau to be built and rebuilt a total of four times after he was unhappy with the first three attempts.”

It claims Pitt also “caused Chateau Miraval to spend [several million dollars] on reconstructing stone walls using stone masons from Croatia. These funds were spent over Jolie’s and Nouvel’s objection,” it says. The suit claims Pitt was aided in the alleged chicanery “by his allies, including Chateau Miraval directors Gary Bradbury, Roland Venturini, and Warren Grant, and his business partners, Marc Perrin, Familles Perrin and Miraval Provence.” Nouvel is also suing them.

“Although Jolie was not obligated to sell [her stake] to Pitt, she nevertheless offered to sell her interest to him and negotiated with him for months. Nearing a deal,” the suit claims, “Pitt’s hubris got the better of him: he made an eleventh-hour demand for onerous and irrelevant conditions, including a provision designed to prohibit Jolie from publicly speaking about the events that had led to the breakdown of their marriage. Pitt knew that much of Jolie’s wealth and liquidity were tied up in [her stake in the winery] and used that fact to try to force Jolie to agree to his unreasonable terms.”

The papers say that in October 2021 “after Pitt ignored Jolie’s final offer to sell her interest in the winery on the same terms Pitt had proposed but without the hush-clause” she sold it to Stoli instead. The suit says that Stoli was ready to put its experience and distribution network to work for Chateau Miraval, but that “unwilling to share control, Pitt refused to work with [Stoli] as an equal partner.”

[From Page Six]

Brad Pitt is f–king trash. He is abusive garbage. We had some idea that this was happening behind the scenes, but to see how manipulative and abusive he was about money is really f–king stark. It’s not enough that he terrorized and abused Jolie and their children, he also had to “punish” Jolie for leaving him by mismanaging her investment in Miraval and cutting her out of the business. Then when she tried to negotiate with him in good faith, he tried to silence her. Brad Pitt is completely f–king pathetic.

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  1. Southern Fried says:

    He’s such a pig. Angie’s got a steel spine for staying quiet about his continuing abuse although I know it’s best for the kids. She deserves the title of Super Mom. What a nightmare he’s created and I hope the new partners blast his ass soon. How much longer can he refuse to turn over the records? I’d love to see a raid go down.

    • Coco says:

      His court case was thrown out and he was ordered to hand over the documents. So far know that Pitt embezzling money from Miraval and was giving away shares of the company to his friends, there seems to be receipts to prove it and more.

      Which make me think Pitt was embezzling from MIR. That’s why with all the millions of dollars raise the home homers still needed to take out bank loaned .

    • Facts says:

      He lost the shared custody suit so he decided to sue her and the deposition filed was full of lies and slander.
      So here we are! What I hope he is not doing is threatening her because at this point Jolie is tired of the madness.
      She is about to get that redacts copy of the FBI and they better hope there wasn’t any bribery or favors cause I believe she will expose them. LA US Atty. Wasser👀.Spiegel!?
      Secondly AngelinaJolie owned the vineyard, half the home and 1/4 of the winery. Pitt owned 1/4 winery and half the home. Perrins owned 50% of the winery. And for some reason they felt she deserved nothing! GTFOH

  2. ArtHistorian says:

    Emotional abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse and legal abuse – WOW. Pitt is such a complete garbage human being.

    • Barbie1 says:

      It’s shocking how low he has sunk. Thank god Angie has remained strong through this never ending ordeal.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      Now we understand why his not paying child maintenance was such a big deal for Jolie he was squeezing her to breaking on every front

      I would add coercive control and administrative abuse to that list.

      Pitt knew the majority of Jolie’s liquid cash was tied up in the overall wine project and tried to force her into behaving as he wanted by taking control of the only real asset she owned; devaluing it, ignoring her and cutting her out.
      Pitt said he would only sell, allowing her to function financially, as long as she agreed to be silenced about his abuse.
      Then he is dragging her through the courts maintaining they had ‘an understanding’ – not possible if he included an unfair contract term to that.
      I agree they had a marital understanding – that they remain safe, capable and present for their kids. He breached this understanding.
      He is trash

  3. Flowerlake says:

    I used to have a poster of him on the wall :/

    • jo73c says:

      So did we, in the share house I lived in when I was 19. Ironically, we had used tipex to change his name on the poster to Bad Sh*t. Which we thought was hilarious at the time, and now know to be sadly true as well.

  4. bergamot says:

    He is the lowest of the low. I’m speechless.

  5. ML says:

    Page Six is usually very Brad positive. If this is the best news version, I really wonder what we aren’t hearing.

  6. ThatsNotOkay says:

    He is controlling and abusive. Great. Sounds narcissistic too. As toxic as they come. I’m so disgusted. No grace extended to anyone who supports this man.

  7. Lemon says:

    I can’t imagine how much stress she’s been under for the past few years. What should be a straight forward division of assets has turned into a years long legal game of “screw your ex”.

    Was Pitt always such a petty little man? I used to think he was a mellow stoner, a mediocre actor who coasted on his looks. He’s deeply messed up alcoholic, violent, punitive piece of work. He reminds me of Elon Musk in a way, doesn’t really give a shit about his kids, they’re kinda vanity projects.

  8. Amy Bee says:

    This confirms what a lot of people were saying here that Brad Pitt was using the sale of the winery to continue to abuse Angelina. He’s a terrible person and he should no longer be accepted by Hollywood.

  9. Anon says:

    He tried to use the sale of their company (an unrelated legal issue to custody etc) as an opportunity to silence her forever. Jesus FUCK. That is some superb level manipulation and fucking shame on his lawyers too. Absolutely turds the lot of them.

  10. Jais says:

    In retrospect, saying he has a “sensitivity chip missing” was a massive understatement. He’s missing a whole hell of a lot more than a dang chip.

    • Jennifer says:

      Clearly she was being polite and tactful on that one.

      I want to roll my eyes at any positive stories about Brad, like “he wears skirts!” or “here he is in a green suit!” and “he started a fashion company” or whatever that was. Uh-HUH. This is like the whole reputation management thing where you come up with fake articles that make you look good so that the abuse stuff falls off the front page of Google.

  11. TeamMeg says:

    B’s been digging his own grave ever since that private plane touched down. One shovelful at a time. Hubris is the word he used to tell on himself in that tear-stained GQ article, and the man appears to have learned nothing since. Angie remains a beacon of self-restraint and dignity throughout. Righteously she won’t back down. Eventually the truth will out.

  12. Lively says:

    What a DAuchebag honestly Brad prick I hope you roast in hell.

  13. Cava 24 says:

    I wonder what it is going to take for people to stop hiring him? I was kind of shocked that Damien Chazelle made him the lead in Babylon.

    • Michele says:

      It’s hollywood! Do you honestly think Pitt will be cancelled? Pedophiles, rapists, abusers have still yet to be truly cancelled. His hollywood friends and majority of the industry will be behind him all the way. Angelina has always had a take it or leave it attitude when it comes to Hollywood but Pitt is still very connected and loved. It’s a cesspool which he fits in perfectly.

      • Facts says:

        You’re right. This is why he plays the victim role. He knows people will believe him instead of Jolie until she provides the proof then it’s she is trying to ruin me. But his arrogance and hubris has ruined his family and relationship with his children and in the long run should be more important than his HW circle. But they know he did all this but won’t say anything. U can hear a rat piss on cotton in HW about this plane/FBI incident and now this lawsuit.
        But as always Angie is out and about with her head held high cause she knows what’s up!

      • Jennifer says:

        You’re not really canceled unless you go to jail.

  14. ANDREA1 says:

    Brad Pitt is the absolute worst. he dug a grave for himself and now he will be buried in it. for page six his go to source to release this damning article then it must be worse than this

  15. Mrs. Smith says:

    This story and lawsuit by Nouvel/Stoli is a doozy. The some of the others named in the story above are facing potential charges of financial crimes in France over this pathetic, mean-spirited mess. It’s now become a criminal matter. I can’t underscore how much I respect Jolie to have taken the high road all this time. The good news for her now is that Nouvel/Stoli will take care of Pitt and co in court and maybe even see them charged for their misdeeds. The company does not have children to protect here like AJ had to do for the last six years. They are suing him for $250 million and are not playing. They can – and will – bring the hammer down on all this nonsense and Pitt will have to deal with the real consequences of his actions.

    • Mrs. CP says:

      Can’t wait for that to happen!

    • ANDREA1 says:

      THIS! THIS!! AND THIS!!!
      Brad cant get away with this plus he tried to paint the owner as a Russian oligarch who is in bed with Putin whereas the opposite is the case oh he will so pay for this.

      in another news #BradPittisAnAbuser has started trending again on twitter

    • lucy2 says:

      I read that whole thing and thought “how is he not being investigated for financial crimes?” It’s insane.
      All he had to do was quietly buy out her share, but he wanted to continue his abuse. I feel bad for anyone who is legit working for the winery, because he’s making a huge mess of something that was valuable and profitable.

    • nina says:

      Music to my ears. It can’t happen soon enough.

  16. dina says:

    Karma is a bitch, I hope they hang him out to dry. God, poor Angelina 🙁

    • Facts says:

      All of this because he is mad. Thats a huge price to pay for hubris anger and spitefulness. It wasn’t enough that he did this but he has the gall to say she is trying to harm him! Dead azz!
      All he had to do was buy her out but he thinks she didn’t deserve it because he gave her 10 shares. Bro she ain’t Aniston and u should be glad that’s all she wanted. Records show he wasn’t paying child support as of 2018. And then this idiot files a lawsuit against her saying she sold it without him knowing and didn’t offer to him. Weed has eaten away his brain cells.

      • Lady D says:

        Long term alcohol abuse has rotted his brain. Weed may have played a part, but he’s been drinking a lot more than he’s been smoking, simply because it’s been more acceptable and so easy to access.

  17. Leah says:

    I honestly wonder if he’s never heard the word “No” before. Because while he’s absolutely full of hubris and is very clearly an abuser, he’s also acting like AJ setting a firm boundary with him, for herself and the kids, is the first time that’s happened to him.
    On a separate note, I’ve adored AJ for years and I’m so relieved she and the kids seem to be doing so well. I hope they all continue to heal.

    • Facts says:

      Leah oh no ma’am. He is the Trump of HW to me. Lying, point fingers, whining and his minimaggats doing the same. Poor Angie got blamed for everything this lame azz did!

  18. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    I would absolutely love for Angelina to go on to Meghan’s podcast and just lay everything on the table. All of it. Financial, physical, emotional, mental abuse they have both suffered.
    Then go total scorched earth on them all

    It’s a pipe dream, yes, but can you just IMAGINE?

    • Gillysirl says:

      That would be amazing. Brad Pitt is gross.

    • SAS says:

      Omggggg never knew how much I need that conversation to be in the world!! She would fit the “vixen/bombshell” archetype so well!

    • ArtHistorian says:

      I think that Jolie has to be very very careful about how she speaks about Pitt’s abuse of her in the wake of the Heard/Depp trial. If she really spoke about the sordid details I would fully expect Pitt to pull a Depp on her. He is incredibly vindictive and absolutely capable of going just as low as Depp – and while Angie is a bonafida A-lister, Pitt is still Hollywood’s Golden Boy and misogyny runs deep.

      Heard losing the trial has set back the public debate on domestic abuse in a big way. It is heartbreaking and infuriating.

  19. Serena says:

    Despicable trash.

  20. Bree says:

    I really can’t get over how unnecessary this has all been from him. He cut her out of the business, so she figured well I’ll sell my shares to him and won’t have to deal with this. Then in the final negotiating he brings up silencing her? Like…you had full ownership right there! Then she sells and he wants to undo it in a lawsuit. But she’s the one getting hit pieces for 6 years calling her unreasonable and vindictive.

  21. Liz Version 700k says:

    He is absolute trash. My GOD how did he have time to make movies when he was so focused on being an abusive jackass. I hope those kids never have to see him in person again…ever. They are right to be terrified of him.

  22. Bree says:

    That’s how you know how terrible his behavior was. After she left, he and his team have been running around anticipating her talking. That’s why all the heavily lopsided “poor Brad” “she wants to hurt him” coverage all this time. Because if anything comes out it’s just another thing used to harm him so dismiss it. It works, but not on everyone.

  23. K8erade says:

    It really makes me happy to see Brad Pitt exposed for the abusive trash he is. This man just cannot take responsibility for anything, can he?

    • Lady D says:

      Well, he’s about to be forced to be accountable for his actions for the first time in his life. FAFO Bradley, Karma’s on the way.

  24. Jan says:

    Had the nerve to put out a story that Angie wanted to get back with him, but he was not interested. LOL.
    Apparently Shiloh wants nothing to do with him and at 14 the twins can choose not to spend time with him.
    I remembered soon after the break up the children were in Cambodia with Angie premiering a film, and Maddox give a speech and did not mention Brad and a super brad fan, P T almost had a heart attack that he was not mentioned, now people know the reason why.
    On the plane I feel like it was Pax that called Brad a p***k.
    Now Brad is claiming the staff on the airplane are lying.

  25. Jan says:

    He really had to be a major arsehole, that none of the six children wanted to spend time with him when not force by the court to do so.
    No wonder Angie sold that painting he bought for her, he was robbing her and keeping cash poor, not even paying child support, loser.
    Now she is looking healthier and happy.
    Every time he runs to NYP or TMZ with a bullsh*t about Angie, he trends on Twitter #BradPittIsAnAbuser, happening right now.

    • lucy2 says:

      I do hope at the end of this never ending divorce, he has to write her a big fat check for all the child support he has never paid.

  26. Louise177 says:

    Wow. Bad enough he went for the attack on Angelina but he screwed himself going after the new owners. It seems that Angelina wanted to go through the divorce as quietly and painlessly as possible. She didn’t care about the attacks as long as everything was moving forward. Stoli doesn’t care, it’s all business. Court cases and publicity doesn’t matter as long as they get their money. This situation is still low key in the media but I hopefully more people will start to cover it.

    • Coco says:

      Pitt and his PR team have been paying media outlets to keep quiet and only post his side. That’s why Stoli lawsuit against Pitt is barely being covered by the media.

    • lucy2 says:

      I have to laugh at him thinking he can bully and deceive Stoli like he did his ex-wife. They have deep pockets and no emotional investment here. I hope they prevail against him swiftly.

  27. Kebbie says:

    Man, I was so wrong about him. I thought he was a decent guy. Then when everything went down and he talked about getting sober and owning his side of the street I thought, well he knows he messed everything up and he’ll take responsibility and better himself in the end.

    I could not have been more off the mark. All he has done is bitch and whine and point fingers. The vindictiveness, the petulance, the arrogance…he’s a very broken man that doesn’t seem to be capable of true self-reflection. He says all the things he knows people want to hear, but it’s clear he’s not putting in any of the work to actually become a better person.

    What is that quote about your true character showing in times of adversity? This is who he is. I wonder if Angelina is surprised at who he’s become or if she always knew he was capable of this.

  28. Anonymous says:

    BP was always an abuser. The first sign was with JA. The amount of gaslighting and emotional abuse inflicted on her was terrible and unnecessary.

    His abuse towards his second ex wife is even worse. Unfortunately they were bound by six children and a very complicated business. He has used that to emotionally and financially abuse her for years. Thankfully she is prevailing in all matters. I really hope for her, and the kids, this madness ends soon.

  29. Christa says:

    Didn’t Pitt wind up with the production company he started with JA? Was it called Plan B or something? I wonder if he muscled her out too and she just didn’t fight it because it would have been too hard. It’s so long ago but I wonder if it is a pattern.

  30. TEALIEF says:

    He’s been running all the plays in his villain’s ops playbook: physical, psychological, and financial. Business wise: he’s blackballed, tried to bankrupt, bribe, steal, and silence her with a vauable asset that she has an ownership stake in. He’s a lowlife.

  31. Katya says:

    And remember … Pitt NEVER paid any meaningful child support. Angie had to “borrow” money from him (that he charged her interest for) to buy her family a home. And even then she made certain it was close to him for the kids’ sakes. We all know how she despises living in LA. Given the custody situation he should have been paying probably in excess of $100,000 a month AND she had to foot her own legal bills and therapy for all 7 of them!!

    • AD says:

      A greedy arrogant inconsiderate human who only think of himself & his addict friends

    • Coco says:

      He also later had to borrow money from her she should have charge him $1000 in interest a day, but she didn’t change him any.