Kristen Stewart: I don’t want to be like Angelina Jolie, I want to be an actor


Kristen Stewart gave some kind of interview to Fabulous Magazine (which is British, I think) where she was discussing how fame is like being a vampire. Sort of. She said Robert Pattinson’s character Edward Cullen is “actually a really good parallel to fame… As a vampire, he has a sad, desolate life—fame is the same.” Aw…poor baby. It’s so tough being so beautiful, rich and beloved! No, no. I understand what she’s trying to say, I get it. And the fame must be crushing for both her and Pattinson.

Kristen also name-checks Angelina Jolie as someone whose celebrity she doesn’t want – but it’s kind of a diss too. I read her comments as “I’m an actor while Angelina is a celebrity, which sucks for her.” Maybe I’m reading too much into to it – Kristen isn’t the most coherent celebrity, so perhaps she just got jammed up:

Famed bottom-lip-biter Kristen Stewart says there is some parallel poetry between the vampires of Twilight and the life of fame and riches that the movies’ roles have brought about for their young stars. Which really is the sort of startling conclusion that would’ve helped the past couple generations of child stars age a lot more gracefully.

Maybe Stewart’s exceptional worldview is just part of a sea change for many young celebrities quickly learning to adapt to the ruthlessly fickle rhythms of celebrity culture. But she presents co-star Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen as a bleak metaphor for celebrity. She says, “Edward is actually a really good parallel to fame.”

“As a vampire, he has a sad, desolate life—fame is the same.” Too true, K-Stew! It’s lonely at the top. Because when you’re reportedly raking in at least $12 million to bite your lower lip, there really is no one else—apart from those already lingering in that same dark chamber of celebrity shame—who can “get” you.

The rest of us will just bitterly bray about how you act by biting your lower lip, hoping that no one finds the joke tiresome. But Stewart’s candidness is refreshing. She adamantly wants to avoid becoming too A-list. “I don’t want to be a movie star like Angelina Jolie. Nothing about being a celebrity is desirable. I’m an actor. It’s bizarre to me that everybody’s so obsessive.”

It’s like growing up in a Hollywood universe and watching their peers, like Lindsay Lohan, implode so publically, young would-be A-listers tread showbiz turf with more practiced reservation than even venerable Oscar darlings.

[From Blackbook Magazine]

The whole “lip-biter” thing is linked in the original Blackbook piece to a hilarious College Humor video mash-up of Kristen Stewart’s epic lip-biting in scene after scene, movie after movie. She really does have a problem. Biting her lip is her acting crutch. Whenever she doesn’t know how to “act” she bites her lip and stares blankly. Seriously! This is one of the best videos ever! Here you go:

Here’s Kristen Stewart with Taylor Lautner at a press conference to promote their new movie ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ in Sao Paulo, Brazil yesterday. Images thanks to INF Photo.

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  1. Firestarter says:

    I don’t think her comment is a diss. I think she just simply wants to act and not be a star like Jolie, with the tabs in every aspect of her business. She is seeing what that is kind of like right now, with her Twilight success, and I don’t think she is too into that aspect of the job. I think she more or less feels sorry for the intrusion into Jolies life that her staus gives her.

    Nothing wrong with what she said.

  2. Brown Suga says:

    She is right A. J. is celebrity she can not act her self out of a paper bag.

  3. Kerri says:

    I don’t really think much of Kristen – she’s nice enough , I guess she can act subject to the lip-biting – which i have seen in several of her movies, but i don’t get what she’s saying about Angelina.

    Is Angie not an actor or has surpassed just being an actor?

    That statement that she is an actor – so self proclaiming, it borders on snooty.

  4. Icecat says:

    I’m on the fence with her. I haven’t seen any movies she has done (sorry Twilighters, I’m a True Blood girl) so I know nothing on her acting…But, she just comes across as a spoiled brat, that thinks she is all that… I dunno, maybe I’ll watcgh Twilight when it comes on HBO…

  5. Annicka says:

    The words ‘actor’ and ‘Kristen Stewart’ don’t go together. I’d like to suggest something else to go in place of the word actor. Over rated, perhaps? Lucky? Flash in the pan, on minute 12 of her 15…

  6. Kevin says:

    As big as Angie’s lips are I bet she accidentally bites them MOFOs all the time.

  7. alex says:

    I agree with Firestarter said.

  8. hello! says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t think she’s either at this point. Biting one’s lips and looking forlorn is not “acting,” my dear.

  9. birdie says:

    I think it’s actually a really stupid thing for Kristen Stewart to say because she exemplifies exactly what she claims she doesn’t want to be. She’s not an “actor” as much as she is a “celebrity” right now… Twilight is a teen blockbuster film, an over-processed, Hollywood romantic “meh” movie series. Nobody is going to give K-Stew any awards for her work in Twilight or Adventureland (crapfest). But she’s acting like she is known for these intense roles in dark independent films, Fail. I say sit down K-Stew.

  10. Leni says:

    She should get a job advertising some kind of lip balm.

    Glad she has ambition. Lets see if we know who she is after a year or so.

  11. HashBrowns says:

    If it is a diss, then I agree with her. Angelina ceased being an “actor” and wandered into celebrity territory when she married Billy Bob for the fame and started acting out…for the attention.

    I don’t see Kristen Stewart as the type to desperately seek attention which is an odd quality for an actor. I don’t think she’s particularly good and some of her “acting” was downright laughable in Twilight but at least she isn’t out and about making an a** of herself like Angelina was doing at this point in her career.

  12. me says:

    she’s boring…Not just based on this interview but from many others.She really does believe she’s better then her movies or status.I am curious how she acts as Joan Jett. Now that will be acting if she can pull it off

  13. AC says:

    seems like thats one of her mannerisms. Actors use their own mannerisms when they act generally… she should probably become aware of it, though. My problem was that I always had too much tension in my jaw and would fidget with my hands a lot. For some charicters thats fine but others you need to know about your unconscious movementers.

  14. Firestarter says:

    I have known about Stewart for a few years. I have seen her in several things, Twilight not being one of them. I think she will be around a lot longer than people will give her credit for. If you have seen her in other movies, you will see that she has talent, and does havew some range.

  15. princess pea says:

    Yeah, I’m with Firestarter on this. What people are judging as her ‘bad acting’ seems to be mostly Twilight/Bella, and I’m not sure that even Meryl Streep could make a good role out of that drivel. Also, as for the “dig” at Angie, I agree with her. There are actors and celebrities, and Jolie crossed a line a long time ago. I think that the Twilight kids didn’t realize what they were getting into, and you have to admit that some of the fandom has been nuts. And we all talk about how lies are printed about Jolie every day, right? So she doesn’t want that, she just wants to be an actor, get good roles, make good movies. I don’t blame her.

  16. birdie says:

    Maybe she will be around for a while, but so has Angelina. She’s been in the industry for 15 + years… When she was Kristen’s age she was acting in Gia, Hackers, Girl Interrupted, etc. I’m not saying Angelina is the best actress ever, but in my opinion she is definately a solid actress with a quirky personality that has always attracted tabloid coverage. I think the Kristen Stewart/Rob Pattinson romance gets as much coverage as Brangelina, and I don’t think either of them intentionally seek out the tabloid’s attention with the hope of becoming “celebrities.”

    My point is that its an unfair comment because Angelina is an good actress with a solid film career, she is an Actor. She is also a Celebrity, but Kristen is a Celebrity too. Neither of them are crazy famewhores like Paris Hilton, Speidi, etc who actively seeks out the identity as Celebrities with no talent whatsoever to back it up.

    Kristen comes across as a pretentious snot, and speaks in a way that makes her seem like she thinks she is better than she actually is. If she wanted to compare herself to someone who is an empty celebrity she could have chosen Lindsay Lohan, or any number of party hopping famewhores.

  17. Bodhi says:

    If she wants to be taken seriously, shes gonna have to get a handle on that lip biting thing. Its like Katie Holmes & her obnoxious half smiles & talking out the side of her mouth. Its so distracting its all I focus on

  18. Ron says:

    Angelina is a great actress if you don’t think so watch Gia, or Girl Interupted, or Changeling.She has her Lara Croft moments, which is what I assume oh Twilight might be. It’s not a great piece of acting. I understand what she is saying but I really hate it when actors diss each other like that. Especially when the actor dissing the other has done no real work of notice.

  19. hello! says:

    Oh, and I think she should wait until she gets her own Oscar before she takes digs at Oscar winning and nominated actors. I have a feeling we’ll be waiting a *very* long time for that to happen . . .

  20. blaugrau says:

    HashBrowns, I think you are right. I also see the comment as a diss. Angelina is not longer an actress, her life is all about her celebrity status and how to become even a bigger star. Most of the films that she makes are shit, because films are secundary in her race to stardom.

  21. gooniegirl says:

    I see the point about actor vs. celebrity – but if she wants to be an actor without the fame, she needs to stick to stage acting/plays/Broadway. Not big screen films!

  22. Anaïs says:

    Sorry Kristen, but you are not an actress, only a movie star who will disappear in nothing less than 2 years. Like did a lot of pretty young girls before you, one success and then nothing.

  23. snowball says:

    Hm, she was in Panic Room playing Jodie Foster’s daughter. I barely recognized her as a blonde.

    Anais, I highly doubt she’ll disapper in 2 years. She may not have 15 years of experience, but she has done small roles for years.

  24. princess pea says:

    I don’t understand why people think it’s an insult, though. She’s not saying it’s bad to be what Ang is, just that she hopes people in the future will be talking about her because of her work and not because of her personal relationship, if they talk about her at all (especially not the details of the beginning of said relationship over 4 years ago, which people are totally still hung up on and emotionally invested in).

  25. alex says:

    LMAO at the posters that are saying that Angelina is no longer an actress, you guys are to funny.

    As for Kristen I like her but she is not a movie star. Meryl, Julia Robert, and yes Angelina etc are movie stars. Some people used the term “movie stars” to loosely just like their used the term “A-listers”

  26. alex says:

    People will continue to talk about Kristen especially in the tabloids especially if she is with RP, so she may say that she don’t want to be like Angie and that she is an actor, but if she and Robert continue to have a relationship she will be talked about and not for her movies per se but for her personal life. I think she is a little bit naive but then again she is only 19

    BTW: I love how some of the celebrities(and yes Kristen is a celebity) can’t give an interview without bringing up Angie’s name. Bring Angie name into your interview and you will guarantee someone will read your interview to hear what you have to say and of course to give the haters something to talk about

  27. Firestarter says:

    She was very good in a film called “Speak” where she played a high school rape victim. I also liked her in The Cake Eaters, Into the Wild and The Messengers. She is young, and has many years ahead of her to cultivate her craft, just as Angelina did.

  28. Juice In LA says:

    She think’s she’s an “Actor?” I will never see a twilight flick, but I did have the misfortune of seeing “Adventureland”, and honestly- I don’t think much of this girl as an “actor”
    I don’t think much of Angelina Jolie either though. Maybe I am tough to please.

  29. cc says:

    i don’t mean to sound like a Kstew-basher, she was decent in Twilight, but I sometimes found her performance in Adventureland to be pure, unadulterated pain. That scene where she was calling out that girl for dumping her Jewish bf was cringeworthy.

  30. crash2GO2 says:

    I think she is a much better actress than she is being given credit for here. Some of her scenes in Twilight sucked, yeah. But some were pure genius. I blame the director and the editor more than I blame her for that.

  31. wow says:

    I don’t think she’s that great of an actress, but I bet she’ll be great in The Runaways. I think her “celebrity” through Twilight is a fluke because honestly anyone who got that part would get the kind of fame she is now seeing because the books had such a huge following.

    I don’t think she was dissing Angelina either. I think she just wants to continue to act and not be as out there as Angelina is. Kristen seems very much the “girl next door” and nonchalant “whatever happens” type of girl.

    That video is hilarious! I always felt she blinked a lot. Didn’t pay much attention to the lip bite thing.

  32. hmm says:

    I think her quote is kind of interesting considering that no one talks about her acting, just her personal life and her relationship with RP. I’m also sure that there are a whole host of actors who wished they had AJ’s career and celebrity status.

  33. singlebullet says:

    Actually, I find this girl really interesting. Outside of this Twilight phenomenon she seems to choose alot of smaller indie type projects that appear to confirm her stated desire to “act” more than just become a celebrity. I think she’s a good actress, too. I remember reading Ebert’s review of Adventureland where he said something to the effect that ‘she was ready for much more important projects’. Couldn’t agree more!

  34. GatsbyGal says:

    Hahahaha that lip-biting montage…what a buffoon.

  35. Catherine says:

    It is obvious she is more interested in the “craft” of being an actor, so kudos to her. She drives me nuts in twilight because she can never seem to spit out a sentence, but oh well.

  36. Anak says:

    Yes, girl! Be normal,with normal activities, normal life and normal family. Be real with principals.

  37. Jules says:

    Let’s see the Oscar count:
    Angelina- 1
    Kristen- 0

    Golden Globes:
    Angelina- 3
    Kristen- 0

    Kristen can’t act. She’s not cute. She was very lucky to get that part in the Twilight series. I hope she thanks whoever it was she blew to get that part every day. Hey, she did get an MTV Moonman once, so there’s that.

  38. JDa says:

    who the fuck cares if she is not, in your opinion ‘cute’-Jules?! that has absolutely nothing to do with the discussion, sounds like you just have a disdain for her looks, among other things. go away.

  39. Steve says:

    Jules, you might want to consider AGE in your count:

    Angelina – 34
    Kristen – 19

    Did Angelina have those awards when she was 19???

  40. Ron says:

    Angelina won her first Golden Globe at 23 and Oscar at 25. So the age difference is not that dramatic.

  41. Bete says:

    oh yeah darl, you’re an ‘actor’ in a bunch of lame assed vampire stories.

  42. Judy says:

    This person has how many awards?? NONE oops too funny and she takes a smack at AJ..little full of herself? I saw her acting and she is just a b actress and that is it. She will never make the A list, she sounds like a few of these so called up and coming stars. shooting off their mouths about other actors and directors and it has gooten every one of them no where.

  43. DD says:

    It’s hard for me to watch Angelina on the big screen now, unless it’s something like Wanted, Tomb Raider. But in roles where character evolvement is really important. All I see is Angelina the celebrity… unfortunately for Kristen, because of all this Twilight fame, I’m sure she faces the same problem.

  44. Firestarter says:

    I love how people mock her for being in a Vampire movie, like she hasn’t done anything else. I also love how everyone is so certain she will never be a good actress or even graduate to mature roles that may even lead her to being nominated for an award some day. Maybe check out some of the other movies she has done and then make a judgement on her talent or lack there of. You cannot base your opinion on a performance in a vampire flick. If we are going to do that, then lets base Jolies perfomances on her turn in Tomb Raider movies. Those are not the only things Jolie has done, right? Twilight isn’t the only thing Stewart has done either.

    Lets also remember that Stewart is not the same age as Jolie. There is plenty of time for her to become an actress of quality. To say that she will never be anything but B-List is ridiculous, because you do not know that unless you are clairvoyant.

    For the record, it matters not, at what age you are nominated and/or win an Oscar. Also, just because someone is nominated or wins, does not mean that they were the best. The Oscars are all politcal and based on how much a picture is marketed and how much the producers campaign that movie around. Then it is up to the Academy to choose the winner, which many have felt, often times has had more to do with popularity and politics than with actual talent.

  45. crash2GO2 says:

    She probably blinks a lot in Twilight because she had to wear brown contacts. Only being able to see out of the pupil hole that never changes diameter no matter what the lighting will make you blink like crazy!

  46. yeng says:

    sorry. can’t take her seriously. she is in twilight, after all. sorry to the twihards.

  47. high road says:

    Love or Hate Angelina Jolie, these are the facts- she has many awards, great financial success, her pick of roles, and get LOTS of praise fr other actors, directors, and crew members, both for her professionalism and talent. K Stew may or may not want any/all of these things in her career as an actor. She could learn at least one thing from Angelina- be kind. Regardless of anything “controversial” Angelina says, she never trashes anyone or comes up w/ passive aggressive bs for attn, coat-tailing or whatever reason…that in itself makes her pretty unique in Hollyweird. If Kristen is so miserable (and noone can really know how she feels or judge that), she probably should take a break and do something for others- lashing out & navel-gazing can only lead to bad times.

  48. NJ says:

    Question…when did Angelina Jolie stop being an actor? If I remember correctly, wasn’t she nominated for an Academy Award earlier this year? And, correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t she win an Oscar for her role in “Girl Interrupted” and a Golden Globe for “Gia?” If that is not an established actor, then I don’t know what is. Maybe Kristen should keep biting that lip of hers down and keep that mouth shut because if she wants to be a so-called “actor” looking to Angelina Jolie’s career (not personal life)could be a set example for her to consider. I’m not saying for Kristen to mirror Angelina, but take a look at what she has obviously done to establish her career and become one of the highest paid and most reputable actresses to date. It’s just some food for thought…

  49. Essie says:

    Well, I don’t think she actually dissed Angelina but what she said wasn’t very smart. Makes her sound kind of snotty.

    One advantage she has with doing the “Twilight” series is money!! She will earn lots of money and, after Twilight is all over, she can do those indie and “intelligent” movies she wants to do without having to worry about a place to live or food to eat. She just has to learn to not say stupid things that the media will pick up and throw back at her later.

  50. Vibius says:

    The twilight fans are NUTS. The kid of fans you’d normally see chasing after a boy band.

  51. Merridith says:

    Smart girl, there is a huge difference between being an actress and a celebrity!!! Some actors rely on their talent and others rely on media blitzes and pr stunts (since they are not so talented and got into acting for fame, not the love of acting).
    I much prefer a real actor than a lot of hype!

  52. la chica says:

    actually like it or not Kristen is both an actor and a celebrity, just like Ms. Jolie. what she seems to be saying is that she could do without the celebrity side of things. i believe her. but it ain’t gonna happen. that horse left the barn when she accepted the role of Bella and became every tween’s dream.

  53. Cheyenne says:

    Last I heard, Angelina Jolie had been nominated three times for an academy award and won once. Until Kristen Stewart can equal or better that achievement, maybe she ought to shut up.

  54. Nicole says:

    I actually really liked Kristen Stewart when I saw her in the Panic Room. She played her role well and was rather intriguing. In fact, I watched the horrible movie, The Messengers, because of her.

    But I’m sorry, Kristen. I just can’t keep a straight face when she says she’s an actor. I don’t know what happened between Panic Room and fluff like Twilight, but her early signs of acting skill appear to have gone up in smoke. Watching the New Moon trailer is painful. She displays zero emotion and just seems bored through the whole thing.

  55. Kerri says:

    Nicole – I think she is supposed to be bored throughout the entire thing. I am no fan but according to my 14 year old sister who read the book – Bella is very bland with little emotion – almost in a state of depression – so i guess she is just playing the role very well.

  56. Anak says:

    I hope she doesn’t become a home wrecker too! kkkkkk

  57. Bek says:

    People, she never dissed Angelina. She simply said that she doesn’t want those levels of attention. Then she stated that she’s an actor and doesn’t understand how people become that obsessed. Really, I don’t know how you can get anything else from that. No, she’s not the greatest actress in “Twilight”, but she’s not claiming to be. She’s saying she wants to do her job without all the speculation and horror that follows suit in the tabloids. I have to agree with her. Whether I’d be a good actor or a bad one, I wouldn’t want all the dissection that she receives now because of her role in Twilight or that Jolie receives because of her relationship/children. It’s unflattering. Even horrifying. I love the idea that if I make a mistake, only I’m gonna know about it. I’m sure that all celebs hate that aspect of the job.

  58. Elle says:

    I agree #57, she gets scrutinized too much for what she says by the media and the gossip blogs. However, that comes with the fame, and she should get some advice on how to handle it, or see a therapist. Otherwise, she vents about fame TO the media, and all I can think, I would kill for some of your money and freedom, you ungrateful little snot. She’s clueless, really.

  59. Blitz says:

    It is kind of a diss but that’s okay bc she’s right. Streep has always conducted herself one way throughout her career, Jolie another. Twi is just a phenomena, but it’s the exception not the rule and it won’t always be that way. Plus a lot of Twi’s die-hard fans are morons, let’s face it. They make life miserable for them (shippers blech!)

    Anyway a reporter asked Daniel Craig why he wasn’t in the tabloids. He answered “Because I don’t want to be”, inferring that to a large extent, it was a choice.

    Good for Kristen for figuring it out so early in her career.

  60. yeah, ok says:

    Too little too late Kirsten. Celebs who date celebs are ALWAYS tabloid fodder. Same goes for those in huge hit movies. Maybe, you should have thought about that before signing up for the popular Twilight, and hooking up with the lead hearthrob actor?

  61. california angel says:

    I think she’ll go the way of Kirsten Dunst and do random indie movies with the occasional droll. I think there is a very good comparison between young Kirsten’s rise in Interview and KStew’s rise in Twilight, i don’t think the role will pigeon-hole her. Hopefully not too, as birdie put it very well, the whole series is such sell-out.

  62. Devilish Angel says:

    birdie & #48 i agree with you totally…Im a fan of Angelina for a long time time now, way before the pitt thing. And she will always be my fav actress. Oh besides im a True Blood fan not some sparkly vampires skipping around movie.

  63. Edward says:

    How can anyone say Kristen Stewart is a flash-in-the-pan type? KStew has already acted in more movies at the age of 19 than most actresses will perform in their entire lifetime.

  64. JD says:

    Kristen doesn’t have to worry about being like Angelina. Angelina can act. And if you didn’t want to be such a big celebrity, don’t put yourself in the role of a lead character in an adaptation of a book series that’s sold 85 million copies. Just saying.

  65. Hoping to give up being annoyed says:

    You know, I am trying not to dislike her, as I would like to see the Twlight movies without being totally annoyed.
    But along with giving up the lip biting, she could check the snorting and huffing through every line at the door too.
    She does it in almost every line she utters!

  66. Miyuki says:

    Angelina > Lip bitter Kristen.

  67. Julia says:

    I don’t think she really has to worry. I really want to like her, because she seems like a chill person, but she really, really can’t act. People have told me to give her a chance and watch her in other movies, but I saw Adventureland and she terrible in that as well.

    Kristen Stewart isn’t a good enough actress to become like Angelina Jolie. I hate that Kristen is getting jobs she doesn’t deserve because shes popular. ‘m actually watching Adventureland and her acting is just so uncomfortable for me… she’s spastic in her movements, like she is at award shows.

  68. witness says:

    Angelina is a great actress! Kristen has zero talent…watching her performance in Twilight/New Moon was a pain!

  69. taylor says:

    I watched a lot of videos and read a lot of material. What I’m seeing is a PR stunt- it probably will go down in history as the greatest stunt ever.I used to think there was something there but am convinced there isn’t(on his side anyway).They say it’s personal but it has people all over the world cursing each other out.It’s public and if they didn’t arrange these little meets,it would go away.They complain but they have become the huge stars because of it.I’m sorry, I know nobody likes Kristen but I don’t care much for him either-I don’t care how good looking he is.

  70. Amanda says:

    People who think Kristen Stewart isn’t an actor are not actors them self or at least only know her from Twilight. Kristen Stewart can act, look at The Runaways or The Cake Eaters. She’s more than just Twilight and you can tell in her interviews and when people who have worked with her talk about her as an actor, she is real and she is an actor and she is good at it.