Angelina Jolie was legally allowed to sell her shares in the Miraval estate, lol

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As we discussed, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s financial situation is still a huge mess. Even before they married, they had already commingled finances and their biggest asset, Chateau Miraval, was jointly held by Jolie and Pitt. The Miraval property and wine business is worth an estimated $164 million. Ever since Jolie filed for divorce in 2016, there’s been a restraining order on the sale of jointly held assets. In July, Angelina asked the court to remove the restraining order on Miraval because she had found a third-party buyer for her half, and it was time-sensitive. At the time, Jolie made it clear that she had already notified Pitt but that he had not done anything about it. Then last week, we learned that Pitt is trying to sue Angelina over her attempt to sell her share of Miraval and, well, he was really huffing and puffing about it. It didn’t even occur to me at the time that Brad was so angry about it because of his own f–k up, and because Angelina had played him financially. It looks like that’s what happened:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s latest legal dispute — over the former couple’s $164 million French estate, Chateau Miraval — has been resolved. According to new court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Jolie, 46, has been allowed to sell off her shares in the winery and estate, which is where she married Pitt back in 2014, to a third party.

Jolie previously ran into problems selling her shares in Quimicum, the company that owns and controls Chateau Miraval, because of her and Pitt’s ongoing divorce. In July, she asked a California court to allow the sale despite the fact that they were still finalizing their divorce proceedings, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

But Pitt’s company, Mondo Bongo, has also separately filed a lawsuit against Jolie’s company, Nouvel, regarding the estate in order to retain a majority share of it. When the two actors first purchased their shares in Quimicum in 2008, their respective companies split the ownership 60-40, with Mondo Bongo holding the majority share. In 2013, the split evened to 50-50 when Mondo Bongo transferred some shares to Nouvel, the lawsuit, obtained by PEOPLE, said.

The documents claimed Pitt, 57, sold Jolie the shares back in 2013 for a symbolic price of 1 Euro, below the true value of her stake, and is now arguing the transfer should be voided.

[From People]

So the sale already happened and now Brad has a new business partner and he can’t control Angelina through this one thing anymore and he’s super-mad about it. I mean, I understand that the “gift” of Quimicum shares was probably more of a domestic partnership arrangement rather than a strict business deal. But still. They belong to her and she gave Pitt ample notice of her plans. If he wanted to retain his majority in Miraval, he probably should have negotiated it months ago, when Angelina first tried to contact him about it.

Actress Angelina Jolie wearing Atelier Versace with Cartier jewelry arrives at the World Premiere Of Disney's 'Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil' held at the El Capitan Theatre on September 30, 2019 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States.

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  1. Mary says:

    Old news

  2. L4frimaire says:

    Good for her. Hope she got what she wanted for them. Brad was just using it to control her and be petty. The wine they produce is actually quite good btw.

  3. Zut Alors says:

    He can no longer control her financially, so now he wants to control how people see her. Hence the vindictive, devious narrative lobbed at her in the wake of this news last week. He is a bitter and corrosive poor excuse for a man.

  4. Capepopsie says:

    Classic! This is what happens when you try to trip someone, you end up falling yourself! You go girl! 👌

  5. Duhaa says:

    *claps* *claps* *claps* *wink*

  6. rawiya says:

    You love to read about it.

  7. FrodoOrOdo says:

    This is 100% about control. Otherwise, why wouldn’t he be happy to see her make more money which probably helps him pay her less money and allows him to maintain his portion of this business without her involvement?

    Petty is as petty does.

    • OriginalCarol says:

      Right! He couldn’t wait to buy out his 1st ex Aniston’s shares in plan B company. POS is obsessed with Jolie and tried every mean he can to be tied to her forevah.

    • Myra says:

      Exactly. This is just about control. Also, good for her in reaching another milestone in getting away from him.

  8. lucy2 says:

    Good for her. That has to be a big financial weight off her shoulders.

  9. Sierra says:

    Well done Angelina 👏

  10. Keri says:

    This man is so petty. That 10% he willingly gave her is going to help support his children and yet he thinks nothing of filing a law suit against their mother. Enjoy your empty fame Brad. If he keeps going like this, he’ll have nothing left that really matters. Wish someone would write a tell all expose on him. There are major skeletons in his closet.

    • Lady D says:

      He appears to be following the Johnny Depp model of ex-spouse abuse. Stay on that path Brad, it worked so well for Johnny.

    • lucy2 says:

      I also fail to see how he can take that 10% back through a lawsuit. Isn’t transferring property like that between spouses very common? I see it all the time when pulling up property records for clients.

  11. schmootc says:

    Thems the breaks, Brad.

  12. AD says:

    Hurray, she is free from his controlling & disrespectful behaviour, good riddance she & her children can finally live in peace & be happy!

  13. Eve says:

    This is very good news!

    Love her.

  14. phlyfiremama says:

    The old saying “you snooze, you lose” comes to mind. In fact, I’ll bet HE has said that plenty of times before, applied to other people than himself, of course. LOL

  15. MaryContrary says:

    Quimicum was what they named their company?! Wow.

  16. Charfromdarock says:


    I hope someone really disagreeable buys them. Lol.

  17. SUNNYVILE says:

    There’s more to this and I saw a long thread explaining how this relates to Brad’s longtime scheme of getting her to pay for his “projects” like the sh*tty housing complexes he built for flood victims which was basically a scam. The bas**d was getting away with committing legal blackmail & dragging their divorce to extend her continuing to pay for his pet projects. I’m glad she’s moving on & eventually will get her chance to expose all of this now that the corrupt judge was removed from their case

  18. Bread and Circuses says:

    Is the Weeknd wealthy enough to buy half of Miraval? That would tie up two gossip-loose-ends nicely.